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Bluegreen Christmas Mountain Village, an Ascend Resort

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We had free tickets to Christmas Mountain and weren’t expecting much . Pulling in to the place you knew it was something special. While the hill is rather small The view and the top notch staff make the place really unique and special. Great place for younger kids to get out skiing or snowboarding without the hassle of long lines or overcrowding . We liked it so much we came back the following weekend. It’s a nice small resort off the beaten path where you can enjoy the lodge and let the kids hit the hill without worry. No it doesn’t compare with cascade, two lifts and a handful of runs but it’s atmosphere it’s atmosphere and staff and fun little runs make it perfect for beginners. Plenty of other things to do around the area being the Wisconsin Dells . Snow tubing on site 3 tubing lanes and a top rope up to the top. The ski hill has one newer lift, top rope and an older lift. There’s a nicely sectioned beginner area with a small beginners terrain park. Just an FYI we went to Cascade Friday stayed at Mt Olympus and went to Christmas mountain on Saturday and back to Cascade on Sunday. Mt Olympus has some lift ticket deals for Christmas Mountain! Good cost effective trip for a large family !

I bid and won a 2 night stay here during a silent auction and came in February. We have stayed here twice before under the same circumstances. Normally we get to stay in a 2-story condo but this time there was only availability in the 2 bedroom cabins. As usual, it was my husband, me, our 3 young children, and my sister. The condo was WAY too small for all of us! We were cramped in the kitchen, the living room sitting around, and in the bedrooms. Also, right when you walk in was tiny which stunk for us because all of us went out tubing and skiing and when you walk in there is no place to take off or put your wet boots. The carpet in the living room and the floor in the kitchen was all wet which was pretty gross. The place was not very clean this time around either. We found an earring on the floor in the master bedroom, hair all over the floor in the bathroom, and there was sticky stuff on the stove that we could not get off with soap and water. Other than that, it was a good stay as usual. The timeshare people did not bother us, but I also took the phone off the hook... We went tubing---there was not enough people working at all! Skiing was great, the pool and hot tub were warm and clean. We were early to check in but they were ready for us and we checked in early. Check out was a little less pleasant, we wanted to stay a little later in the pool, so we took the pool towels that were in the room to the pool. Once we left, we went to hand the towels in and the front desk lady was very rude to us, stating we should never have taken the towels from the room but should have asked for different ones from the front desk when we checked out. She told us that now we may get charged for them.

Have you ever completed one of those offer sheets at the mall, theater or festival regarding a free gift/prize such as $$, big screen tv, a car, or a prize at a resort? Well I did at the local theater and was called by a Nicole from Christmas Mountain Resort in the Wisconsin Dells and was offered a $200.00 gift card, a five day trip and two - two day trips. This offer turned from a prize to an offer of a gift. But, to collect I must attend with my wife a two presentation at Christmas Mountain Resort. The presentation was scheduled for 11:00am Saturday February 10th. What followed was multiple phone calls asking for my to confirm along with requests for more information. Approximately Feb. 6th after getting yet more calls that day, the representative from Christmas Mountain Resort renigged on the offer of of prizes refusing to give me anything. The guy said "I don't think I'm going to give you the prizes for asking to many questions ahead of time". I again said we will be there Saturday, ending conversation. I received a call the next day from Nicole with her saying I should not show up on the 10th. I can't say I enjoyed a stay, but I would never go to Christmas Mountain Resort in the Wisconsin Dells because of their pressure tactics, their way of doing business and of making offers at their discretion and than reniging on them, because I asked about all the follow up calls and my questions. I will never fill out one of those offer sheets again for anything.

Used this location on a time share swap. Had a 3-bedroom unit that was comfortable, roomy, nicely updated. Great place for kids. Multiple pools and activities onsite. Of course, lots of things to do in the Dells proper.

My husband, two kids and I stayed here for my birthday. We had a blast! Snow tubing was so much fun. Ate at mulligans and the food was great. We really liked that it was more quite and relaxing than the waterparks near by. Still had a pool to swim in but was nice not being over-crowded. We will return!

This is the second time that we have stayed here. Once in the Summer and once in the Winter. It was too cold to ski this last time so we mostly played in the indoor pool. It is so nice to have activity options for the family included at the resort through out the day. Swimming is a great option always for our family. I love having laundry available so I dont have to do it when we are home or wait if there is a laundry emergency. Laundry soap for 2 loads is included with the laundry basket. There are full dishes in the cupboards of the kitchen and a dish washer and some dish soap. There was a New Years Party to attend this last year which was great for the kids! WE are making this place a 2x a year retreat for us!

We had an amazing stay.. we weren't ready to leave when it was time to go home. We stayed for 6 days in a 2 bedroom cottage... the cottage was cozy, we had a nice wood fireplace.. felt like home...everthing was clean.. if you needed anything they were quick to respond and even called after to make sure our needs were met as we expected. The neatest thing was .. it was christmas.. our kids had presents to open and Santa to visit but we had no tree... my husband simply asked for a tree and for just $50 they set up a tree by the fireplace, pre lit, with ornaments for us to decorate the tree (which we all enjoyed), and they also left the kids a lot of sugar cookies with icing and sprinkle for them to decorate. They set some out for Santa!!!... We also went Tubing and that was great fun.. 2 hrs is plenty of time for tubing my 7 and 3 year old loved it. They had a great indoor swimming pool my kids loved it... fun for all ages!! The hot tub was a dream!!! SO nice!!! All the staff was wonderful!!! They had all sorts of things to stay busy.. we never had to leave the resort for entertainment... but if we had wanted to... there was lots of entertainment in the Dells near by. We also got to see a 1 bedroom townhouse because our friends stayed in one... they were very nice! Beautiful and a nice poarch view! Best part was the townhouse had a washer and dryer.. the cottages did not.. So if we stayed again.. we may would want to stay longer but in a townhouse bc of the washer and dryer and the townhouse seemed more up to date in design and just newer. If we weren't staying long and I didn't have to worry about kids laundry we would definitely stay in the cottages again. Till next time Christmas Mountain!!!!

Very nice and comfortable. Two rooms, king and queen beds, with a bathroom. With a full kitchen, dinning room table, and a small living room. It's small, but overall very nice. There is one downside, the parking is nice, but if you own a crew cab pickup truck or a longer vehicle, you'll have a harder time parking in your section. We have a 2013 Chevy Tahoe and it fit with 6 inches to spare. Just a heads up. Hope this helped and that you enjoy!

We went to Christmas Mountain Village for a short New Year's vacation. This location has been our go to getaway destination for a few years now. This trip, however, started off pretty rough. We arrived at about 4:30pm to check in, which is supposed to start at 4:00pm. We were told that our unit, a 1 bedroom w/ loft cabin, was not yet ready and that we'd be called when it was. We were told that it should be ready by 5:00pm. We waited until about 5:00pm, and when no call came, decided to get some dinner at the on-site restaurant, Mulligan's. After dinner, we went back to registration, and the unit was still not ready. When it finally was ready, it was right about 2 1/2 hours after we had arrived. We were told that housekeeping was running behind schedule "due to the cold". We were given some passes for lift tickets as compensation, though those tickets said that they weren't valid during holiday periods. The front desk assured us that they would be honored during our stay, however. We asked about the fireplace in the unit, and were told that it was a wood-burning unit and that firewood could be purchased at the cafeteria by the pro shop. We stopped to get some, but they were out. More on this later. We went to the unit and discovered a few more problems. The unit wasn't well cleaned- the kitchen floor was dirty and we found bits of food in various places- on the bedroom dresser, on the stairs to the loft, and on one of the cabinets. The electronic door lock stopped working after one use, apparently due to batteries that died due to the extreme cold- the temperature had been below zero Fahrenheit for a few days. We also discovered that the plastic pitcher was missing a lid, and that some of the dishes were left in the dishwasher and had not been completely cleaned. The dishwasher had been run, but some of the dishes apparently had some caked-on food that the dishwasher didn't remove. The next issue was the wifi- I couldn't get my laptop connected, so I called the front desk and the person I spoke with discovered that we had not been properly checked in, so the wifi system was not seeing our unit as being occupied. He corrected that, but I still couldn't connect, so was transferred to a tech support line. The woman there was able to bypass the login routine for my laptop's MAC address, and I was good from that point on. A note on the wifi- it's relatively slow. Don't expect to be able to stream video while using it. It's find for email and basic web browsing, and some games. Speaking of wifi, the equipment for it was just in a pile behind the dresser in the bedroom, with cables everywhere. The light switch didn't in the bedroom didn't work at first, and we discovered that only one outlet is switched, and the lamp was not plugged into that outlet. My guess is that the previous guests moved things around, and housekeeping failed to reset things back to where the way they're supposed to be. I took the time to re-organize things. We also discovered that the wand for closing the blinds on one of the living room windows was broken. That wasn't a big deal, as we could still open and close the blinds by using the knob that the wand attaches to, but we made sure to call the front desk and let them know so that we wouldn't be charged for the damage. The cabin we stayed in was an "accessible" cabin, which by itself is fine. But the shower in the bathroom has no lip along the edge, so it's almost impossible to keep water from getting out onto the floor of the bathroom. I would recommend requesting to *not* get an accessible unit if possible, unless you need it, of course. Lastly, the glass doors on the fireplace have apparently not been cleaned in a few years. The doors were so dirty that with them closed, you couldn't see much of the fire. This makes me wonder about the condition of the chimney, and whether or not there's a lot of creosote buildup in it or not. The three nights we had fires going didn't cause any chimney fires, so hopefully it's good. A note about the cabin size- it's a good size for two people, but putting more in can make things cramped. The "table" is only large enough for two, though the resort says that the cabin can sleep six. Also, the table is in the kitchen, which is about the smallest kitchen I've ever seen. We moved the table out into the living room almost immediately, as there's more space there than in the kitchen. All in all, this stay did not live up to our expectations or past experiences. We stayed a few days last year at the same time, and the experience was much better then. About the firewood- we found a vendor on the north sie of Highway H, just east of the interstate, that sells firewood and kindling for very reasonable prices. A 40lb box of firewood is $5, and a small box of kindling is $1. This is *much* less expensive than the firewood available from the cafeteria on site (assuming the cafeteria even has any). Just make sure to bring some newspaper and a lighter or matches, as the units don't have a way to light the firewood otherwise.

We booked our Christmas Vacation through Interval International as we own a condo and used our points to stay here. When we do this we normally get a condo comparable to what we own. We own a 2 bedroom with 3 bathrooms which can be a lockout. Which they have here because we toured one. Upon arrival we asked if they had a 3 bedroom because we wanted more room but they didn't which is fine we figured we would make do with the 5 of us. Well that was before we saw what we had. We got our cottage (what they call them here) I can only assume they put people who don't own with Bluegreen which is their home timeshare company in these cottages. It was pretty small. 2 bedrooms with only 1 bathroom. We had no idea we only had 1 bathroom, and very small living room. There is not even enough sitting for 5 people in the living room. The cottage itself is very nice and updated at first look. My husband and I decided there was no way we would all be comfortable with only 1 bathroom to get ready and shower each day. We booked a hotel for the next night for the next 4 nights. Some of our party left today. (we are still here until Saturday). Our internet has never worked correctly since we got here. In and out and mostly out. We called the front desk and they gave us a number to call they helped for that moment but it still went in and out. We tried calling again and we were told they couldn't help us because they didn't work with our resort. We used our own data most of the trip so far. I did tell the front desk the company told me about nit working with them anymore. Our dishwasher over flowed Christmas Eve as we cleaned up the kitchen. We were not using it at the time but we were using the sink. We called right away and they sent someone pretty quickly. He said it had something to do with us having a pot in the sink partially covering drain. The next night we noticed the dishwasher filling up again before it over flowed, so we drained it. We washed the dishes in the dishwasher on Tuesday and the sink backed up and we called maintenance and they said there were carrots in there that weren't ground up from the disposal. We told him they were cooked carrots. They shouldn't be a problem being ground up. But anyway we just didn't use it anymore. Just threw stuff away. While the guy was there checking the sink another maintenance guy was there working on our heater because we came home from being gone all day and it was 66 degrees and we had it set at 74. It came off and on several times and when my mom got up the next morning it was 55 degrees. She called again and someone came out. We again were gone most of the day the guys were skiing and mom and I out and about. A nice warm cottage would have been nice to come home to especially for the skiers. When we got home it was 64. So we called again. We ended up having to move to a different cottage. They kindly sent a someone to help us move. The new one is exactly the same except with a wood burning fire place instead of the gas one we had which put off no heat. But they charge for wood. But thankfully a call to the front desk and we were given free wood but unfortunately since we had no kindling or newspaper it only resulted in a smoke filled cottage and the smoke alarm going off. (we have a wood burning fireplace at home so yes we know how to start one and yes the flute was open). But it was nice of my girl at the front desk to get it for us. 😁 We went on a tour with Bluegreen basically for the free lift tickets and reasturant gift certificate. We told them what all had happened up till that point. Because they asked how are stay was... (we hadn't had to move yet) they felt bad and knew we weren't going to buy and there was no pressure and I believe going in that that they are not high pressure anyway. I have stayed at alot of resorts exchanged through II before and never had issues. We made the best of it because we were together for Christmas and that is all that mattered. But I just thought that if anyone monitor's these from the property they should know what issues we had. It's a beautiful place the people are super friendly even the several maintenance guys we got to meet. The guys had fun on the ski hills and we had fun in town. Oh and I should add we did ask before renting a hotel if they had a studio or 1 bedroom here. We would have used our points or paid for it. But they said they were sold out. So that's why we got a hotel in town.

S944 Christmas Mountain Rd Wisconsin Dells WI

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Golf course

Bluegreen Christmas Mountain Village, an Ascend Resort is located 0.8 mi (1.3 km) from Christmas Mountain and within a 10-minute drive of Beaver Creek Springs Aquarium. This 3-star resort has 458 rooms and welcomes guests with a restaurant, a golf course, and an indoor pool. In central Wisconsin Dells, the resort is also a short drive from Trappers Turn Golf Course and Ghost Outpost.


This resort is home to a restaurant and a bar/lounge.


All 458 air-conditioned accommodations feature kitchens and space to spread out with living rooms. TVs come with cable channels and DVD players, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Fireplaces, sofa beds, and coffee makers are other standard amenities. Weekly housekeeping is available.

Property features

At Bluegreen Christmas Mountain Village, an Ascend Resort, guests enjoy a golf course, an indoor pool, and a children's pool. A stay here includes free parking. Front-desk staff are standing by 24/7 to assist with any requests. Other amenities at this golf resort include a fitness center, a spa tub, and a sauna.

Room options

Suite, 2 Bedrooms (1 King, 1 Queen, 1 Sofabed)

King 1 | Sleeps 6

Suite, 1 King Bed with Sofa bed, Non Smoking

King 1 | Sleeps 4

Suite, Non Smoking (1 King, 1 Queen, 1 Sofabed)

King 1 | Queen 1 | Sleeps 6

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