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The Red Coach Inn

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

What a great place to visit the falls from. We stayed in the Cheshire Suite two bedrooms and heaps of space. Close to everything we wanted to do. Staff were very helpful. Only down side is the stairs, no lifts, not a big deal and did not interfere with us having a great stay. Restaurant is good and the breakfast as with most USA feeds was massive. We would recommend this place without hesitation

First off I apologize for the length but I am a detail oriented person and this was my one and only honeymoon: So my wife and I decided to stay here for our honeymoon based on the multitude of positive reviews. Even though the rooms look dated we had high hopes due to the reviews and it did seem to have a certain kind of charm to it. We originally planned to stay for three nights and we also bought a honeymoon package, for a grand total of about $1,700. It's our honeymoon so no big deal! Sadly this experience started very hopeful but ended very disappointed. THE BAD: As others have mentioned the rooms are completely separate from the reception/restaurant section which isn't that big a deal to me. Whether or not help was available for lugging your things up three flights of stairs(as we had to) I have no clue, but I'm not one to complain about carrying my own things. That said once you get through the entrance door it's very cramped as you need to swipe in to open a 2nd door. The stair case was extremely creaky but we made it to the third floor Cheshire suite well enough. By the way there’s only ONE WAY in or out, through that entrance, which seems like it could be classified as a fire hazard if you ask me. Once inside we began exploring like a couple of curious cats. It looked as expected and the temperature was nice and cool. After awhile though I realized the central air was not kicking on at all even though it was set to 50 degrees/cool and "auto". I farted around with it but to no avail. Upon asking about it at the front desk the answer I got(from Heidi) was, "If it didn't work it would be very hot up there", and it wasn’t hot… yet. Well guess what, it wasn't working. For the first night and the next day I did not hear it come on or feel anything coming out of the vents. Eventually I did figure it out. I set it to "heat" and cranked up the temp, and sure enough it turned on after which I promptly set it back down and turned it to "cool". That fixed that problem, sure, but is this not something they knew about at all, that they couldn't have advised me of? I had to do my own trial and error to fix their problem?! Anyways, on to the rest of the suite. The kitchen was good and had nice appliances. However, I was very turned off by the fact that in the pictures they have on their site they show a typical coffee maker with a pot(almost exactly what we use at home), but what we ended up with was a crappy two-cup Cuisinart. If you’ve never seen these they basically have a spot for two small coffee mugs and then above them is a spot for each mug to put these little coffee bag pods. You fill it with a maximum of 2 cups of water and that’s all you get. This was a serious downgrade for us as we are big coffee drinkers in the morning. On top of that they only give you two pods and it was not communicated as to whether or not we will get more each day, so we had to ask for extra. For the life of me I don’t know why they would downgrade such a simple appliance like that. We almost brought our own coffee and filters, and it’s a good thing we didn’t because we wouldn’t have been able to use it anyways! The fridge included a complimentary bottle of filtered water and a small bottle of wine. Keep in mind it’s June 2017 and it’s humid as sin outside so you’d think the filtered water would be more abundant when you’re paying almost $400 a night. Well that one bottle was all we were supposed to get and the tap water, as usual, was garbage. We asked at the front desk for more and they(Heidi again) said we would have to purchase it from the bar area. When we talked with a different receptionist though she said she would see what she could do, and we ended up with four extra bottles in our fridge that day. I’m sorry for forgetting her name(she was a black woman with glasses who was there in the morning) but thank you for being the only one who actually helped us with a problem(extra water and coffee pods). Let’s talk about the beds. They were outdated to say the least. We have bad sleeping habits so we can’t share a bed. My wife took the one that was more comfy, but even that wasn’t nearly as good as her bed at home. My bed was basically like lying on cardboard. We tried to shore it up by stuffing some extra blankets under the fitted sheet but it didn’t help much. The pillows were comfy at least and overall I was able to sleep well enough I guess, though it definitely wasn’t as good as home. I would expect such shabby mattresses from a Radisson but when you’re spending $400 a night I expect more comfort. The beds should just be replaced outright. They have these quaint canopies on them but part of the fabric on my wife’s bed was ripped and the bed skirts were junk. They would just fall to the floor once you pulled your blanket out to hop into bed. Also the tables in the living room were very rickety and we were afraid to move them even a little. The honeymoon package, which was an extra $275, included: - A dozen red roses - A box of chocolates - A bottle of champagne - Dinner in our award-winning restaurant with a $75 dinner certificate - Wine tasting for 2 at Arrowhead Springs Vineyard - A special memento We did not get a wine tour voucher, even after asking about it. We did not get any chocolates, even though a note from the manager said we’d have them by our first night. And we did not get whatever the mysterious “special memento” was. THE GOOD: Free wifi(though it was spotty at times, not Youtube capable it seemed). Great bathrooms. It seems they spent all their money on these and completely ignored the beds, you know, the place you spend almost half your life? Free cable TV. The restaurant was quite good. The food was well made and the waiters/tresses were very nice and helpful. The rooms were very quiet. We didn’t hear a peep from the other guests except for some creaks in the stairs or the heavy entrance doors closing. Off-street parking was available solely for the guests staying there and they even have the capability to charge electric cars(we saw a couple Teslas parked and plugged in). Very close to the upper part of the falls with easy access to the walking paths that take you down to the falls’ viewing areas. Overall this was a bad experience. We had such high hopes and this was my honeymoon for Pete’s sake! We were paying the most we’ve ever paid for a vacation spot and didn’t even get the quality we had received from a Sheraton we stayed at years earlier. My advice to the management: UPDATE THE BEDS. Get rid of the baby coffee maker and give the adults a real one. Make bottled water a priority. If your busy season is the hot and humid summertime wouldn’t it make sense to take your guests safe hydration into consideration? We don’t need fancy Saratoga water in glass bottles. Even the cheap stuff from Wal-Mart would do the job. Your guests are paying a high price for comfort that they are not getting and I shouldn’t feel like I’m a criminal for asking for extra bottled water.

This place is a must! Beautiful, romantic, classy, the service was out of sight! The staff was so good to us! Jessica helped us with a "late night sweet attack" with personal attention to us even if the kitchen was closed. Christina gave us the best service at our complimentary breakfast (which was not a typical complementary breakfast that one gets at an ordinary hotel!) This place is great or couples, singles, families, you name it!

The location is great and the staff is super friendly. We had to use a separate entrance and drag baggage up two flights of stairs to our 2nd floor room. The room was large but dark:one window, very dark rug and old dark brown furniture. There was a desk but no desk chair. There was a queen, not king bed. The linens were old. The a/c had to be reset twice during our stay. The breakfast was large but used packaged type bagels and english muffins. There was a jacuzzi that you had to climb in and out of if you wanted a shower. Not great for safety and older bones. The toilet's flush was unlike any woosh I had ever seen or heard. This was a very disappointing place given its price and reviews.

Hotel room very clean & roomy. Food excellent & large portions. Hotel & restaurant staff very friendly, courteous & helpful. Location very close to Niagara Falls. Could walk to to falls each day. Nightly fireworks at 10 pm beautiful & could be seen from sidewalk outside hotel.

Charming rooms. European feel. Very much like a specialty B and B. So conveniently located to the falls we could walk to them. Free parking adjacent to the hotel was nice. The restaurant is also charming. So convient for supper. The free breakfast was awesome. We ate outside and could see and hear the Rapids. We did not have to go into town that looked crowded and touristy. Staff was exceptionally friendly. Our first time to the falls we felt lucky to have found this hotel.

Short and sweet, everything about this place is GREAT!! Location, service, rooms, quality of food and on and on and on. 11th anniversary and we loved windows in our room offered the roar of the falls to serenade us each evening and morning, A short walk and we were right nest to the falls and major activities. Free parking allowed us to park and not worry about the safety of our car. When we go back we will surely stay at the Red Coach it is the place to stay to be right there to see everything.

Where to start. First, I called ahead and spoke to several hotels before booking. The staff at The Red Coach Inn was by far the most accommodating of anywhere I called, taking well over 15 minutes to walk me through rooms online. Buyer beware at other hotels that charge you up to $20/night to park in their own parking lot, The Red Coach Inn does not. When we arrived, the staff, that included Taneshia and Heidi made us feel at home. They helped us with getting to know the area and took the extra time to make us feel welcome. It wasn't a typical impersonal here's your key and thank you for your money greet. The room was immaculate and beautiful. It's the first time my wife and I slept like babies in the king bed with 5 pillows. Jet tub, stand up shower, robes, every detail in the room was done to a higher class and homely feel, all the way to having real coffee cups & spoon, not some cheap styrofoam cup & plastic spoon. At almost all hotels we've been too, the 'complimentary' breakfast was nothing more than a bagel or a spoon of eggs with a sausage link, etc. The Red Coach Inn breakfast was truly exceptional, both days we left there hard to finish the food on our plates and the chefs were outstanding. The staff was also excellent for breakfast, Abagail went above and beyond as our server and we appreciated how all of the staff made us feel welcomed. Plus, you cannot beat the location. Open your door and hear the roar from the Falls, you are within walking distance to all of the attractions and trolley to get anywhere else around town. We will without a doubt stay there again and we have already spread our pleasure about the Red Coach Inn to many of our friends. I simply cannot say enough good things about the people, food, ambiance, rooms and location there. I wish I could give it 100 stars. JC+CC

Lunch was very good. Clean and good view of the water. The Bad:: No Handicap accessible Rest Rooms!!! They are on the 2nd floor with a long set of stairs. Not good for Wife and Me (64yrs) with Arthritis. Really??... WTF!!!!! BTW: this is really a 3 star rating. This site wouldn't let me change it.

In the contest for best hotel location on either side of Niagara Falls, The Red Coach Inn wins without question: it's located just 300 steps from the roaring rapids that become the American Falls just a bit further away and the hotel's windows open wide to let in the whole experience! The hotel's closeness to the rapids provides guests with much more than proximity to gorgeous sights - it means the thunder of Niagara's rapids and a hint of mist off the water are part of your stay at The Red Coach Inn. Being able to hear and feel the water completes the whole refreshing and joyful experience of a visit to the area. (Studies have revealed that positive ions generated by waterfalls induce a sort of euphoria!) The location is so good that you might even feel sorry for visitors staying in high-rise hotels on the Canada side, where views can be seen but not heard from behind glass. Our Visit - The front desk staff at The Red Coach made us feel at home even before we arrived - a member of the hotel team (Leanne?) emailed a personal note of welcome while we were en route and when we arrived not only did she offer us good information that helped us see everything we wanted to see in the short time we were in town but she surprised my mother and I with a cheese platter and chilled bottle of Chardonnay - perfect after a long Mother's Day weekend drive! Our guest room at The Red Coach was huge with windows that opened wide to let in the sights and sounds of the Falls. We had two bedrooms - one was a master with a huge canopied bed and the other was smaller but charming with the sort of high bed you need a step stool to reach. Both beds were very comfortable. The bedrooms and bathrooms in our suite were impeccably clean - even the Jacuzzi tub was spotless. Between the bedrooms and living room was a wide hall with a spacious, well-supplied kitchen off to the right. The sound system was excellent - when we arrived the music playing was a live concert performed by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. I hadn't expected a working fireplace (gas) yet there it was. That was a happy surprise! Downstairs in the hotel restaurant was a full bar - small, dark and quiet - where you could either sit and have a cocktail or order to your room. After a long day of travel and sightseeing all of the hotel's extras and amenities added up to making it a charming, homey place to relax. Later that night we sat in the living room talking until late. It wasn't until I was alone, turning out lights etc. that I encountered anything that came short of just right. It was just a feeling of creepiness that came over me. The atmosphere just changed all of a sudden. The strange vibe was enough to make me start off the night with lights on in my room. I noticed my mother did the same in hers. It wasn't until checkout time, when I was flipping through the Guest Book in our room, reading the comments of past visitors, that I came across...ghost stories! It turns out many people have reported seeing and experiencing unusual things in the hotel. A quick Google search revealed it's one of America's most haunted places and among New York State's Top 5 Most Haunted Hotels! But don't let its designation as "haunted" keep you away. One little girl who stayed at the hotel wrote her thoughts in the Guest Book, saying, "I love it here. I am 12 years old...I read a lot of the other notes in here and most of them thought that this place was haunted. I find that silly. Just because something is old doesn't mean it's haunted. Your grandparents are old and they aren't haunted. Remember that." Sweet and funny! :-) Despite the fact that the hotel may or may not be haunted, The Red Coach Inn will be our go to spot for visits to Niagara Falls. It looks like a cozy English inn; the hotel staff offers genuine hospitality; the ambiance is relaxed, the beds are amazingly comfortable and the location can't be topped: it just doesn't get better than being literally across the street from exactly what you came to see and experience. If there is any area where you might find a little disappointment it's in this historic inn's restaurant. It features timbered ceilings and murals and lots of heavy antique pieces and breakfast is not only free but cooked to order. The issue is the condition of the dining room. If it was given some TLC (carpets, walls, surfaces) to bring it back to top shape it would be a place you could really enjoy. When you visit The Red Coach Inn, be sure to read about it's past and take the time to read some of the reviews (framed on the walls) from as far back as 100 years ago. (People have been raving about this spot for a very long time!) Describing a past stay, a long-ago reviewer remarked, "He falls asleep with (Niagara's) surging thunders in his ears, and wakes to wonder, for an instant, if his yesterday's astonishment was a dream. He rises and throws up his window and there it flashes, and thunders and agonizes - the same almighty miracle of grandeur forever going on..." Enjoy your stay!

2 Buffalo Ave Niagara Falls NY

Hotel highlights

  • Walking distance to American Falls and Niagara Falls State Park
  • Free cooked-to-order breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking

The Red Coach Inn places you within a 15-minute stroll of popular sights such as American Falls and Niagara Falls State Park. This 3-star hotel has 37 guestrooms and offers conveniences like free breakfast, free in-room WiFi, and free self parking. Bridal Veil Falls and Cave of the Winds are a short walk from the hotel, which is on a river.


Free cooked-to-order breakfast is served each morning from 7:30 AM to 11 AM. Enjoy a bite to eat at Red Coach Inn Restaurant, the hotel's onsite restaurant. Order from room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room.


The Red Coach Inn's 37 rooms are individually decorated and provide refrigerators, coffee makers, and free newspapers. TVs come with cable channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Pillowtop beds grant a restful night's sleep, and bathrooms offer jetted tubs, hair dryers, and designer toiletries. Free long-distance calls, free local calls, and ironing boards are other standard amenities.

Property features

At The Red Coach Inn, guests have access to free WiFi in public areas, 3 meeting rooms, and free newspapers. If you drive, put free parking to good use. Front-desk staff can help with tours or tickets, and provide local restaurant recommendations. Additional amenities include a fireplace in the lobby and wedding services.

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Superior View Two Bedroom Suite

King 1 | Sleeps 6

Luxury View Two Bedroom Suite

Queen 2 | Sleeps 6

Premium View Two Bedroom Suite

Queen 2 | Sleeps 6

Superior View King Suite

King 1 | Sleeps 4

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