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3.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

I am writing this the day after we returned from our stay so everything is fresh in my mind. We stayed at Royal Suites Dec. 16-23, 2017 on an Interval International timeshare trade as a family of four with 12 and 14-year-old kids. More specifically, we used the Interval International guest certificate so we did not use any Interval International points; we just paid the Interval International transaction fee and the resort all inclusive fees of $40 per person per day (about $1,120). There was also a $25 charge to get a key for the safe. We were not VIP and were not even given a chance to pay more to be VIP so I don’t know what the additional cost would have been. VIP get access to more bars, restaurants, snacks, a golf cart, beaches, and free wifi. Many people were VIP so I don’t know if they are owners or just paid money outright for their stay. I believe we received the value that we paid for this week. When I read reviews I always wonder about the expectations/standards of the people who are writing the review. Before I continue let me tell you about us so you can determine if your standards may align with ours or if they may be higher/lower. If you find this review helpful, please indicate so. We take trips at least twice a year from the Midwest as a family. We have cruised at least 12 times. When we stay for a night or two in a hotel, we will look in the $75-$125 range (only higher if the local rates are just more expensive in general). We like hotels with free, hot breakfasts. We often will go to Golden Coral buffets. When on a cruise, we will choose an oceanview cabin and sometimes even an interior cabin rather than a balcony room. We never pay extra for restaurants on cruises; We eat in the main dining rooms. We do spend our money on excursions and tours when we travel. We find value in doing things more than in food and rooms (although rooms need to be clean and fairly updated). We own a timeshare in Hawaii. Occupancy The resort was remodeling the Tropical resort buildings so their occupancy seemed low during our stay. There didn’t seem to be many people around but it is also a huge resort and people probably spread out well also. Our Room We stayed in the Royal Suites two-bedroom, two-bath unit 7311. It was fantastic! The location of this room is probably the best we have ever had on any trip. It’s the room often shown in their pictures to the right of the whirlpool tub (which is cold-not warm/hot—more on that under “Pools). We loved the patio with its loveseat, two chairs, side table and chaise lounge. It was a step down and we were lounging at the pool. The room was modern, had exceptional windows and was very clean. One bathroom had a shower, toilet and double sinks while the other bathroom had a shower, toilet and a single sink. There was a good-sized closet with about 12 hangers and two drawers). There was additional dresser storage and storage for bathroom items on the mirror stand. Maid service was once a day and beverages were restocked daily (water, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Presidente beer). There is no charge for these drinks. We left a tip in our room every day. The Royal Suites complex is six 2-3 level buildings with only 4-6 units per building. The pool was so quiet which we loved. Most of the times it was us and maybe one other family. It was wonderful. See more under “Pools’”. Getting Around The Royal Suites location is the best. It is so close to most everything—the shows, the beach, buffet. There is shuttle transportation and sometimes golf carts will be driven to transport people. Getting around was really easy. This is a huge resort but it is easy to go to the Tropical lobby and get transportation to the further restaurants. This is not a resort for older people who have trouble walking though! Strollers would also be a challenge. The ramps are very steep and meant more for transporting luggage than wheelchairs. The sidewalks have stones sticking up that would really be difficult for older people who “shuffle”. I often wondered how many people have ankle injuries there. The curbs are very deep for drainage and there just seemed like lots of walking hazards. If their drinks were strong, this could actually be a really high injury resort. Royal Suites Chasers Bar Royal Suites also has its own bar which was very convenient. There were two exceptional bartenders. I believe Pablo was the name of one of the gentleman; he was so friendly and would come to us next to the pool and always greet us as we were coming and going as “mi familia”. I wish I could remember the other gentleman’s name because he was outstanding! He was maybe in his 50’s? We saw him one evening stocking glasses at the buffet. He only worked once at the Chaser’s bar at Royal Suites but he was amazing. He made us some unique, delicious drinks. He would come to us and ask if we would like anything, pick up empty glasses, go to people in lower level patios next to the bar and ask if there was anything he could get them. It was really great service! The other bartenders were not great even though we were tipping them. They just didn’t seem to have the ambition of the two bartenders I mentioned. It was as if they were not supposed to leave the bar even to pick up glasses or as if anyone needed anything. The bar closes at 6:00. The first night, our glasses were still sitting there after the bar closed so after that, we just threw them away ourselves. One of the bartenders did come over to ask if I had a cellphone charger they could use though. He didn’t think to also ask if we would like anything to drink. Drinks The drinks are not strong AT ALL. The only time I even noticed I was drinking alcohol was at the restaurant after a glass of wine one night. To put this in perspective also, we rarely drink—maybe one time a month we will have a drink. We mostly drank frozen strawberry daiquiris. We found the recipe was very inconsistent between bars and between bartenders at the same bar. We loved the version we would get at the Tropical pool bar which was mostly white with some red liquor on the top and bottom. We were always disappointed when we would get their slushie-machine version instead. The only bar I found that could make a mojito was at the Dome for the Thursday night show. We were not VIP so maybe those bars would be able to make them. The VIP beach bar made a good Daiquiri. Meal Hours Breakfast Buffet: 7:00-10:30AM Lunch Buffet 12:30-3:30PM Dinner Buffet 6:30PM-9:30PMish Only one place to get food otherwise- El Pilon has burgers from noon-6:00 PM Snacks- no where to get snacks! No food available outside of the above hours if you do not have VIP. I really wanted chips and salsa but this was not available from what we could figure out. Restaurants The first night our Interval International attendant (who was an exceptionally nice young man and very helpful) made a reservation for us for Jazz. We were able to make three more reservations for the week. We ate at Rodizio (Brazilian), Trapiche Paradise (Mexican), Belini (Italian) and Jazz (New Orleans). All of these restaurants were very good. We all enjoyed the food for dinner at the restaurants and the service was very, very fast. We are used to 1.5 hour long cruise ship dinners so enjoyed being served quickly. The food is not quite as good as a cruise ship though. There were additional we had access to as Non-VIP: Indochine (Asian), El Pilon (Dominican), Blue Lagoon (Seafood), Moomtaz (Indian) and the two buffets-Pearl, Casablanca. The other restaurants listed on the “all guests” restaurant list were not open. The reservation system is where we found a lot of inconsistency with other guests. It really seems to depend on how you made your original reservation. We talked to another family that traded through Interval but used points. They were able to make reservations for the whole week. We wondered if we were limited since we didn’t actually use any points. I talked to another lady who was staying at Presidential Suites; she bought it on Groupon for what sounded like a great deal to me and was able to make reservations every morning for the evening. We were told we could call after 3:00 and see what still available. There were only two nights that we didn’t have reservations so we ate at the buffet. While the restaurants were all very good, we did not really like the buffet. We are generally not hard to please and we do like buffets. We thought other reviewers were just being picky but overall, we never looked forward to the buffet. Buffets We ate at Casablanca for breakfast and lunch every day. We went over to Pearl one day for lunch when we were exploring the resort. I personally like the food better there that day but the building/ambiance is not as nice as Casablanca. The breakfast food was just weird to us. Dominicans must eat lunch/dinner food for breakfast too because it was mostly stewed meats, beans, rice, etc.—for breakfast. There were egg and omelet stations. They did have good bacon at an egg station, when it was available and their small sausages were very good. Unfortunately, they don’t have ham. They use more of a Spam type meat. Our kids did not eat the hotdogs because they were more of a Spam dog also. I loved the bread pudding and rice pudding they had. I usually had a onion, pepper, tomato omelet made for breakfast. I was really disappointed with the fruit. It was mostly watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple and not the most flavorful. The pineapple was pretty good but I was really looking forward to some good tasting fruit. I never saw a banana or an orange. We discovered the pasta station late in the week and found that to be really good. The burgers had a “meatloaf” type taste and consistency. The fries were good. Our kids ate mostly cold sandwiches they made with turkey for lunch and donuts, French toast and bacon for breakfast. One of the nights we ate there was the “American BBQ” night. It was good. They do just seem to chop of their meat with a cleaver so you will often be eating it and find a bone fragment. Not the most enjoyable experience. The desserts were okay. They were very pretty bite sized pieces but they all seemed to taste the same. Our kids loved the little chocolate pieces they were decorated with. Beach We only had access to the VIP beach seating area and NV beach seating area since we were Non-VIP. All guests, as well as locals, have access to the actual beach. We didn’t notice many locals on the beach. The seating areas are wonderful with many beds, there are no just plain beach loungers though. We only walked through NV beach but it was overcast and somewhat sprinkling so it was mostly empty. The first time we were in the water it was wonderful. The water felt clean and the bottom was a nice smooth, firm sand bottom. We played in the waves. Two days later, the water was full of seaweed, plant matter and just felt dirty. It seems to just depend on the wave action. The water was fairly warm. A tip: VIP beach is about a two minute walk if you go right as you exit the Royal Suites complex. Pools The pools are cold! We used the Royal Suites pool and the Pool at Cofresi Palm. The whirlpools at VIP beach are also cool. The Tropical pools have nice shallow areas for small children. The Royal Suites pool is about 4-5 feet deep everywhere except the whirlpool seats so it’s not the best pool for small children. We wished we would have brought floaties but the stores onsite have some add albeit at a premium price. The pool they show with a slide is only at the kids club area and it was closed when we walked by. Sunday Night Welcome Party This was fabulous! Get there at 6:30. The buffet is amazing! All the restaurants are closed and everyone comes here. Don’t miss it. Shows The Michael Jackson show was great! The other shows are the same thing every night. Hardly any guests go—maybe 200 people out of the thousands that were there. We went every night. About 70% of the time it is just women dancing with thongs and bikinis and men in full dress. This is not what I want my daughters to see—women blatantly objectified. I thought it would improve each night. I thought there must be some variety. The Sunday Night party had a saxophone player, singer, and yes—the thong-bikini go-go dancers but at least it had some variety. The shows were no where even close to the cruise ship entertainment. I was amazed by how many costumes they have. I can’t imagine where they are all stored. They did change the set every night. The actual shows were just more dancing though… Stay home for the Thursday night Dome VIP party. It was painful. It said it started at 7:30 but we actually had to sit in the lower level listening to very loud music with swaying go-go dancers until 9:00 when we could go upstairs for the show. I was able to get mojitos at the lower level; that was the highlight of the evening. The show started at 9:30 and was all singing in Spanish while more women in thongs and pasties with headdresses danced. I seriously looked at the time 4 times wondering how long before it was over. It was painful… I longed for cruise ship entertainment. Extreme Zone The website makes this sound really great. I wish I would have taken pictures because it was so ridiculously bad. For us, they charge $10 per person for three hours. I’m not sure if this would have been included in VIP or not. When we went to look at it there was no one there, not even an attendant. This was at about 2:00 in the afternoon. There were a couple bowling lanes were the pins needed to be hand placed. There were 3-4 mini golf holes made out of wood; they looked like something handmade someone would have their backyard and weathered for about 5 years. There was a backyard trampoline with netted sides in a corner of the concrete Extreme Zone. I don’t recall the rest. It was just ridiculously bad. It seemed like they should just let people use it rather than have to pay additional. It was not bright and clean and colorful like the website. It was dirty, dingy and rundown. Wifi They charge for Wifi. I think it is $25 per device. We just occasionally used the free Wifi at VIP beach. You have to have one of the security people put in the password though. It was a nice break from electronics so we didn’t mind not paying for it. There seemed to be quite a few people who opted not to pay because I didn’t see many people on their phones. Ocean World We booked Ocean World one day. It cost us $69 each and included transportation. The resort does charge an additional 9% for using a credit card. I believe VIP get it free. If you are interested in doing a dolphin swim it did seem reasonable compared to other prices we have seen. It is no SeaWorld but it was a fun time; we were there from 9:45 to 3:30. Half day city tour We really enjoyed this tour. I believe it was $59 each. We went on the cable car to see a version of the Christ the Redeemer statue similar to the one in Brazil. We went to a store where they make Larimar and Amber jewelry in the back, a cigar store where they roll cigars upstairs, a chocolate store with a video of their chocolate factory. Saw the fort, catholic church and walked the city streets. It sounds very touristy as I am typing this but it was actually an interesting day. People The people are very, very friendly both at the resort and on the streets. I always felt safe again both at the resort and on the street. Timeshare sales We received a phone call in the morning which we didn’t because we had no interest in buying another timeshare. There are men in hats standing outside the resort asking people to take timeshare tours. No one ever asked us. Guests have different colored wristbands. Ours were shiny and said Interval International; we assumed they noticed that and weren’t permitted to ask us. It was nice not to be bothered. Kids Club Our kids didn't attend it. Resort in General The whole Cofresi side of the resort felt much older to us. We really enjoyed the Tropical side much more. In summary, we felt like we got the $40 a day that we paid for. Our room location was amazing and we loved the location of Royal Suites within the Lifestyle complex.

We stayed at the Royal suites for 3 weeks through December and January. First off yes the sales staff is pushy but that’s how they make money. Just be frank and direct that you don’t want any tours or to buy into the LIFESTYLE and they will leave you alone. Ok, now for the room. Very nice. We had the two bedroom suite ground level right off of the pool. Could not get any better of a location. The pool and whirl pool are cleaned daily( I am an early riser and I drank coffee and watch the attendant clean it). It was chemically treated every night. I have read on some reviews that it was not cleaned for there entire stay. The private bar that the royal suites has is very cute. They set out snacks everyday and the bartenders are very polite and a pleasure to spend time with. Our room was cleaned everyday and new beverages where in our fridge all the time. The only disappointing thing is that I didn’t get to stay there again this Christmas. Oh well, I will have another review from the Jr. suites when we get back. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.

We opted to trade a timeshare week for different scenery and another country. The check in process was confusing since we had to check in at the Tropical resort (which I assume is the main check in area for all)and then whisked away to the "VIP" concierge. There they briefly reviewed the property and activities, slapped a bracelet on our wrist- which limits activities and facilities, were charged $40 a day per person for food and drinks, offered us a shot of "Mama Juana" (their local brew) and shoo'd out the door. Our condo wasn't ready yet so they recommended we go grab a bite and return later. I'll review the restaurants later in review. We tried one of the bars while waiting for our condo and the drinks were weak. Even asking for an additional shot didn't improve the drink. Cheap booze is cheap booze! Once we got our condo and settled in we noticed it was average in furnishings. The fridge was dented, kitchen table had the finish bubbling off, the counters were marred and chipped, even the bathroom sinks weren't mounted to the vanity. Water pressure and hot water was a hit or miss. Seemed like if you got up early around 6am you could get a hot shower but never later in the day for an evening shower.... always cold. One positive comment was the housekeeping. The place was always cleaned, linens fresh, and the "mini bar" of water and soda was stocked daily. The pools were nice. Rarely smelled chemicals but we did see the pool guy adding chemicals every morning. The lounges chairs were dark brown plastic wicker that got scorching hot in the heat and were extremely uncomfortable. But at least an uncomfortable chair is better than no chair. The grounds were poorly maintained, weeds were prevalent throughout the shrubbery. The beaches were littered with trash And there was constant construction debris and noise from early morning til about 7-8pm. Golf carts zoomed up and down the streets along with the shuttle services that took you from point A to point B. But everything is within a reasonable walk! So here's the first review of many restaurants: Casa Blanca/the Pearl (Main buffets): one word GROSS! Buffet style slop thrown into a chaffing dish and called food. Now you're in a tropical location why would you offer gelatinous beef stew, stewed chicken, and other hearty unidentifiable foods in that climate ? No seafood at all besides canned tuna! There was a limited salad bar (large leaf lettuce pieces, and tomatoes, and cucumber chunks) and a few oddly colored dressings. There were options of "grilled" items also, the chicken was bone dry, the fish steaks were loaded with pin bones and the vertebrae, cut thin and overcooked. The pizza looked like a cheap frozen pizza out of the grocers freezer. The desserts were pre-dabbed and slapped on a plate- tasteless and bland! My recommendation AVOID the buffets at all cost!!!!! We were allowed to make 3 reservations at nicer restaurants and as a timeshare trade they gave us another complimentary reservation. So we opted for Indochine, Rodizio, and the Blue Lagoon. The complimentary dinner was at Jazz. We were hoping these places would offer better meals than the buffets so were were psyched to try them. Again the food was subpar. Probably the best meal was at Jazz. The lamb chops and sea bass were grilled nicely, but the appetizers were poor quality. The other restaurants I sent my plates back because of soggy grilled fish or the flavor was so off putting. You can read my reviews of each restaurant separately in TripAdvisor. Overall, I feel this vacation bad resort were subpar compared to other places we have been. I have always been skeptical of all inclusive for these reasons listed above. Would it have made a difference if we upgraded to the VIP package at $180 a day per person, I don't think so because you at at the same restaurants, but you had a wider choice of restaurants and a few bars that served top shelf liquor. To me that didn't make up the difference for disgusting food! My opinion is to avoid Lifestyles Holiday Vacation Club all together.

It was my second visit to this property but my first time actually staying at the property. I came a ways back when I was staying at a resort in Sosua “Casa Marina” on a tour. I was given a complete tour of the property and was aware of the membership tier access and different properties within the resorts. The presidential suites are nice as well as the villas as those are the most recently upgraded. The residence Suites and the crown suites are the oldest and have very little to offer as the units are literally broken down and need of massive renovations. Would not return unless given as a gift.

We were glad that The Royal Suites At LHVR were on a smaller scale. The pool bar and staff were nice on the whole. The room: Average room at best as far as time share condos go. Improvements needed. Walking in 7322 immediately I noticed the dented up refrigerator. There was paint on the counter as well as numerous chips in the counter top edge. The dining table looked all blistered with raised spots all over it. (model unit doesn't look like this). Picture missing on the wall, mounting clips are there but the picture is MIA. Had a blender, coffee maker, microwave, and a hot water maker. Both ceiling fans were missing the pull chains for speed control of fans. ADVISORY at the sinks stated DO NOT DRINK THE WATER. They bring bottles of water daily. If you need more just ask them. The Bedroom: Bedroom is quite roomy, actually the triangle shape at the outside edge lends itself to poor design and a huge amount of wasted square footage. Bed was overall comfy. The Bathroom: nice size and the very modern in appearance. The double sinks are nice when both are trying to get ready at the same time. The sink moved and were not anchored down tot he counter top. (model unit they didn't move around). Big complaint is that we did NOT always have HOT water. One day there was no HOT water available at all. The last night here it rained like crazy for about 3 hrs while we were away. We returned to a wet bathroom and partial wet bed room floor. it appears that water came up and out of the shower floor drain and ran right out on the floor flowing into the bedroom getting the rug soaked. Called for someone to look at it and bring additional clean towels since i used our to mop up the mess. the back side of the building faced the Mexican Restaurant, not sure if they recycle glass booze bottles but I can hear them being thrown into something, Just makes a lot of unnecessary noise. There was all of the old patio furniture piled up and covered up, at times with a tarp. What an ugly eye sore. if your not using or repairing it, Place it someplace else out of view of the customer. Even on the second floor there were lots of mosquitoes on the patio. That tells me that there is standing water somewhere close by. Might be the cups and other trash that I noticed in the landscaped areas. Resort on the whole is NOT Handicap accessible. Steps and stairs are everywhere. We assisted a gentleman on a walker get up and down the 2 steps to get to the pool level from the street. This is pretty much the case throughout the resort complex. BEACH: what Beach? about 10' wide roughly and it had lots of trash on it. If you like to walk for long distances, you won't do that here. Plus lots of trash on the beach! Clean, comfortable and basic and that fits the need. Maid tended to the room daily. Air-conditioning was adequate. They want $25 USD per day for unlimited WIFI are you CRAZY??? Dining: Across the board with 4 "reservations" and lack luster buffet.... ALL SUB PAR QUALITY FOOD and or cooks that do not know how to cook. Over cooked dried out. OFF SITE- we had exceptional food. On Site= Disappointment. **See other reviews of this property. My tip to you is to use *BER to get away :) it worked perfectly for us and was so much more economical too!

The hotel was beautiful my only concern that I have and also a bit of a disappointment is the the fact that I lost a pair of 600.00 sunglasses at the VIP pool and I called and called and called and no one came across them which was funny because we were the only people upstairs in the VIP lounge where we do Hookah but still no one came across them. I would just tell people to be careful of your valuables.

We stayed at the royal suites due the first time this year. The room as a service we great. We had a lower level room which when we walked off our deck the pool was right there. Ac in the room was great the maid service did a great job taking care of the room they even washed the dishes we used. Vip services also where great they took care of anything we asked. We visited the new sports bar and I will say the staff there is supreme top notch. We also visited the new coffee shop and that is a nice new touch. As always we had a great time. Yes we are members of lhvc. Thanks again lhvc for a great vacation. We will see you soon.

We had a great time.. Our accommodations in the Royal Suites were excellent. This was our first time staying in these accommodations and enjoyed it. Service was truly outstanding.. Our VIP service agent was helpful and helped to make our stay very special. She was attentive to our request. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Truly enjoyed this trip...

They don’t give you what you pay for. They promised you everything and give you nothing. Room had a lot of ants. Very dark could use better lighting and no hot water they gave you warm water. The couch and bed were worn out

We are Chairman Circles Members @ LHVC and this was our fist time in the Royal Suites. We have stayed in the Villas, Presidential Suites, Cofresi and Tropical hotels and the Residence Suites Penthouse in the past. The Royal Suites are ideally situated within walking distance of most places. The rooms were clean and nicely decorated but a bit a step down from the Presidential Suites but they are better located. The Royal Suites has a bar and pool which we used almost each day - Pedro the bartender was terrific, usually replacing our drinks just before we finished one.

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Hotel highlights

  • Walking distance to Ocean World Adventure Park
  • Free breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking

Within a short walk of Ocean World Adventure Park, Lifestyle Royal Suites is within 2 miles (3 km) of Los Mangos Golf Course. This 150-room, 3.5-star resort welcomes business and leisure travelers with 12 outdoor pools, a private beach, and a full-service spa. It's on the waterfront and also near Fort San Felipe and Puerto Plata Cable Car.


Free breakfast is included with your stay. There are multiple options for onsite dining with 12 restaurants, including VIP Gourmet, which has garden views. Savor a meal from the privacy of your room with room service, or get a pick-me-up at the 10 coffee shops/cafés.


The 150 individually decorated accommodations feature kitchens and balconies or patios. There's space to spread out with separate bedrooms, living rooms, and dining areas. TVs come with cable channels, and free WiFi keeps guests connected. Beds are dressed in premium bedding and bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries. Free minibar items, coffee makers, and free newspapers are other standard amenities.

Property features

Lifestyle Royal Suites features a private beach, a full-service spa, and 12 outdoor pools. There's free parking, as well as a free shuttle from the hotel to the airport (available 24 hours). A multilingual staff is on hand to assist with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this all-inclusive resort include a free water park, a nightclub, and a children's pool.

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King 1 | Sleeps 4

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King 2 | Sleeps 6

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