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Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

4.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

The rooms are very nice with plenty of room for clothes even for long business trips. The staff is always willing to help and always greets you with a smile. The connected mall has everything you may need. Highly recommend.

the room was clean in a good condition. with friendly helpfull staff, however; the view of the room could be better .We recommend to take an overview of the park map before going in. the location of the hotel was easy to reach . the surrounding facilities helps to make the hotel resident more enjoyable. it is surrounding by multi-floor mall and a varirty of restaurants and cafe'.it is a destination for the whole family!

The toilet amenities need upgrading and lack powerpoint for charging both laptop and hp or other devices at one time. Toilet flushing system is poor. Aircon in room is freezing as temp regulator does not work even though temp set at 24deg. Not value for money for such class of hotel

I want say thanks for every staff working its very helpful specially abobakr after then mary and mohammed and hotel it's have special door for sun way pool park and have a great breakfast from every world arabic and Chinese Malaysia and india I think I will re-experience the stay again

Special place. Sunway when trying to book hotel was confusing. Many Sunways! I was very happy with Sunway Resort and Spa. Especially the great lounge at the lobby level. Great architecture matched by great service.

the hotel room was so comfortable too staying for the long time, i would like to comeback to the hotel, but the breakfast is not having too much and the rice was great, but the fried noodles was so bad.

The rooms had really grate space and enough furniture, beds for everyone. It has a sofa bed that turns into 2 single beds. Breakfast was amazing. Also the pool was a lot of fun but really need some serious cleaning.

This is the best resort and hotel in Malaysia I have stayed in in my holiday trip, if you are on business or family trip or even honeymoon this place is ur destination, هذا أفضل فندق و منتجع ممكن أن يزوره أي شخص في ماليزيا،قمت بالنزول فيه لاجازتي انا وعائلتي، ولو كنت على رحلة عمل اوترفيه فالفندق هو وجهتك الصحيحة. Hotel best points are as follows: أفضل مافي الفندق النقاط التالية: -Big & comfort & clean rooms A coffee machine from Nespresso was in the room with 4 capsules, that was so nice, plus there was the normal Nescafe and tea were there plus the fridge was full of soft drinks, as free complimentary water also. الغرف كبيرة و واسعة و مريحة ولقد نزلت في غرفة سويت بغرفة نوم وغرفة جلوس و حمامين و يوجد ماكينة قهوة نسبريسو مع ٤ كبسولات وهذا الشي اعجبني جدا، بالاضافة لوجود النسكافيه العادية والشاي وايضا كان يتوفر الكولا و غيرها في الثلاجة بشكل مجاني مع المياه ايضا. Bed was clean and comfort, the toilets where clean and having all items inside as towels and brushes and toothpaste, the shampoo and soap and bath soap all had nice smell and packaging. السرير نظيف و وواسع و حجم كينج والحمامات تحتوي على كل مقاسات المناشف و الفوط و ايضا عدة الحلاقة و الخياطة و فرشاة الاسنان و المعجون المخصص لنوع الغرفة و ايضا كانت رائحة الشامبو و سائل الغسيل جدا جميلة. The shower water was so excellent and water pump so hard which I like in any hotel I visit. مياه الدش والاستحمام كانت قوية الدفع و هذا مايعجبني وفي اي فندق اقوم بالنزول فيه. The room ( suite) view was extremely woow, it was viewing the lagoon and the green landscape, which also at night was having the lights of some rides that we liked to watch. The hotel had surprised me with some chocolates and M&m's and fruit basket. Free 3 pieces to clean daily was with suite package. غرفة السويت كانت جدا رائعة و كانت الاطلالة على مدينة المياه والالعاب و المنظر المملوء باللون الاخضر الطبيعي، وفي الليل كانت الاضائة جميلة. فاجأنا الفندق بوضع حبات شوكولات مم ان اند امز و سلة الفواكه ، بالاضافة الغرفة السويت الكينج تحتوي على غسيل ل ٣ يطع ملابس مجانا كل يوم. -excellent service الخدمة كانت جدا رائعة. -expert and friendly stuff Every one was smiling, and they always help and ask for help, many talks in different languages to just help us, that shows the power of the hotel to train there stuff. الفريق واضح عليه الخبرة و الجميع كان دائما مبتسما من اصغر لأكبر موظف في الفندق، وكانوا دائما يسألونا لو احتجنا اي مساعدة ما، اكثر الموظفين يتكلم اكثر من لغة و خاصة العربية وهذا يدل على حرص الفندق على الاهتمام بالنزلاء وراحتهم. We have tried the baby sitter and they provide it from the housekeepers and she was so nice to my baby and just asks for 15 RM per hour and she can even stay in room or go with you. قمنا بتجربة خدمة مربية الأطفال والتي كانت من طاقم الخدمة للغرف و تعاملها مع الرضيع بشكل جميل واخذت على الساعة الواحدة ١٥ رينجيت فقط ويمكن أن تخرج معكم او تبقى بالغرفة. - Lounge access has good choices Soft drinks, coffee machine and snacks, two computers, and we can pass at any time to drink something, stuff in this lounge were extra professional. الغرفة تحتوي على دخول للدور الخاص والذي يحتوي على المشروبات بانواعها و ايضا بعض السناكات و القهوة والفطور الخاص في وقت الصباح بعيدا عن ازدحام المطعم في الاسفل، الفريق هنا يعرف التعامل مع الزوار بشكل احترافي اكثر. - Main Resturant (TRC) was so big and buffet was extremely nice. المطعم الرئيسي في الدور الأرضي كان كبيرا جدا و البوفيه فيه واسعة و تحتوي على خيارات متنوعة. There was many kind of buffets, Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Arab and American. Juices were a lot, they have something called fruits and salad tower, a huge tower that has a big number of fruits plus salads. One day there was sea food buffet also that had many choices which I was not able to try all but mostly sea food lovers will like for sure. We have tried the breakfast, lunch and dinner there. كان هناك العديد من البوفيهات مثل الماليزية والهندية و الصينية والامريكية و العربية، توفر العديد من العصيرات ، يتميز المطعم بوجود برج السلطة و الفواكه و الذي يعتبر من المعالم الجميلة بالمطعم. يوم من الايام شاهدت بوفيه بحري وكانت التشكيلة جدا كبيرة ومغرية لمحبي اكل البحر، و الوقت و المساحة لاتكفي لتجربة كل الاصناف، ولقد جربت الغداء و العشاء فيه. Main dishes as Arab ones where there ( Kabsah, Manakeesh, Mansaf, Shawerma, Falafel, kobba and many others.) اهم الاطباق العربية متوفرة فيه مثل الكبسة والمنسف و السلطات والتبولة والفتوش و الشاورما و المناقيش و الفول و الكبة و الفلافال والكثير. On dinner I tried the western burger, the flavor and taste was as what I like. في وقت العشاء جربت البيف بيرجر و كان لذيذ جدا. The another choice was We tried the Fusion Resturant on dinner also which was having a fresh grilling , you just have to choose the beef, meat or sea food that you want to grill and chef will grill it for you, the choices of starters as Arab were so nice, Tabula, Fatush, salad, Humus and many others. They were playing Arabian music all the time there which we liked. من التجارب التي جربتها كان المطعم في الدور السفلي عند مسبح المطعم و اسمه ڤيوجن، و يتمتع بوجود كل اللحوم و الدجاج و الاكل البحري الني بحيث تقومون باختيار ماتودون شوية و الشيف يقوم بطهيه لكم. خيارات المقبلات كثيرة مثل السلطة و التبولة و الفتوش و الحمص والكثير. و ايضا كانت الموسيقى العربية تعمل بشكل مستمر في هذا المطعم. -Swimming pool is big and have areas for kids and adults and nice views and decorations. It has many water falls that was making the feeling that you are in wild life. Clean water which make me feel safe for my kids and me, life guard was there, towels where always there also. And they have a massage out side of the pool not only in the Spa. المسبح كان جدا كبير و فيه قسم للأطفال و يتمتع بوجود الشلالات الصناعية الجميلة و ايضا الديكور الجميل، و يتوفر اكثر من شلال صناعي و من دوره اضافة جمال للمكان. المياه نظيفة للمسبح و هذا يريحني خاصة لوجود اطفال معي والمنقذين متوفرين و موزعين للانقاذ و بالاضافة لوجود المناشف الخاصة بالمسبح بشكل مجاني و يتوفر ايضا مساج خارجي وداخلي. Check in and out was so easy. They had an organized queue which helped me to reach my turn in a fast way. تسجيل الدخول و الخروج كان سهل الاجراء و كانوا يوفرون طريقة استقبال جيدة بحيث اغلب الناس لاتنتظر كثيرا. The hotel has access to the mall in some steps just pass the main entrance and step to the mall in seconds, same also for the Sunway water and amusement park, you just can access from the lobby area to elevator to the parks, also the hotel provide tickets that you can buy and just enter the park. الفندق يتيح امكانية الدخول للمنتزه الخاص بصانواي ( صانواي لاجون ) مباشرة عن طريق البهو الأساسي ، بعدها عن طريق المسبح الخاص به او للدخول للمول من عند البوابة الرئيسية له، و الفندق يوفر ايضا بطاقات الدخول للمدينة الترفيهية من قسم اللوبي. I have tried this hotel 3 times so far, 2011 & 2014 & 2017, each time the hotel is improving, and they will start on the renovation to make it look even better. قمت بتجربة الفندق للمرة الثالثة من سنة ٢٠١١ و ٢٠١٤ و ٢٠١٧ و في كل مرة الفندق في تطوير و قريبا حسب كلام ادارتهم هناك تطوير كامل للفندق. A big thank for all the stuff, Mr Dawoud and his team for all what they helped with. شكر خاص للجميع على استقبالهم الجميع بالأخص للأخ داوود و لكل فريقه على ماقدموه من مساعده ، ولاأنسى الشيف علاء و الشيف أحمد و على رأسهم جميعا الدكتور جيفيري شاه.

The best thing in the hotel is the lobby and the restorant We didn't like the rooms because the furniture were too old and the path room not clean and also one day a snake went to our room, thank god it didn't hurt any one and they move us to other rooms

Hotel generally met standards of a 5-star hotel, room is nice but furniture seemed dated. The place was filled with Middle Easterners, and the hotel goes to great lengths to attract them, having a separate buffet section and room service menu catering to Middle Eastern tastes. Hotel breakfast was okay, though nothing inspired, yoghurt selection was disappointing though. Egg station could do better with their omelettes. Went for a Balinese massage at the spa, which was a 10-minute walk from the lobby past the villas within the resort, didn't expect the distance. Buffet dinner was okay as well but could be better. Didn't manage to go to the theme park as wife wasn't feeling well but did bring the kids for ice skating at the adjoining mall. The mall is quite big and had everything, so no need to worry about the shopping part. All in all, a good weekend staycation, but could've been better.

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