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Sierra Lago Resort & Spa

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Our experience went on both ways: 1.- Getting there, we drove form Guadalajara to Mascota safe road with nice views took us around 3 hours, once in Mascota follow the signs there is a 20 minutes of a road with tire footprints passing along small communities and some farms, then will take you 25 minutes driving uphill on a one way road, following the signals, we did not feel insecure at any time; but in some moment my wife ask me where are we going?? Note: the road is not convenient for sport cars is more for SUVs or so, even with a sedan you can go through but driving slowly and carefully. 2.- once we get to the gate everything changes ,very polite security guard receive us, ask us for your last name and invite us to enter to the property, once there you continue driving until get to the reception building, meantime we saw some of the cabins, the lake and some of the recreational areas, at reception they had everything ready and prepared, all the cabins have name of trees or flower plants, in our case we were installed at the Fresno (ash tree ) cabin, quite comfortable king size bed, shower and bath tub inside the room, as well chimney with TV there, I shall mention there is no phone signal there, the room has WiFi but with limited broadband, at the main places as restaurants the broadband is a lot better. The place is all inclusive not fancy but good enough breakfast from 8:00 to 11:00 am, Lunch from 14:30 to 17:00 pm, and dinner from 20:00 to 23:00 pm; meantime bar opens at the tempered water swimming pull from 12:00 to 17:00 at the Terrace (Main Restaurant ) from 14:00 to 23:00 pm, and at the game cabin (place with poll table, bar, and different games to play) from 17:00 to 23:00 pm. All the cabins have lake view and the hills surrounding it, later we learn it was a volcanic crater but now if gorgeous, and very relax place to be, there are bikes, horses to ride through the road which goes around the lake good for runners (3 kilometres length ) you can take the boats, Kayaks or paddle board, they ask you to wear a life saver vest, due the low temperatures on the lake they do not recommend you to swim there. Meals well served with local town taste, but well presented, the waitress are very eager and willing to attend your needs, the spa well equipped and not so expensive 80 minutes hot rocks massage cost around 65 usd. And down to 40 USD depending on your preferences, they have a couple of external hot tub Jacuzzi which are great. Finally we stay there three days/two nights and enjoy the place our company and all the services offered, certainly without a hesitation I will be back but looking to stay at least three nights the next time.

I went to this place about 5 years ago for my boyfriends bday. It was a nice place to spend some romantic time, so I thought anyway. The cabin was nice, with a view of the lake. It was December and not very busy from what I remember. We decided to go horseback riding and the horses were beautiful. The stable manager or trail guide, whatever he was, seemed knowledgeable about horses and made us feel comfortable. Once we got on and started riding, he saw I was an advanced rider and said " you can ride any horse you want", and we proceeded on a nice afternoon ride, without incident. The next morning, I choose a gorgeous stallion(I believe), a little spirited but not a problem for me to handle. The ride was going well when we got to an open field, he said "go ahead and run him if you want" I did, but unfortunately there was a hole, covered by leaves and debris, that none of us saw. All of the sudden the horses front legs fell into the hole, I just slid off to the side and thought all was gonna be fine. It wasn't, the horse, scared and possibly hurt, got up and proceeded the trampled me as I lay on the ground trying to cover my head and not get severely or critically injured . Needless to say I was injured pretty bad but could have been a lot worse. Now I have to somehow get back on this horse(both of us terrified and injured) and proceed to a location that a truck can make it to so I can get to the hospital. After about 1 hr ride on the horse and another few hours in our truck, I got to the hospital in Puerto Vallarta and found out I was very lucky that my shoulder or collar bone wasn't broken but I spent 4 days in hospital. The manager offered to pay the bill at the hospital. We told them they wanted $2500 dollars upfront and she said we could come to the resort and they would compensate us with a room and dinner and such. Ok sounds good to me. No one says for how long this offer stands or anything just assume I can use it in the next year or whatever but when I sent emails I never received an answer so I thought they were just not honoring their agreement and kind of forgot about them. Recently I was trying to place a small vacation during my sons summer break and thought about this place. Once again I sent an email, not asking for the "free" room but a short note who I was and what could be a good rate, at least, for a few days there. I did get a response to this email with what seemed like a pretty high price per night, since it's low season, and a little note saying "I'm sorry for your unfortunate accident". Well good to know you're sorry but if you say you're going to do something without saying "you have until this date" to use it, then you should honor that but not all people are honorable I guess. Just be forewarned if an accident occurs there it is a long way until you reach a decent hospital or doctor. Sometimes we don't think about that when we plan our vacation and "unfortunate accident" can and do happen when you least expect it. We will find another place to vacation.

We found this place by accident a few years back. Just made our second trip. This time we took advantage of the all inclusive package. Surprise again, all drinks were included, full bar, mexican beers and wines. We were a little nervous as some of the review suggested that the food had gone downhill. Maybe they hit a bad day but our experience was fantastic, maybe even better than the first time. Selection is limited, but at least on choice in most categories. I have mixed feeling about reviewing this place with 5 stars again because I really like that there is not any Americans in the place, so if you are an American you really shouldn't go.... Thank god it is hard to get to, 3 hours drive from Puerto Vallarta, 4 wheel drive for the last 16km is recommended, but we did it without (bottomed out a few times). My only suggestion to management is ceiling fans to make a summer trip a little more comfortable at night.

We had an opportunity to get away from Puerto Vallarta for a quiet, tranquil weekend. Enjoyed the drive up from PV. Fascinated by the changing scenery and the ever-expanding views of Mascota's valley setting as we made our way up the winding road over the rim of the crater. Although neither of us are native speakers, we had fun puzzling over the choices on the menu (went all-inclusive). Although food choices were limited and 'simple country fare' it was very, very good. And the service was excellent. Our little cabin overlooking the lake was small and cozy. We thrilled at watching the night star show, and soaked in the absolute quiet and clean air, listening only to the sounds of nature at night. What could have been a forty minute walk around the paved path along the lake turned into a four-hour plus adventure seeing and photographing many plants, birds and flowers. Each day on our walk we saw something new to appreciate. The many different types of flora and fauna living in the micro-environments of the volcanic crater setting of this resort give rise to fascination and wonder. We really enjoyed our stay, and hope to return again, perhaps in the spring of the year, next time.

This was our 3rd year visiting Sierra Lago, always in April spending between 3 & 4 days. As the previous reviews noted the weakest link at this resort was the food and I agreed. Very happy to report that this has been addressed. Breakfast, lunch and dinner have greatly improved, both in quality and sophistication. The service was sincere and helpful including the reception which had been noted in previous reviews as a challenge. We were greeted with a smile and helpfulness. The grounds and overall mountain environment is the special draw for this resort. It is a place to relax and listen to the "quiet". Yes, the road to get there is a challenge, but that is why it's a special location. Johnathon (server), Patty (reception) Fernado (housekeeping) and Issac (kitchen) helped make the trip great.

The place is stunning. The suites...Great! The staff great! Still here; and after 2 meals I give the lunch a 3.5 and the breakfast a 2 based on the sides being cold. We look forward to dinner. Reception is ok but had hoped to have an easier time communicating as our Spanish is poor. The resort website should state that there is almost nothing for those who are mobility impaired and there should be explicit statements to this effect. And I would suggest they offer helicopter service as an option; We feared for our life for many kilometers an this logging road on top of the mountains. We would pay mucho for helicopter service.

Massive potential but falls very short on service, food & amenities. 1. Service: upon arrival we were asked to pay 'up front' - odd, but basically she requested even before we sat down? The receptionist was not overly welcoming & I had to drill her on what was available, etc. most questions were answered with a no. No room service, can only eat dinner from 8:30pm - 10:30pm. Not huge deal but it all set a tone of lackluster customer service. 2. Food: we were warned by friends in advance that the food isn't good. They were right. We had a lunch - frozen fish with cold veggies & boiled chicken with Brussels sprouts. Not the best.... At all. The next day we tried breakfast - it was cold by the time it came. They have zero idea or staff who know how to create resort food. It is quite unbelievable considering the effort that has gone into the resort in other areas. 3. Amenities: the bed was like cement covered with a sheet. The worst we have ever encountered in the world. Scalding hot water or ice cold were the only options in the room. The gas fireplace was cut off by the staff at 8am - and believe's still needed then! It barely warmed the room (in The hot season) They would bang on the door at 10pm to deliver nice... But with a two year old...maybe not such a nice idea? Our two year old fell off the 3 foot unguarded drop between floors - thank god he was ok...but they had ZERO medical supply - no Tylenol....nothing. Please bring medical supplies - should you need something on an emergency it's a 35 minute drive to Mascota. Positive - the room was very cozy Mexican cabin. The grounds were beautiful. The ground staff were very nice. The horses were the healthiest we have seen anywhere. It's very tranquil and special area. In our opinion - this facility could be 5 star with better trained reception, a chef and new beds. I'd be up there every weekend if I could eat & sleep comfortably. In the end....the receptionist didn't ask us how we liked our stay, is your baby ok?, or a thank you for coming... We Just paid our final ancillary items and left. I don't think we will be back.....unfortunately.

What a beautiful place to visit! Peaceful and relaxing! We stayed in Sierra Lago for one night in April. The weather was perfect! We didn't do all inclusive. Dinner was fantastic - spent about MX $1000 for four people ( steak, two chicken dinners and fish staffed with seafood!) Breakfast was OK. Bikes and paddle boats are included, and we had a blast! Next day we went horse riding ( not included, but very affordable). Most of the staff doesn't speak English, but we didn't have problems. The grounds are beautifully maintained and a lot of art sculptures. Very quiet and peaceful. We were there Monday and Tuesday and just a few other people were in the resort. It is not far from Puerto Vallarta - about three hours drive. I would go there again. Very romantic place for a couple.

I live in Puerto Vallarta and this is the exact location a beach worshiper needs to getaway from it all. The cabins are stunning, the lake is gorgeous and all the activities are so much fun and add to the ambiance of being in the mountains. The staff are incredible, the food delicious and the views are breathtaking. I thank for helping me find this treasure in the mountains of Mascota.

We live in Puerto Vallarta. We were given a one night stay at Sierra Lago resort as a gift. We are lucky, we have really nice friends that happen to be GREAT gift givers. We were clueless about this part of Mexico. We'd been to San Sebastian, and, although it was pretty and a pleasant change of scene from PV, overall it was a giant snore for us. So, when we got the gift certificate to Sierra Lago, it was nice, but we weren't expecting much. Boy, were we ever wrong! The drive up is an experience in itself. I'd recommend a 4 wheel drive. It's not "necessary", but, it's not a bad idea. The resort is owned and managed by the same group that has Garza Blanca, here in PV. A class act. It is absolutely STUNNING! We really felt like we were in the Alps. It is a manicured alpine garden with casitas spread out overlooking the pristine lake. Each casita has a king bed, terrace, jacuzzi and fireplace. There are 2 restaurants (one for breakfast and lunch, one for dinner and drinks). There are all kinds of activities, horseback riding, a carriage ride, paddle boats and paddle boards, tennis, hiking, swimming, fishing, and RELAXING! At night they have bonfires, karaoke,and star gazing. I think we were the only Gringos there. It's mainly wealthy Mexicans from Guadalajara. It took us a little over 2 hours to drive up (it WASN'T straight me!) and due east of PV. The food is good, the restaurant service was spotty, but, who cares? It's a slice of Heaven in Mexico! We are taking friends and going back for Christmas day and night. I can't imagine they won't be just as blown away as we were! Rosy, the GM, is the only one that really speaks English. She is a DOLL! THANK YOU Rosy! I'd recommend you ask her ALL ABOUT the day and evening activities...otherwise, you'll miss out.

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