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Occidental Punta Cana - All Inclusive Resort

3.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

My husband and I stayed here with our 9 month old son and 2.5 year old daughter. Not our first time at an all-inclusive nor in the DR. We are seasoned travellers (though not usually to all-inclusives) and live abroad with our kids from birth and have experienced many types of stays. At present, the resort has been purchased by Spanish resort conglomerate - the Barcelo Group. It is undergoing renovations to update the property, mostly within the residential buildings. The Occidental is situated on a beautiful property and the beach was perfect during our week long stay. One of the larger resorts we have been too. That means more people, more residential buildings and possibly more dining options. However the resort is so large that during this so called off-peak season we never felt crammed. Good we avoided the March Break/Spring Break crowds and went in April. However the risk may be for torrential downpours. I heard that the week prior and immediately after our stay it rained heavily so we were very lucky to have enjoyed the sun which is why we brought our kids (for some natural vitamin D). From who we met, there were many Canadians (Ontario, Quebec & the Maritimes), Americans, Russians and some local Dominicans. Every type of combo was inhabiting the space including some young families like us, senior folks, solo travellers, young couples, stripper types, bachelorettes, guys and girl groups to name a few. All super cool and friendly to us and our kids but to eat other and the staff I saw quite a bit of bad attitudes unfortunately. Many disgruntled guests who looked like they felt a little too entitled and who did not research online prior of the resort through other guest reviews. We arrived by bus around 11am but our told our room would not be ready until 3pm so our two luggages were tagged and we were given the receipt. The luggages are kept with the same bus group luggage with a security officer. We checked in at the front desk (3 staff). They do somewhat get swarmed when a busload arrives. We waited about 10 minutes to see one of them. A server came with a welcome cocktail. I would suggest just roaming the huge open air lobby or taking a walk by the first large pool for a couple minutes until the line dies down. The front desk staff I found were a bit more serious. They probably deal with jerks and unhappy travellers who just endured a long flight bus ride and probably just grew a thick skin. You will get your room key and bracelets. Kids under 4 don't get a bracelet. We purchased wifi here (that is supposed to work in the rooms and the lobby. Cuts out sometimes. Just log in again to reconnect) for $50 USD/5 consecutive days. We were told to meet the next day with our 'representative' regarding our check out time and for the bus back to the airport. Knowing how these reps work, we avoided wasting time talking to them and having them up sell services to us. We went to the store selling tours (just outside the front lobby entrance to the right which leads to a bunch of shops, ATMs etc). Look for the tour company (in our case Air Canada) which had a binder there outlining your flight, check out time and departure shuttle time. If you have questions about the resort I am sure you could go to this meeting and it would be helpful. Reception should also advise you to visit one of the two desks adjacent to them to make dinner reservations for the 5 a la carte restaurants. Sometimes the date/time you want for a specific restaurant is not available. Just go back another day or time and try again. You will receive a receipt indicating each of your reservations which you will need to produce at the restaurant on the night of your dinner. You can also meet with a staff member at the adjacent desks at any time in the day as well. Sometimes there are long lines because this is where the complaints go and also the restaurant reservations. Perhaps go early in the morning if you want any questions answered. The desk on the very left is for booking excursions only. Line up in the right one to avoid disappointment! While you are in a resort catering to the majority of English speakers, you are primarily in the DR. Learning some simple Spanish would help you greatly. Most staff speak English very well and will do their best to understand you and your needs if only you return the same. I saw an older gentleman berating front desk staff telling them to stop speaking Spanish because he did not understand them and did not appreciate that they were trash talking about him and his issue. No sir, it happens that this is their mother tongue and this was the quickest way to resolve your issue amongst each other. Another woman at the buffet asked a server for her morning coffee 'to go'. The server did not understand and just poured her more coffee while she looked perplexed at him. She asked him his name (perhaps to report him later). She should have further explained that she wanted to take her coffee out of the restaurant but she did not try. Likely the server did not know English slang. The way I saw some guests speak to the staff was embarrassing. Demanding 'I WANT KETCHUP! WHERE IS THE KETCHUP?!?!' or 'I'VE BEEN WAITING TO BE SERVED!!!'. You catch more bees with honey is all I am saying. We were put into Building 11 in Room 120 which was presently not renovated. We and our luggage were driven by golf cart from the lobby. It had one comfortable King bed, a sofa, tv, dresser and walled in balcony on the first floor looking out to the back at the next door resort (though fully treed in and quiet). Imagine clay Spanish tiles, blue Portuguese tiles and dark wooden furnishings with a touch of orange and white linen as the vibe. It was a bit crammed with all 4 of us on the bed the first night as no one wanted to sleep on the sofa. I knew they had the renovated units and asked at the adjacent desks in the lobby for a move and at 2pm they gave us keys to Building 25, Room 225. What a difference a newly renovated space is. It may change your perspective of your stay if you do stay here. We had high ceilings (only the 3rd floors and the ones in the 25 stacks have this) and a modern contemporary feel with grey rectangular tiles, a glass enclosure step in shower, rain shower head and spray shower with handle and hose, square sink, a scale, a King sized bed, 2 grey sofas, a mini fridge stocked with soft drinks and 2 bottles of large water, 2 white terry robes and balcony with screen door, a table and 2 chairs overlooking two of the large side pools and drying rack. Nice touches that we were so pleased with. Much easier to clean a small child or baby with a shower sprayer. We put the two sofas together to make one large crib for myself and the baby. Housekeeping gave us lots of clean sheet for this. Strong and working central air conditioning. No musty smell here like in the unrenovated room (though not even that bad). By the new elevators (good for strollers and children) there is also an ice machine. Building 25 is right next to the kids club, close to the kids pool and also has another 2 dipping pools in front of it, plus the beach, the open air beach buffet restaurant. There is a 'concierge' stationed on the main floor or each building. They are super friendly and knowledgeable but prepared for their spiel every morning as they have 'gifts' for you to lure you into purchasing a time share at the resort. Go if you want a free tshirt, hat or toy for your children! We were friendly with them even if we were adamant we were not going for their presentation. Another guest told me they were in building 11 facing the poolside on the first floor and they could hear the entertainment loud and clear every night starting 9:30pm. Move to building 12, 13, 22-26 or request another room facing the back if you have light sleeping guests who may be bothered. Though a large property, it was easy to use the nice sidewalks with our stroller and quick to get anywhere. Also ramps to all buildings even to the sand leading to the beach. It was nice that even a person in a wheelchair could go in the water. Though a stroller or wheelchair would need to be pulled backwards through the sand. The resort is located on a great stretch of beach. The water at present was clear blue with almost no seaweed and white sand. The beach/sand part is a long run in with many rows of chairs plus more sand before you reach the water. Lots of space for every one. There are no shades (unless you upgrade to the First Class service). We just dragged a chair under the shade of one of the plenty of tall palm trees. For less of a crowd, choose the very left of the beach when looking at the beach. The swimming area is cordoned off by rope and buoys. It doesn't reach out far like most resorts for safety. There are lifeguards and also security who look professional. I lost my black Havaiana flip flops (size 9 womens anyone find them on the left part of the beach??) and the security guard saw me with a backpack on and oddly digging around and asked what I was doing. He also noticed I did not have my bracelet on. I told him that I left it on my stroller because the plastic was cutting into my kids' skin when I was holding them. I understand these plastic type bracelets are cheap and waterproof but very uncomfortable. Hopefully Barcelo will update these to the rope type security ones that I see at some luxury resorts. On occasion a vendor selling trinkets, hats, sunglasses, cigars or photos with animals will appear. They are civil people who have licenses to sell there and if told 'no gracias' will not pester you. Feel free to negotiate if you want anything. We got a photo with a snake, monkey, cockatoo and parrot for the kids. Normally we would never buy them and especially at the exorbitant rate of $30 USD for a couple printed or on disc photos but they won't obviously allow you to take photos with your own camera. Worth it for the great memories. Pick up the photos at the store just to the right of the main lobby entrance. Other than this my daughter and I also went parasailing which we negotiated the stated rate down from $90 for 2 persons to $75 at the dive shop on the right of the beach plus $30 for a CD of our photos. Go at the 1pm time slot which is probably when it is the hottest therefore the discount. Luckily it was a bit overcast when we went so it worked out even better. You will take a fast boat to another boat where you will parasail from from one end of the beach to another. Very relaxing to be floating up there. Great view if heights don't terrify you. In the middle of the beach is where most of the animation, pumping music and games go on. Lots of good shower and foot showers when you step off the beach plus washrooms very close by. We were very impressed with the two buffet restaurants. The selection, quality and presentation is excellent for the value of the resort catering to so many tastes. It should please everyone. Plenty of fresh cut fruit. The main buffet for dinner one night attempted to be fancy with cut out cucumber and limes stuffed with ceviche but it wasn't popular though it was appealing. The ceviche needed more lime. Dominicans do not eat and gorge like this I expect! I felt a bit shameful for guests seeing so much waste. The main buffet offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and the beach buffet offers lunch and turns into the Seafood a la carte for dinner starting at 6:30pm. This was the perfect time to go with the kids because they expire around 8pm for the night. We only saw the beginning of one nights entertainment so I cannot comment. The snacks/bar by the pool across from Building 11 has a nice view overlooking the main huge pool if you like to people watch while you eat. Also a tv. It does have about 10 steps up so we had to lift the stroller and our baby up. A staff member will happily help you if you wish. Great tasting fried chicken here (though not made all the time). Best of all a help yourself soft serve ice cream area with vanilla or chocolate flavour in a cup or cone. The food and service is done very well to consider the majority of their North American and Russian guests who may be used to a certain level of quality, taste, atmosphere and style. The Mexican a la carte has an appetizer bar with delicious fish ceviche. The Steak resto offers huge slabs of meat. The Asian, Seafood and Italian restos to me were the least impressive in terms of offerings but still done well with many entrees to please all tastes. I really liked the little sundried tomato/olive breads at the Seafood restaurant. If you are a wine connoisseur avoid the house wine and buy a bottle of your choosing. Our daughter would be given the children's menu at the a la cartes and it was the same menu each time. There is a lot of coordination amidst the servers to please so many people and they do a wonderful job. There are only stairs - about 20 of them on a winding concrete staircase - to get up to the pizza snack bar, Mexican and Italian restaurants. One of the main reasons I chose the Occidental was due to the Kids Club. It is housed on its own large hut of a building with a fenced in huge playground with plastic climbing structures. Note the structures do get hot during the day from the beating sun and it is not a covered area. Be mindful of little bodies that could be scorched. The staff running the club are wonderful with kids. Esperanza is animated and will encourage families around the resort to visit the club, Genesis will love and sing to your kids and braid their hair. Cerna will keep order and ensure everyones safety and enjoyment. Clean, tidy and open air with fans. There is the all important ball pit, many toys, video games and a tv playing movies. Kids must be 4 and over to be left there without a parent/guardian. They have a popcorn machine that my daughter couldn't get enough of and also a glass case stocked with sweet desserts, bite sized sandwiches and cut fruit. Let the staff know if your child is on a strict diet otherwise they could be fed any of the above. My daughter did get a couple bug/mosquito bites on her ankle from around here so some repellent can be used. Considering the resort is heavily sprayed with insecticide, there were very little insects. We borrowed a plastic toy pail/shovel/rake from here for the beach. Nice that they let us take it out. Having more would be great so families won't need to pack them. Overall excellent resort for accommodating young families. All pools have a very shallow area, available highchairs in the restaurants and staff who seem overjoyed to be serving kids and everyone else too. Temper your expectations, do some research online, be courteous to all and be gracious. A smile goes a long way.

Great hotel with plenty to do for all. Activités on the beach by/in the pool and nightly show. The animation team kept you busy all day Luis, scoobydoo Andri and all the team were smiling and dancing all day. With a party atmosphere and time to relax when you want the hotel had it all. Food in the buffet was good but a little repetitive. If you didn't fancy the dinner there was always the 6-12 taco bar and a 6pm-6am pizza bar!! The Al a carte restaurant were good especially the Mexican. Wilton working all day in the pool bar and lobby reception at night kept the drink flowing for us

Visited in the middle of April, had a great time the atmosphere of the hotel was great party when you wanted and can relax when you want. The animation team were great always smiling keeping you entertained with pool/ beach and night time activities. Luis scoobydoo and roger looked after us well. As well Wilton at the bar kept us topped up. Al a carte Restaurants were good as well as the buffet, there is a pizza bar open 6pm to 6am!!!!

We had similar experience to the SHAME ON BARCELO reviewer but most of the time found the food a hit or miss and that was the same for the restaurants. We arrived on April 7th and checked out on the 21st. Same story, we booked because their website said ALL rooms had been renovated..........NOT TRUE, I think that alone tells you the type of company they are. Given a room in Block 10, 10-319, broken furniture etc, etc. Promised new room the next day but it took two days for that to happen. No complaints about the new room, probably if I had slipped the counter staff some money they would have found a new room faster. Just before we left, they installed barriers around Blocks 11 and 12 and started renovating. The only Blocks not renovated were 10, 11 and 12. Great beach, nice pool and plenty of loungers. The final straw was the checkout handled by Miguel. We had waited about ten minutes while he dealt with another guest. He motioned to some girls waiting in another line for new guests and started dealing with them. I tossed my key cards down on the counter and told him we were checking out and started to walk away. Only then did he stop dealing with the girls but he had the nerve to tell me I had plenty of time to catch the shuttle bus, he seemed to think I should wait until he finished chatting up the girls !! He probably knows someone higher up the chain because he should have been fired by now. I can see why this hotel is only rated 17th out of 25, I doubt I'll ever go back there.

We stayed April 5-12th/17. Booked through AirTransat. Upon arrival we were told at check-in that no renovated rooms were available. How is this possible when the Barcelo Hotel Group advertise this as "COMPLETELY RENOVATED"! (See their website). We refused for over an hour until we gave in and went to view a room in building 11. We were given the room card to someone else's room!!! It was already occupied! We returned to the front desk even more upset. There was no explanation or apology for this error. We demanded to speak with the manager but could only speak with the shift supervisor. No help at all. We eventually had to settle for an old room with the promise that we would be moved in two days. We demanded this in writing before heading off to building 10 room 10226. The room itself was not bad. It was very old but at least it had two queen beds pushed together that were very comfortable and new. The bathroom was disgusting! Old tub and fixtures, ceiling had huge sag in it with holes in the tiles everywhere. The second night there, I noticed cockroaches on the bathroom floor😡! NOT HAPPY! The water was shut off every night for how long I do not know. Fridge was not stocked with beer until second day (after we requested it). Facecloths the first day after that usually only one! We were told to be out of our room by 8:00 am on day three so we could be moved. We were out with our luggage and back to the main lobby. We were told to return at 2:00 pm. We did not get our room until 4:00 pm. Our luggage sat the entire day the main lobby! When we finally got to our new room in building 23-room 23116-it was heaven! We were given two separate double beds but by that time we didn't care. We still felt like we had won the lottery! Beautiful room. Fridge was filled daily. I requested diet cola and it was there each day. Also had mini cans of Coors light beer. The patio door opened to chairs, grass and a pool😎. The beach is perfect with new chairs. No palapa huts for shade but plenty of palm trees. The pools are clean and warm. The restaurants are very good. Steakhouse was slow service but excellent steak. The Italian was really good as well. I was worried about the Oriental but it turned out to be my favourite! Deep fried ice cream for dessert was absolutely delicious. The Mexican was tasty too. The main buffet was great for breakfast. One evening we struggled to find good quality, hot food. The pizza and taco stand upstairs is amazing. Exceptional waitress tending tables there!!! Lunch buffet at the beach always good food. Drinks were good to so-so. Beer was cold! Beach entertainment staff were excellent. They work hard to get the crowd involved and always made you laugh. A shout out to Jose, Carolin (Mars😉), and Chocolatty. You are all very professional. CHECK OUT - What a complete joke. No where could they find that we had checked in! Not under our first or second room numbers, nor under our names! How could this be possible? At least Elisabeth had a smile on her face! MY OPINION: I was totally disgusted by the lack of desire from the staff to help anyone at the front desk! Then common sense returned and I realized that these men and women are only doing as they are told by their bosses who are hiding behind the desk in the back room! (Notice the cameras in the upper corners behind desk). To Miguel, Firmin and Henri-you need to go to work for another resort! How you get up and go to work each day I do not know! You must hate your job! I have NEVER in five trips to Punta Cana ever had this type of service upon arrival!!! Your bosses are cowards hiding behind you! Shame on BARCELO for allowing this to happen. TO THE BARCELO GROUP: You have a beautiful resort! Please fix the many problems or you will ruin yourself! You are well on your way with the present conditions! Quit overbooking until all is renovated and PLEASE remove the false advertising on your website stating this is totally renovated! WOULD WE RETURN? Not a chance untill we can be guaranteed that renovations are complete and TripAdvisor reviews are consistently great to excellent".

I went with 4 other people, our rooms had no power and no water, bathrooms were not cleaned, some mold in bathroom, toilet not flushed from last occupants. Other peoples clothes in my bed, roof leaked, view was of the septic tank and smell as well. Employees did not want to help you the vendors on the beach were nicer than the staff. Plus side, food and beach were really good, entertainment was awesome and once in new room it was alot better. Do not recommend unless you are for sure in the newly renovated rooms.

Everything was great expect the room. My wife and I were put into a room that was very old and dirty, with broken tiles in the bathroom and fixtures that were very very old. Tried to get moved and had nothing but a run around with the front desk. It took me 4 days to finally get moved. Once I was moved the new renovated room was fantastic, just wish I had it for more than my last 3 nights. I have sent an e-mail to Barcelo' on their web site,(Owners of this Hotel) but to date have not heard anything back.

I am rating this average just because I have mix feelings about the stay! The area is nice! Th beach is beautiful! They activities were pretty cool!!! When we booked our room it was advertised that this was a newly renovated resort however when we checked in and got our room; the room was so old and beat down! We were so exhausted we didn't even have the energy to complain and just took whatever we got! As you arrive the hotel lobby is beautiful! Our check in process was a headache! The front desk didn't know anything about the resort! Didn't tell us we had to make dinner reservations before 4 so we could enjoy dinner and could not provide us any information about where certain things were located, what events were happening! That was frustrating. The resort has this snack area that consist of hamburgers and fries and nachos! Let me say the hamburger is horrible! That food will make your sick! The meat was not well prepared! They have it sitting in an area where flies are just sitting around! It's soaking in water along with the lettuce tomatoes onions etc. That area also serves drinks however those drinks are watered down! At night they did have these amazing shows! I don't recommend the steak house restaurant, food is not good! Don't do the steak it's really all fat! I will say you should try their Italian restaurant! The breakfast buffet was good! Lots to choose from! They do have this night club! It's small but good music. Nice little night life adventure! There is one thing that made this trip horrible!!! 1) when we arrive at the hotel the staff told us we had to meet up with some lady who was suppose to handle our transportation back to the airport... well we wasted a whole morning and several hours our two additional days there because this lady never showed up and come to find out it was not even our transportation ... it was for some kind of timeshare that we never requested!!! The spa is a MUST! The ladies there are so sweet and amazing! You will have the best massage ever! Everything else is overpriced so it's not worth you shopping in the resort! When we needed help from the concierge desk, it was like a hit or miss! This one girl was so rude, Never acknowledge us and just point her finger to some other desk without evening looking at us. 2) the WORSE part about this trip is this small shop located in the lobby area! I went to purchase an phone charger. It took a while for me to pay because the "general manager" was too busy flirting with this random guest from the resort! She was so distracted by him, asking for her phone number or if she had a boyfriend. I finally leave, take my charger to the room and the charger doesn't work! I quickly run back to the shop and this manager is closing up. She hears me knocking but ignores the fact that I am standing there. I wait for her outside the doors and she comes out closes the doors and says she is closed! She tells me there is nothing she can do and I will have to show up tomorrow morning! I told her I couldn't because of an excursion I had at 7am that morning and she continues to tell me to come whenever and she will notify whoever is working! I received no help and she shut the door on me! The following evening I return after an exhausting day. No one at this store knows anything about the charger! They tell me to look for another charger but to top it off the staff had removed all electronic items from the store early that morning because they were no longer selling anything that had to do with cellphones! There are two males at the register! One is a manager the other is just an employee. The Manager is quiet and not saying much while the cashier is so rude to me. He tells me I should have never bought something without testing it at the store because that's what you're suppose to do. So I tell him "you mean to tell me that I should open everything in your store to test it before I decide to purchase it" and he says yes and it's my fault for purchasing something that doesn't work! He also tells me there is a no refund policy. He demands I go find something else to buy! Well I don't need anything else! I need a charger! So as I am continuing to explain all this in Spanish I couldn't remember how to say general manager in Spanish and start speaking English! This employee tells me and I quote "well what is it? is it going to be Spanish or English? which one?" The manager is sitting here is doesn't say a word! I lost it after that! I felt discriminated, embarrassed and insulted because of the language barrier. There are other guest in this store! But this employee tries to be a complete jerk because I was speaking English! I hade to leave! I had to wait two days without a phone charger and to get my money back only to meet with this girl who initially sold me the charger and shut the door in my face because she was closing for the day! After this incident I was done! My patients was low! I had no desire to even argue about it! I told the front desk about this as I was checking out but I didn't even want to start explaining everything because I was so heated! We were there March 9th and it took me this long to want to write a review! I wasted a lot of unnecessary time on this special trip that was planned for my birthday! A girls getaway! My first girls getaway for my birthday! I spent a lot of money between airfare and hotel and transportation to end up with something like this!

I highly recommend looking elsewhere in Punta Cana. With the exception of Jose, who seemed to run much of the dining and the lovely woman who cleaned our room, the service here was horrible. Our Representative from the First Club rented us a modem for "better, cheaper" internet as a "perk". Not only did it not work, but he left a note that we shouldn't talk about it. I'm assuming he's scamming people. The bartenders were very rude and made us feel as if we were bothering them every time we went to get a drink. Exactly the same attitude from the ladies in the duty-free shop. There are no servers by the pool and you had to go under a cold waterfall to get to the swim up bar (and then cover your drink to get out). Our friends had huge water issues in their room twice (once no water and once pouring through the ceiling from the room above) and no one came to clean anything up. They did it themselves and the rest was left for the poor woman in housekeeping. It was so bad, we left midweek and booked a different resort.

I have traveled to multiple resorts sometimes up to 5 times a year. This place is by far the worse. I have never wrote a bad review on any place I have stayed. But where do I even begin with this resort? I did not arrival at the Occidental Hotel until 3 days after planned due to weather conditions. I called the hotel to inform them. When I checked into the hotel they first begin telling me that I did not contact them about arriving 3 days after my reservation. I had emails confirming I would be arriving until 3 day late & proof in my call log of my phone having a 3 minute conversation with the hotel. They refused to even listen what I had to say because I had already paid for the trip & they had my money. I then asked if there was any rooms for an additional 3 nights because we wanted to stay the full week we had been planning for months. They told us there was absolutely no rooms available & they would not refund us on the 3 nights we missed. We get to our room & the key didn't work. The key didn't work multiple times throughout our stay. There was one occasion when the key didn't work so I walked to the front desk & the key still didn't work after I received another one! We never received any hand towels or face cloths for whatever reason. The shower leaked all over the bathroom floor so our floor was always wet. They would shut off the water daily for one hour in the afternoon. I went to my room the second day in the afternoon to shower & there was no running water. I couldn't wash my hands, I couldn't flush the toilet. It was very frustrating to be on vacation & that happen. The beach was beautiful. I was impressed with the food. We got to know the waiters, waitresses, and bartenders. They were wonderful. We did end up booking an additional 3 nights only because of those reasons & because we didn't feel like traveling to a different hotel. The people at the front desk were horrible. I can not stress that enough. When booking the additional 3 nights, the man at the front desk charged us X amount of dollars. The last night of our vacation I was once again locked out of the room. When I went down to the front desk there was an actual reason this time why the key didn't work. They had charged me the wrong amount & wanted more money. They locked me out of my room & refused to let me back in until I paid them the difference. It was completely unacceptable the way the front desk treated me. I also forgot to mention while booking the additional 3 nights they told us we had to check out of our room of the first reservation by 12:00 & wait 3 hours until the room of our second reservation was ready. We did what we were told & we ended up being in the exact same room of our first reservation. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!

España Avenue, Bávaro Punta Cana La Altagracia

Located in Bavaro, Occidental Punta Cana - All Inclusive Resort is 1.5 mi (2.4 km) from White Sands Golf Course and within a 10-minute drive of Manati Park Bavaro. This 852-room, 3.5-star resort has 3 outdoor pools along with a marina and a full-service spa. It's on the beach and also near Iberostar Golf Course and Cocotal Golf and Country Club.


Free breakfast is included with your stay. There are ample dining options with 10 onsite restaurants, including La Taqueria, which specializes in Mexican cuisine. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service, or get a quick energy boost at the 3 coffee shops/cafés.


All of Occidental Punta Cana - All Inclusive Resort's 852 rooms are air-conditioned and have an array of amenities, including balconies, sofa beds, and refrigerators. Guests can expect WiFi and 32-inch TVs with satellite channels. Beds sport premium bedding and bathrooms offer hair dryers. Minibars, coffee makers, and free bottled water are also standard.

Property features

Occidental Punta Cana - All Inclusive Resort features a marina, a full-service spa, and 3 outdoor pools. You can take advantage of free parking if you drive. Multilingual staff at the 24-hour front desk can assist with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this all-inclusive resort include a nightclub, a children's pool, and a fitness center.

Room options

Junior Suite Ocean Front

King 1 | Full 2 | Sleeps 4

Superior Ocean Front

King 1 | Full 2 | Sleeps 4

Superior Royal Level

Full 1 | Sleeps 3

Suite Royal Level

King 1 | Full 2 | Sleeps 3

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