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Los Tules Resort

2.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

I am actually shocked that this "resort" has a four star rating on this website. I just returned home from a week long stay here and all I can say is I've never been happier for a vacation to end. I booked a week stay here because my family has timeshare here and they go every year. This year, our family decided to get everyone together for one big family trip. There were about 16 adults and two kids, both two years old. When I initially booked by trip in May 2017, I specifically requested a ground floor room and I specifically requested to be next to my other family members. I was promised both and I put a deposit down. As it started getting closer to the time of this trip, I sent an e-mail back to the guy I was speaking with about my reservation only to learn that he didn't make my reservation correctly and that he was fired for inappropriate dealings with bookings. I spoke with another woman regarding this and she advised me that in order to make a booking through Park Royal, I had to pay more money than I was quoted. This close to the trip, I didn't want to have any issues so I agreed to pay more money and make a reservation with Park Royal. All I wanted to do was ensure that I was going to be with my family. I made that very clear to everyone I spoke with. We finally arrive at Los Tules. I go to check in and the room they gave me was not next to my family. I was already displeased and just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, they brought me to my room. When we walked up to our room, there was a rancid sewage smell. This is how we began our trip. In my room stayed myself, my husband, my two two-year old children, my mother, and my nanny. We had a three bedroom villa. Now, I really don't want to use the term "villa" here because that indicates luxury, something beautiful, something grand, something nice. None of those words would I use to describe my room. Not only did it smell of sewage, but the accommodation is extremely outdated and everything is falling apart. We experienced water bugs crawling throughout, about 7 to be exact and we found a couple of dead ones as I was cleaning the rooms so I could have peace of mind as my children were running around. There are cracks in the floor, the fabric on the cushions are embedded with stains and dirt, the drapes are heavy and have a terrible odor to them, there is no real sofa or couch, the "kitchen" is tiny and you can barely move around in it let alone cook something, and there are these ants that are all over your counter tops all the time no matter how many Clorox wipes you use to wipe it down. It's night 1, we are exhausted from traveling all day, and we come to learn that there is no hot water. Yay. When it started to settle in that I was stuck in this room for a week, I spoke to management to ask if I could change my room. There was a lot of back and forth happening that I didn't understand because I found out that, right next door to my aunt's room, was a three bedroom room that I could have stayed in but it was never offered to me. Then they tell me that I would have to pay more money to stay there because it would be an "upgrade". My room was so terrible and I just couldn't picture staying in it for the entire week, I said let me take a look at this room and I'll decide. So, she brings us in to see this room, only to find out someone else is already staying in it. Yes, this room was bigger, but to call it an upgrade should be a crime. Yes, it was bigger, but there was nothing nice about it and it was falling apart just the same as the other room. The sewage smell in my room got so bad, coupled with another bout of no hot water, that I called management again to switch my room. I just couldn't take it anymore. Somehow, this three bedroom "upgraded" room next to my aunt's room suddenly became available and we began lugging our belongings over to this room at 6pm. I start getting all of our things only to find out that the AC doesn't work in one of the bedrooms, the remote control for the TVs didn't work, there were ants all over the counter in the kitchen. I couldn't even call down to the main lobby to speak to someone about all of this because the phones didn't work either! It was like a nightmare that just wouldn't end. So, I start walking to the front lobby to complain about all of these things and they put me on the phone with a manager who basically did nothing but apologize to me which I honestly did not think was acceptable because I paid a lot of money to stay at this place and for what? I could have stayed anywhere else in a penthouse suite for the amount of money I wasted at Los Tules for such a horrific experience. The manager didn't even offer me compensation for the horrors we were dealing with, no refund for any portion of my stay. It was truly shocking how little the management team did for us. They don't know how to operate in the hospitality industry because they didn't even try to make us happy. They just said, "I'm sorry" as if that was going to change anything. The Wifi on the property is HORRIFIC and it only works if you are in your room. Good luck when you step out of the door. If you think you're going to be able to accomplish any work while here, guess again. They give you a card to get pool towels. Every day, you have to walk over to a room and bring your card and sign out towels. Insanely inconvenient. I don't know who thought of this but it's really not a good idea. Overall, my stay here was one of the worst travel experiences of my life and I would absolutely never step foot on this property ever again. The reason I give the resort two stars is because it's right on the beach and you can watch the sunset, which is very pretty and a nice thing to do on a tropical vacation and because it has accommodations if you need to stay somewhere. There is nothing more to the two stars than that.

Los Tules is an older well kept resort - on about 80 acres of palm trees and grass. There are a number of buildings on the site (about 20) and its located right on the beach. This resort is not 'all inclusive', but there is an on site restaurant which gives the customer a good deal on meals and drinks. There is also a 'shopping mall' across the street which has a grocery store inside. In addition, there are pizza joints and numerous other fast food restaurants - as well as other restaurants - in the area. We had a huge room - 3 bedrooms and a large balcony - and found the accommodations all right. We even received a new mattress at the end of our stay - and hadn't asked for it. There were small problems with the room of which some were fixed and others weren't. ie) lights which didn't work, and one balcony door which would not stay locked and the cupboards and the space under the sinks could have used a good cleaning. In short, I found Los Tules to be a 'very laid back' experience - one which I was looking for. We went to Mexico to relax and Puerto Vallarta is one of those places where one does not feel pressured to 'do' something. We did go on a few tours - the city tour - which is a nice informative tour; the 'rhythms of the night tour - which is an expensive tour with outdoor floor show and candlelight supper - and a San Sebastian tour - which was to an old town (San Sebasian) in the near vicinity of some silver mines. It came heavily recommended - but I didn't find that it was worth the money or my time. I would definitely NOT go again. Yes, there are time share 'sharks' all over the place, but, again, this is Mexico and that is how some of these people make a living. Accept it and move on. The beach is not comparable to beaches in Cancun - some of the areas were very rocky - but again, if one wanted to find a good sandy beach, one could - Los Tules has sandy beaches in front of its property. We didn't have many dealings with the 'staff', but all dealings were pleasant and friendly. One item - the restaurant used to have a 'singing waiter', but we found that he had died a few years ago. He added to the charm of the place when we were there about five years ago. In short, Los Tules is an older resort - not a 'new high rise building' and I find it to be more 'Mexican' than some of the newer resorts. I would definitely return. There is a 'mexican night club' in the near vicinity of the resort - and some of the people staying there did complain about the noise on weekends, but it didn't bother me that much - i didn't lose any sleep over it.

Check in good, very nice polite ladies. We were asked to Royal Holiday desk. Worst experience ever. A woman named Adriana was more than agressive, realy rude, impertinent, confrontative even mocking me. I had to tell her we did not want to hear anything else from her or Royal H. Never before had I faced such a bad experience. Suite OK large spaces good taste decoration. Kitchen ok in good condition. Unfortunately there were big roaches every time we went into the room (at leas 3 of 'em). we had to get lots of insecticide, nevertheless seemed not to help with roaches and mosquitoes. Restaurant very good service great people nice gentle and helpful, giving every kind of information we requested. Great great guys indeed. The tour sales office next to the pool very helpful and friendly. By the way y suggest not to miss "rithms of the night" it is awsome. Finally, may I say I would rather choose a different location on Royal Holiday membership. Regarding Puerto Vallarta I´d surely return soon it is a beautiful place and locals are great people.

We had a one bedroom suite at this hotel. It was huge. The room we has included 2 bathrooms and a large covered deck area. The kitchen included fridge, stove, microwave, coffee maker, blender. Air conditioner was a bit noisy. The pool was close by and there was access to the beach. There seem to be resident iguanas living on the grounds so easy to get pictures. There is a bus stop out front for easy trips by bus to downtown or the port for day trips. There is a grocery store right across the street in the mall. Th hotel staff were very nice and helpful. Now, about the time share, they were very aggressive. We already had a time share and made it clear that we did not want another, the initial people knew this but invited us for breakfast anyway. We told them all the way through that we did not want another time share - in the end we complained about the rudeness and aggressiveness of the timeshare people.

After 12 hours of flying from the UK our first impression of the hotel was not very good. This was because after checking in we were directed to another desk to meet with someone for our wristband and local tourist information. This then turned into an invite to a welcome breakfast which was to discuss what royal parks offered. We said no as a family as we are currently very happy with our timeshare organisation and do not wish to change or waste a day listening to a sales pitch. After we said no to our original lady another older women joined our conversation, unfortunately I did not get her name. She was extremely rude and claimed that we were letting down the younger girl saleswomen and suggested she could get fired just because we did not attend this breakfast. This was an extremely disappointing start to the holiday!!!! Thankfully a lovely porter called Hector saved the day and was extremely friendly and helpful. Something the saleswomen needs to learn. The hotel rooms were large and had three bathrooms which was great for a family of four. We had a good sized bedrooms, living room and balcony. We were lucky to have a room which had a good view of the swimming pool and ocean. Throughout our stay whenever we had a request the staff responded immediately and were really helpful. There are several swimming pools within the resort and access to a beach. The main restaurant offers two for one drinks however this is not advertised or any other events which is a real downfall. One night we heard some music being played from our apartment to realise that there was a musician at the restaurant who was really good but he only had two people to entertain as no one knew about this on the resort. As part of your stay you can get towels and have these replaced each day which is really helpful. We hired a car which was really helpful to allow us to explore our area. We visited the botanical gardens and Sayulita. We also found a really nice local beach where there was extremely clear water and a good view of Los Arcos. If you hire a car, i would recommend a sat nav to help guide your way around the roads. Also beware of the speed bumps and make sure you are aware of the different road signals etc. Nearby the hotel is a big supermarket which is a 5 minute walk. it has a good variety of food and other essentials. Whenever we walked around the resort and passed a member of staff they would always say hello. One little issue we had was that on Friday night we had music playing till the early morning due to building six being near to a nightclub. I ended up moving from the twin bedroom into the lounge due to the constant sound. This was not great because we were flying the next morning. Overall the resort has a good selection of facilities and the staff are extremely helpful and friendly. Just a shame about the welcome start to our stay at the resort.

The staff is horrible, they would tell me a room was available but when the day came all i got was a sorry it is not available anymore! I had an entire family with me and we did not have a backup plan! they didnt even try to help us find another room available in the area. Definitely would not recommend for ANYONE.

Old hotel and condos, the condo was just renovated and the closet condo over the water it was spectacular! the rest of the hotel was basically old, the worst part was the hotel restaurant, the staff were great but service was slow ,food was good but the prices were crazy expensive! was very disappointed, but there is a store on grounds and it worked fin!

We've been going to Los Tules for family vacations and reunions for years and love it! There are things you should know before selecting this place, however. Los Tules is not really a hotel in the traditional sense. It is a large condominium complex with a number of time-share and vacation club operators. Many of the condos can be divided and rented as hotel type rooms - and they're just fine, but if you go expecting a hotel type experience, you'll probably be disappointed. There are a lot nicer hotels at the same price point with better amenities. The reason you'll want to stay at Los Tules is that it is a terrific place to relax in PV. The condos are large and comfortable. They're a little dated, but in good repair - dated is fine in Mexico, it feels more authentic. The views are wonderful, particularly at sunset. It is a short bus ride or a cheap cab to downtown or the marina area for dining and nightlife. There is a large, modern grocery store across the street with very fresh produce to stock up on breakfast and lunch foods (as well as cervezas and tequila). The cafe is decent and a little pricey for the area, but still relatively cheap. The happy hour is 2x1 and the daily drink special is 2x1 all day and pretty strong. The condos are ideal for families couples vacationing together. They are spacious and have attractive seating areas and large balconies and decks. The pools and beach are lovely. It is much more relaxing than the all-inclusives (which are totally unnecessary in PV because it's so cheap and there is so much to do).

We were there in June for a whole week it was fabulous the person that really helped us a lot was Mario from front desk. If it wasn't for him I would have not known what to do with my daughter she got sick and told me exactly the place to go at 5 :Am.I will never forget his help. I called the front desk and he guide me thru. Very relaxing place.

We were in PV for a few days for a wedding and had a lovely stay at Los Tules. This hotel has been here since I was a kid, and it's easy to see why guests keep returning to this slice of tropical paradise. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful, lush landscaping with bougainvilleas, hibiscus, red ginger and palms galore as a backdrop to your pictures. It has something like 7 swimming pools, the central one where the restaurant is located is mostly shallow so that kids can play in the pool while their parents dine al fresco or have a drink, so that one gets busy ( and a little noisy). All of the other pools, however, never seem to have more than a couple of people in them. The one located in front of our room seemed like our private pool as we were pretty much the only ones using it. Same thing with the was like our own private beach! The room and bathroom were immaculately clean. The shower had great water pressure, just be careful on that slippery tile! The bed itself was super comfortable and we slept really well. The curtains are not fully "blackout" style, but the light that filtered through them did not wake us up at all. Our room had a patio in front with a view of the gardens, the pool and the ocean with a table and chairs to enjoy our morning coffee and sunset drinks. The hotel is very conveniently located in the middle of the Zona Hotelera, about 2 miles away from the Malecon, 2 miles from the Cruise Ship Terminal. There is a supermarket right across the street if you need supplies for meals and Plaza Caracol mall is also right across the street, less than half a mile by foot if you follow GoogleMaps. We had almost all of our meals at the Chapultepec restaurant in the main pool area, even though the room had a full sized kitchen equipped with a full-sized refrigerator, stove, range top, microwave, etc. The service at the restaurant was always excellent and, while some of the meals were just good and not memorable, my husband had a huachinango ( red snapper ) that the chef recommended to him the last night of our stay that was DELICIOUS. All in all, had a fabulous stay, wish we had stayed longer and would recommend Los Tules without hesitation.

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Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • 6 outdoor pools

Located in Las Glorias within a short walk of La Isla, Los Tules Resort is within a mile (2 km) of Cruise Ship Terminal. This 200-room resort welcomes guests with 6 outdoor pools, a restaurant, and free in-room WiFi. On the beach, it's also near Malecon and Bay of Banderas.


Sit down for a leisurely bite to eat at the onsite restaurant, or enjoy a drink at the bar/lounge. Start each morning with breakfast, available for a fee.


TVs come with cable channels, and free WiFi keeps guests connected.

Property features

Guests staying at Los Tules Resort enjoy access to 6 outdoor pools, a children's pool, and a spa tub. There's free parking if you drive. A multilingual staff is on hand to assist with concierge services and securing valuables. Other amenities at this beach resort include outdoor tennis courts, free WiFi in public areas, and a garden.

Room options

Standard Room, 2 Double Beds

Full 2 | Sleeps 3

Superior Room, 1 King Bed

King 1 | Sleeps 3


Full 2 | Sleeps 3

Standard Room, 1 Bedroom

Full 2 | King 1 | Sleeps 6

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