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Lifestyle Crown Residence Suites - All Inclusive

3.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

I'm actually here now at this resort. If you are VIP, you are set and your vacation will probably be the best ever. Well, I came through RCI and I feel like everyone that's not VIP is segregated and it's all in your face that you are not VIP. Can't eat at certain restaurants, eat ice cream at the ice cream shop or crepes and even the beaches are segregated. I have never felt so uncomfortable on a vacation before and will not visit this resort or another Lifestyle resort again. Everyone should get the VIP treatment. Good is mediocre and the rooms at the Residence is ok. I came here to celebrate my daughter birthday, just the two of us. We have made the best of it as possible. I appreciate the Happy Birthday banner and balloons they decorated in the room for my daughter.

The room has excellent air conditioning. It is cold to the point of pneumonia, seriously. The room lacks serious updates however. The bathroom shower assembly broken, mirror broken, toilet handle (repaired by yours truly). It has a kitchenette and minimal cookware. Flat screen tv only in the living room and the bedroom has absolutely the bed and closet. They truly want you to take part in the tour of the place in hopes of getting you to purchase membership. After numerous presentations around the world, this presentation is very pushy and they want you to buy into exclusivity. If you have the money to throw away, by all means go for the top of the line membership that grants you access to exclusive beach areas and amenities such as oysters, crepes, top shelf liquor and restaurant access. I was ok with the basic VIP access which is rather crowded but easy to navigate. I would recommend bartender Jorge at the VIP BEACH. he is very helpful. It also helps to have bilingual people with you that have backbone and can stand up for what is right. “My baby”. After standing our ground we were able to get reservations at the restaurants of our choosing. So if you just want to relax, I recommend you say no to the “Welcome Package”. You do feel sorry a little bit because the employees work on a compensation system, always remember your time is money and you can never get time back.

We loved our time here. The room was awesome and comfortable but next time we will stay at The tropical. Just for convenience as that is where we spent moody of our time. The staff was friendly especially Coco Loco, Chocolate, Brad Pitt, Pamela, Roberto from Casablanca and events was annexing and always on the ball with drink refills, Roberto from the tropical lobby bar was good convo. Definitely make sure you visit The Spot. We didn't find out about this gem until the last 2 days. Hookah, international drinks and good music. I was disappointed that I couldn't get reservations to the Brazilian place because they were closed until the night after we left. And the service in the a la carte restaurants left alot to be desired but not enough to ruin my vacation. The Italian restaurant reservation was delish just annoyed about them being overbooked and having to wait. They did take us on the timeshare your which took like 3 hours out of our day. But Jacqueline made it worthwhile and we got a mamajuana kit from it. When we have mite spendable funds we may get the timeshare. And for those reviews saying the timeshare people bother you while you're relaxing, they don't. They try to get you on your way out of the hotel Lobby or restaurants and when you say no they leave you be. Sorry if this review has typos as I am not going to re-read it for errors

We went as a group of friends all age ranges . We had a good time. It is different hotels on the same property. We were at the residence suites. They had a pool and limited breakfast and lunch . The larger buffet was at the Tropical where the Animation Team did all the activities . The Amminstion team was fantastic I travel often to DR and they were one of the best . The bar tenders also were fantastic . Two of our group was at the Tropical. The food was good and the shows at night were good also. The only thing was the night club the air condition was broke so it was a oven couldn’t hang in there . One night they had a welcome party at Ocean World that was a lot of fun. The property is big so you took shuttles from one area to another . Also to get to the beach was a lot of steps unless you went to Coferssi which was another area of the hotel. All in all had a great time and will go back. Thanks again to the Animation team Blaque, coco etc for keep my us entertained.

always a great time at this resort.great food accomadations and things to do.It has many beautiful beaches.sunday managers party is a must to go to.fabulous food and entertainment.over 25 bars and restaurants to choose from.very large resort but shuttle sercice is always available.very friendly people.pools everywhere so never really crowded.

We travel to the DR twice a year and have stayed at the Lifestyles complex half a dozen times. We are not high end travelers and always look for a bargain. We travel off season for the cheaper rates and decreased crowds. This trip was our first here using our RCI membership which gave us a better room. We were bringing our son and his girlfriend and he was going to propose. We each had our own 1 bedroom suites. There are many things we have liked about this resort and somethings that we didn't care for on previous stays but this place always was a good value for the price. We love the puerto plata area and have gone on many excursions on previous stays. I will start with the positives. Because this resort is so large you have many options of pools to enjoy. Every pool area has a bar so you never have to go far to get something to drink. The grounds are beautiful and you definitely never feel crowded. The rooms are lovely. And although no completely updated were perfect. There are several restaurant options even for the lowest level guests. They even had the welcome party on Sunday night and it was amazing. The performers we awesome expecially the saxophone player and the night ended with fireworks. After that our son took his girlfriend for a walk on the beach and proposed. Having stayed here previously we knew the food was good. We could not wait to go to Rodizio the Brazilian restaurant. The food was one of the most disappointing issues of the week. I am not picky at all and have joked I would be happy with rice and beans or a salad with their rose dressing. Pretty much that is what I ate all week. The food has gone so far downhill I would have to say it is the worst food of any resort we have ever stayed in with a few exceptions. The meat at the Brazilian restaurant was so tough we could no even chew it. The chicken we so over cooked it was hard and dry and could not even be cut. Reminded me of the turkey on the movie Christmas Vacation. The steak looked amazing. Cooked rare like I love it but we literally could not chew it. We chewed and chewed but after a few minutes we took it out of our mouths and put it on the plate. We took some of the scraps for the beach dogs but even they gave up chewing it after a while and just left it in the sand. So we walked out and went to the buffet. We also went the the Asian restaurant the night after the welcome party. The appetizers were great. I would suggest you just get one of each appetizer and call that your meal. I believe the reuse a lot of the meats from the welcome party. I am all for reusing foods and not wasting but the flavors have to go together. The mandarin pork should not also taste like barbecue smoked pork that was then breaded and fried. It was so dried out and gross. I can't even explain it. I had the seafood dish and it wasn't bad. So we left and went to the buffet. Our last night there was ate at the seafood restaurant. Hallelujah!! It was incredible. Everything was awesome!! Eat here everyday if you can!!! Our room was right next to the Bellini restaurant. Breakfast there was good. Omelettes made to order. Bacon most days. French toast was also great!!! Lunch time here was hit or miss. On days you could order off the menu the pizzas were fresh made and so good. The various pasta dishes equally good and not nearly as salty as the pasta in the buffet which was so salty I couldn't eat it. If the Bellini was set up as a buffet for lunch it wasn't worth the shuttle ride up from the beach. But we were only lucky enough to hit it right once. The buffet was pretty bad. They over cook the meat until it is beyond dry. Can't even cut it. We were picking it up and trying to chew bites off. And there was a beef stew that was there all week lunch and dinner Every day they added a new ingredient. First day it was beef and gravy. The next day potatoes were added. The next day carrots. It got to be a joke to see what they were going to add the next day. There was really no vegetables all week other than salad. And even the fresh fruit which is usually plentiful was lacking. Hey would often chop it all up and mixed it together in syrupy juice. Yuk The meats you could not chew. So rice and beans and salad it was. They did have flan most dinner. Mmmmm. I love flan. The black olives are great also. There is a VIP beach every one can go to. Drinks there are the best. Chicken wings or sushi for lunch. Both good. If you order chips and salsa you will never get salsa only processed cheese dip. Hamburgers are ok. But don't expect American flavored hamburgers. We did pay some of the locals on the beach to please go to town and get us some good food. For less than $5 each ( that was food and his tip) we each had more than we could eat. It was delicious. Now there is our room issues. Having traveled to this country many times I know there can be issues with water pressure, power outages etc. But our issues were so far above and beyond anything we have experienced before. And the male staff member that worked at the desk in the residence lobby was so unprofessional and rude. Staff has always been so friendly and helpful. It just added to our frustration. When we were given our rooms. They looked lovely. We put down our suitcases. Threw on our bathsuits, grabbed a snack at Bellini and went for a swim. Then went to show our son and his girlfriend around the resort they were impressed. We went to the buffet for dinner in our bathing suits and cover ups. Then we went back to our room. No hot water. When our daughter in law went into her room and pulled the sheet down it was apparent they never changed the sheets from the previous guests. Lots of long black hair all over sheets, blankets and floor. They came right away and changed the linen. But they did not clean the floor until we complained again at 3pm the next day. They were so grossed out they slept on the futon in the living room for the rest of the time in that room We mentioned the no hot water the first day. Went we had no hot water and the floors were still dirty the second day we were more annoyed. Day 3 still no hot water. We asked to be moved but they assured up someone would fix it. So day 4 they turned the water up so hot that you had to put it all the way to cold so you wouldn't get burned but we didn't dare complain When my son went to shower the hose to his shower head burst and he still couldn't shower. They fixed it and he was finally able to have a shower. But at 630am the water heater exploded. It sounded like a bomb went off. We went to the desk to let them know. There was steaming water spraying everywhere. The guy at the desk said it was our fault because we made the turn up the water so hot. And now no water at all. At dinner when we returned to the room to shower no hot water again. Our son was beyond upset. We demanded our room be changed. This is now our 6th day there. We were moved to another room. It was beautiful. Beautiful view. Private balcony. We all showered and had hot water. All was great. We rushed to make our 7pm dinner reservations. We went back to the room at 830pm and when we opened the door our rooms were full of flying termites. 100s. The were everywhere. On the walls, counters, on and under the couch cushions , in the curtains, on our bed and the floors were covered. Now I had reach my limit. They said they would come clean it but how do you clean everything. If these were just on the floor maybe. So after having this room for 3 hours we packed our belongings yet again and went to the desk. Only to be greeted once again by mr pleasant. He did finally call a supervisor which is funny since on previous days he said there was no management available after 5pm. We were eventually given rooms. These were a definite downgrade from the other rooms. The smelled like mold. Like rooms that haven't been aired out in quite a while. Much older than the others. And the toilet in our sons room didn't flush. So he went yet again to the front desk and was told very sarcasticly that we could be moved back to our bug filled rooms. They did send someone to fix the toilet. It was 11pm by then and we went to sleep. Our son and girlfriend couldn't take the smell and went to the Rci rep the next day and had their room moved yet again. 4 rooms in 8 days. Our room smell too but I wasn't moving. Also our balcony was right next to the 10 air conditioners for our building. Very loud to say the least. But by then whatever. We had only one last day. One other issues which did concern us. At 11 pm one night a drunk man thought our room was his room and he was trying to get in. I could see how that could happen. My husband opened the door to tell his he had the wrong room. He tried to push his way in. My husband pushed him out onto entry way and tried to explain he had the wrong room. The man spoke French and didn't understand. My husband locked the door. The man continued to try to get in for over 30 minutes. He banged, kicked and slammed his body against the door. All this woke me up. My husband had put a chair under the knob because our door was loose and we were worried he would get in. I called for assistance several times dialing 0 or other numbers I found on our paperwork. No one answered any number. While I guarded the door my husband went on the balcony and screamed for security. But none came. We did wake many people around us. This did seem to startle the man and he went down the stairs and sat on a pool lounger. My husband took this opportunity to go and find help. He went to the lobby. No one was there so hit picked up the phone and dialed 0. Amazing. Someone answered on the first ring. But the time he came back with security the man had dragged the pool lounger up the 2 flights of stairs and put it right against our door and went to sleep. Security was able with the assistance of the mans wife to get him to leave. But it was terrifying to think that there is no way to get assistance after dark. My last issues is the vacation club salesman. They are relentless. The resort pays them on commission so you almost can't blame them but they are brutal. They literally wait outside your room until they see your curtains move in the am. Then they start. Knocking on your door or calling your room. They will say I know you are not sleeping we saw your curtains move. They try to trick you but saying it's your welcome tour or they are going to bring you to get tickets to the show (which you don't need ticket to go to). They wait outside when you eat breakfast. Too much. Seriously. Before this trip we had already booked a trip to Casa Marina in Sosua. (Our favorite beach) and also anther trip here. Nonrefundable. Thank god we didn't invite anyone to come with us on that trip So to say we were disappointed would be an understatement.

My boyfriend and I (both in our 20's) spent 6 nights at The Residence Suites September 24th-30th. The resort is about 40 minutes from the Puerto Plata airport. Check in was quick and easy. They charge 3$/day for access to the in-room safe, which is payed upon check-in. The room was very clean, spacious, with a full kitchen/dining area, living room, big bedroom, bathroom, and large balcony. Our room overlooked the pool/restaurant which was beautiful (room D31). On our first morning we were approached by a hotel employee on our way to breakfast for our "welcome tour". This is an attempt to sell you timeshares and I would suggest declining the tour as it took almost 2 hours before we were able to get out and start to enjoy our first full day. If you do buy into the timeshare you get access to a VIP package which includes specialty restaurants, pools, beaches, top shelf alcohol, a golf cart to get around in. If you are planning on returning often it is something to look into, but as we were just there for a 1 week stay, we politely declined. The Residence suites has a pool and a restaurant on site which is a buffet for breakfast and lunch and turns into the Italian a la carte restaurant as of 6pm. The pool here is very quiet and often we were the only ones there. The property itself has multiple resorts on it, The Crown Residence Suites being one of them, as well as Presidential Suites, Villas, Lifestyle Tropical, and Cofresi suites. We had access to most facilities, and shuttles were available to bring you to and from each resort. We were told the shuttles pass every 25 minutes, but we never waited more than 5 minutes for a ride, and were at the beach in under a minute. (PS shuttles are air-conditioned!!) The pool at the Tropical resort is where you'll find more of the party happening. The entertainment team has pool side activities happening all day. The pool itself is separated into adults-only/ family pool, with the adults-only side having a swim up bar (we spent most of our days here). A few steps away from the pool is the VIP beach with tons of beautiful beach beds, staff constantly walking around bringing you drinks, menus available to order food right to your beach bed. There are small pools on the beach itself to cool off as it can get VERY hot in the sun. The ocean is a few steps down from this area, and while it is not the selling point of this hotel, it is very clean and we enjoyed it very much. We were not approached by any locals on the beach, which has been an issue at other resorts I have stayed at in the past. There is also a sushi bar right on the beach were they make fresh sushi all day as you order it, and it was excellent! A la carte restaurants require reservations, which can be made at the lobby between 9-11 am. We did the indochina restaurant which was good and the Brazilian restaurant which was out of this world!! If you don't have reservations for the night there are 2 buffets that were open and while the food is not amazing, we always found something to eat and really can't complain. There is plenty to do at night time, activities every night by the pool until 9:00 (Bingo, Karaoke), shows at the coliseum at 9:30 every night (I would recommend the Michael Jackson show). The sports bar/casino is open till 2am, is air conditioned, has great bartenders, black jack, roulette, slot machines, TV's playing sports games. We spent all our nights here with friends we made on the resort. The night club is called ICE and located at the cofresi resort. I wouldn't suggest it as it is in a basement and very very hot in there! It is open till 3 am. Our nights ended at the tropiche buffet/bar which is open till 5 am. While shuttles don't run often at that hour, staff would call shuttles to come get us and once again we never waited more than 5 minutes to get around even at 5am! Overall this is an amazing resort with something for everyone!! We are very sad to be home and can't wait to come back!!!!

I recently visited this resort with my family for the second time. The first time, we stayed at the villas and those were AMAZING. No complaints there. This time around we stayed at the residence suites. The suite itself was good; nothing compared to the Villa but still good. It was more like a small apartment. Had a kitchen, dining table, balcony, and the bedroom. The room was overall good though. The entertainment team was my favorite. They all were really cool guys and tried their best to make sure you were having a good time. I want to shout out "George of the Jungle", "Brad Pitt", "Blaqui", "Julio Nice", "Chufli" and a few others. They're awesome guys. They definitely made the experience so much better. The only gripe I have about the resort is the restaurant situation. You're guaranteed a reservation only 3 nights, out of your whole stay. It was really confusing when they tried to explain it to me at first but then it was making sense. It just wasn't really fair. They'd say "well, you can try and make other reservations" but they never were available...though, when we walked by the restaurants during dinner time, there was always empty tables. Never packed. So that was a problem for me at first but we definitely didn't let it ruin our stay!! The weather was also more than we could've prayed for!!

We stayed at the resident suites - and while the actual beach was maybe not so awesome - the so called VIP-Beach with it's beautiful beach beds, cabanas with a great view and whirlpools was great ....the staff, the service, facilities, drinks and food, animation, the pools - absolutely everything is @ a 5 Star niveau. Enjoyed our 2 weeks staying here a lot.

My husband and I had an amazing honeymoon at LHVR in Puerto Plata. We stayed in the Residence Suites and had easy access to all of the resorts amenities. Our favorite restaurant was the Chinese restaurant, but the Brazilian was a close second. All of the food was delicious. Some of the cocktails were made with sugary mix, but the cocktails on the one VIP beach that we had access to (we did not buy the VIP package, but still had access to one VIP beach) made excellent cocktails with fresh ingredients. The spa was amazing and had fresh fruit smoothies and Jacuzzi tubs. We also went on several excursions and enjoyed all of them. I highly recommend.

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