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Mangos Jamaica - Adults Only - All Inclusive

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

This trip was my anniversary’s getaway, and after looking at the nice pictures I thought this is a good resort, but it was absolute the worst In short there was No hot water No good room by the beach Very old and rusty everything, the reception made me want to commit suicide right then and there No young people AT ALL ( and we are only 23 and 26) amd everyone else in the resort were over 50 literally, although there were only 30 people other than us living in the resort ( there were literally no people there even it was a busy weekend that we couldn’t get a booking anywhere else ) Very shady people on the beach And resort is so small and so DEAD only one restaurant We hated our so called resort so much that we paid $800 extra to fly back home early. Please never ever book this, this should not be called a resort but an old house and nothing else. I have been to many resorts but this one was absolute worse I definitely never want to go back to the nightmare we had in Jamaica ever again. Please don’t wreck your holidays and book yourself a good resort

Starting with the main issue for us-Wind. IF you like swimming in the sea then you need to get up early. Pre breakfast, 6 to 7 oclock and its perfectly calm and a lovely time of day to swim. By 10 oclock its getting choppy, 12 oclock onwards and throughout the rest of the afternoon there is a howling gale, we couldn't sit on our balcony. Loving the water this was the main issue for me. The hotel is a slightly above average elderly colonial style 3 star caribbean establishment. There are areas showing the need of maintenance and repair but nothing that greatly affected our holiday We had a lovely room The food although limited in choice mainly local cuisine we found enjoyable. Beer and wine ok but the choice of spirits behind the bar poor; it is the first hotel in many visits to the region that hasn't had a dark rum available. The staff were always very friendly and helpful. Beaches in Jamaica are open to the public; turn right on the beach and keep walking (about 30 minutes ) and you will find a mangrove swamp with sign boards explaining there existance. Turn left on the beach and ignore the old signs at the far end of the beach club next door that says go no further, and you can walk for an hour in the shallows in perfect peace and tranquility. We made it as far as the Excellence hotel where a security guard asked us what we were doing. Walking the beach!. He asked if we minded him walking with us and we had a long friendly chat about local life etc. On all our walks including into the local village and up into the hill behind the mangrove swamp we found everybody friendly and helpful. So apart from wind we had an enjoyable holiday and that is the ONLY issue that would stop us returning.

This hotel is absolutely NOT 3.5 stars as stated on and Air Canada Vacations. All pictures being used to advertise it are over 5 years old (even our Air Canada rep at the hotel admitted the hotel did not look anything like the pictures). Also, it is advertised as being in Montego Bay. It was actually 45 minutes from Montego Bay in Falmouth. Pool - didn't go into it once as there was always dirt and bugs floating in it. The jets in the hot tub were not turned on all week and the water was never hot. Also, the water slide is only turned on if you ask and that still takes at least half an hour. Not a single morning were there clean beach towels available. Beach - lots of beach chairs available, best of luck finding one that is not broken. I'm not sure why they don't just throw those out. The beach is FULL of seaweed. It got so bad one day one of the tourists picked up the rake and started cleaning. Not a single morning were there clean beach towels available. Food - food was good. Only problem was that once something finishes, they don't replenish. Lunch is served 12-4 pm. If you don't eat between 12-1 all of the good items will be out and you'll be left with burgers and fries. There is no 24 snack bar. Bar - the bar ran out of the local draft (Red Stripe) on day 2 of our trip.For the remainder of the trip they only offered Red Strip Light which tastes like water. There is absolutely not a single brand name liquor at the bar (not even for purchase). Everything available is very very light and watered down. Also, there is only one bar open during the day (attached to the pool) and most of the time the bartender is MIA. Numerous times guests would go behind the bar to pour their own beer and wine. Room - room is large and spacious. HUGE PROBLEM - the entire resort didn't have hot water ALL week! This was by far the biggest nuisance as it was impossible to shower and wash your hair. We spoke to a few guests that had arrived before us and they mentioned the water had been out for weeks. Every day I got the run around from the front desk, "they're coming", "they're working on it". It was never fixed. Also, bring PLENTY of bug spray. The rooms are infested with mosquitoes. We brought a bug net to put over the bed and still managed to get eaten alive. The room fridge is not restocked daily. What you get when you arrive is what you have to the rest of your stay. Entertainment - there is no nightly entertainment. In fact, there is not even a speaker playing any sort of music in the evening in the bar area. It gets very quiet and boring. One night there was in fact a live band, take advantage of that evening. Another night there is a fire dancer and limbo contest, take advantage of that night also. The night the Piano Bar room was supposed to be open for karaoke night, the girl hosting it showed up about 45 minutes late. WiFi - what a joke. Sometimes it worked, most times it didn't. The only excursion we did was to see the Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon which is about a 5 minute drive from the resort. It's $35 USD and worth it. Your phone cameras will not capture the glowing blue water so if you own a professional camera, bring it. There is a photographer on each boat who sells the photos for $25 USD but not a single one came out good. If you snorkel, bring your equipment. Lots of fish and stingrays. You will meet a lovely gentleman named 'Speedy' that walks back and forth along the beach. He's amazing and will get you anything you may need since nothing is walking distance from the resort (cigarettes, bottled beer/liquor etc.). He also has a tiny little bar along the beach located directly in front of the 3 flags. Don't be scared to pop in for a drink (that has real alcohol in it). He's quite the character. To summarize, this resort was so awful I wouldn't go back if the trip was free. No hot water all week, filthy beach, watered down drinks and just generally a very boring resort.

Please read before booking!! This is a very honest review! 1. the Pool guy works 2x a week meaning pool is mainly green 2. Breakfast is always late suppose to be at 730 NEVER served before 830 After 10am bar doesn’t open till 1030 there’s no food until 1pm which is an hour after lunch should start. At 5pm EVERYTHING closes no food nor even water. There’s little to no entertainment during the day. 3. This one is major Sid the manager is EXTREMELY rude! And has no respect for the guests, he was very rude to my and my mom told us that we are not allowed to take food from the dining room but Ive seen him have food items brought to his room, I also saw him screaming in a servers face because she helped a GUEST who’s paying to be at the resort bring food to their room, my thought is I’m on vacation why the hell cant I eat in the room I’ve just paid for? 4. Servers also have to sneak to help guests because the manager is horrible. The works have expressed that a lot of them plan on leaving and find new work because the owners don’t care about the treatment they are getting. 5. Some of the workers seem to not care about their jobs , such as the security guard who’s on the inside grounds, he doesn’t even work he leaves the hotel and goes to hangout on the local beach and takes food from the hotel to his friends over there, as I’ve seen him over there many times. 6. You are paying all inclusive price but on several occasions I was not eating because they were not serving food, if you wake up at even 930 you can’t get breakfast because everything is gone by then so you won’t eat again till 1pm. Make sure on the nights they use the ONE restaurant you make a reservation or else you aren’t eating, it’s not a great place to eat but it is what it is. The food was okay for the most part!! 7. Upon arrival your room fridge is stocked with water and beer BUT doesn’t get restocked AND! They tell you to reuse your water bottle. 8. In the night I wouldn’t advise if you are a woman to walk alone as MANY local men walk up the beach and onto the resort as the manager goes to bed at 10pm and there’s no security only at the front gate as I was followed to my room one night by a man I didn’t know and also my friends had man banging on their door at 4 am. 9. The rooms were okay, some a better kept then others. In The bathroom I worse shoes in to shower as it was just old and musty and NEVER had hot water some day water didn’t even come out AC barley works had to sleep in a hot room for two days because I asked for it to be fixed and it wasn’t. Walls are so thin the couple beside we herd all the very viscous fighting and screaming literally all night! 10. BE PREPARED FOR LOTS OF MOSQUITOES As they drain water under the roomsIn block 6 if you look you can see knee high black water it’s quite gross. The First night they smoked out all the bugs and then never did it again when we asked the manager about it he was quite rude stating that this is Jamaica and we can’t get away from bugs and to just deal with it. But why should I when my room is above a breeding ground of mosquitoes? 11. The pool also leaks 12. The manager actually told all the staff that my aunt isn’t allowed there because she didn’t pay for a day pass, but I actually paid for the pass because when I tried to pay for the day pass they didn’t need me to pay, smh never stay here, he is an terrible man and 13. On my last day I didn’t get lunch because it wasn’t servered on time The staff and the hotel grounds is quite nice, but the way it’s being run is horrible. As I am from Jamaica and have family I visit I also found that the manger seemed pissed off anytime he saw us with them in the lobby. Smh This isn’t somewhere I would stay again. And I’m not one to leave bad things to say as I know everyone has good days and bad days But The lack of food and even WATER! Was horrible and it’s not the staffs fault!some of them had to sneak us water. I would not recommend staying here there’s lots of other quite resort that’s are worth your money this is not. I feel like I wasted money coming here. The grounds are nice and it’s the potential to be amazing but half of it is abandoned NOTE : If you are to come here Make sure to pack snacks and drinks because you’ll need it

I stayed at Mango's 4 days and 3 nights and I can proudly say it was a holiday to remember. The food at the resort is delicious, I had a great time at the beach and pool. I love this place so much to the point I wish I could extend my stay. If you looking for a resort where you can free your mind I would recommend this place.

Thanks to the staff at the Mangos Resort for making my Easter Holidays superb. The food is very delicious,had a great time in the pool especially on the slide. It's definitely a place of relaxation. They will surely see me before the year ended.

Horrible - hot tubs don't work, pool is filthy, torn towels with holes, no diet colas, 1 bottle of water per person in 'stocked mini bar' for the week - broken lounges, had to haveshoes on to have a shower - black mold and mildew, balcony door did not close, 2 of 3 restaurants never opened, 1 bar of 4 open, no games room, gutters falling off buildings, no SPA, bar glases are just rinsed and resued, not washed, food ok but certainly no sancks .... thank goodness for the ocean.

To begin this review I would like to state both myself and my boyfriend very much enjoyed our stay at Mangos and would return. Male and Female from CA, mid 20’s Things to keep in mind when booking It’s is very small, which was a plus for us. We stayed during off season and roughly 40 guests that we could count, were in the resort at any given time. Be mindful that the planned resort activities, while always engaging, don’t always draw a crowd (so you may be doing karaoke by yourself). The resort is weather worn, and we assume it hasn’t seen many renovations. This was the aspect that effected myself the most upon our arrival. It was cloudy and windy and the indirect lighting does a disservice to the look and feel of the resort. The next morning in the sunshine I felt differently. We did not have hot water our entire stay. We just took our showers once we were done for the day in the ocean, before dinner. Showering is not the most enjoyable experience. We could also hear much of our upstairs neighbors early morning activities. If you are looking for a glamorous pool and jacuzzi experience, this is not your resort. The bar and food, we enjoyed. We especially enjoyed their local cuisine. We wished there was more of this, but they seem to favor their Italian dinners. The grill they have for lunch was very tasty. Drinks are strong, and delicious. The beach, my absolute favorite part of this resort. I wished I spent more time here, but we planned excursions which were of course fun. I love that after I finished snorkeling I could throw my flippers on my balcony of my beach front room that was 20 yards from the ocean. The snorkeling is minimal but you can see a few varieties of fish, small schools, a little sunken dinghy, and some sea grass lands. There is seaweed that washes up on the beach but they try and maintain it. Most of the time the water is calm but can pick up in the evenings with the wind. It was a 5 second walk from the beach to the bar. Before you book read through all the reviews and leave your expectations back at home. While we enjoyed our stay, we understand that it can cost a lot to travel to Jamaica so we want you to know what to expect when you come. Hope you enjoy!

First the positives: the grounds are quaint and rustic and the overall atmosphere is relaxed and laid back. The staff are friendly and warm and the food is terrific (what is lacking in variety is made up for in quality - including the best jerk sauce ever). The water slide is lots of fun. We made some good friends around the pool and bar. Unfortunately, after 7 nights the weak points of the operation are impossible to ignore. Mangos is a two star resort struggling to meet 3 star standards. The property in general is in dire need of some paint and elbow grease. Cracked and peeling paint, rusting fixtures, trash lying around, bags of dirty sheets and towels left on the walkways overnight. We had no hot water in our room for seven days. The WiFi is questionable at best. The pool is so grubby you can’t see your feet for the layer of silt on the bottom. On our last day, 90 mins before check out, there was no water in the room. So we had a 12 hour travel day without being able to shower first. Apprently the plumbers broke a pipe while they were (finally) working on the hot water (again, after seven days without any). Sadly, when we asked to speak to the owner before we left to discuss our feedback, we were informed he was too busy to take our call, but that he would email us. We are still waiting. Without some serious investment in the upkeep and maintenance of the property and basic amenities, we won’t be staying there again in the near future.

We stayed at Mangos for 2 weeks on a late escape and found this resort to be a haven for a low cost break in the sun. The weather was almost perfect and the sea was warm with several areas for comfortable swimming and snorkelling. Beach beds need replacing but there were ample, never a struggle to find one and no need to even think about putting a towel out. The beaches suffered from seaweed coming in virtually every high tide and Alex worked hard every day trying to keep it clear. Rooms are old but large and air conditioning quiet and effective. Bathrooms need an overall and on many days there was a lack of hot water. We stayed in room 101 right on the beach and woke up every morning to a picture perfect view form our balcony. As a 3 star resort the food was adequate with the occasional shortage of choice and the bar prove to be a little challenging when supplies were not immediately replaced. Only one eating place was available at any one time. However nobody went short. The large pool has a slide which proved popular with the young at heart. The highlight of the holiday was the staff. Restaurant staff, Nicola, Marvalyn and Latoya are worthy of a mention, also the night restaurant staff who worked extremely hard. Also the bar staff Ortia and Christina always ready with a smile and fantastic laughs. Entertainment was a low point being an absolute waste of time except for Friday nights when a band came in, who were very good and the entertainment lady was NOT around. We fully recommend this hotel for a budget break but do not expect everything to be perfect.

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Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located 1 mi (1.6 km) from Luminous Lagoon, Mangos Jamaica - Adults Only - All Inclusive is within a 15-minute drive of Silver Sands Public Beach. This 96-room, 3-star property has 4 restaurants along with conveniences like a full-service spa and an outdoor pool.


Have a drink at the bar or enjoy onsite dining at one of 4 restaurants like Elements, which specializes in international cuisine and serves breakfast and dinner. Get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café.


A flat-screen TV comes with cable channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Other standard amenities include free minibar items, a balcony, and a sitting area.

Property features

Guests of Mangos Jamaica - Adults Only - All Inclusive enjoy a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center. A stay here includes free parking. The front desk is staffed 24/7 to help with concierge services, and answer any questions about the accommodations. Other amenities at this adults-only property include outdoor tennis courts, free WiFi in public areas, and a terrace.

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Mangos Jamaica - Adults Only - All Inclusive

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