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Towneplace Suites By Marriott Brookfield

2.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Perfect stay during our Summerfest visit. Our newly remodeled room was clean and modern. It was great to have a full kitchen and the free breakfast was a plus. The staff was wonderful and because there were open rooms we were able to check in several hours early.

This hotel was nice. Everything looked to be freshly remodeled. The room had a small full kitchen and a separate bedroom and living room area with a workspace. The bathroom and kitchen both had what appeared to be new floors and the bathroom shower looked new too. The shower had excellent water pressure. The bed was comfortable but the pillows were terrible. The kind that even though you stack two of them together they immediately squish down flat as soon as you lay on them. But that was just a minor thing. Contrary to some of the reviews that I read, there were dishes in the cabinets in the room and there was an ice machine available. Another review I read said that the breakfast wasn't much to speak of, but they had just about everything you could want. They had eggs, sausage, waffles, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, muffins, different types of breads, bagels, etc. The lobby had a pantry area too so that you could buy frozen pizzas or frozen dinners, soup, and other various snacks for your room. They had laundry facilities there and sold detergent and fabric softener in the pantry too. There was also a 24-hour fitness room. In the fitness room there were two treadmills, a recumbent bike, an elliptical trainer, and free weights. Overall I was very pleased with the facilities and the amenities of this hotel. I would definitely stay again because I think the part I'm about to complain about was a one-time thing. At least I hope so. We stayed on a Friday and Saturday and were to check out on Sunday. On Saturday morning, we noticed in the parking lot, that they were unloading a bunch of new furniture. The type that needs to be assembled. Cabinets, tables, etc. When I walked out of my room, I saw pieces of furniture all stacked in the hallways, including some propped up right next to our door. I thought surely they couldn't be leaving these pieces of furniture in the hallway overnight or all weekend because it would be a fire hazard. But I also couldn't imagine that they were going to try to swap out furniture in the rooms with all the rooms full of hotel guests. So I sent my husband to the front desk to find out what was going on. The girl at the front desk told him that yes, they were going to switch some furniture out in the rooms today. She said that it was a one-day project and that it had to be done that same day. When he informed her that we were not comfortable having people working in our room with all our stuff in there, she offered to have them come in and change out the furniture while we were in there. That was also not an option as I was showering and dressing for an event that we were to attend that afternoon. So we packed of all our things and loaded them into our car, as if we were checking out. As if packing everything up wasn't inconvenient enough, it was also pouring rain outside that day. As I brought the last of my things downstairs to load in the car, I stopped in the lobby to tell them how displeased I was with the situation. I complained to the girl at the front desk that I couldn't believe they were going to just let people in our room with all our belongings in there, and that we wouldn't even have known about it had I not sent my husband to ask. One of the girls at the front desk then asked me if I was given a letter about it when I checked in. When I said that I had not received any letter, she looked at her list of rooms that were to get new furniture, and informed me that it wasn't our room, but the room across the hall that was going to get new furniture. At that point, we were on our way out and weren't about to reload all our stuff back into the room. As it turns out, it was a good thing that we didn't, because when we got back there was a new desk in our room! And since I had taken pictures for this review, I have proof. I'm not sure what the girl at the front desk was hoping to accomplish by lying to me but I can tell you that it didn't make things better, it made things worse. I would have loved to give this hotel a better rating than a three, but the whole invasion of privacy and lying to me was unacceptable and really made me mad. Management should have planned a funiture swap for a day that the rooms were empty. And the front desk staff should not lie to people. It's insulting.

we come out of state to stay here and used to love it. always get a 2 bedroom suite they remodeled the rooms, although visually pleasing: crowded , one tiny tiny sofa and NO CHAIR FOR THE MISTER. Mister is , a big guy and the tiny couch , is uncomfortable for us both and one of us cannot lay down and the other in a chair, NOt any improvement also LIGHTS: you can have a "stadium" too bright lites on OR NOTHING. no lamps to watch or read by save for the one in my BR which I pulled out for the living room. the remotes dont work. the main TABLe too big for the room and we have to squeeze by it, no matter where you move it. room: clean save for it needed vaacumming. I woke up first nite with a rash all over and had to get new sheets: this seemed to solve the problem. the gal on sat 7th a.m. and sun 8th a.m.: when not on her device, was dismissive and rude in general and rude when I told her they WERE OUT OF COFFEE ON SUNDAY AT 8 A.M. ( they have one tiny carafe for the whole hotel , even at breakfast) they were low on food or out, and no trays) She apparently did NOt like hearing that they were out of coffee and trays. I had to go up and make my own So sad Good news! Stay at the Residence in its much better Also, the gal working on SAt nite, is always accommodating and pleasant. its usually pretty quiet too Good luck : bring your own coffee and eggs

Came to Wisconsin specifically for a Packers game. I didn't want to spend too much on my trip so I used points to get 2 free nights here. This was the cheapest in the vicinity and since I was not going to be staying long, decided to go ahead and give It a try. From the outside the place appears a bit rundowne.The rooms were quaint and very spacious, although a bit dated. I like the full kitchen, we were able to save money by bringing home left overs to eat for lunch the next day and pick up a few things from the store. We were on the ground floor and the room was easily accessible from the parking lot. The only thing that bothered me was that the hallway smelled horrible. The room served its purpose though of being conveniently located to a spot close to where I could catch a bus to the game.

I stayed at the Towne Place Suites while visiting my sister at Froedert hospital, about 6 miles away. Easy to find location, easy access to main routes (even with I-41/894/94 ramps closed) and lots of good restaurants near by. Hotel was very comfortable and good room layout. My only complaints were that I got a handicapped room (I wish I had been asked; but the hotel was pretty full over the 3 nights I stayed there) and they probably need to look at the door to the 140 wing ... many times, the door did not close properly and anyone could have accessed the building. Great place for families and more-than-a-couple-nights stay!

I stayed at Marriott Town Place Suites in Brookfield, Wisconsin, for eleven weeks spanning July 2016 through September 2016 – it was my home and I was able to experience a full range of business operations, customer service, and management. It was awful. When I checked in I noticed that there was mold on the bathroom ceiling, the exhaust fan did not work, and the bathroom light bulb needing replacing. The light bulb was replaced within the hour but it took a week before the ceiling fan was repaired and they got rid of the ceiling mold. The next day there was a flood in the kitchen; seems that the garbage disposal backed up into the dishwasher and I spent an hour cleaning up the mess. This is a no smoking facility, but smokers don’t fret; you have the run of the house and you get to smoke wherever you’d like. You can stand in front of the entrance to the hotel and blow smoke to your heart’s content. You can throw your cigarette butts on the ground and, without a doubt; you can overflow the garbage can ashtrays you have to pass to enter the security door to the wing of the hotel where guests live. You also congregate on the patio right outside the hotel desk and turn it into a nicotine drug house. Guests have to walk through second hand smoke to enter the hotel. Even better, if you are the hotel assistant manager working the midnight shift, you can go out to the patio and light up so you cannot answer the telephone and yours truly calls from his cell phone and has to walk to the front desk to get his key card reprogrammed because it does not work. Garbage cans by the security doors are constantly overflowing, with bags of garbage on the ground – that makes it easier for the mice you can watch running away from the garbage along the side of the building. Don’t understand it, but smokers, you seem to have a need to wedge landscaping rocks under the security door to keep it open. Surprise, the doors become misaligned and the security lock does not work. It took two weeks for management to have the doors repaired. You can find vehicles double-parked in front of the two-way driveway in front of the hotel office resulting in traffic jams. Parking here makes it easy for employees working the hotel desk on the midnight shift. And the stop sign leading out of the parking lot; don’t worry, you don’t have to even pretend to stop – no one else does. The hotel offers guests an option of having their room cleaned each night or a once per week more inclusive cleaning. Didn’t need my room cleaned each day so I requested housekeeping only clean my room once weekly. I lived there for eleven weeks and housekeeping cleaned my room five times. Each time I spoke with the manager or front desk employee there was a different excuse, usually it was that my name was not on the list. My favorite was that there was a do not disturb sign on my door. When the room was cleaned, housekeeping did a terrible job. They did not vacuum the carpet, clean the kitchen floor, clean the shower, replace towels, change the bed linen, or wipe down the bathroom mirror. The exercise room is small but functional. There are two treadmills, an elliptical with a broken television screen, and an old stair stepper. Guests have taken the free weights so you get to use two ten pounders, one twenty pounder, and two thirty pound weights. My favorite is the multi-station weight machine. There are four weight stations but only two pins to operate the weights and one of them is bent. It took management one week to have maintenance remove the bent pin from the weight stack. I called Marriott Rewards to complain about the hotel because management is ineffectual. After waiting some 45 minutes on hold I explained my litany of concerns to someone who I thought was from customer service. Silly me! After navigating through an awful electronic menu that said, “enter 3 for customer service,” I was told Marriot Rewards only handles reservations and I was talking to the wrong person. What a waste of time. I eventually spoke with customer service and was assured that my complaint would be forwarded to hotel management. A couple of days later I was exercising on the weight machine and needed to remove a stuck weight pin. Lo and behold, I had the privilege of having the weight stack come crashing on my wrist resulting in an abrasion and bruise. I chose to work through the irritation and began using the lat pull down machine. The pin became dislodged, the weight stack plummeted downward, and yours truly fell off of the seat and landed flat on my back. When I went to the front desk to file an accident report, the employee told me that he was not trained on how to deal with accident reports. He eventually informed management and later in the morning I received a call from the hotel manager, who was profusely apologetic. He was now extremely concerned about my well-being. The four previous occasions I complained about poor customer service, he gave me a great big Cheshire cat smile and an apology and the problems continued. Now I have their attention – an hour or so after that I received a call from the hotel insurance company because they were concerned that I might sue the hotel because of the defective weight machine and my bruises, and fall. I politely informed the insurance representative that I was not going to waste my time and had no intention of going for medical care or contacting a lawyer. I am an Elite Rewards member and was treated like this. Even if you just check in for a one night stay, a person should not be treated this way. Here’s the icing on the cake. I called Marriott Customer service a second time and was told that the documentation from my initial complaint simply read, “internet issue – resolved.” So much for integrity and character - Marriott, I think not. I don’t have these problems with Hilton properties.

We arrived last Saturday evening for a 1 night stay. Upon arrival, there were cookies at the front desk along with mints. I noticed coffee and water for people to enjoy. There was also a little "snack shack" which you could purchase food from. My step-mom and I had planned on getting a 2 bedroom suite and when we arrived, they said that there was a maintenance issue and we could have an executive suite along with a regular suite and the regular suite would be comped. So that we decided to go with that. The executive suite had a couch and chair along with a kitchenette. The kitchenette included a full size refrigerator, stove, sink, dishwasher, and coffee pot. There was little bottle of dish soap along with a packet of dish washing detergent. There was little room off the main suite which had a tv, chair and desk. There was an issue with the toilet and I needed to get a plunger so I went to the front desk. The clerk was nice enough to get one for me and off I went back to the room. It didn't work for me so he even came up and tried. No luck for him either. It was nice that he tried to come and help. I slept well in the bed and upon arising went down for breakfast. With as many suites as there are, I fully expected the breakfast room to be packed but it wasn't. The breakfast was delicious. They had oatmeal (with toppings), waffles (with chocolate chips as toppings), fried eggs, sausage patties, bagels, toast, cheese slices, hard boiled eggs, cold cereal, muffins, fresh fruit, and yogurt. There was also milk and orange juice in a cooler. The lady working there did a great job at keeping everything stocked. Also, I did notice there was an outdoor pool (closed for the season), a workout room, and an outdoor grill if you wanted to grill your own food. An added bonus was Cici's Pizza just across the street!

This is the most common hotel I stayed at when I would come to Milwaukee. The location is great for brewers games or the many fests. The area around it had lots of great eating and shopping options. The room is standard fair for townplace, reasonably comfortable bed, nice sitting area and kitchen. The street access is a bit awkward but never bothered by street noise at night. Very basic cold breakfast items in morning but good restaurant discounts for all meals. At times it takes a while for staff to come to desk. Had met my needs for many weekend and one night stays at a very reasonable cost and quality

We stayed because of the outdoor pool for our grandkids and we weren't disappointed. The rooms were comfortable, staff was accommodating and beds were nice but the breakfast was just okay. Ask for coupons if you are going out for dinner because they can usually offer some.

Found this option when almost everything in Downtown Milwaukee was sold out. Not quite as convenient to Downtown as you would be led to believe, but ended up working for us. Since the centerpiece of our stay was attending a game at Miller Park, that 10 minute drive was easy. But it was closer to 20 minutes to Summerfest and the limited offerings of the city itself. The typical room here is a studio suite with full fridge and kitchen. Bath amenities did not include hand lotion; however it is available by request. The rooms were clearly in need of some updating, The shower, in particular, posed awkward shelving for soap and shampoo. But the suite was comfortable and, frankly, a value at the rate we found. There are a number of separate buildings. So a visit to the front desk or the mediocre continental breakfast is likely to require going outside. No problem in good weather as we enjoyed. But could be a bit of a nuisance on the weather challenged days. There is an outdoor pool. Another plus is its proximity to a plethora of shopping and chain restaurants.

600 N Calhoun Rd Brookfield WI

Hotel highlights

  • Free continental breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Outdoor pool

Located 1.2 mi (2 km) from Brookfield Square Mall, Towneplace Suites By Marriott Brookfield is within a 10-minute drive of Monkey Joe's. This hotel has 112 rooms and welcomes guests with conveniences like free breakfast, an outdoor pool, and free in-room WiFi. Miller Park is also within a 15-minute drive.


Free continental breakfast is included with your stay.


All 112 air-conditioned accommodations feature kitchens and space to spread out with sitting areas. Flat-screen TVs come with cable channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi and wired Internet. Bathrooms have hair dryers and free toiletries. Other standard amenities include sofa beds, coffee makers, and free local calls.

Property features

Guests staying at Towneplace Suites By Marriott Brookfield enjoy an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and free WiFi in public areas. You can put free parking to good use if you drive. The 24-hour front desk has staff standing by to help with dry cleaning/laundry and securing valuables. Additional amenities include a business center, a seasonal outdoor pool, and coffee/tea in a common area.

Room options

Suite, 2 Bedrooms

Queen 2 | Sleeps 5

Executive Studio, 1 Queen Bed with Sofa bed

Queen 1 | Sleeps 3

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