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Hotel Castillo Huatulco

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We spent 7 days here beginning April 15. As this was one of the less expensive options for us, we were a bit hesitant but booked it anyway, figuring that we would give it a try. We found everything pretty much as pictured on the hotel website. When we first arrived we were greeted by friendly front desk attendant, and quickly given a welcome drink... Refreshing blend of nice cold juices. We were shown to our room which was just as expected, and the bell hop explained everything well to us. We stayed in 401, which was out of the way and quiet. However, we found the kitchen exhaust fan was not far from our room, so that was annoying when we opened our patio door, but honestly did not spend much time in the room anyway. The room was quaint, basic, but clean. We would suggest updating the bathroom fixtures which worked fine but are ugly and corroded. In general the bathrooms were clean but could use some updating.The bed was comfortable. The food was great. We felt like we were experiencing authentic Mexican/ Oaxacan food for the most part, which is what we were excited about. We had one item on one day that was not good... But set it aside and got other things. Breakfast by the pool with fresh fruit, omelette made to order, the delicious French toast, and fresh juice was a daily highlight. A couple of things really made our experience great. First and most important was the hotel and beach club staff. Juan Jose (head server) was so kind to us, always making sure we were well cared for in the dining area. The servers Esau, Vicente, Asael, Alberto, and Federico were great to us. At the beach club, we enjoyed getting to know Getsemani and Manolo. They offered us great service, as did Diana and Alexis. (We would suggest more umbrellas and more comfortable lounger chairs at the beach please. Some chairs were broken and in need of replacement. It was nice to have lifeguard service at the beach as well, since the waves can be a bit strong at times). Secondly, the location of the hotel is ideal. It is a short walk to the Santa Cruz de Huatulco beach area and just 2 minutes walk to our new favorite place to sit and have coffee (Cafe Huatulco). A short 10 minute walk to the supermarket, 15 or so minutes walk to the centre of Crucecita. Or 5 minutes shuttle to the beach club at Playa Chahue. Or take a reasonable priced taxi if you don't want to wait or its too hot to walk. This place is not 'on the beach', but we enjoyed that it allowed us to meet more people and experience more of this area by walking, taking the shuttle, and the occasional taxi. We really enjoyed our time, and look forward to going back with our kids someday hopefully soon!

I rented the the Jr Suite 5/15-5/18/2017. The Positives Very Clean, Very Friendly Helpful staff. The Club Playa was well looked after and very clean. The Negatives, WiFi was poor couldn't use it in our room, The only access to an outlet by the bed was behind the mattresses which made it hard to charge anything, the other outlets were all behind the dresses holding the TV again very difficult to access. The Staircase up to the second floor of the suite was very awkward to use the kids however had no problem with it. They give you 4 bottles of water the first day but they never give you anymore thought that was weird. Club Playa beach had some very strong riptides while I was there so the kids were not able to take advantage of the ocean We did go to the Main beach later and there was no problems there. If you are traveling with teens and want privacy I would recommend getting two different suites this one is not that suite. I would also recommend if you are looking at doing any snorkeling or fishing tours go to the marina it is a very short walk and you can find some great values. We took a short trip on the Small Froggy with Jorge and it was one of the best excursions I have been on in Mexico. They took us out showed us the beaches and cliffs Trolling for fish and we Caught two huge Tuna. Then because one of the kids was getting seasick they took us to a beach were we spent over an hour Snorkeling over this beautiful reef then took us into a cave in the cove. The food however was a little overpriced on the beach. Another tip if you go by the Chedraui there are street cooks that make great Tamales and Tacos if you don't mind eating with the Locals and they are dirt cheap and delicious best tamales I had. Overall It is not a bad hotel for the price of the suites it is worth it.

I returned to the Castillo for a little solo R&R after a tough winter. I was concerned because I had read that they were renovating but hoped for the best. The renos seemed to be finished by the time I got there; the hotel was quiet and seemed unchanged. I enjoyed the new 'tourist walk' to town and found the staff friendly and helpful as always. Some people reported being troubled by the boisterous Mexican families that frequent the hotel and beach club; I can only say I don't get it. Maybe they'd be better off at the Holiday Inn across the street. (Better coffee at the Starbucks franchise there, though). I experienced a minor health 'incident' at the hotel (nothing to do with the Castillo) and despite the wide language barrier, the staff couldn't have been more concerned and caring. Full marks. So if you're looking for a resort type hotel, this isn't it; if you want a basic clean and friendly place with a great beach club, this might be the place. Hualtulco is changing fast, though, I doubt it will be the same 'undiscovered ' (relatively speaking) jewel that it is now for very much longer. Get it while you can.

This little Mexican hotel had very clean and simple rooms. Not luxurious but I will definitely return because of the friendly service, best location and popular beach club. Walking distance to the town, beach and fun restaurants. The food was mostly buffet style but I ordered off the menu every day for lunch at the beach club. Enough choice at every meal. Entertainment was plentiful. Best night was the beach party night with dinner on the beach. Most of the staff spoke very little english.

There were lots of things we liked here- location, friendly staff and clean premises, but it's doubtful we would return. Prior to arrival, we had emailed the hotel asking for a ground floor room. We got an email saying one had been blocked out for our use. I was impressed. At check in, we were given a room on the fourth floor directly above the construction noise in the dining room. That went on until 10 p.m. one night. The rooms were a good size, but we really missed having an in room fridge and a balcony big enough to sit on. The food was very Mexican and due to the dining room being closed, service in the convention room was off-putting. My husband and I had to sit alone at a table set for 9 or ten people. Food was never made to order and never hot. Several times we walked across the road to the Holiday Inn Starbucks in search of a hot coffee. Unlike other resorts there was no cappuccino machine available in the bar area. Would have liked that. As far as the Beach Club goes, the red flag is up every day. We took taxis almost daily to the more swimmable beaches, as beach time is the reason we came to Mexico. On our first visit to the club, I asked for a menu and was told to eat at the buffet. Did not see one the whole time we were there. Hot dogs, burgers and spaghetti most days. We really enjoyed watching the Mexican families around the pool and the staff was the nicest we have ever seen at a resort, so all in all it was a good stay. .

We just returned from staying at the Hotel Castillo and for the most part it was a good experience. We had room 202, with a large balcony overlooking the street which was nice because we could enjoy an early morning coffee(we brought our own supplies and water heater) on it. We were able to "people watch" as the town came to life. The only downside, which you needed during the heat of the day, was the umbrellas which did not function well. Some of the room furniture, especially the dresser could be updated. The maid service was excellent. The main restaurant was closed for construction and they used the convention hall for meals which took away from the atmosphere. The selection for meals was not great and although we realize we are in Mexico, a few options to suit the Canadian tastes along with the local food would have been nice. The wine was not very good. Raquel and Alberto did an excellent job looking after us. Shows that were put on in the convention hall were very good. In the lobby bar Gloria and Dulce, did a very good job. The one night they had entertainment was excellent, more nights like that would have been appreciated. The beach club was the best part with a shuttle service provided. The best meals we had were there, which included a buffet and a small menu which you could pick from. One of the best employees we met was at the beach club. Manelo's( I hope a spelled that right) approach to customer service was to perfection. If other employees wanted to supplement their salary with "tips" they could learn from him. We realize this is not a 5* resort but it gives you a small taste of Mexico. If you want to stay in a 5* hotel and not have a clue of which country you are in, than this is not the place for you. With everything considered this was a positive visit.

This was our 6th time to Huatulco and 3rd time at the Castillo. The hotel serves its target market well: clean rooms, decent to good food and extremely friendly helpful staff.....all at a reasonable price. During our stay, the hotel was very busy due to a Mexican holiday but while sometimes chaotic, it added to the appeal. If you want to holiday with over imbibing Canadians, stay at a hotel with no Mexican flavour and get up at 6:30 am to save a chair....stay in Tangolunda. If those 3 things hold no appeal, the Castillo Huatulco is a very nice option. Its by no means perfect but it, for us at least, hits the necessary buttons. We will be back. Thank you to all the staff for helping make our holiday a good one. Rick y Kim

We came back to this little hotel Mar 16-26/17.... This was our second visit... I must say that the staff at this hotel is amazing and so very friendly... they can't do enough for you.. Federico, Raquel, Asael, Humberto, Diana(at the beach club), Ricardo... I'm sure a missed a few wonderful people... We had requested the same room as our first visit and were accommodated with no problem, as I had emailed earlier... Thank you.... The food this year was however disappointing... It was geared more to the Mexican clientele... The owner, who now lives at the resort appears to be expanding with an additional 40 rooms, and many more tourists from Mexico City are arriving... good for hotel business, but it has affected the hotel quaintness,among other things..... During our stay, many tourists arrived from Mexico City, due to a stat holiday and from the time these travellers arrived the hotel became a crazy circus of extreme yelling, and rudeness... At the beach club, some of us Canadians were crowded out of our loungers, the screaming in the pool was deafening at times , and not always from the kids, but the adults. My husband who wears hearing aids(at a young age, had to take his out because of the extreme noise. and even with them out he still found it crazy... They would but in line for meals , not even a second thought at taking your chairs at dinner time, whether it be the hotel or beach club, cut in front of you at the bars etc... Small children were left unattended at times to just simply run around... I understood that the lobby was a "no smoking zone" and that went out the window... not enforced... At one point, a woman was yelling from the balcony to friends instead of coming downstairs to speak to them... CRAZY!!! This year the hotel had more entertainment which was great, .. but, however, when some of us went to the bar to get our drinks(& 1 person would stay at our table), we had our chairs taken, even though we said no, as we were using them... This ignorant behaviour is not acceptable.. and this is were mgmt. & staff need to step in during these times that I have stated here. As much as we love this resort, and will be returning to Huatulco next 2018.. I'm not sure that it will be here... and for that I am sad.... I am hoping that mgmt. can address these issues... ..

We first visited the Castillo in March 2013, when we stayed for 3 weeks. We have been traveling to various coastal resort areas in Mexico since 1984; it has always been our preference to stay at smaller hotels/resorts, that are typically Mexican, where the people & staff are generally friendly & the staff go above & beyond what one expects. So, we fell in love with the Castillo, the Huatulco area, & the people we have met along the way. The still good: the staff --shout outs to Raquel,Frederico, Manolo,Jimny --are the bomb, the beach club at playa Chahue is outstanding, the location in Santa Cruz allows those of us who like to get out & wander off resort lots of opportunity to do so, the weather, hot & sunny everyday , is what we dream of when we plan are escape from winter. The bad: the owner, who now lives on site in a large suite on the 4th floor, completed about 2 years ago, seems to be expansion minded(the hotel is in the process of adding 40 more rooms) & has apparently been successful in bringing in more guests, especially from Mexico City. Good for the hotel, but not so good for other guests, as the pool at the beach club was a sea of people most afternoons, & loungers & chairs became pitifully inadequate at the beach & pool areas of the beach club nearly everyday. AND, as many have already mentioned, numerous loungers were cracked & filthy dirty. So, the hotel is expanding & bringing in more guests, but can't seem to supply enough beach equipment, something that EVERY guest will use? The lobby bar: this area is not air conditioned , as is typical. Problem: in Huatulco, it is usually very breezy during the day, but around sundown, the wind dies, but the temp is still 83F. There are ceiling fans in the lobby/bar, but more often than not, they have not been turned on; furthermore, 2 ceiling fans had been removed with just the long extension poles remaining. Bottom line: increase the # of ceiling fans in the lobby/lobby bar & turn them ON at sundown! See the recently built Holiday Inn Lobby (no ac) but lots of OPERATING ceiling fans! Also , expand the pitifully small bar in the lobby to double the current size, so there is room for more than 1 bartender during the peak late afternoon / evening hours; the current bar was mobbed daily during these times, often with 20 plus people waiting for service. Lobby bar furniture also in need of serious upgrade! The dinner buffet: No, we don't expect 5 star dining from any all inclusive, but , in the past, the quality of the offerings were much better; no sure what happened--new cook? Cost cutting? There used to be an Italian night with to die for lasagna & pizza--what happened? And chicken Kiev? This is the first time in 5 years that we were really disappointed in the evening food offerings. Bottom line: Yes, we still love Huatulco, yes we realize Huatulco is becoming more popular among Mexicans & North Americans, meaning more crowded, but that doesn't mean that the Castillo can't address some very simple basic shortcomings, especially with the expansion underway. We will return to Huatulco, but the Castillo will no longer be our first choice.

We were lucky enough to visit Hotel Castillo from December 23 to December 30, 2016. We contacted the hotel ahead of time to specifically request a room on the top floor on the pool side with a king size bed. This e-mail request was quickly responded to by the hotel and confirmed. Upon arrival at the airport, we were lucky enough to meet a couple who had visited this hotel many times and were kind enough to give us some pointers on what to expect. The advise was "Its like visiting grandma's house. Not fancy, but clean, excellent service, and everything you need" This description hit it right on the nose. The room was adequately appointed, the TV worked, the air conditioner worked, extra towels, extra pillows, extra blankets, older but very clean. The bed was comfortable - not amazing but not rock hard. We had a reasonable night sleep every night. The floors were mopped every day, multiple times per day through out the hotel. The restaurant served breakfast and dinner only. The food was good and each day was a little different. The food was not high end excellent, but was good, plentiful and no one experienced any difficulties. My husband is lactose intolerant and was able to eat most things. The items that did have cream or cheese were obvious so they were easy to avoid. The wait staff at the hotel were enthusiastic and eager to make sure you were taken care of. In fact, on our last day, at the end of breakfast, we asked for extra sandwiches to take with us as we knew there was going to be long delay before we were going to be able to eat again. They gladly gave us some extra food to take with us. It was so appreciated as, yes, on our way home, it was a long time before we were able to have a real meal. The beach club is separated from the hotel by about 1.5 km. We walked most days but there is an open air shuttle bus that goes every half hour for those who are too tired to walk it. The beach club was very comfortable and the wait staff again were helpful and attentive. The lunch buffet at the beach club seemed to be geared toward kids and teenagers (hot dogs, burgers, fries, token salad) but the beach club also had a al a carte menu to order from which was fantastic. Each day, we ordered fresh salsa with guacamole and chips - which was a treat we looked forward to. At the beach club, you have the choice of sitting at the pool, in the dinning room or on the beach. We enjoyed the dinning room and the beach the most. The pool was a bit loud for us as the kids tended to enjoy the pool tremendously. The waitstaff were very friendly and spoke English extremely well. The hotel bar is small and allows smoking, but it is open air to the street so we were able to find a seat away from any smokers. As we liked to walk abound more, the bar staff provided us with drinks in plastic rather than glass so we could walk around more. Moving on to the town, Santa Cruz and Crustastia were easy to walk around and felt extremely safe. We visited a local homemade ice cream shop near the beach boardwalk, which was very good. We were very comfortable walking all around both towns. We did tend to leave Crustastia before dark as the town is on the other end of the malacone and we were advised to not be on the malacone after dark. However, Santa Cruz was very safe to walk around. We tend to be very active so were able to walk/run to La Faro (the lighthouse) a couple of times. We also walked to many of the other surrounding beaches. However, cabs to other beaches were easy and inexpensive to use. It was great experience to walk, but the terrain is VERY hilly so it was challenging. At the end of the trip, we contemplating this location as a high ranking retirement location as the area felt very safe and the overall location was clean and friendly. I would recommend Huatulco and look forward to my next trip there.

Boulevard Santa Cruz 303, Sector A Huatulco OAX

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Bar/lounge
  • 2 outdoor pools

Hotel Castillo Huatulco places you within a mile (2 km) of Chahue Beach and Marina Chahue. This 112-room, 3-star hotel welcomes guests with 2 outdoor pools, a bar/lounge, and free in-room WiFi. It's near the airport and also close to Violin Beach and Huatulco National Park.


For your convenience, a buffet breakfast is served for a fee each morning from 7 AM to 11 AM. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service, entertain your taste buds with a drink at the bar/lounge, and mingle with other guests at the free manager's reception.


All of Hotel Castillo Huatulco's 112 rooms are air-conditioned and have an array of amenities, including balconies, free bottled water, and safes. 32-inch LED TVs come with cable channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries. Phones are also standard.

Property features

Renovated in 2012, Hotel Castillo Huatulco offers 2 outdoor pools, a children's pool, and free WiFi in public areas. There's free parking and a free beach shuttle. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to assist with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and securing valuables. Other amenities at this family-friendly hotel include a conference center, a 24-hour business center, and a computer station.

Room options

Standard Room, 1 King Bed

King 1 | Sleeps 2

Junior Suite

King 1 | Sleeps 6

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