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Lifestyle Crown Residence Suites - All Inclusive

3.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

I don’t know where to start.. We were promised this amazing room.. the we get there and they put you in the old run down rooms.. We asked what about the bedroom suite that was promised. They said it’s high season and not available.. But we had booked that room.. While being there for the week, there were many many people in the lobby complaining about the exact same thing. There was a couple with their son, that they were supposed to get a 2 bedroom suit and they ended up getting a 1 bedroom. Why??? They said the have to deal with it in the morning.. how can you have 3 people in one bed, on a vacation where you’re supposed to enjoy.. The feee wifi that they say they have.. there’s none.. it’s not free.. only place you can get it is at the vip.. and you have to keep logging in cause it cuts you off. As others mention, only the receptions speak a bit of English. And the forget the English language when you have a complaint. The restaurant service people don’t speak English. Very frustrating when you need a drink. The bar drinks are all lower level liquor. There’s also when the guys with the golden shirts with hats , approach you stay away!!! They tall you if you want to see and your the place.. it’s a scam!!! They bring you to this building where another guy takes over, try’s to sell you timeshare. Which they say it’s a vacation club package.. but what really happened is, they start high and keep going until it reaches budget that you can pay upfront and then pay the rest monthly with interest. When you do the math it’s all B.S.!!! Now if you do buy a membership they promise to move you to another better room.. That’s a Lie! This hotel will pick you up from the airport, but good luck going back.. you have to find your own way.. Taxi which they make a cut out of them.. $55 USD. Look if your going or thinking to come here, don’t, but if you made the same mistake as I did and didn’t do enough research, and reading the after being upset like manny I seen were. Make the best of it.. Best of luck to all of you.. Hope this helps to others. I have much more to say but I’ll leave at this.

people friendly. Suite at Crown residence was wonderful. Food is excellent. we appreciate the people can speak in English and French for the staff. Well guard with the security guards. We was close to the beach. Road and sidewalk was free of clutters.

We stayed this past week at the Residence Suits and while we had an overall good time, we will think twice about returning here. Several things happened  immediately upon arrival that set the tone. We came as guests of longtime members and were told we needed to pay extra for our stay even though the members were present with us and we were promised a different rate when we booked our reservation. We had to pay an extra $5 per guest per day. We were told this was policy and was for gym and WiFi even though those things are included in the regular rate. We couldn’t get a straight answer as to why we had to pay and gave in. And we had no WiFi after all!! We also requested a bed for our child and adjoining rooms since we were traveling with family. We did not get the rooms or the bed and were told that adjoining rooms do not exist even though at time of booking we were told it’s not a problem. A pack and play for our toddler arrived 3 Hours later - which was too small- and we finally got the bed we requested 5 Hours later which the staff left outside our door in the rain!!!! This place also nickles and dimes you for everything. Want to use the safe in your room? Pay $3 a day extra. Overall service is acceptable to decent although most staff ( including wait staff) does not speak English unless they work for reception. Even then it’s basic at best and reception staff was rude and unaccommodating. Even simple requests were problematic. This is an international resort with most visitors being able to communicate in English so staff should too. This is not a very child friendly resort. No child menu, small kids center (which we didn’t need) but looked uninspiring. Small area with kids water slide and waterfall. Nothing else. Food is mediocre too. Breakfast and lunch were the worst. We could eat anywhere  because of VIP status but buffets were low quality everywhere. Dinner at specialty restaurants proved the best but not excellent. The resort is huge and you need a shuttle or golf cart to get around if you don’t like to walk. We mostly relaxed at one of the VIP beaches called Serenity which is beautiful and has good food options. However it’s not too large ( a good thing) but they bus in tourists from cruise ships (a bad thing) and it gets crowded quickly. The room we we're given had a spacious dining area and living room with a separate bedroom. However, the furniture could not be moved because it was built into the floors and walls. The space between the couch and coffee table was so small our child hurt herself trying to climb on to the couch. Oh, and the TV in our room did not work and we had some unknown leak in the bathroom and our floor was covered in water the entire time. No one fixed it.

were told when bought all inclusive had 12 restaurants, was not the case and food was poor quality, concrete furniture with terrible padding, had to wait for shuttle when told would have golf cart, activities were limited, entertainment was below par, pharmacy a rip off, way overpriced, had to call several times for cleaning and towels, name tags say work for you, no they didn't not always helpful; only thing I will say good was the view, desk staff very helpful as much as they could be, especially Dameli De Pena

This resort has much to offer however as a guest you get a low end experience. Well over half the resort is off limits to all but members, guests have no excess to the better dining, or any branded alcohol. So if you are accustom to fine dining, a nice drink with diner you will not find it here unless you summit to the relentless pursuit of the sales team that awaits you where ever only guests can go. They wait at the entrance to the two beaches and the low end restaurants. After experiencing a week here I would much rather skip my vacation and stay at work.

Our first trip to the DR and I'm so glad we choose Lifestyle. The staff were all nice and did everything they could to make our stay the best! The food was unreal! The restaurants and the buffets were top notch. Can't wait until we can go back! Definitely consider this place if you are wanting to relax and be spoiled.

Me and my boyfriend we were excited about celebrating my birthday, he's a member of lifestyle resort already so we decided to go to puerto plata. He said to me that we were going to have the best experience because they know how to treat people like royalty. My boyfriend commit the worst mistake by booked without see any picture of the room but acoording to his membership package we had to be in presidential suites. When we got to the hotel we got to the presidential suites but they said that we werent booked in that place, they sent us to the tropical, the tropical sent us to cofresi and after that they gave us the exact direction. We check in and when we got to the room HATE IT since the moment we got in. Everything looked like a house, old, and it was downstairs, so 5 minutes later after we got in we were in our way to the reception to complained, my boyfriend was so mad he said that that wasnt his package and they said that they couldnt do anything so they moved us to a second floor and thats it. The second floor room was worst than the first one. the mirror was covered by some red paint, the floor in the bathroom always wet I even fall down a couple times and ventilation problems..... VIP MEMBERSHIP they dont treat you like that, they just care about you upgrading your membership, they chase you as a hunter if they see your VIP bracelet. We had to walk a lot to get to all the things (no minigolf car) and the only good place to go in my opinion was the beach (N.V. and Harmony beach). We spent 7 days in the resort and 4 of those days raining all day, all night so we were looking for the umbrellas in the room and we find out they RENT IT and they were all rented already, I got so mad at that moment never happened to me before. About the food it tasted really good but for breaksfast and lunch was almost the same food everyday , the difference in the menu was at night. At the end when we were leaving I felt so happy and relax, and instead of enjoying my birthday vacation I was stress MY ADVISE is that if you are thinking on going to the lifestyle make sure that you get the room that you want before getting there, dont upgrade any membership not worth it, and if you are not a member dont become one, and dont spend a long vacation because you will get tired.

This place is so huge....too big for me. If you are handicap or have difficulty with stairs this place is not for you. There are so many changes in levels around the resort. I had to help my mom up and down the steps the whole time, and be especially careful when it rains as it gets slippery. the food was amazing!! On my package I got 3 al a carte's but managed to get a 4th due to a cancellation. The restaurants were so good! Many shows are offered. The Bavisimo show in the Dome is nothing to talk about, the shows at the Tropical are way better, lots of fun too as they always begin with audience participation. The entertainment crew around the pools are the best! Julio, Mambo, Blackey, Sexy Chocolate aka Mr. Lifestyle, Shufly and Monkey were among my favorites. They had tons of games, activities, pool exercise, dancing, etc. One even entertained me by playing Connect 4 when I got caught in the rain. Only had access to 2 beaches. They have tons of cabanas and chairs though. The drinks were great too. You have to pay for internet access, but there is a wifi spot on one of the beaches, but it was not working 2 days while I was there. Beware of the guys in the Tan shirts and hats....they are sales people and will hound you to go to a presentation to buy a timeshare package. If you don;t want it, be firm and say NO. Tell them you already went on the tour. They will try to get you by saying things like, "I am going to take you on a tour", I will take you to pick up your VIP party passes", etc. The welcome Party on Sunday is amazing, so DO NOT miss it! My room was quite big, but had a leak in the ceiling causing some of my clothes to get wet. The air was broke so it was always on 60 degrees so matter if I tried to change it. The bed was a bit hard for my liking but the pillow was great. The fridge is always stocked with beer, water and soda!

We just returned from two weeks at this resort and booked through Sunwing. We chose to stay at the Residence Suites to stay away from the noise, and we were happy with our choice. Our room was dated and in need of a makeover, but it was clean. We were in room A34 on the second floor. We had a separate bedroom with a bathroom, a small kitchen, and a living room. There were no bedbugs or crawling insects, but we did keep our food sealed to prevent intruders. The air conditioner worked well and helped to keep the humidity down in our room. We had to pay $3 US per day for the use of our safe which was a lock and key given to us to insert into the safe. I found that pricey, since our friends at the Tropical did not have to pay anything extra for their digital safe in their updated room. Perhaps the front desk could charge a deposit which is returned once you return the lock and key. The kitchen has very little to offer except some cutlery and a few plates and cups. The fridge was restocked daily, and they provided bottled water at no extra charge. Salesmen. On your first morning, you will receive a phone call to offer you a tour of the property after breakfast. Unplug the phone if you do not want to be wakened. We chose to go on the tour knowing that it would be a sales pitch, but you could refuse if you wanted to. There are official tour guides at the entrances to the restaurants at breakfast and lunch. They wear a tan shirt with a tour guide logo on their sleeves, and they often wear a hat. They will entice you with many phrases such as: Did you receive your welcome package? Follow me, Come this way, How was your breakfast? Have you had a tour? When did you arrive? Is this your first day? The tour lasted over three hours, and it would have been longer if we would have actually bought into the program. Because we did not buy in, we did not get their VIP package, so we only had access to certain things and places throughout the week. We were approached pretty much every day for 14 days to see if we would go on the tour. Dining: We had access to 11 restaurants: three were closed, and two were buffet. On Sunday morning at 9, we were allowed to book three a la cartes for the week. Since we arrived on a Wednesday, we could book three until Sunday, three for the next week, and three for the week after. At 2 pm each day, we could check with the front desk to see if there were any availbale cancellations for dinner that night, so we ended up eating at 12 a la cartes in 14 days, plus the VIP party on Sunday night. The choices were: Italian, Brazilian BBQ, Dominican, Seafood, Asian, and Mexican. All of the restaurants had some great food choices, I would recommend staying away from the beef just because I am from Alberta and we have some of the best beef in the world. The chefs do very well with their grouper fish, seafood, pork, and chicken. Desserts are fairly good, and they have some good variety.The breakfast and lunch buffets always had some good choices. The eggs station and chocolate covered donuts were some of our favorites for breakfast, as well as the pasta bar and pizza for lunch. The Mexican was our favorite restaurant: fajitas and churros were a big hit! Roving musicians will visit your table in the evening at almost every restaurant, so have some tip money ready. Wifi: We had free Wifi at the VIP Beach, Mexican restaurant, and the VIP tower which is the place they take you to for the sales pitch. Check with the Wifi center for the password for free Wifi, and you can purchase Wifi if you want to have it in your room. There are two beaches that we had access to: VIP beach which has cabanas, some with shade and some not, and the Cofresi beach has loungers which can be pulled down closer to the ocean. We liked the VIP beach because of the cabanas and the WIfi. Spa: There are two spas which have workout gyms. We had free access to the gyms and used them almost every day. We also booked massages. If you book with a salesman on the beach, you will get up to 20% discount from the spa rates. Sunday night VIP party: This will happen weather permitting. We had a difficult time finding out details on this, so I thought I would share what we learned. The shuttles start picking people up around 6:30 and take them to the party site which is set for 1000-1500 people. There is a fantastic buffet set out, including roast pig, and you eat under the stars with linens on your table and chairs. A mini disco started at 7:45, which is a 15 minute dance for children and various cartoon and super-hero characters. From 8-8:45 we had a show of musicians and dancers, then a promotional video about the Lifesyle Holiday Vacation Club which culminated in a brief but fantastic fireworks show around 9. The main band then played for about 2 hours and there was much dancing. I would recommend going as the food and atmosphere was great, but there is a buffet restaurant open if your choose not to go. Getting around. If you have mobility issues, book elsewhere. There are a lot of elevation changes at these suites, so the Tropical might be a better fit for you. There are shuttles that circle the resort, but we walked most everywhere and it was great exercise. The shuttles were helpful when it rained. Bring an umbrella, but if you forget, you can borrow one from the front desk if they are available for a $20 deposit. Insects: I ended up getting bitten by something tiny (sandflies?) that resulted in red itchy welts, but my husband did not react as I did. The grounds: The grounds are gorgeous...flowering trees and shrubs, pathways, green foliage. We enjoyed our walks and the grounds were very well kept. Bars: offer many tropical and regular drinks. The beach: there are a few shops on the beach where you can buy souvenirs. Surf lessons and banana boat rides are also available. We usually walked on the beach daily.

My spouse and I booked a Lifestyle Holidays' ocean view room for a quick vacation in November of 2017. Pick up from the airport was seamless and there were no problems on the drive to Lifestyle. Upon arriving at the resort all the persons who got off the shuttle in the Lifestyle lobby were advised that they were booked in different sections of the resort. My spouse and I were "upgraded" to a suite at the Residence Suites section. The room was quite nice with a separate kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom. The bed and living room couches were poured concrete and very uncomfortable. This was probably the 20th Caribbean resort I stayed at with the most uncomfortable bed of all of them. The room overlooked a small pool and the Italian restaurant. The restaurant was open for breakfast (very small buffet of fresh fruit, eggs to order and assorted breads) and lunch with Italian offerings on the menu. Unfortunately, it was reservation only bookings for dinner so we had to travel throughout the resort for our evening meals. Food at all of the restaurants we ate at were quite good. However, our favourite was the buffet at the Lifestyles section. The decor was nice and the food was very fresh. We had a couples massage and facials at the spa. The prices were comparable to other resorts we've visited. The shuttles came by frequently and the longest we waited was 10 minutes. I so much wanted to like this resort but it was tainted by the switch of my room - I would much rather have had the ocean view I reserved; the extreme size of the resort; and the constant harassment from timeshare salesmen. We will not even consider going back despite the lovely beach and good food.

Playa Cofresi #1 Puerto Plata Puerto Plata

Hotel highlights

  • Close to Ocean World Adventure Park
  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Lifestyle Crown Residence Suites - All Inclusive places you within a mile (2 km) of Ocean World Adventure Park and Los Mangos Golf Course. This 90-room, 3.5-star resort has 11 outdoor pools along with a full-service spa and 11 restaurants. Also close to this Puerto Plata resort are Fort San Felipe and Puerto Plata Cable Car.


Start your day off right with a free buffet breakfast, served each morning from 7:30 AM to 11 AM. There are multiple options for onsite dining with 11 restaurants, including Rodizio, which specializes in Brazilian cuisine.


The 90 air-conditioned accommodations feature kitchenettes and balconies, and there's space to spread out with separate bedrooms. Guests can expect to find WiFi and TVs with cable channels. Bathrooms have hair dryers and free toiletries. Sofa beds, coffee makers, and free bottled water are other standard amenities.

Property features

Guests of Lifestyle Crown Residence Suites - All Inclusive have access to a full-service spa, 11 outdoor pools, and a children's pool. You can take advantage of free parking if you drive. The front desk has multilingual staff standing by 24 hours a day to assist with dry cleaning/laundry and concierge services. Other amenities at this all-inclusive resort include a fitness center, outdoor tennis courts, and WiFi in public areas.

Room options

Apartment, 2 Bedrooms

King 2 | Sleeps 4

Apartment, 1 Bedroom (Only USA Citizens)

King 1 | Sleeps 2

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