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Qualton Club Ixtapa - All Inclusive

2.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We were very disappointed as being only non Mexicans nobody spoke English and everyone stared! Food was not septic kept us up all night..Beach was mud..we left after one night.paid for a week so hope we can possibly get a refund somehow as we had to check in elsewhere ...reception people were nice but didn't understand anything !!..I'm sorry but feel photos are deceiving and all reviews were translated from Mexican ....:( very sad....

We stayed at Qualton Club (2 couples) in March of 2017 and had a great time. As frequent travelers to Mexico, we usually stay at All Inclusives but were a little worried after reading some of the reviews on this place. We went with an open mind and had a terrific week. The rooms could use some updating but we feel that we got had an authentic experience in Mexico and a great value overall. The staff was all great but Cindy and Christopher really stood out to me. Very little English but they were all eager to help. I practiced my Spanish while they practiced their English! Big shout outs to the entire staff that made this a great week.

My husband and I stayed at Qualton as part of a 15 member mission team 3/11 thru 3/18 2017. The team has been to the area for 10+ years and we’ve been part of the group for about 5 years. The team has always stayed in Ixtapa main tourist zone at Fontan, Dorado, Krystal and Emporio in most recent years. The leaders chose Qualton this year as the pricing was better and it included food. With a group that large, our experience has been it takes a LONG time to get through any meal at the wonderful places in Ixtapa. We have work to do, so 2 hour breakfasts aren’t an option, and 2 hour dinners about put us under after a long, hot day of work. So that is a bit of our background. First impressions – we loved the staff. Fabiola, and the bell boy with name like Jermaine (? Sorry I can’t recall for sure) or something similar set the bar high. We all agreed this was the most friendly and hospitable staff we’ve encountered on all previous trips. Next, we came to realize the spread-out nature of the property. The gardens are quite nice throughout the place and the naming of the building blocks by flowers was unique. It was nice to not have all rooms in a high-rise or have to worry about elevators. (That is a note, several buildings have 2 floors, so if you need ground floor, I recommend calling/emailing hotel ahead of time to request.) My husband said the place grew on him, he was originally concerned when he first saw the room, but by the end of the week he was more pleased than he expected. FACILITIES / ROOMS We were assigned room 5202 in the Gladiola building – it had 2 beds and was on 2nd floor. Our room was definitely old and tired. But it was clean. And, our room had hot water unlike others in our team who struggled to have hot water during their week. (I am not sure if any of them requested maintenance to come fix it, though). The air conditioning seemed to work well, but we did have a few issues with it (see below). The faucets were old, there was no drain cover in the sink, the shower was plenty large enough, but had hard water stains and of course the expected mildew here and there due to the climate. There were chipped tiles in the floor throughout the bathroom. In the bathroom, there was a window with frosted glass that could be opened for air flow, but was directly in the shower. It was still private enough, others didn’t feel as private. The beds were VERY hard, and the A/C blows out across the one bed directly to the other. My first night I slept horribly, so I switched to the other bed and it was better without the air blowing directly to my face. We were always cool at night – so that was fantastic. The pillows were less than desirable. Regarding the A/C unit, we usually left a note for the maid to NOT change the setting. We had been keeping it on 19. Well, on at least 2 days we came back to a stifling hot room. The unit had shut itself off we believe, although at first I admit calling front desk a bit frustrated and asking them to advise maid not to touch it. So the last several days we put on 21-22 and didn’t have the problem again. The great thing about our building was there was only 6 units in it. The rooms must all be double bed rooms and had a bit of space to spread out. We didn’t really use the balcony – it isn’t private, but opens up to allow views across buildings to the ocean and isla Ixtapa. Some of the other buildings had 10-15 rooms to walk past, and so the traffic in those areas was more concentrated, ours not as much. I’d request the same building if I returned. They had told us we could change rooms to be closer to others on our team in the 1000 block/Garisol building, and we thought about it, but the lesser traffic kept us there in the original room. As far as response – the team is great. We needed to request a couple extra towels – no problem, they arrived promptly within 15 mins of calling, maybe even less. Granted I did ask for them in Spanish, which helps TONS on this property. We also had to call maintenance about the toilet. Once the tank was leaking, they fixed, but didn’t wipe up the floor after fixing, which caused a bit of confusion for us as we returned late in the day and saw the water and thought it was still broken. Anyway, we worked through that fine and they also had to come unclog the toilet 2 times during our stay – but again, very responsive! We loved the hospitable nature of the staff. What did I miss in the room? A fridge. It would have been nice to keep our bottles of water cold. Also, the safe is not a full laptop size. Ours had a shelf and we could not have fit a laptop. Only e-readers/ipad sized items could fit. As a note, a different person on the trip said their safe did not have a shelf so they barely crammed their laptop into the safe. It is also mounted just inches off the floor on the back wall of the closet. I have no idea why they mounted it so low to the floor. MAID SERVICE – usually excellent. While the bedding was definitely old and tired, it smelled clean. One day we must have had someone different as they didn’t leave the allotted 2 bottles of water in the bathroom for brushing teeth. We called, and they brought up some new ones, though they did try to tell us they only start you off with 2 on the first day, the rest you buy yourself. But our experience had been each day they replaced the 2 bottles at no cost. They tidied up by putting our shoes in the nightstand cubby and had some great towel art if you are into that kind of thing. We left a note requesting no fresh flowers though as they tend to bring those little bugs in. Not sure of cleaning time most days, but I believe it was early, probably prior to 11am, based on our free day and returning from breakfast in town around 10:30 and it was already cleaned. TIMING SO – we learned that if you want to shower between 6:45 – 8:00 you can expect little to barely any water pressure and issues with no hot water. So, while our team often returned from long hot work days during this time and normally would want to clean up for dinner, several of us just decided to wait, and went on to eat at the buffet around 7pm to eat while most others were showering. By 830-900 the showers were normal again, but the dining was quite full and busy. FOOD – Dining for breakfast is up at Villanlinda on the hill. Lunch is either Jalapenos snack bar by pool/beach or buffet at Villalinda. Dinner is either buffet at the Villalinda or else on certain days the buffet is set up in the open area near the theatre. It is too bad they don’t utilize the disco area for more dining – there was nice air flow/breeze there one day when they set up Jalapeno’s temporarily as the normal place had the floor torn up. Note – at Villalinda they have some very cheesy music playing, it seemed like only 1 CD on a loop. It got very old by the 3rd day. Just a thing that we all laugh about now – nothing to ruin your stay! The good – they had an omelet/egg station lady each morning at breakfast. Eggs your way each day if you like. And fresh cheese quesadillas. We expected all items to be buffet, but were delighted to see fresh eggs cooked to order options. Many regional options on the buffet, tons of fresh fruit and cereal, breads, hotcakes/French toast all the normal stuff. Breakfast was my favorite and I always walked away stuffed. They have hot water for hot tea/instant decaf coffee. Possibly troublesome – on several days, the milk wasn’t very cold. The meat/cheese trays looked watery like they’d been set out, then stored in fridge, and set out again. A lot of the desserts were a bit watery, but many on our team still found plenty to enjoy. I usually eat salad every day, and was just a bit concerned about the cleanliness/type of water used in food prep. One night I tried a fresh lettuce salad, but worried about it. No issues though. Not so good – many of the items served at the buffets were not hot. They were lukewarm at best, especially when the buffet was set up outside. They did have a few stations set up for things like fresh tostadas, or street tacos where they were cooking food to order, but the lines were ridiculously long, or people would take all 5-6 items in the tray before the cook could set down more. Each night is a theme night – we preferred the Italian and regional nights the best. Although the roasted pork on Caribbean night was quite good as well. Also, our group usually showed up for breakfast right around 7am when they opened, but many times not all items were set up. This is a little thing, but they should start the process earlier so all things are presented on time. Bread for toast wasn’t laid out even as late as 730 one morning, a few missing serving spoons in the syrup, etc. Again, not super critical – just ask and they will go get it – but for a restaurant they need to have it ready to go upon opening. The gross – French fries at the buffet they set up in the Hola Ola disco area Friday at lunch – they were barely cooked, rubbery, droopy and in-edible. Burgers were good but very greasy. They had decent taquitos and pre-made grilled ham/cheese sandwiches that if you got a hot one weren’t too bad. (All other days we were off property during lunch and didn’t partake) One morning I asked for water no ice – it had a horrible taste. I was worried for a while I would get sick, but luckily no issues. Still, I tried to drink more from my own bottles after that point. I was able to get a good coke at most places except the quick beach bar place by the towels out by the beach – they served from 2 liter bottles that were flat. I’m sure if I asked them to open fresh, they would have. The other places like La Fiesta bar by the Jalapeno snack bar and the Villalinda restaurant all used from a fountain. No one in our missions team had any alcohol so we can’t report on that. BEACH/POOL – We only had one free day and I spent about 3 hours Friday hanging on property by the beach hut/palapa area. There were 2 palapas available at around 10:30 or so that day. The pool areas were louder, even the adult pool, due to the activity music. The beach is more like a mud beach as there is dark sand and dirt mixed in. It is still soft and quite pretty though with the gold flecks in it. I prefer the Ixtapa beach for sand, but this area near Playa Linda is better as the water is much calmer. BOTTOM LINE This place served the purpose for our missions team. Safe place, mostly clean rooms and most had sufficient hot water for a shower. If you are looking for a decent BUDGET beach vacation, it is worth considering even if you didn’t eat all meals on property. I don’t think you can buy European plan at Qualton – it is all included. It takes a good 8-10 mins to get back into the main Ixtapa area. Taxis run around 70 pesos, which isn’t bad, but still, the main Ixtapa area is so much closer for dining options. So, if I was coming on my own for vacation only, I’d probably rather pick Emporio for lower cost, or one of the other hotels in the main Ixtapa zone for a higher end vacation.

kayaking was awesome one of the best activities in the hotel good was good except the late snak they need to put more stuff room was nice and the view wi have was nice I'll Wil be back as soon as I can

Had 2 days to kill, before we had to go back to Canada😠Had been in Zihua, for 2 months, just needed a quick change of scenery. Booked on line, at the end of Ixtapa. Glad we did. Old property, but no more than 2 storey bungalow type, rooms. We were about the only whiteys there, but everyone was great. The staff, the grounds, everything is clean and everyone very accommodating. The snack bars, and main restaurant, were very good. Big all purpose pool, and a swim up, bar, adult only! Awesome! Right on the beach. Would return in a minute!

My wife and I had an awesome week at this place. Granted, mostly locals and not much English spoken, but the staff tried hard to help with anything you requested and you could always find a few workers and staff who spoke enough English to help with any communication issues. We know a little Spanish and got much better at it during our stay as everyone was willing to help us. The hotel is in a perfect location. The beach was amazing!! A kind of charcoal color with gold dust in it ..... and it was sooooo clean. I've been to lots of beaches, but this beach was beautiful ..... and you could walk for miles to the north!!! We were also located right across from Ixtapa island and you could kayak or take a quick boat ride there easily. On the island there was eating places and a nice place for snorkeling. We thought the food at the Qualton was excellent. Of course it is Mexican food for the most part, but we enjoyed trying all the different choices and always found plenty to our liking. There was also a neat fishing pier located about 300 meters from the Qualton beach. I loved watching the fisherman daily trying to make their catches and feeding all the pelicans. At the base of the pier was Playa Linda where they had a little market was nice to go thru. They also had a little wildlife refuge right there with crocodiles and pink birds with big, flat bills that were neat to watch. You could hop on a bus not far from the Qualton entrance and get into either Ixtapa or Zihuatenejo easily. It was a great trip, especially for the price and we will definitely try to return!!!

We stayed 10 days, different buffet every night, snack bar by the pools and beach. Food was good for a buffet. Beer was cold , the brand was Tecate. drinks we good too, some times made a little too strong. The check in went smoothly, the day after we checked in they started to tear apart the lobby, they were remodeling. The Qualton is outdated, but they were sure trying to improve. Everything was clean. There was little English spoken. We signed up for kayak trip over to Ixtapa island to snorkel, which was free thru the hotel, it was worth it. They also provided a sail boat trip for 3 which was very relaxing. They had an adult only pool with a swim up bar, kids did try to jump in, but they had an employee watching this so they were kicked out right away. The rooms were small, but you don't spend much time in there anyway and had NO blow dryers. The air conditioner worked very well, the beds were a lil hard and nothing good to say about the pillows. You could go for a walk or a bike ride outside the hotel, they had beautiful walking paths and felt safe. They had some shopping just north of the hotel and some restaurants as well. We went into Ixtapa for more shopping and Zhitu too, More shops there. Went over to Las Gatas beach too from the Pier 4.00 boat ride, fun day there. Overall a great trip, just wish the resort was closer to town, had to take a taxi ride if you wanted to go to town or do anything.

I've stayed at many different places in Mexico before, but I have never been treated like I wasn't wanted there before staying at the Qualton. We arrived and they was helpful at check-in. Got to our rooms and they were old but not bad. Bed were hard as cement and the pillows felt like chopped up foam. Went to check out the property having never stayed there before and that night was a fiesta. Went to sit at the fiesta and was eaten up by MOSQUITOS. Wish they would of told us at the front desk that we needed to buy repellent before we were chewed to pieces. Went back to the fiesta and the whole program was in Spanish. (A first for a resort that says mainly naturals stay there but cater to all) All shows during the week are in Spanish; most of the staff do not speak any English. Beautiful pool with a swim up bar. Went there one out of 8 days because what was specified as an "adult only" pool was made up of women with 5> younger children who can't read signs and the security does nothing about it. even little ones sitting at the bar. I was not comfortable. At other bars - the music was so loud the bar tender couldn't even hear you when you went to order a drink. He would just hold his hand to his ear toward you and say "What"!!! I told him if he turned the music down he wouldn't have a problem hearing what I was trying to order. It was the only bar open so after a few minutes of finally him figuring out what we was drinking we got our drinks and left to a quieter place. He was very rude!!!! So because everything was in Spanish we went to our rooms to watch TV. LOW AND BEHOLD NOT A SINGLE CHANNEL WAS IN ENGLISH. Have never been to a resort that didn't have at least one channel in English. Very disappointed in this property

This is (still) the last hotel in Ixtapa, it shares a "private" beach with only another hotel which makes ideal because there are no crowds even in high season. Isla Ixtapa is in front (if you want to spend the day snorkeling or there is also a nude beach) and the boat dock is just a 3 min walk from the hotel. If you are into surfing, it is a 20-25 min walk along the beach to where classes take place. The hotel offers free kayaking and sailing experiences as well as the use of the tennis court. Wi-fi is also free but not available 100% in all the areas. The adult swimming pool although small served its purpose - to freshen up and enjoy blue Margaritas ! Overall the food is decent, nothing gourmet or fancy but edible. Waiters, waitresses and barmen/women are very courteous. House keeping in terms of speediness could be better but they will eventually clean the room ! The night shows are also quite entertaining and professional. I do want to point out that the New Year party which was held on the beach was superb. The food was amazing, the show, the band, the decorations. A true delight. All in all, a very enjoyable experience at an affordable and reasonable price.

For a value hotel, Qualton does a really nice job of adding extras, such as the daily towel origami on your bed, and their nightly show which is really GREAT! The dancers, choreography and costumes were really superb! The property is clean and impeccably maintained and the staff are excellent - consistent in their friendliness and helpfulness. Whoever does the hiring has a knack for finding genuinely nice and hard working people. My one complaint is the LOUD POOL MUSIC. There is loud music blaring from morning until 6:00 or 7:00 PM, and on top the loud music there is a party animator yelling on microphone non-stop from morning to late afternoon: calling a volleyball game, calling bingo, inviting guests to participate in various activities - seriously, non-stop and loud. My pool chair was at the adult pool and right next to ocean, furthest from the speakers, but I still couldn't even hear the ocean. All the other guests seemed not to be bothered by the loud atmosphere, so, Qualton knows how to deliver what it's primary client base likes - but for me, the microphone and loud music, it was torture. I just wanted to escape the pool and unfortunately didn't get to spend time there reading as I had hoped to. Quiet relaxation is not an option by the pool.

Carretera Escenica S/N Playa Linda Ixtapa GRO

Hotel highlights

  • Free breakfast
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Qualton Club Ixtapa - All Inclusive places you next to Cocodrilario and Linda Beach. This 150-room resort welcomes guests with 2 outdoor pools, 2 restaurants, and free self parking. It's on the beach and also a short walk from Ixtapa Island and Aztlan Ecological Park.


Free breakfast is included with your stay. Enjoy the ocean views at Jalapenos, one of 2 onsite restaurants.


Qualton Club Ixtapa - All Inclusive's 150 air-conditioned rooms provide balconies, free bottled water, and laptop-compatible safes. Plasma TVs come with cable channels. In-room massages are available, and other amenities include desks and free toiletries.

Property features

Guests of Qualton Club Ixtapa - All Inclusive enjoy 2 outdoor pools, a nightclub, and a children's pool. There's free parking and an area shuttle for a fee. The front desk is staffed 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, tours or tickets, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this all-inclusive resort include outdoor tennis courts, free WiFi in public areas, and a meeting room.

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