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Rio Perdido

4.0 out of 5.0

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Everything you need is on site. Hidden gem of a resort, with Thermal Rivers, Termal Pools, Hikes and Trails, Bike trails, a Canyon Adventure tour that will take your breath away and whitewater tubing. The "rooms" are amazing, they have created this very remote oasis that is an absolute haven and still provides thrills and beauty. We loved it so much we are returning again this year!

I don't make that title lightly. My wife and I truly believe Rio Perdido is the best. This was our second visit to Costa Rica in two years. Last year, we stayed a full week at Rio Perdido and it made such an impression on us that we knew we'd be back. So, this year, we decided to go to Arenal for four days and then back to Rio Perdido for the remaining three days of our vacation. The grounds are incredible - 600 acres of explorable rainforest and natural hot springs! Rio Perdido offers canyoning/zip lining, tubing and hiking trails to make the most of its surroundings. Martinez, Ariel and Jonathan - in particular - make the outdoor adventure part of the experience so memorable. You always feel safe and you laugh every step (or float down the river) of the way. This kind of expansive, unspoiled nature is something you won't find anywhere else. The food is fantastic, local and fresh. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner, and every meal exceeded expectations. And while the hotel grounds, adventures and food is enough for a five-star review, those aspects aren't why my wife and I agree wholeheartedly that this is the best hotel in the world. The reason why we came back to Rio Perdido is because of the staff. I've been to plenty of hotels where the staff memorize your name, but this is different. When we checked in this year, all our favorite staff members from last year literally ran out to hug us. We consider Luis, Yanan, Emanuel, Maykal, Hector, Mario, Steve (and the aforementioned Martinez, Ariel and Jonathan) to be genuine friends and even extended family of ours. I can't speak highly enough about them. They ensure your stay is memorable and go out of their way to accommodate you. On our last night, Maykal and the staff even took a table from the main dining area down three flights of stairs and created a private dinner setting by the pool. We didn't ask for this; they just did it on their own. Phenomenal. We even had the honor of meeting Rio Perdido's general manager, Estuardo del Valle, and it was clear to see why Rio Perdido not only has great staff but also how it retains its staff year after year. Estuardo facilitates an exceptional working environment, where its staff have a great time with each other and that translates to a relaxed environment felt by guests. Go ahead and book a stay at Rio Perdido. You will become lifelong fans, like my wife and me.

The hotel grounds and rooms are great and beautiful. The staff is by far the best I've encountered in Costa Rica, they were all very helpful and super welcoming. My family and I went tubing and it was a lot of fun, would definitely recommend! The restaurant is quite good and the breakfast had a lot of options and was very good as well. There are like 20 bungalows, so even if they're all full, it never feels crowded! There are so many things to do that you really don't see a lot of the other guests. It's the perfect place for relaxing. 10/10

We loved every part of this hotel! Every staff member is just wonderful. Food is amazing, drinks were the best we ever had. The bungalows were perfect and clean. Loved soaking in the natural hot spring for hours then to the thermal pools after daily activities. The views and nature there are unreal. We will be back next year for sure. Yes a very bumpy ride to the resort but makes the experience even more unique. You must try this wonderful place. It's a one of a kind gem! Thank you Rio Perdido team for everything and such a wonderful experience!

I've stayed at other resorts over the years (including big, glitzy places like Club Med Cancun, which was nice in a Disneyland sort of way). But Rio Perdido is so totally in a wonderful class of its own, that it is tough to know where to start! The location, the service, the activities, the wildlife and nature, the hot springs, the spa, the food, the infrastructure that was somehow perfectly installed rising out of the rainforest yet with great sensitivity and beauty, the impeccable cleanliness and maintenance standards. Did I mention the amazing service??? Yowza, what an amazing place. Seriously. Have no idea how they do it. Plus, unlike many chain resorts, this place is actually sensitively connected to the local community economically. They really try to make sure the local farmers, artisans and residents benefit from the influx of guests and their activities. And the price for everything, despite the fact this was not an all-inclusive resort, was truly surprisingly reasonable. Let me first talk about the service, which to us was head and shoulders above that of other resorts. In other places, if you are lucky, you will ordinarily experience a formal, perhaps cold, courtesy from some staff, occasionally punctuated by an unfriendly individual, or, conversely, by a genuine kindness and friendliness. At Rio Perdido, that last quality was universal --- yes, universal . . . not once did we encounter even a hint of surliness, of sarcasm, of distance, of disinterest, or of barely hidden contempt. Every single person (and I mean it . . . EVERY single person) was unbelievably friendly and genuine and truly tried very hard to accommodate, help and assist us in a warm and friendly (and yes, caring) manner. I was blown away, because I never thought such uniformly sterling, professional service was possible, simply because human nature tends to be imperfect, and you cannot expect perfection from people. Cold mechanical efficiency from relentless training and discipline, yes (think certain high-priced European hotels). But Rio Perdido staff were in a league of their own. I left convinced that they really cared about me and my experience. I could not ask for more. I am embarrassed to say, I am bad with names, and I wish I had taken better notes. Every single one of the employees at this facility deserve special mention and commendation. Here are just a few of the people who should be mentioned with our thanks: Alberth, Emmanuel, Sebastian, Yanan, Erik, Geovanny, Diego, Andrea. In addition, when we did the zip line and inner tube activities, Jonathan and his colleagues (whose names all deserve mention, despite my lack of recollection) stood out as incredibly professional, friendly and with great senses of humor. During my stay, I also used the spa services, and got a fantastic massage from one of the best masseuses ever to try to work on my back. I wish I could remember her name, as she deserves being named and recommended here. Lastly, Estuardo del Valle, the resort manager, was incredibly accessible, courteous and solicitous. The location covers two ecozones. Although the climate is seasonally dry, which means the property is in the dry-forest environment, the two deep river canyons surrounding the resort provide year-round moist environments which support rainforest ecozones. This allows the guests to weave through these two totally distinct botanical and zoological types of environments when taking in the beautiful and extensive hiking trails. The architecture of the main building is based on a dramatic circular and open-air style. But it does not feel intrusive or extraneous. The pools with the thermal/mineral baths (at different temperatures) sit on the lower level just outside the building, following its curves. There is a lot to do here, in addition to the inherent relaxation of the setting and enjoyment of the thermal pools (which are a theme here). I will discuss cost further down, but suffice to say, some activities are free, and some are available at a fee. Among the latter are dramatic zip-line and canyoning guided tours, as well as inner-tube trips on river rapids, and spa services. But the resort is quite large, and has a lengthy well-developed network of trails taking you through striking and varied terrain (no charge for the self-guided use of these). One of the trails (again, totally free and included with the accommodation) follows a hot water stream (yes, the stream itself is warm due to several tributary springs of very hot water, but read on for a small seasonal caveat) to one spring in particular which can be soaked in as it enters the stream. I consider my time soaking in this spot one of the most enjoyable and blissful moments of my stay, and we had the place literally to ourselves. One should use common sense to place ones-self at a respectful distance from the entry of the hot water itself, as it emerges at very very hot temperatures. I found the perfect spot about six feet or so away, where the stream's cooler waters mixed nicely to a perfect temperature. We visited during the height of a particularly prolific rainy season. Unfortunately, that meant that the usually crystal clear hot water stream was flooded by higher, cooler, and muddier water. The coffee color of the water was totally harmless and left no residue on clothes or skin, and was quite pleasant to swim in. The hot spring water itself was like glass in transparency as it emerged from the source, and was striking to see as it merged with the cooler, browner water of the stream. The spring we visited was clearly marked as the South Spring. It required crossing the creek, which even during the height of the wet season, was not a particularly difficult challenge, although it must be done carefully with good traction footwear or sandals to avoid slipping. So totally worth it!!! The walk is well marked (towards the end, they need a little bit more signage, which the manager says they are working on), but during the rains it can be slippery, so simple common sense and care is needed to step deliberately and wisely. Really not a big deal, and, again, so worth it for such an awesome soak in a beautiful place. Also, again as a common sense concern, apply bug spray again mosquitoes. To my surprise, they were not anywhere as abundant as I expected, especially given the very wet rainy season, but they did exist. Also, if you plan to spread a blanket on the ground for a picnic or just to sit and enjoy the beautiful environment, keep an eye out for ants. Some are innocuous, but others can inflict a bite that can last a week or so, and are not particularly fun to endure. Very easy to avoid, however, by being observant, and they are not ubiquitous --- just keep an eye out and move if you see them. If hiking is not your thing, the resort pools are lovely, modern, beautifully designed, spotlessly clean, and easy to enjoy and free with the accommodation. One pool has a swim-up bar where lunch and dinner can be ordered from the comfort of your warm soak. During our stay, we heard howler monkeys (sadly could not see them), parrots, geckos (they make an amusing long kissing/smooching sound), but we also saw more varieties of beautifully colored butterflies and moths than I have ever seen in one place. We also saw iguanas and other varieties of lizards, including the so-called Jesus lizard which literally runs across water (seriously, I actually saw it doing this), and birds and of all kinds. It was really a wonderful component to our experience at this resort. I already mentioned the spa briefly. I recommend it . . . it is fairly priced and the people are good at their jobs. The food: I was on a restricted diet, and one of my least favorite things was initially having to explain to the kind and patient serving staff what I could and could not eat. To my amazement, not once did they bat an eyelash, and instead immediately helped me tweak what was offered so I could enjoy a good and tasty meal despite my limitations. All the ingredients were fresh and locally sourced, and were expertly prepared. the presentation was beautiful, and the flavors perfectly nuanced and seasoned. Breakfast is included, and dinner, despite the remote location, was fairly priced, and well-worth the money. The bar-tenders really knew their job and made expertly prepared drinks, adjusting the ingredients to meet our expectations. Fruit, dairy and baked goods were fresh and delicious. We really enjoyed the culinary component to our stay here. Our accommodations: Guests stay at these individual mini-cottages, which are cleverly nestled in the rainforest, within comfortable walking distance from the main structure. Guests with mobility or walking strength limitations are accommodated by an easily requested electric golf-cart-like service. We intentionally came during the wet-season. The down-side: Afternoons usually end with downpours on the walk to dinner in the main building (if umbrellas are not your thing, the golf-carts are available). The streams lose the lovely clarity, and the hot-stream loses most of the warmth, and walks can require caution against slipping. Conceivably mosquitoes are more abundant (but, as mentioned, we were really not especially bothered --- still, why not wear bug repellent when dining at the open-to-outside restaurant area?). The plus-side? Temperatures are much more comfortable, crowds are nonexistent, the environment is beautifully lush, and costs are noticeably lower. We loved every second of our stay, and we found the thunderstorms during dinner to be a spectacular floor-show to which we had a dramatic front seat. Are there any negatives? . . . well, there really aren't any that can be blamed on this excellent resort. There is a stretch of a somewhat rough dirt road after the turn-off between from the main road to the resort. All I can say is blame the Costa Rican government --- bad roads are endemic throughout the country, and (from talking to locals) are a function of the government's choice to de-emphasize infrastructure like roads, in favor of education, environmental care and so forth (and lets also not mention the role of corruption in Latin America, which is hardly the exception, even in an advanced country like Costa Rica). The sub-par road is fairly brief, and rather scenic as you gain altitude, and is easily passable, even in the rainy season, albeit jarring to a small extent. But it actually helps lend a somewhat Shangri-La quality to the destination: After the rough ride, you arrive at this stunningly polished resort that suddenly emerges, hidden in the slopes of the mountains. The accommodation was simply immaculate, fully modern (including decent wi-fi), and impeccably maintained. Our bed was large and comfortable. The air-conditioning took a bit of effort to understand (you need to be close to the unit to get it to respond to the remote), but worked superbly. Our shower, which was gorgeous, alas did have a slight water-containment issue causing excess water to accumulate in the main floor of the bathroom. This was easily remedied with an extra towel on the floor to absorb the water. In my honest opinion, this was so paltry an issue, it does not even enter into the equation when reviewing this supremely well-run facility, surrounded by beautiful natural environments, and offering high-quality in every single aspect of our stay. Now for the price: This was NOT an all-inclusive resort, but despite this fact, even with all the dinners and bar drinks, and value-added services (including canyoning/zip-line and rapids riding for two, and spa massage for one), the price came to $147 per person per night (or, if we combine the price for two, $296 double occupancy). Consider that a mid-priced hotel in Manhattan would cost you that much, without any meals or other extras we listed above). Granted Manhattan is a different kettle of fish, but still . . . I felt very happy with the cost. The one thing I wish had been done differently: Transport from airport to Rio Perdido arranged by the resort was pricey (albeit luxurious). In hindsight, I have read comments by others that much cheaper transport is available. Consider researching the transport options. I plan to return. As often as possible. I love this resort, and I am glad places like this exist.

Everything about Rio Perdido is first class! The service is impeccable and the environment, who could ask for more? The casita was modern and upscale, but totally in touch with the natural surroundings. The thermal pools, restaurant,, and the Spa facilities were also incredibly clean, modern, and upscale. There are all kinds of food options, so meat lovers, gluten free folks, vegans' and others have great choices. This is definitely a 5 Star resort at killer prices! Don't be fooled by it's remote location, nothing is missing here to have an incredible vacation! We did a 4km hike with Rio Perdido's private guide, Christian, who taught us all about the trees, flowers, and the river. He made me feel confident following trails in a foreign country. Luis, Sebastian, Yano, and Hector took care of us everyday in the dining area. They treated us like family at every meal, asked about our kids, and made sure everything was perfect. Steven, Laura, Mario, Roy, and Erik at the front desk took care of all our arrangements, making sure we took advantage of the spa, the river activities, and they even arranged for the most fabulous day off site at Tenorio Volcano and Rio Celeste waterfall with Carlos, from Costa Rica Green Life Tours. We did river tubing with Ariel, Martinez, and Juanito and had an absolute blast. Janna, the masseuse, gave me the best massage I've ever had! We will be back! I highly recommend Rio Perdido!!! PuraVida!!

We stumbled upon this wonderful resort on our way to a hike to the volcano - luckily! We took the day of tubing, ziplining, lunch, thermal pools, hike and massage. Great bang for your buck and one of the best days of my life! I can't recommend it enough. The people were so helpful especially since we arrived a bit late and were able to accommodate everything on a tight schedule. They did it with a smile and a great sense of humor. Go and experience it - well worth it on every front!

My husband and I visited Rio Perdido back in July, and we could not recommend it more highly! The resort itself is located on a large natures preserve that's incredibly secluded and tranquil, far from some of the more popular tourist desinations in CR. The best part of Rio Perdido, however, is that despite its remote location it has EVERYTHING you would be looking for--luxury accommodations, nutricious food, zip lining and water tubing right off the loby, hot spring pools and spa, miles of trails, incredible views and wildlife, and a natural hot spring/river on site to boot! The best part about Rio Perdido, though, were the people. The staff at Rio Perdido did everything they could to make sure our stay was something special. Everyone was so friendly and accomodating. Every night when we'd go to dinner, someone would come back to our room to turn down our sheets and leave a little sweet. Special shoutout to Mario in the lobby--he was super helpful in planning our trip, and making sure things went seamlessly! The value was also excellent consideing what you're getting here (luxury accomodations, convenient activities, breakfast included, etc) Our favorite memories from this trip were our romantic private dinner in the spa, morning runs through the trails and on the main road, hiking out to Mesa Norte to catch the sunset, ziplining/tubing, and our meals overlooking the canopy. An added note, my husband and I are both runners, and running/biking routes are something we take into consideration when we travel. Running on the road into Rio Perdido was convenient and safe. If you're into trail running the trails across the bridge are fantastic--just have to be mindful about where you step.

Mykel, Yanan, Chris, Diego, Cristian, Alfonso, Mauricio, Hector, Kendall, Daniel, Ariel, and Steven.. these guys make this oasis what it is and they make you want to be a part of it. A truly personalized experience unlike anything my wife or I have experienced. The Costa Rican culture is warm, positive, and rich.. Pura Vida! The service team (Mykel, Yanan, Chris, Diego, Mauricio, Kendall) was so enjoyable to start and end each day with. These guys became genuine friends to my wife and I. We loved and cherished the constant interactions, discussions, and suggestions. They make the language barrier fun for those of us that don't speak Spanish very well! Being the rainy season, the Rio Perdido was moving some water. This made for a gorgeous zip line adventure and incredible raft ride. Cristian, Alfonso, and Ariel made these activities seem like a trip with friends instead of guides. Very knowledgeable and safe, just be sure to keep an eye on Alfonso on the zip line.. he is loco!! Steven's knowledge of the property and mapping suggestions made us so excited and comfortable to do a couple 8k and 6k hikes around the property. We loved looking for animals and exploring the beauty of this oasis. Hiking in Costa Rica is an incredible experience! We really appreciated the suggestions outside of the resort that Mykel and Steven provided (quick drive north to see the volcano and Llanos de Cortez waterfall on the way to Liberia airport). It was evident that customer service was the #1 priority of each team member, even if that included getting outside of RP's boundaries. We loved this place so much. We can't wait to come back, catch up with the team, and check out the improvements that are forthcoming. Pura Vida! Give us a shout if you ever head to Oklahoma! Thanks for the memories, Angelo & Emily Couple of quick notes for the team: Mykel, the Monkey Coffee is incredible! A little taste of Costa Rica each morning since coming back home. Thank you!! Diego, try to get the Diego Special added to the cocktail menu by the time we come back. The Maracuya is too good! Hector, we hope you are able to make it to Denver in the near future. You will love the snow! Steven, we suggest you work 7 days a week, open to close.. RP needs you around at all times! Your level of customer service and dedication to our personal experience at RP could not have been any better.

I cannot begin to express how incredible our experience was at Rio Perdido! We recently returned from our honeymoon and spent the first 3 nights of our Costa Rica visit here. Relaxury provided transportation from the Liberia airport to the welcoming front entrance of Rio Perdido. Steven was there to greet us, walk us through the main building to the beautiful restaurant overlook, provide us cool towels, refreshing drinks and information about what to expect during our stay. We were escorted with our bags by golf cart to our private bungalow (#15). Each bungalow has 2 individual hammock chairs to enjoy the sounds and sights of the surrounding forest. The rooms are laid out nicely with 2 beds brought together to make 1 king bed, an adjustable air conditioning, desk top table to overlook the forest, cozy corner seating, television and large bathroom with beautiful stone and marble shower and sink. They offer room service, but we were so happy to venture up to the restaurant for our meals. Breakfast is included while lunch and dinner were a la carte at pre-arranged times. We took advantage of the hiking trails, tubing, ziplining, thermal pools and resort pools while here in addition to the tasty beverages and meals. If I can make one point, it will be this: come during the summer! Yes, it's the rainy season. Yes, it rained, but never more than a short period and the sun was right back out. We practically had the entire resort and ALL of our adventurous excursions and relaxing thermal pool visits to ourselves. The only time we saw anyone else was during meals or at 1 of the 3 resort pools. The food & drinks - 5 stars! The breakfast options seemed unending. You'll find unique selections. The fruit was fresh and delicious. A new juice option was offered each morning with breakfast. Pour-over coffee was delicious. Our menu recommendations are the chifri Rio with beef, the nachos with malanga chips, seared tuna dinner, rambutan fruit (odd, but yummy!), guaro sour (the BEST in CR) and chili water. The resort - It's unlike anything I have ever experienced. You will ride through a small town (they'll tell you - if it's got a church, a bar, a school and a soccer field, it's a town!) to reach the resort. Once you are there, you will feel a world away from everything. It's nearly impossible to describe the serenity, especially with so few people around. The views from the main building are awe-inspiring - greenery and mountains everywhere you look. The hiking trails offer the most scenic views of the volcanoes in the distance. Some of the hiking down to the thermal river is tricky (we ended up taking a steep set of moss-covered, slippery steps.. thank goodness for the ropes to help you stay upright, because it was downright dangerous in some areas) but beyond worth the effort! All you can hear is the rushing water. We stayed down in the river for several hours and felt the rest of the world melt away. The excursions - ziplining and tubing - 5 stars! The guides ensure that you have SO much fun and are safe through the entire experience. Do yourself a favor, and check out our photos. They sum up our experience perfectly. This is a trip we will not forget in our lifetime. Many, many thanks to our guides - especially Cristian & Martinez for helping me stay calm and enjoy the ziplining. The views are not to be missed! To Juan and our tubing guides (I'm sorry I have forgotten their names) for pulling me out of the water twice (though they may have playfully knocked me out). I still have some bruises 3 weeks later, but I had the best time getting them and I am so sad that those moments came and went so quickly. Some notes: Take sunscreen and bug spray and prepare to spend an additional 15 minutes getting ready by applying these crucial items. You're in the forest. There are bugs everywhere, including your bungalow. Get used to it. Take the above items with you and reapply throughout the day. If you're spending the whole trip here, don't take anything fancy. We literally wore bathing suits and moisture wicking clothing the entire time - let it dry and re-wear. Relax and enjoy every moment. It passes so quickly. The people - Service at Rio Perdido was impeccable! My heartfelt thanks to Yanan, Mychal, Diego, Steven and Erick for the service they provided. You were all so kind and made our trip so perfect! Thank you also for your immediate first aid attention when a rogue wasp found my leg. I literally get teary-eyed writing this because it was some of the best days of my life and I miss how this place made me feel - invigorated, rested, alive! I am already begging my husband to plan a return trip.. maybe an anniversary celebration! Thank you to everyone at Rio Perdido!!

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