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Mia Reef Isla Mujeres - All Inclusive

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

My spouse and I just got back from a week's trip here. We stayed in a villa suite. We hope our pro's and con's help you decide if this is the resort for you. The good: *All-inclusive, while still overall good quality. Pretty much everything except the spa was included. *We consider ourselves huge foodies, and we give their food a big stamp of approval. The variety is amazing, and there's always something different to choose from (eg taco/ceviche bar for lunch, buffet pasta station for lunch; sushi station for dinner, Argentinian-style steak grill during weekends). Even the lobby snack bar had pretty good options, and had a relaxing view. *The resort's beach and cove have personality, and are easy to swim around via the resort's provided kayaks, body boards, snorkel, etc. *The resort grounds were very well kept and maintained, and there was never a problem or hazard while walking around. *Staff members are mostly very nice and attentive. The most personable staff were Misael Hernandez., Roberto from taco bar, and the towel guy (sorry, forgot his name) The bad (but not the resort's fault): *Getting from CUN airport to Isla Mujeres and back is arduous and potentially expensive. You have to take a shuttle from the airport to Puerto Juarez, you have to take a ferry from the port to Isla Mujeres, and then you have to get a taxi to go to your resort on the island. It's not the nicest thing after a nice trip to do that in reverse. We reserved with Best Day for the shuttle and ferry, and we recommend them. *Beware of getting a northern-ish villa suite during June or Summer. There are frigate birds on the Eastern tip nesting/mating, and not only are their sounds very annoying, but their droppings cause a terrible odor around the northern side of the villa area. It was so bad, we had to move to a more southern villa. The Bad: *Isla Mujeres, especially Mia Reef, is known for getting away from the party crowd in Cancun. Well, not true. Since Mia's a smaller resort, the bar/dancefloor's loud music disrupted the ambiance of everything around it (especially the palapas) with its constant thumping and popping. What's the point of going to such an isolated location, only to get the SAME stuff as on hotel row? *After some time of not using the shower, a strong smell of RAW SEWAGE emits from the drain. *Our villa door was warped, cracked, could not be opened completely, and could barely close. Housekeeping knew about it, and yet it wasn't fixed nor addressed. *Every morning between 9:00-10:30AM, housekeeping would be banging on our door to come in and make the room. Who does occupied hotel rooms that early? Especially on a vacation beach resort?? We could have permanently kept a "do not disturb" sign on the door to prevent the issue, but why should we have to?? *No food room service, only beer, soda and water. If you wanted to have anything on hand to eat later or something, you had to physically go get it at the lobby snack bar or the regular bar. *The villa suites vary in size greatly. The first villa (#2018) had a shower the size for 4 adults, and the second villa (#2002) had a noticeably smaller room, and a tiny shower for barely 2 adults. *Although gratuity is already included, sometimes the staff came off as tip-hungry. We really wanted to give this hotel 5 stars, but the above issues need to be addressed.

We came here for a wedding, which was beautiful and well handled by the resort. We stayed in the "villas" very small with only a shower. It was clean, but didn't have much to offer food wise. If you aren't a buffet person this is not for you! Beautiful views. Takes 2 taxis and a ferry from the airport, which was time consuming. Staff was awesome but a one time visit for us, we prefer a wider dining selection.

We could not have been happier with the service, the professionalism, and the friendliness of the people that work at this place. We went there to visit and enjoy the beautiful location (this place is spectacular!) but found that we loved the people there just as much. They were attentive to our needs and knew our names by the 2nd day. I don't think they get enough credit for their hard work and I was sure to learn this phrase within the first couple of days that we were there so that I could tell them all "Gracias por todo su trabajo duro." = Thank you for all of your hard work! Your hard work made our trip so much more enjoyable and we just can't thank you enough! Shout out to Alejandro, Luis Arias, and Jesus!!!! You make Mia Reef special!Your friends always, Mariah aka Mariah Carey :) & Mike

We just came back from our trip to isla mujeres we stayed 5 nights at the MIA reef and had an excellent time. The staff was really helpful from checking in time until checking out. We request for my room and my sisters room to be near each other and I feel like we got more than that we got an upgrade we got moved to an ocean front villa. The room had everything I needed a large closet to put up my two kids clothes, mine and my husbands, I could have used a few more hangers but no big deal. We got rain the first couple of days so we hung out in the lobby and patio/ bar area with the rest of our group as we waited around. The staff was always attentive to serve us drinks or to bring board games for entertainment. At one point I needed a towel to get back to my room and a waiter went out of his way into the rain to the other building and got us one. I was not impressed with the host of the Mexican party or Caribbean night although the dancers were amazing. He was also checking out the kayak and paddle boards and when I asked him for information about them he was a bit short almost rude. I will not judge the rest of the service or the venue because of one person. In the restaurant the waiters were nice and genuinely glad to help. Plenty of chairs or umbrellas for all guest at the beach or pool. The pool was small but it never got overcrowded. On our last night the concierge was glad to help me check in to my flight and print boarding passes. We also went out a couple of nights into town we stayed away from shopping or eating down the main tourist strip and found great local food on our way to punta sur. Every one in the island really nice and kind. We never felt any kind of danger in any part we visited. Just an awesome experience over all.

My husband and I visited here for a week in January 2017 through a deal online. It has been recently updated and was still being updated while we were there. It's a beautiful location, with a shallow swim and snorkel area on one side of the resort and the ocean waves and sunrise on the opposite. The boardwalk is the only entrance and exit to the resort, it's on its own little island. We were upgraded at no extra charge to a villa in the back of the tower hotel. It was quieter and more private, and we had a balcony that faced the dock. The room was spacious with a modern design and bright decor. There could have been some more furniture for our luggage and just to put things, that was lacking. We also had some ants in the bathroom that we had to call about but not a big deal. There are two beaches on the resort, both beautiful and we always found some chairs. You can also ask the staff to put up a sun umbrella next to you. They'll also come around and take drink orders. Just remember to tip! The staff all work hard and do an excellent job! The entertainment and nightly food menu had a different theme each night and was great. You can also have the normal food buffet options which was closed minimally for food prep and meal changes. The ceviche on the beach next to the villas is AMAZING, you have to try it. Fish tacos were the best I've had! There are free bikes to check out if you want to ride around the island and golf cart rentals for a fee. They can also arrange a cab if needed. The shallow swim area was great for swimming, snorkeling, and we tried out the stand up paddle boarding rental across the boardwalk. It was fun to walk out to play in the waves coming in from the constant boats in the area. The water stays about knee to waist deep until you get out to the end of the dock area. We even found a lion fish and some stingrays in the vegetation under the dock while snorkeling! The walk to their shopping and dining downtown area was only about a half mile, and a little further for the marina and other shopping/resorts. Venture out to do this, the locals were friendly and other food and drink options, a lot of other tourists about. This place was such a wonderful tropical getaway, highly recommend!

We stayed in the honeymoon suite for 5 nights in June and it was pure paradise. We have stayed on the Riviera Maya before and this topped them all. The room was fine, the main room balcony was to die for. If you've never had your own jacuzzi tub on a balcony before, fair warning, don't do it if you ever want to stay somewhere without one again, because you never will. It's like a drug, you'll never want to be without it again. We specifically sought this place out because of this factor. The staff was genuinely friendly. Not 'I'm getting paid to be friendly' but actually friendly. They didn't try to sell us anything once, just were accommodating and truly nice to be around. We ran into our waiter at the ferry in Cancun on our way out and he remembered us and greeted us even off resort - that is true service. The buffet is actually edible and a few steps above cruise food and the fish shack was to die for. Drinks are always strong and if you tip, always quick. A word on tipping. Do it! We bring about $100 in ones and just tip a dollar each time for drinks, $3-5 for meals and room service, bag handling. Tipping just makes sense. The beach and water can't be beat. We've been to St Thomas and this beats that. You can snorkel right next to the resort and see bunches of fish without having to walk more than 5 feet. Water is calm, clear, and gorgeous. We didn't have to fight or even wake up early to get beach chairs, there were enough for everyone. We did not bring our young children, but now having been would do so willingly. The water is calm and swimmable and we never felt unsafe or harassed anywhere on Island. The pool is tiny, but not sure why you would want to swim there when the ocean is so accommodating literally feet away. Very minimal seaweed and next to no undertow. Bottled water is easily available at the bar and not heavily guarded like at some Mexican resorts. While there isn't some fancy room service menu, when I asked for a six pack of beer midday for my room, I had my choice of beer within 10 minutes at my door. The only thing that could make this better would be wristbands that open your room door. That would only be an extra plus though and would not stop me from returning in a heartbeat. We can't wait to return and would recommend this resort without any reservations to anyone. Thank you to all staff for making our anniversary truly magical!

This was our second trip to Isla Mujures and our second time staying at Mia Reef. First trip was great this trip we had a issue this trip. The ONLY American money we took with us was 2 $100 bills which my husband put in a zippered compartment of his wallet. The rest we had in pesos. We kept all valuables, money, watches, phones etc locked in the room safe the entire trip. My husbands wallet never left the safe till the day we left. On the Thursday before we left on Friday we had several pesos left so we went and cashed them in for US dollars. We got back $263 and some change. That cash was put in a back zipper compartment of the purse I was carrying. That purse was also locked in the safe till the day we left. Our first notice of missing money was the day we left, at the Cancun airport. My husband went to pay for snacks for us and when he unzipped that compartment with the 2 hundred dollar bills in it... there was ONLY one. My husband is tight and does NOT misplace money, but we wrote it off as lost. Our second notice of missing money was about 2 weeks give or take after we got home. I remembered the cash from the pesos we cashed in and went to put it in our home safe. When I pulled it out my husband counted it and instead of $263 there was only $163. We knew for a fact then something had happened during our stay at Mia. We do NOT think it was house keeping, when she was in there the door was ALWAYS open. A male employee entered our room twice while we were there putting snacks in the room. First time was on Tuesday (first $100 probably taken) second time in was on the Friday after we cashed our pesos in on Thursday (second $100 probably taken then). We called long distance to Mia Reef on the day we discovered the peso money missing. We call on Saturday June 3, 2017 and spoke with Horacio Aguilera, general manager. I told him all I just typed here. He said he was going to check with anyone who entered our room during our stay April 29 - May 6, 2017. He asked us to give him till the following Monday June 5th to check into it and call us back. That call NEVER came. I don't type this with hopes of getting our money back, that will never happen. I type this to warn you if you stay at Mia Reef, think of a way to keep your money safe. They have master codes that get them into the room safes.. they have to have or what do they do if someone forgets their code with their stuff inside the safe?? Beware, stay safe.

Don't expect a big resort. This is a small hotel in a quiet area, probably it's the best hotel in the area. There's one main restaurant, the food is mostly good. The second restaurant requires reservation & dress code, we didn't like the food there at all, too bland. The hotel is authentic, and beautiful. The beach & water are clean and nice, tours come to this area for snorkeling. Once you step out of the hotel you can walk to the shopping area. I will go back again one day.

This was my second trip back to Isla and the Mia. Per my review from last year, if you are looking for a luxury 5 star hotel with lots of restaurants and activities to choose from, this is not the place for you. The Mia is truly a place to unwind. Besides the spectacular views, my favorite thing about this place are the people who work so hard to ensure my stay is memorable and they never disappoint! Last year, I friended many of the workers and it was a mutual reunion for all of us to see each other again. They are lovely, hard working people. I want to send a special Thank you to those workers who go out of their way to make me feel "at home." Nicholas, Luis and Henry. I love you guy's and I was so happy to know you are still there! It was so nice to see you again and I will see you again next year! To the hardworking guy's at the Cerviches (Fish Shack). Roberto, Guillermo, Hector and Alias. You guy's work very hard. Thank you for your hospitality and for the delicious tacos de pescado! What is better than being greeted with hugs and the most delicious fresh fish tacos y tostadas! Muchas Gracias! Marianne was the Food & Beverage Manager and it seems she is on the property 24/7. She makes sure we are all fed well and she does a fantastic job. One thing about The will never go hungry and the food is delicious. The only thing I missed and would love to have again is the option for grilled fish outside at dinner. The steaks were great but I would have opted for grilled seafood over a steak anyday. I had the pleasure of getting to know Fernando with the new Mia Club. Feels like I've known him forever. Very personable and great sense of humor. Now that I'm a member, I look forward to knowing I have him as my go to person. For more specifics about the resort itself, please see my review from last year. There have been many improvements in a year's time and they continue to make improvements all the time. I consider this my second home and look forward to seeing my Mia family again next year. Thanks for a great visit.

We stayed in one of the Villas. The room was clean and cool. It had a coffee maker, mini-fridge that had water, drinks, and sometimes snacks, a microwave and a toaster. The bathroom had a hair dryer as well as amenities. The grounds were immaculately kept. I never had to fight for a chair under an umbrella. The servers were friendly and attentive. The food was good. The best choice was whatever the special was for the night. Specials were different each night. The only negative thing would be that the main buffet restaurant was often warm and muggy. We stayed in a room where the gulls were nesting outside. They were often quite noisy at night, but I would guess this would be seasonal to their nesting season. There is a little bit of a language barrier, but generally everyone is friendly and eager to please. Great place, I would go again.

Calle Zazil-Ha S/N, Zona 7 Isla Mujeres QROO

Hotel highlights

  • Free hot/cold buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Mia Reef Isla Mujeres - All Inclusive places you next to Secreto Beach and within a 5-minute walk of Norte Beach. This 164-room, 4-star resort has 2 outdoor pools along with a private beach and a marina. Crayola House and Dolphin Discovery are also near this Isla Mujeres resort.


Free hot/cold buffet breakfast is included with your stay. This resort is home to 3 onsite restaurants, perfect for a quick bite to eat. Order from room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room, sip a beverage at the bar/lounge or coffee shop/café, and mingle with other guests at the free daily manager's reception.


All of Mia Reef Isla Mujeres - All Inclusive's 164 rooms are recently renovated and have an array of amenities, including minibars, coffee makers, and free bottled water. Guests can expect to find LED TVs with cable channels. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries. Safes, phones, and ironing boards are also standard.

Property features

Mia Reef Isla Mujeres - All Inclusive features a private beach, a marina, and a full-service spa. You can take advantage of free parking if you drive. The front desk is staffed 24 hours a day to help with concierge services and luggage storage. Other amenities at this all-inclusive resort include 2 outdoor pools, a fitness center, and free WiFi in public areas.

Room options

Deluxe Villa Ocean Front Suite

Full 2 | King 1 | Sleeps 4

Deluxe Room Deal of the Day

Queen 1 | Sleeps 2

Superior Ocean Front Room

Queen 1 | Sleeps 2

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