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SENTIDO Ixian Grand - Adults Only

5.0 out of 5.0

SENTIDO Ixian Grand - Adults Only

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We arrived on the 8th of May to stay for 10 nights. This review is LONG! But I’ve gone into exceptional detail because we found it hard to find a lot of this info online. Hotel easy to get to from Diagoras airport, about a 15-20 minute journey by taxi - might be a bit longer if you are getting a transfer but we were lucky to be the 1st stop on the way to the hotel. Don’t be put off by the surrounding area on the way to the hotel. But be warned that the towns nearby are a little run down. The hotel itself is lovely. Really large complex with plenty of space to sit around, walk and just generally enjoy. We checked in at around 9.20PM, the reception staff told us not to wait and to leave the luggage with them and to go and enjoy dinner because the main restaurant closes at 9.30pm. This wasn’t expected as we were going to order room service so saved us from doing that. We returned to check in after our first meal (good 1st impression!) and to our surprise had been upgraded from a deluxe double to a suite. We of course accepted the offer! So we were ushered by the bellhop to a separate check in for the suites. We were sat down with drinks, Check in was great, you do have to leave your passport with the staff for the 1st night so they can register your details with the reservation manager. You can pick it up in the morning after breakfast the following day. All inclusive was explained to us. Breakfast lunch and dinner are served in the Vis-a-Vis restaurant and snacks are served by the pool. I’ll go into detail about food in a bit. The all inclusive works with a card, you show the card to the barmen or restaurant hosts until they get to know you instead of having a wristband. THE ROOM - On the 1st night we were assigned room 4201. It was spacious and light, you could tell it had recently been renovated. Huge bed, though it didn’t have a ‘proper’ spring mattress, still comfortable though. The balcony overlooked the private pools of the rooms below. Air conditioning actually worked superbly! And stayed on all day even if you were not in the room so it was always cool to come back to. We were a bit disappointed that the room didn’t have a bath, we requested a bath as I suffer with back pain. That was the only downside to this room. The morning after the 1st night, we asked in reception whether it would be possible to move to a room with a bath, we did mention that we didn’t mind if it meant having to downgrade. The reception desk said to leave it with them and to call back after breakfast so we visited afterwards and they said they’d found a room that was still a suite with a jacuzzi bath! Yes please. They arranged for our bags to be taken to the new room and we went to see it. It was on the 1st floor but had an additional flight of stairs so felt like we were on 2nd floor. Our room number was 4271. It was perfect. Very spacious as you can see in photos, jacuzzi bath, balcony overlooking private pools and you could see a tiny bit of sea! Good air con again and rainfall shower room in the bathroom. The floor is very slippery in all rooms when wet, put towels down. The only issue we had with the room was that when draining the jacuzzi bath, the drain would overflow in the bathroom with the bath water, we learned it was because we were taking the plug out completely, we only needed to pop it up. THE FOOD - Don’t get me wrong - there was plenty of choice and variety day by day. Although a LOT of dishes were repeated and samey in Vis A Vis. A lot of local cuisine on offer, salads, cheese, honey, fish, oils etc. There were 3 parts to the buffet for lunch and dinner, you had breads and a chilled section, hot buffet and fresh dishes at the back. The best way to choose is to scope everything and then go and get what you want because the dishes are so different. The cold section was similar every day, cold salads, pasta, cold cuts, fish and Greek section. The hot food always had a potato option, rice, and then meat and fish dishes. If you don’t like cheese or fish you may struggle to make up a plate on SOME nights. If you are vegan or veggie or have allergies, the staff are very knowledgeable and there are allergen signs above every dish, HOWEVER we found that some of the signs had been mixed up so I’d advise to speak to the catering staff about any special requirements. They all speak English well. They do have themed nights, Mexican, Greek, German, Chinese/Japanese . Our favourite was Japanese, they had sushi and I was so excited!! By day 5, we found the food to be repeated and we were a bit sick of seeing the same food. The food itself was fresh and tasty. The ‘show cooking’ Part of the buffet we really enjoyed. If you’re a really fussy eater they ALWAYS had the following on the buffet - pizza, chips, a type of plain meat, plain cheese, salad bar like a pick n mix of salad, spaghetti and sauce, bread. The dessert selection got repetitive but they mainly were cakes and cream based desserts, ice cream counter, along with Greek specialty desserts and the hot dessert changed every night, there was a ‘chocolate pie’ with pie crust, ganache and meringue one night, it was to die for. Try everything is the only tip I have! You never know what you might like if you just try a little bit of anything you fancy. The wait time to get into the restaurant varied. We eat quite late in the morning and found it the best time to go anyway. We ate breakfast at 10am every day and never had to wait more than 5 mins to get in. For lunch we always dined around 2pm, by then the rush to get in was over. For dinner we dined anywhere between 7-8pm. The later you go the less busy it was we found. Breakfast is served 8-10 full buffet then 10-12 only continental. (though we found the hot breakfast buffet didn’t really close until around 10.30/11AM). Lunch is 12.30-3pm. Dinner is 6.30-9.30pm. You’re also allowed 1 a-la-carte meal per weeks stay. Milonges taverna serves Greek foods and Degu7 serves a set 7 course seafood taster menu. We chose milonges as we’re not massive fish eaters, we weren’t disappointed. The menu is varied. BREAKFAST - putting this separate as we would’ve liked to know this- it’s the only thing that let it down. The breakfast is definitely catered more towards european - non british guests. There was always some form of potato, hash browns only appeared once every 3 days and were labelled as ‘potato with cheese’ - hence why I STRONGLY advise you speak to someone if you have allergies because hash browns don’t contain cheese.. , sausages are baby frankfurters. Bacon is extremely processed. Butter is unsalted? No salted butter at all. The rest of the hot stuff was pretty standard, all types of egg except poached (though the fried eggs were a little under done for my liking, only on the 3rd day did I find out you could request the hot counter chefs to flip an egg for you), beans, toast, omelette with different fillings. Continental had plenty of choice, fruit, cheese, cold cuts, salad, bread, dried fruit, yoghurt, museli, fruit. My favourite part of the breakfast were the fresh waffles and pancakes with warm chocolate spread/honey. POOL SNACKS - served 10am-6pm. Fresh Pizza, waffles, pancakes, ice cream, sandwiches. All cooked fresh. Same thing every day though. ALL INCLUSIVE DRINKS - there are 2 bars to get drinks. The milonges pool bar is outside and you are usually served by Stelios, he’s a cheerful chap always cracking jokes, incredibly friendly. The Truman bar is in the lobby, the barmen are very attentive but we never caught anyone’s name there. Milonges pool bar is always busy in the daytime because it’s by the pool, if you go inside to the Truman’s bar it’s usually got less if not any queue. Vice versa in the evening. Truman’s gets a lot busier in the night. There’s plenty of seating at both, Truman’s has the whole lobby and an outdoor terrace while milonges has a sheltered seating area and is next to the sunloungers. There is plenty of choice and contrary to a lot of these reviews I can guarantee that NONE of the drinks are ‘watered down’ the spirits are proper. Plenty to choose from and a wide cocktail list. They’re just not branded, if you want a branded drink you have to pay for which I think is fair. The quality of the local spirits is very high. The only mix up we commonly got was that there’s 2 types of lemonade, they have Sprite and Fanta lemon. Sprite is clear lemonade and Fanta lemon is cloudy. They serve Pepsi as a cola. It’s proper syrup as well not ‘cheap stuff’ as other reviews suggest. The cocktails are really strong and I always forget a European measure as standard is 50ml, equivalent to a double in the UK. So asking them to measure the spirits or to just half them made the cocktails a bit easier to sip on. If you like them strong then you’ll have no problem! The barmen are also really good with suggesting drinks and making sure you’re happy with what you’ve got. They were happy to change a cocktail a few times for me because I don’t like vodka that much, so they’d take it out or replace it with something else. ENTERTAINMENT/EXCURSIONS - each night there was someone performing by the milonges pool bar. Friday night is disco night. They had Vegas girls dancing and performing one night too. By the pool there’s aqua aerobics every day at 11.30, the instructor is very let’s say, ‘passionate’ about it... I’ll leave it up to your imagination. They also had yoga sessions in the morning included in the AI. All the info about entertainment and excursions could be found to the left of the Truman’s bar by the concierge desk on a pin board. The pin board outlined different excursions you could go on, all reasonable costs. It also showed the times you could get a bus into Rhodes town for €6 return. It’s about a 15 minute journey. Concierge were very helpful with directions and suggestions. RHODES TOWN - if you get dropped off by the bus, they will drop you off by the court in Rhodes town. There’s plenty to do in the town, you can visit museums and there’s an aquarium. Entrance to these is really cheap at no more than €5pp. You can even buy bundle tickets from the tourist centres which are cheaper. The old town is incredible, a maze of market stalls and food. Beware - as soon as you enter the old town market the prices of souvenirs and food is hiked up. Outside the old town entrance there are local sellers selling oil, sponges, souvenirs. They are the CHEAPEST sellers of them all! A rough price for honey was €4 for 500g, olive oil around €4 for 500ml, olives €2.50 per 500g, spice trays were around €7. Sponges seemed to be the most hiked inside the market, we bought large sponges from outside the market for about €7 and inside the market they were around €20!! Seriously!! So buy from outside, the sellers are a lot friendlier as well. Food in the market is quite cheap, though the waiters will do anything for you to dine in their taverna. They will literally pull you off the street. IXIA - there are a few supermarkets around the hotel. We found the best to be spar. It was only a 5 minute walk around the corner. We also visited an Aldi/Lidl type shop. Both carried essentials and all food bits. The supermarket in the hotel itself doesn’t have bad prices but if there’s something you can’t find the others are good to visit. There are plenty of car rental companies around. There are a lot of stray cats and dogs but they were not nasty. We didn’t touch them anyway. The town does look a little run down but don’t let it put you off going for a walk. It is safe. You can hire bicycles from reception for as little as €10 a day and they do a deal for a week. Really good way to get around. There are a few restaurants that serve Greek food, cheap and cheerful if you do want to escape the hotel for a bit. The pool/sea - Sunloungers weren’t hard to get. We reserved one with our towels every morning before breakfast at 10 and always found somewhere to sit. They have additional sunloungers if the ones already out run out anyway, just ask for them. The pool isn’t heated. It was pretty chilly but so refreshing on the hotter days, once you got in it was absolutely fine. There’s 2 parts to the pool, one side is fresh water and the other is sea water. It’s not overly chlorinated either which was nice. You are allowed pool floats and I’d suggest you bring your own as the ones in the markets are around €30! Steep. The sea is so clean and the beach was clean as well. CHECKING OUT - we had a late flight at 10pm, our transfer to leave the hotel wasn’t until 8pm on date of departure. Check out is 12pm. You can pay to keep your room until you leave but it is about €70-80 depending on room type and availability. You are welcomed to use the gym showers if you need one. If you stay on hotel property, you can use the luggage room free of charge. You can also use your all inclusive right up until the moment you leave. This was really handy for us as we needed to have lunch and dinner before our flight. We spent the last few hours chilling in the hotel lobby area playing card games (you can buy them in the shop!) and making the most of the AI drinks before heading home. RHODES AIRPORT - when you arrive it’s easy to get your transfer and leave. When you go home it’s absolute chaos. We saw people missing flights because of how disorganised it is there. Also it’s being renovated so some parts look like a bombs hit it! The disabled toilet by our gate had NO DOOR. It was absolutely insane. Prepare yourself and arrive as early as you can for your flight. Overall we had a really nice stay. We were satisfied with everything. The staff are excellent, food alright, drinks brilliant and the sun was shining. I hope this clears things up for some people!

First ever all inclusive and the experience was absolutely lovely! We had booked our stay via voyage prive and the photos were identical to the holiday. First night we arrived quite late (10pm) and we were advised to dine in vis a vis restaurant, this did put a downer on the start of our holiday as the food was not very good and the service wasn’t great either, warm wine and lack of enthusiasm to please. However, this was all turned around by checking into our ocean view suite, the great pool bar staff and the live trio band playing by the pool. Thankfully as part of the suites we got to dine in the Alazonia restaurant for breakfast and dinner. Nikos (the captain) and his team were so delightful, customer service at its best and nothing was a trouble. This restaurant was a five course dinner every evening and the chefs served beautifully constructed plates of deliciousness! Our experience was enlightened even more by dining at the milonges tavern, again service was outstanding and the a la carte food was amazing and plentiful. Both the daytime and nighttime pool bar teams were hardworking and extremely friendly. Degu7, also part of the all inclusive, a 7 course fish taster menu in an ambient atmosphere with first class customer service. We also tried the room service one evening which we believed came from the Alazonia restaurant once again the chefs delivered pallet pleasing plates. Overall experience was relaxing and enjoyable.

This is the first time I have been on an all inclusive, do nothing type of holiday. Normally my wife and I go on holiday and visit monuments, buildings, churches or any kind of historical locations, this time we kicked back and almost did nothing. First of all the staff are very good, talkative, smiling and helpful. Food and drink was very good with a lot of different varieties of food for breakfast, lunch or dinner and a vast array of drinks available for all inclusive. We stayed early on in the season so it was relatively quiet but noticed as the week went on the hotel got busier but not too crowed. The 2 pools were cold (salt water and fresh water pools) as cold as the sea so this is one of my down points of the hotel (there are 2) the pools would be better heated, this isn’t a huge down point because I didn’t mind it but my wife thought it was too cold. The pool bar was very good with very nice people serving you (heads up to Stelios) drinks for some reason tasted better and stronger from the pool bar than the main bar. Milonges restaurant meal was nice but you need to reserve a table and there is a singer close by almost every night. There is quite a few loungers around the pool and on the beach (which is lovely and clear) but if it is a nice hot morning get your towels on them first thing. We were lucky enough to stay in an apartment with a pool the first night which is lovely and clean and very spacious, we then moved to a room with a sea view and a balcony with a jacuzzi on, again very clean and spacious with lots of wardrobe and drawer space. The second of my down points for the hotel was the all inclusive dinner, the food was fantastic but the control of people going in and out wasn’t brilliant, sometimes your waiting up to 15 minutes to get into the restaurant, again not a massive down point but one I think they could get better. All in all though this hotel is very very good and would definitely be back again

We arrived a few days ago, welcomed with a drink the guys were very welcoming and every night welcoming the food is great plenty to choose from,we often have a walk to see any near by restaurants try real Greek food there is a place about 10mins away opposite direction of Rhodes Town,very nice you won't miss it as the interior is incredible santorini like,compared to the rest.. Run down grotty, Entertainment here is great so far,plenty of places to relax and chill,aqua aerobics every day and the beach is literally a jump away,the room is unbelievable literally laying in bed looking over the sea and the small skyline it's like Las Vegas great huge windows jecuzzi bath to look out however I bath in there every night but not seen anyone else doing so? Very noisy in the main building at night so make sure you try and take part in the atmosphere otherwise you won't get an early night,the worst part so far is the area stray dogs everywhere my girlfriend made us get taxis 5mins down the road it's that bad!I'm sure there harmless but you just never know beautiful bars along the beach, as an adults only hotel its great,planes 100m flying over our heads every 5 mins but you get used to it, not tryed a la carte yet I wanted to write a live review so I remember, I hope this continues and all the staff are fantastic hard workers,thankyou for bieng attentive to 100s of people at once! We both appreciate the experience the sunset is amazing..

I am writing this review after just returning from a week at this hotel with my boyfriend. We booked as part of a flight/hotel package through BA and got a bit of a deal in the Jan sale, so we were happy with the value for money that we got here. The airport is close by - 10 mins by taxi and costs around 18 Euros. ROOM: We stayed in a standard double room with balcony in the main building which was pleasant and comfortable. Cleaners were superb and did an excellent job each day. Beds comfy and the room had more than enough space for a couple. STAFF: Staff at the hotel are all very friendly and helpful. We received welcome drinks upon our arrival and staff helped us with our bags to the room. Bar/restaurant staff were very welcoming and friendly. FOOD: The food was ok and what you would expect from an all inclusive resort but it did get a bit repetitive. One buffet restaurant for breakfast/lunch/dinner, plus snacks served by the pool at lunch and one visit to one of 2 a-la-carte restaurants during your stay. We visited the Greek Milognes a-la-carte and the food was excellent. We also enjoyed the atmosphere here, as the seating was outside with a live singer. POOL/BEACH AREA: The pool area was the highlight of this hotel for me - it was absolute bliss. There are 2 sides of the pool, one fresh water and the other salt water. The area is kept spotless and is very quiet and relaxing. There is the odd water aerobics class, if you get bored of sunbathing. Towel cards are provided when you check in, so no need to take your own towels down to the pool. The beach sits behind the pool area and the water is lovely, with different shades of blue and completely clear in some places. However we didnt spend much time at the beach as for the most part it was a pebbly which isnt really our cup of tea. LOCAL AREA: There is not much in the immediate area of the hotel. There is a taxi rank just outside and a supermarket a few mins walk away. If you want bars and restaurants, then you will need to walk around 15 mins down to the main strip that runs parallel to the beach. We visited Rodos Gardens bar/restaurant to watch the football and have a few drinks, which was pleasant. EXCURSIONS: We booked a boat trip to Lindos through the hotel Guest Relations desk. This was 30 Euros pp and was well worth the money! We were collected by minibus from the hotel and Mandaraki Port in Rhodes town (10 mins away), then at sea for around 2 hours. Lindos has the most amazing sandy beach I have ever seen, I could have stayed there all week! Also in Lindos you have the Acropolis which is a must see but remember to take comfy shoes, as you have a long walk uphill to get to this. Amazing views of the beach from the Acropolis and nice to see some of the history of Lindos. I would really recommend this trip as it was the highlight of the whole holiday for me - history/boat/beach trip all wrapped into one. We also took a taxi to the waterpark in Falaraki (25 euros each way). If you don't want to take a taxi and save money you can get a bus into Rhodes town and then a free shuttle from Rhodes town to the waterpark but this sounded like a lot of hassle to us. Waterpark tickets were 2 euros pp, so it did work out quite an expensive day. The waterpark was ok, not the best one I have been to but good fun nethertheless. Lastly we also visited Rhodes old town, which was roughly 10 mins away by taxi. Whilst there we explored the Palace of the Grand Master and The Archaeological Museum which can be purchased through a multi-ticket (I think maybe 11 euros). We thoroughly enjoyed this part of the trip, it was great to see the history of the island. There is also an abundance of souveneir shops and resuraunts in Rhodes Town, so take advantage of this whilst you are there. CHECK OUT: Check out at the hotel is at 12:00. We did ask for late check out but was told it would cost 85 euros to stay until 6pm. So instead we checked out at 12 and left out bags in the luggage room. The hotel has a gym with good showering facilities to take a shower just before you leave, which was very convenient. Overall we had a good experience at this hotel and would recommend to others. The only things holding us back from giving a 5 star review is the food (could be better quality and less repetitive) and the lack evening entertainment (there could be a bit more on and a variety would be nice)

Had a great holiday at this resort. Wonderful staff especially in restaurant and bars. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome and happy during your stay. Food was varied and tasty, everyday something new and lots to choose from. Only point I would have is that the food could be warmer. Great Swimming pool and lounge area. Rooms very clean and airco that works!!! Hooray. I can highly recommend this resort and would definately go again and would like to thank the staff for making the holiday even better by thier very friendly attitude. Robyn Ploeger

Fisrt of all I must praise all the staff at the hotel Kikki ,Nikos , Stelios and Mr Gourxs the F&B manager to name a few who really did give us a great holiday . We found our rooms very clean with fantastic housekeeping who were so polite to us and nothing was to much trouble . We found the pool area again very clean with a pleasant atmosphere overlooking the sea with a convenient bar and snacks available .A little sunbed bagging did happen but there were plenty of beds around and only had to ask if you needed more . The buffet wes reasonable , the fish diner was good and the A-Carte was great with great staff . We will return to this hotel as we really did like staying here.

1st of all don’t listen to the negative comments, the rooms are not dark and gloomy. Staff are great, funny, and really look after you. Food is great, yehh some of it is repetative like the cheese and bread section etc but that’s standard for a holiday buffet. We had a jacuzzi bath on the balcony as standard, i think its just luck if you get one, and its a modern room. Such a nice hotel.

This hotel is lovely, very clean, very friendly and definitely meets the 5 * criteria. The only reason I have given it 4 is there are improvements they could make that I feel would improve the overall experience at this hotel. I will start with what's good as there are definitely more good than bad things to say. The rooms are very nice, a hairdryer is provided and it's actually decent, there's plenty of wardrobe space, the showers are lovely and powerful and the jacuzzi baths are AMAZING! The hotel were very accommodating and offered us a suite for 4 nights as it was our honeymoon and the suite was lovely (I have included pictures) the only downside was the floor, it was soooo slippy when it was wet (or if you were) and I nearly fell several times, i could imagine this to be hard if your not great on your feet or a little tipsy from the all inclusive drinks. Other than that thought it was bright, light and breezy. When we moved to our standard room it wasn't as good but obviously it wasn't a suite so was not going to be as nice, however it was large, cool and we still had a jacuzzi bath, the floors were not as slippy but it is a very dark room and the mirrors are tinted so for doing make up it's terrible lighting! Also there's a window between the bathroom and bedroom but not in a romantic way, you can't see each other in the bed and the bath, you can just see the toilet so very little privacy! And it's facing the balcony so have to block out all the light in order to have a little 'private time' all in all the rooms are clean and modern and I would stay here again if we come back to Rhodes. The buffet is lovely, they make it feel special by seating you and waiting on you for drinks, the food i have tried is lovely and the baclava is awsome. The buffet is a little repetitive as I'd say 80% stays the same most days and there's only slight changes but I find this good because it means you can always expect to find something you like and have plenty of time to try new things. The waiters are all very accomodating as are the managers but the waiter who stood out to us most is Endrit (name badge included in pictures) he's always smiling, polite and happy to chat, we are thrilled to see him when he's serving us. Now onto the important matters - the bars! There are 2 bars, one in the main hotel area inside and one over by the pools and beach, the range of cocktails and alcohol available on the all inclusive is great and leaves plenty of choice, we haven't paid for any drinks as extras as the all inclusive range is more than enough for us. Stelios is a fabulous bar man, he's always chatting and joking and makes lovely cocktails. The only downside really is the opening times 10am - 11:30pm, this wouldn't be so bad but if you have had breakfast at 7 and by the pool by 8 Nd fancy a cuppa you have to wait. The pools are very cold but welcoming in high heat, takes some getting used to though, neither are excessively salty or chlorinated so makes for a nice swim. The beach is pebbly so if you want to go in the seat have some cheap sea flip flops to get past the stones, the sea is probably the same as the pools in regards to heat and is very clear. The hotel has sun loungers and parasols on the beach too so if you prefer the beach to the pool that's an option. The slabs and paths around the pool are also quite slippy when wet so be careful and wear shoes! Location is great, it's currently 11€ to get into Rhodes by taxi but the hotel has a shuttle bus which is very good and costs 6€ per person and includes there and back, only problem is it's only twice a day. A taxi rank is literally at the top of the road, and a bus stop but we don't recommend the local bus, it was cheap but over crowded and hard to hold on! Rhodes town is 10mins away by taxi and well worth several visits. The reception at the ixian grand are very helpful, they have holiday concierge on in the lobby and bellhops for your luggage. They can also help with adapters, trips, transport etc. entertainment is usually a live band set up at varying times and in varying places, usually by the bar in an evening but we have had one on the deck over the pool during the day and a violin playing over breakfast. They could do with more of a range of entertainment, a lot of younger guests are finding it quite boring and not very interactive, maybe bingo or a quiz one evening? The bands they have though are very good. I have included a few pictures and really hope my honest review helps people Anke the right choice, STAY HERE ITS FANTASTIC! Thankyou to the ixian grand for our fantastic honeymoon. Usually I wait to review till I get home but on this occasion I couldn't wait to tell everybody how great it's been. Quick side note the wildlife is amazing, watching the swallows dip in the pool and birds come so close is fantastic (they even have nesting swallows with babies, so beautiful to see this and the hotel leaving them alone)

Recently stayed at this hotel the location is good and the grounds were beautiful. Reception staff were polite and helpful and moved us to a nicer room as the standard rooms were very disappointing very dull and dated and quite dark, unfortunately I wish they had told us that there was a band playing below our balcony most evenings, they played until late and as we are early birds found this room was not a move we would of made if we had been informed. The food was average and not a great selection, certain foods often run out and hot Water at breakfast was often only warm. Staff at the restaurant were miserable and management very poor, we were always looking for someone to order drinks, nobody ever came to our table to check if we needed anything, we often had to queue for a table and sometimes told to come back or wait outside until we were called no organisation at all. Bar staff were also the same one in particular upsetting my daughter by trying to serve the gentleman next to her even when he said she was next she was still ignored and another person was then served before her. We have stayed in another 5 star hotel in Rhodes 3 years ago it was on a totally different league we expected by booking a 5 star we would get a similar experience I would say this hotel definitely does not warrant a 5 star we feel unsatisfied from this holiday and would not book this hotel again. This is a very sad hotel that needs an injection of happiness 😁

Hotel highlights

  • Free hot/cold buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

SENTIDO Ixian Grand - Adults Only places you next to Mediterranean Sea and within a 10-minute walk of Ialyssos Beach. This 211-room, 5-star hotel has 2 outdoor pools along with a full-service spa and 3 restaurants.


Start your day off right with a free hot/cold buffet breakfast. Get your fill of international cuisine for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Vis a Vis Main Restaurant, one of 3 onsite restaurants, or enjoy the pool views at DeGu7. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service, or get a quick energy boost at the 2 coffee shops/cafés.


A TV comes with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Pillowtop beds sport premium bedding and the bathroom offers a hair dryer and free toiletries. Other standard amenities include a balcony, a sofa bed, and a sitting area.

Property features

Guests of SENTIDO Ixian Grand - Adults Only have access to a full-service spa, 2 outdoor pools, and an indoor pool. You can take advantage of free parking, along with an airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for EUR 30 per vehicle one way. The front desk has multilingual staff on hand 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, tours or tickets, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this adults-only hotel include a fitness center, free WiFi in public areas, and a seasonal outdoor pool.

Room options

Deluxe Room, Sea View

Full 1 | Sleeps 3

Deluxe Room, Garden View

Full 1 | Sleeps 3

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