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Dionysos Hotel

4.0 out of 5.0

Dionysos Hotel

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Fantastic staff who in an incredibly professional and service-minded manner solved a personal thing! Great to be treated in such a way when you as best need it! Correct and personal at the same time!"

This is what I consider a true and fair review of the hotel: Room:very clean and plenty of space, cleaner was in every day but the only think that let the room down was the bed it's so hard gave us both back pain after a couple of days. Meals: we went half board, breakfast was not good at all and we ended up not going as there was not really any choice unless you want egg or fruit. Dinner was amazing plenty of choice and it's alcarte every night choice of 3 resurantts and 3 courses. Staff: most of the staff are really friendly and will go out there way to do anything for you. Bar staff, cleaners and waiters are the best iv come across. But there are 2 that let the team down a guy who walks around the bar at night never smiles think he is the bar manager. And the young porter who seemed rude at times. Entertainment: is up and down some nights are amazing and some are terrible but guess there is only so much they can put on really. Hotel over all: Nice grounds and nice pool the buildings have a old Greek feel with the deco but has modern facilities.This hotel is good if your just using it as a base but if you someone who likes to spend most of the day there then maybe try a 5*. Those who are on a budget it's OK and if you have kids the pool is great as it has a shallow walk in end near the pool bar. All in all not a bad hotel but could sort out a couple of issues and it would be perfect

Still cant find anything close to how lovely this hotel is so we might have to come back! Nothing not to like! pool is lovely! food is also very nice and the people who work there work very very hard!

This was truly the best holiday we have had since myself and my partner have been together. We stayed in the old part of the hotel in an apartment style room. I just can't recommend this place enough. The staff are first rate although we noticed quite a hierarchy amongst the staff which did make us uneasy at times. Some staff talked to others like dirt and we even saw one man push one of his subordinates. I don't like to see this so it upset me a little. The owner of the hotel stands in the hotel bar each night and watches everything that is going on. You Some times feel like you cannot relax because of this. The music is turned down so low that the entertainers obviously feel awkward to. I don't want to be too negative about this because the place is amazing, I just wanted to make you aware that you could feel this way. There are three wonderful resturants, you book in the morning as you would if you were going to a normal restaurant. We have often been to places where the quality of the food has not been good enough and we have been out to other places. I would recommend you go half board, the breakfast is amazing and the evening meal cannot be matched by other resturants in the area. I would suggest thst you try the local wine, this is infused with pine juice from the pine tree. It's an acquired taste but we really enjoyed it and they serve small bottles of it in the hotel. The bar staff are amazing, really fun and every time you have a drink you get bar snacks. The pool is cleaned every day as is the pool area. In the evening the pool area serves as a brilliant backdrop to your meal. I like to eat like the locals sometimes and there is a big supermarket at the top of a big hill next to the hotel. Don't be fooled though the climb is big, but I love going to supermarkets so the climb was worth it. A tip is needed really for every type of service, the wages the staff in the area are paid are not enough for the hours they do so please be generous. There is a few cats which visit the resturants and bar area, they are lovely and friendly. I would recommend that if you want to travel into Rhodes Town you look at a bus or better ask someone in the queue for the bus to share a taxi as it's just as cheap if your people share. We had a magical time here and will be back, the manager and occasionally dominant staff do not detract from the experience enough to stop us going back, but I would suggest the owner gives the staff some slack, they are great and you don't need to watch what's happening all the time, they do a good job.

So my review is a little delayed on this hotel but don't worry, I remember my stay back in October very clearly. For background, we were a group of 4 twenty-somethings from London, England staying here for a grand total of £300 pp including flights for 8 days and 7nights - we were actually amazed that we could get a 4 Star hotel + flights for this price (through Love Holidays) and having been on low cost flight+hotel packages before, I should've have lowered my expectations of what a 4 Star meant. 4 Star in Rhodes is probably the equivalent of a 2-3 star in the UK. Anyway, on to the pros and cons! Pros * Breakfast every morning was provided. A very wide selection of food to choose from, which to keep costs down we attended every morning. After 3 days or so I could predict whether there would be dried mango or dried pineapple out so the breakfasts don't change much day to day and items are clearly on a rota but I love a routine so I was actually quite happy with that. * Rooms are clean and the maid service is every day so we were always getting into a tidy room each night. * The Souvlaki on offer around the pool is really tasty and it was a cost effective way to eat a cheap lunch. * Room service. Our 'hairdryer' which was a hot tube that blew air out of it kept breaking so we asked if it could be fixed and someone turned up pretty quickly and fixed it...albeit with superglue...I'd advise them to have plug in hairdryers for the use of guests, the 'hairdryers' don't really dry your hair if it's longer than your ears. * The pool is great. Its clean. They use salt water so it's actually quite a shock of cold when you get in. The only shame is that you have to bring your own towel, and you have to bag a subbed at 8am and be passive aggressive about it which I hate doing. Also you weren't allowed in after 6pm so on days where we went out, we couldn't go for a quick dip before getting ready for dinner in the evening which I think is a shame. Cons * Rooms - they were outdated and we knew booking the £300 deal that we weren't going to get one of the more newly renovated rooms as advertised on the website. With our specific rooms, 104 and 106, we would have liked to be higher up. We were directly over a generator which buzzed all through the day and night and the view wasn't exactly the 'garden view' as promised on the website but if you're not bothered about sitting on your balcony, as we weren't really then you don't spend enough time in the room to see the view. (Now I think of it, I'm not sure how there could be a 'sea view' room anyway as the Rodos Palace Hotel is directly in front of it...but...yeah). * Cockroaches - We had a couple of cockroaches that came up through the grating in our bathroom. We placed the bin over the grate but it was moved back by the maids each day so we had a little friend once a night when we came in from dinner. * Decor - The overall decor of the hotel is just tired...I don't mind traditional and loved seeing lots of greek pottery and pictures on the walls, but everything kind of felt like there was a layer of dust on top. Don't get me started on the hall way carpets...not only have they not been changed since the 70s, they also have white paint streaked across them from when they have tried to refresh the tired walls. *Key system - such an old fashioned system that i couldn't charge my phone in the room without being in there with the key and magnet on it for the electricity to work. * Food choices - We found that the hotel restaurants were very family orientated, and most people would eat at 5/6pm so the one night we ate at the mexican restaurant (which was basic mexican style food, definitely not bad but not award winning) at about 8pm, we completely dined alone, which is a bit weird I guess but we weren't really prepared for what a family orientated hotel this is. As a side note - we ate out in Rhodes town most nights, and we actually found a restaurant/bar down the road called Rodos Garden which we went to a couple of times because we didn't want to pay the taxi fare to and from rhodes for something to eat every night. And then this is perhaps the biggest con of all... * Service. I am just sat here waiting for the response of Antonios the hotel manager to my review, as I have seen in other slightly negative reviews that he has flipped what the guest has said to make it sound like they are the ones with the problem... Me and my friends who stayed are all young professionals living and working in London. Yes we're young, but we also paid the price of the holiday that was being advertised for us, so the treatment we got from the staff is maybe reflected in the low prices through Love Holidays, and maybe something the hotel aren't happy with. Service in the hotel bar was actually quite disgustingly rude. We were ignored for at least 20 minutes each time. When we'd approach the bar to order drinks or ask for a menu we would be rudely reminded it was table service and to wait 'our turn'. We'd see middle aged couples who had arrived after us being seen to before we had even been given a menu. Yes we're young, so we pay on card, so no we weren't giving out tips but also it works both ways because we received such shoddy service that we didn't want to tip. By the end it was actually a bit of a joke between us all about how rude the staff were in the bar. In the breakfast room too we received a bit of hostility if we asked to move table. We were treated a bit like pests and an inconvenience, rather than paying guests. Reception staff were mostly nice, and the maids that i interacted with were really lovely. It's perhaps more the management style here that filters the bad moods down to some of the staff. Don't get me wrong, I saw staff that were in the breakfast room still working at 11pm in the bar so I understand that it's long days, but we honestly didn't do anything to deserve the hostile treatment. Souvlaki guy, so smiley on the pictures on the website, but by day 4, we barely interacted with him, he was pretty grumpy which was a shame. Honestly, this was one of those hotel stays where we left thinking 'thank god we only paid £300' instead of 'wow, we only paid £300!'. This hotel has a lot of potential, it just needs to be updated from when it opened in 1978... I feel bad leaving a negative review, but honestly maybe if we'd been 65 instead of 26 we might have been treated a little better, and that for me is a real shame. ***Also i should've taken pictures but the only one I have of the hotel is of my partner drinking a cocktail (a badly made one) in front of the hotel pool.

Sorry for the late review, i was buy lately, traveling from place to another place. I stayed there with my 3 kids in July for 1 week. I can't express how much we all have enjoyed our stay in this hotel. The staff were amazing especially the housekeeping department. We were on B/B and the breakfast was amazing, food was good with good varieties. We have a family suite which was spacious, the room is a bit old but very well maintained. The AC was working perfectly. My kids enjoyed a lot to feed some cats around the hotel and they were so friendly. If you are really looking for a very good hotel, clean with affordable rate, this hotel is the perfect match for you. Thank you for the management team to make our trip and vacation memorable.

We just loved our stay in the beautiful, modern Dionysos hotel this summer. The hotel simply contained everything! Great breakfast restaurant, wonderful pool area with super pool bar in the middle of a green oasis garden, along with nice restaurants and cheap snack cafes. This was our first trip to Rhodes, but certainly not the last!

We normally NEVER use these big hotels or package trips, but this time we happened to hook in with a last minute offer for a family fall sun trip. So, off we went, and must say, will try to avoid this style of trips in future even more. I don't understand some writings here in tripadvisor considering this hotel, as some say that there are a lot of restaurants just outside of the hotel - there is not! We were prepared for this as the Google Earth told us that it is pretty empty outside the hotel. I just try to tell the pros and cons for this hotel objectively here. I am listing them in real-time when right now spending time here. PROs: * the pool area is nice, enough space and well kept tidy * the food in pool / lunch restaurant was of good quality, and reasonably priced * hotel's own supermarket is pretty good and prices at ok level, this is meaningful as there are no other markets within half a kilometre * Rooms are ok, pretty tide, although needing renovation already. Rooms 3- star levels. * kids liked the night shows at 9pm CONs: * haven't seen a 4 star hotel before NOT providing pool towels, fortunately had our own with us * pool area needs renovating, the wooden floorings are soon at the end of their lifes, dangerous screws there too. I don't understand usin non-RST screws here at all. * Rooms are ok, pretty tide, although needing renovation already. Rooms 3- star levels. * location: Beach is not good at all, you don't want to go there. * location: There is really no life outside the hotel, so every night if you don't want to be stuck with eating in hotel restaurants, you need to take a taxi to Rodos old town, as we did. 11.30 EUR to get there, 8 EUR to get back * Breakfast is a night mare, a feeding factory, all the time many items finished, waiting, a lot of crowd. Rude service mostly. * Lack of personality, service personel was many times kind, but also in many cases, rude. Even when customers first greets, they don't! * the room key system is ANCIENT, having a fysical key, you need to used everytime to lock the door, and it has a magnet on to get electricity, so you actually cannot leave the room and leave your gear to charge up, as you dont have electricity etc. * a lot of russian people, maybe because the neighboring conference hotel was hosting a herbalife seminar for russian. I try to avoid accommodation where there is russian, not because I'm a some kind of a rasist, but the consistent way the russian seem to present themselves abroad, rude and noicy. I even witnessed many times, when a waiter took away plates of food from them, which they tried to take with them when leaving breakfast. All in all, this hotel is 3 star level at its maximum.

We stayed at Dionysis early October. We were very pleased with our room which was larger than average hotel room with balcony overlooking pool complex and very good facilities inc air con. The hotel is kept immaculately clean everywhere. You get to know the staff who greet you when you go for breakfast or evening meal. Breakfast is buffet style in a very nice mezzanine area with plentiful and varied choices. There are three choices for evening meal if you are half board or more with each restaurant being a la carte style where you order from menu. Staff are helpful and courteous. There is a large bar area and entertainment is every evening at 9 with some good acts. The hotel is just a short bus or taxi ride from the main town of Rodas. Take the bus back from town at your own risk as the bus becomes packed beyond belief. We rented a car at local car hire and took the opportunity to explore this beautiful island and reach the lesser known areas. Our favourite beach was Ladiko a lovely calm and quiet cove close to a bay where they filmed The guns of Navarone in the 60s. You won't be disappointed with Dionysos hotel and we look forward to returning at some point

If you are looking for a first class hotel at a reasonable price then this is for you. It’s not perfect (see below) but it IS an excellent hotel and we would definitely go back. Here’s a summary of what we found: (1) THE HOTEL ITSELF – it is big, but not too big. Busy, but never too busy. Reception staff were friendly and efficient. The hotel lobby is magnificent. We loved the mixture of modern seating with older furniture and the variety of ornaments and decor. We were staying in “Building Number 1”, a short walk away from the main building, on the opposite side of the pool, with its own beautiful lobby area. Only five floors, which is great. We were on the fourth floor, giving a great view over the swimming pool – and even a limited view of the sea. The cleaners were always very cheery and friendly. The Management maybe want to think about giving it a bit of a better name than “Building Number 1” (2) THE SWIMMING POOL – is the best we’ve ever seen in Europe. We were there in mid-September so we didn’t experience the same busyness that I’ve read about elsewhere on Trip Advisor. We could always find empty sun beds. There are two separate dedicated pools for children and no matter how busy the sun beds were, there was always plenty of room for swimming in the pool. It is filled with sea-water. The massive down-side for us is that the hotel doesn’t provide pool towels. We found this disappointing – and somewhat astonishing for a 4-star hotel. Given the significant size of the pool we, unfortunately, ASSUMED towels would be provided. We met with the Manager to discuss this and were pleased to hear that they are hoping to introduce this service in the next couple of years. (3) EATING – Breakfast was great, in a dedicated area in the main building, overlooking the extensive gardens. Yes it was busy but, once again, the staff were helpful, friendly and efficient. There was a selection of food to suit every palate – cereals, yoghurts, fresh and dried fruit, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, omelettes (a wee bit dry though), mini-sausages, bacon, beans, potatoes, pastries, bread and biscuits. And an extensive variety of hot and cold drinks. Lunch and evening meal options on site are extensive, catering for a variety of tastes and budgets – the poolside Souvlaki Corner and Cafe Greco (the banana and choc pancakes are to die for); the snacks available at Bar Apollo. Then there’s Maestros, very reasonably priced and good selection of traditional Greek dishes, and Don Dionysos serving great Mexican dishes. The only place we didn’t eat was The “Dionysos” Grill (no particular reason). (4) THE ROOM (No. 50, Building No. 1) – Great size with an excellent balcony overlooking the pool, where we benefitted from the afternoon and early evening sun. The bathroom was spacious and the shower was much bigger than we’ve experienced elsewhere. I was glad I’d taken my laptop to access my Virgin Go TV as the TV in the room (in common with so many hotels these days) had virtually nothing in English. Yes there were news channels but who wants to watch THEM on holiday! The double bed was extremely comfortable but the air-con was not the best! The small fridge was great for keeping our water and other drinks cold. Make sure you have tea and coffee making facilities. They should be there but we had to ask at reception to get them. It also seems a bit penny-pinching that the initial supplies of tea-bags, coffee, milk and sugar aren’t replenished. (5) ENTERTAINMENT – cabaret-style entertainment was laid on each evening. We didn’t care for the karaoke evening but otherwise it was pretty good. Yes, the programme is repeated each week but that meant we were able to enjoy our favourite act – The Limpopo Acrobats – twice! (6) MINI-MART – There is an excellent shop at the beginning of the driveway into the Hotel. Prices are as good as – or better – than the local supermarkets and tourist shops. But, curiously, the towels on sale cost more than you will generally pay elsewhere... (7) THE LOCATION – The Dionysos is pretty much ideally placed for access to Rhodes Town. Just a short walk to the bus-stop (€1.90 single) and a little further to the taxi rank (€8 – but do what we did and link up with another couple at the bus-stop and share a taxi for about the same price as your combined bus fares). There are a few eateries down on the main road but they are each pretty much the same.

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Outdoor pool and indoor pool

Dionysos Hotel places you within 2 miles (3 km) of popular sights like Acropolis of Rhodes and Temple of Apollo. This 4-star hotel has 281 guestrooms and offers an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, and free in-room WiFi. It's connected to the convention center in central Rhodes and also close to Diagoras Stadium and Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes.


There are ample dining options with 3 onsite restaurants, including MAISTROS POOL REST, which specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and serves lunch and dinner, and DIONYSOS GRILL with pleasing garden views. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service, or get a quick energy boost at the coffee shop/café. Start your day off with breakfast, available for a fee.


An LED TV comes with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Tempur-Pedic beds sport Egyptian cotton sheets and the bathroom offers a hair dryer and designer toiletries. Other standard amenities include a furnished balcony, a refrigerator, and a safe.

Property features

Dionysos Hotel features an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, and a children's pool. If you drive, put free parking to good use. The front desk has multilingual staff on hand 24/7 to help with concierge services, luggage storage, and dry cleaning/laundry. Other amenities at this family-friendly hotel include a sauna, an outdoor tennis court, and free WiFi in public areas.

Room options

Premium Studio, Kitchenette, Garden View

King 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 4

Deluxe Bungalow, Garden Area

King 1 | Sleeps 3

Apartment, 1 Bedroom, Kitchenette, Garden View

King 1 | Twin 1 | Sleeps 3

Double Room Single Use

Twin 1 | Sleeps 2

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