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Twin Lotus Koh Lanta by Burasari

4.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

My girlfriend and I stayed at Twin Lotus Resort & Spa for 9 nights back in November this year (2017). All in all, we had a wonderful time and would likely re-book Twin Lotus over another resort (unless we can suddenly afford Pimalai Resort & Spa...) in the beautiful Koh Lanta. There was one avoidable and highly irritating snag to our experience, however, as you'll read. The staff were, by and large, excellent, with special mention going to the bar & restaurant staff who, as the faces you probably see the most, were always very attentive and friendly. There was one maturer gentleman, in particular, working in the bar/restaurant, who was tirelessly friendly and always smiling. Prior to booking, we read some sniffy reviews about the breakfast buffet, but it's much better than these reports would suggest. The buffet contains enough variety to prevent culinary boredom during your stay with good quality fruit, bread, warm and cold meats, plus Asian alternatives for the bolder Westerner. The eggs station is also a winner, always manned by a friendly chef (be careful to clearly state / point at what you want in your omelette, as English wasn't the chef's strongest suit in our experience - this is by no means a negative, as my Thai is non-existent). The restaurant and bar menus are perfectly decent, with a good level of variety of food/drinks. You'll probably find that the restaurant is always busy for breakfast and lunch, but quiet at dinner time, as most guests seem to venture out to one of the many good-quality restaurants in the surrounding area. The official resort website markets itself as having 2 pools, though it actually has 3, the 3rd bizarrely omitted from the facilities page, but there is a reason for this (see below paragraph). The main infinity pool is great, allowing for romantic swims with your partner as the sun sets. The beach is also fantastic. It's vast, but feels private too due to the setting of of the resort near the north end. The resort staff clearly work hard to keep their section of the beach litter-free too, which is admirable. The room quality at Twin Lotus is very good, at least in the main part of the resort. Here in lies the one snag, in my view, that this resort currently grapples with... When we arrived, checking-in was a swift and painless exercise. We hopped in the golf-cart, eager to rest after a long journey in one of the beautiful rooms, which we could see just over yonder, nestled idyllically among palm and coconut trees, like the ones we'd seen in all of the marketing images on the Twin Lotus website. As our driver did a U-turn away from the beach and away from these beautifully presented villas, our hearts swiftly sank. We were dropped off and escorted down a bland open corridor lined by room after room and cheapened by furnishings of astro-turf greenery. We could tell instantly that this wasn't the resort we'd travelled 20+hours to arrive at. Whilst not a bad unit, by high-end 3* standards, we could tell immediately that the room didn't feel part of the resort we'd booked to stay in, with its dark wooden walls, wasted space in a room with nothing in it save for a dilapidated massage table, and a sizeable bathroom, complete with a bath that didn't work. It did have a private mini-pool out the back, but the surrounding tile work was in a bad state of disrepair (holes/cracks in the slabs) and it lacked any sort of view, enclosed and over-looked by higher rooms. Inside, you'd have also needed the blinds closed at all times to retain any sense of privacy due to big windows looking directly out into the corridor and across to the neighbours. In short, the room was ill-thought out. And, indeed, in essence it wasn't the resort we'd booked into, as confirmed by the bed pillows which shamelessly displayed the name of another resort ('Pilanta'), recently bought-up and absorbed by Twin Lotus presumably to increase capacity. We aren't big complainers, and take no pleasure from it, but we did promptly go to reception to complain about the room and ask for a different one. We weren't alone in this, as I saw at least 3 other groups complain at the front desk for the same reason during the course of our stay. I can only guess that, unless you've paid a real premium on the rooms, the resort management knows full well that their guests will not be happy with this 'new' expansion of the resort, but tries their luck regardless. If this is the case, this is bad form and rather lets an otherwise excellent resort down. To the front desk staff's credit, they quickly arranged for us to be moved to a different room, much nearer the beach for the following day. This room, situated in the 'Garden Villas' section of the resort, was excellent and exactly as we'd envisaged with it's own balcony over-looking a beautiful circular garden of grass and palm trees. The bed was very comfortable and the toilet/shower facilities very good, although there was a bad drain smell on more than one occasion. Once we were settled in in our new room, the rest of the holiday was perfect and one of the best I've ever had. Also, whilst I personally dislike hotel reviews that labour over poor wi-fi (you're on holiday - get away from your phone/computer), I can happily report that the wi-fi is perfectly good at Twin Lotus, though you have to keep re-logging into it regularly. In summary, an excellent 4* resort with great facilities (we briefly enjoyed the spa with an authentic Thai massage), the day-to-day running of which is carried out by a very hard working and friendly unit of staff members from house-keeping to management (the General Manager, Conny, made a point of personally saying hello to guests during breakfast on at least 2 occasions during our stay - which, in my experience, is rare and admirable). The resort is also excellently situated near the north-end of Koh Lanta, within easy reach of the touristy area of the Saladan Pier, also allowing the confident scooter-rider to explore the whole island in a day. However, all of this hard work and effort is nearly tripped up by a faceless senior management, who undercut our experience with the obvious remit to put certain guests (presumably within a certain spending bracket) into lesser rooms and let the ground staff pick up the pieces. Until this newly acquired section of the hotel is renovated in-keeping with the superior quality of the original Twin Lotus resort, it should not be used, or the hotel should market these rooms clearly at a lower rate on their website and through affiliated sites, rather than deceiving their guests by pretending they're not there until you're standing in one of them, scratching your head.

Stayed 14 days at the hotel. the best location on the beach, living in 2 different villas 803/708. free room upgrade. Big thank you for making our vacation memorable. Many good restaurants on the beach.

Overall good quality, we were upgraded in garden villa. The Rooms are very modern and clean. The spa recommended very good. Breakfast could be improve and the Restaurant is expensive. Despite this the Personnel is very kind. Overall a good adress

Stayed for 4 nights and really enjoyed it. The resort is lovely very well kept gardens and not too big. Two very pleasant pools including one right on the beach. Our room was in a block by the "garden pool" on the ground floor. I don't normally like groundflooe apartments but it was pleasant, traditional Thai decor dark wood and comfortable bedding very quiet. Nice little restaurant next to the pool where we are one evening and had drinks and was really tasty. Good little gym. Wifi annoying as keeps logging out. Beach was lovely - water so calm, clear and warm and some nice restaurants, bars a short walk along the beach away. Sala Dan is the nearby town about 5 min away by tuk tuk - plenty of restaurants there not very busy though. Only one bar but a few shops. Would recommend.

Booked a “Superior Deluxe, Garden View” for three nights to experience the north part of the island. Upon arriving, we had to wait at a “bus stop” style area for a golf cart to pick us up. After checking-in, we were then driven around the resort and introduced to the different areas (which looked fairly nice). We were then driven back down (quite far) towards the car park which we thought was odd. Our room was actually in a different “block” area to the rest of the resort. This was quite dingy and our room was very different to the photos we had seen and used to book. The room was a different decoration style and quite old. It had a separate “spa room” with a bed and and a outside plunge pool that looked pretty uninviting. At this point, we knew something was up. We questioned the room with reception. Where was the “garden view”? We were told that we had been “upgraded” to a deluxe room. It certainly didn’t feel like it. We left quite confused. As we arrived fairly late on, we carried on regardless but felt a little disheartened. We had traveled around Thailand/Cambodia staying in nice hotels but this felt very different. Although we decided to go for a cheaper, lower class hotel this time, we still expected what we saw in the photos. Our first night was really unpleasant. Firstly, things like the TV only had one channel that worked. I tried to ring reception about something but the phone didn’t work. The shower head sprayed in loads of different directions. There was no hotel information pack (or any info) anywhere. The room was on the ground floor and bed was right next to the walkway outside. The wooden blinds were old, didn’t close well and left gaps. I didn’t feel like we had any privacy and it let a lot of light from outside in overnight. This plus the air-con being really loud, provided a bad night’s sleep. To top it off, early morning there were workers outside our door fitting new light fittings outside. It woke us up and felt like they were in bed with us. The next morning I was obviously not happy and complained at reception. I wasn’t sure the staff really understood my frustration due to the language barrier. I felt like we were staying in a completely different hotel and considering the cost, was very unhappy. We actually discovered later that in fact this WAS a different hotel - The Pilanta Spa Resort ( It appears this hotel had been either bought or merged into the Twin Lotus (despite them taking bookings seperately). We even found the now-defunct old reception area which had been cordened off. We felt completely cheated and mislead. This almost ruined our holiday. When you spend so much money to go far away, you don’t expect to be conned. After complaining about the noise and the problems with the room, the staff were apologetic and were happy to move us to the “nicer” side of the hotel (the bit that was actually part of the hotel we expected to be in). In fact, they didn’t really fully listen to my complaints and were immediately looking. This could be misconstrued as being very happy to resolve the situation but I feel now that this was because this problem happens a lot. Reading other reviews here, it does. For the remaining two nights we were moved to a “Sea View Villa” that was actually incredeibly nice. A standalone villa with an amazing view and private terrace. It was quite the upgrade and really did make the rest of the stay pleasurable. This amazing villa is the reason I gave the extra star rating. However I feel like the initial experience left a bad taste in our mouths and despite the nice room, there was the air of deception. If we had not complained, we were going to have to grin and bare it. The rest of the hotel was average. Food looked pretty un-exciting. Breakfast was basic. No atmosphere in the hotel. Everyone generally kept to themselves. Prices weren’t extortionate. The biggest thing we noticed was the lack of the well-known “Thai Service”. Staff were not rude but just did not go out of their way to make the difference. There was also no pool service for towels etc and sometimes we would be sat at the bar for ages before we were served. It’s worth mentioning that there were other bars/food shacks down the beach front that were quite nice in the evening and for lunch. Chairs would be put out at night so you can sit on the beach and have a drink which was great. We would also highly recommend the “Fat Monkey” on the main high street. My advice would be to not stay unless you book a villa and prefer to keep to yourselves for a quiet time. Based on their tactics, we would personally never book again. We will be asking for a refund for the first night from our booking provider based on what we believe was false advertising. If they are going to continue to put people in these rooms, they should separate the types/styles on the booking websites and make it clear that the rooms are disconnected from the rest of the resort. Pros: - Villas are nice and fairly private Cons: - Shady/deceptive tactics - Alternative rooms outside the resort - Service - Atmosphere - Breakfast/food very basic/average

First impressions last: We stayed here for our honeymoon after travelling the whole day.We informed the hotel of our honeymoon prior to our arrival yet we were given a dark and dingy room tucked away in a corner of the hotel that looked nothing like the photos on the website; cracked tiles in the bathroom, grotty grouting and badly stained woodwork, a pathetic basket of 4 fruits that looked like they had been there for several days. All this after witnessing a snake being killed and then removed in a plastic bag by the Reception Area! We went back to Reception, deflated, and requested another room. I also explained to the Receptionist that we were here for our Honeymoon and that it had been mentioned at the time of booking. We were given a room which was better i.e. Looked more like the photos on the website. The bathroom however had no ventilation, the drains smelled and the humidity was stifling in there during the daytime. I fully expected that the oversight would be rectified over the next day or so with some small gesture in the room perhaps as a surprise, sadly nothing happened other than Housekeeping lit an oil burner which smelled of eucalyptus to mask the bad smell in the bathroom on one of the days of our stay! The breakfast area is not enclosed and there are small birds always pecking away at the food at any opportunity, the breakfast furniture sometimes has bird droppings on it. It would be better to enclose and air condition this area. There is a lot of noise from the outside of the hotel so if you are a light sleeper and by the road areas then you could be kept up in to the small hours of the morning. I can't recommend this place having stayed in 5* establishments previously. The Receptionist staff in particular made for a lack-lustre experience and could do with training on making visitors feel more welcomed, rather than an inconvenience, especially when they have come to stay for a 'once in a lifetime' special occasion. Unfortunately, Twin Lotus was very disappointing for us.

Very mixed review after a bad start to our stay. Arrived at Krabi airport and took the hotel transfer option of 2700 BHT, as I struggled to find anything much cheaper elsewhere. We were greeted by the driver 'Tong' would was extremely helpful in a nice new mini bus all to ourselves (Aircon, crisps, drinks & wifi). He gave us loads of useful information on the area during the journey and even stopped by his house on route to get us some fresh coconuts to drink! On arrival the complex was impressive - very pretty and secluded. Check-in staff were polite and we were taken to the room by golf cart very quickly. This was where it went bad... The room had clearly not been used for a while as it had a very musty smell to it. There was a dead cockroach on the floor and generally the room was in a very poor state or repair (bathroom door knob was bent, shower door wouldn't close, toilet seat was stained, hole in the mosquito net, marks on the walls etc...). Very disappointed after a day of travelling and an expensive transfer to get there. I acknowledge we chose to book a "standard" room rather than a villa, due to sticking to a budget, but cleanliness and things working properly should be a bare minimum still. After this we spoke to reception and they moved us to another room of the same type. Still not amazing, but a lot better than the first. We then went to use the gym at 7pm, which is 24 hrs. When we got there it was very poorly lit with only half the Aircon working, so was extremely hot. There were no gym towels and the music & TV were both not working. One of the 4 cardio machines was also out of order. Despite all of the above, we still had a nice time and I can imagine this is probably one of the better resorts in Lanta. However, people visiting need to set their expectations to some things not being quite as polished as a mainland 4-5* resort. Breakfast was excellent and the beach/pool area was also lovely. The staff were all very polite and attentive, which is something I've noticed everywhere in Thailand. The location is good too, with plenty of local restaurants and bars to go to if you don't want to stay in the hotel. We stayed 4 days and this was more than enough as we like to stay active and explore different things, but if you're looking to stay longer just be prepared with some good books! They also hire paddle boards and kayaks for free to hotel guests, which is a good way to pass time and explore the beach. Other useful info; The tours at reception are overpriced slightly and available right outside the main entrance for at least 100-200BHT cheaper. Laundry can also be done for 50% less outside the main entrance (5 mins walk) Towels that are rolled up on sunbeds are not taken - these are free to use (took us a day or so to work this out) For me this is a 4* hotel, but maybe in one of the more expensive rooms its a better quality of cleanliness/repair etc..

This was our 3rd time in Twin Lotus hotel. The situation of the hotel is great. Khlog Dao beach is the best. Saladan is near. Breakfast is very good. It is lovely sit and enjoy breakfast by the sea. In the Spa there are different treatments. This time we chose Aromatherapy and Hot stone massage. Also Body wrap + body lotion. They were lovely. The staff of the hotel is very friendly. Thank you Conny and your staff! Greetings for everyone! It was great vacation again! Hope to see you next year! Päivi and Leena, 682

We wanted a simple, uncomplicated relaxing beach holiday and that is exactly what we got. We had a beach view villa, close to the pool, the restaurant and the lovely beach. This would be my recommendation for the best place in the Resort. Thank you to all who made our vacation so fantastic

I’m just checking out after 5 nights on the resort. Overall, a great experience. The staff are very nice and the location and grounds well-kept. The experience started off with an error in the rate booked, which was much lower than their normal rate. However, the manager was courteous enough to honor it anyway and was confirmed upon check-in. My room was the deluxe beach-front villa, ten steps from the beach and the same same to the main pool. The villa was cleaned very thoroughly every day. Thus, I can’t speak to the lodge rooms and their status or cleanliness. The pool does get busy and chairs reserved early. However, this is true in probably every resort in the world. So, just have to plan accordingly. It’s really hot in the sun anyway, so the chairs on the beach are sometimes better anyway, as are shaded by the trees. Service around the pool: it’s Thailand. They aren’t coming up to you every 10 minutes. However, I do think they could walk around more often so you can waive them down. Breakfast is your standard Thai resort breakfast. Lots of options and the breakfast building is nice and clean. The food at the restaurants isn’t great at all, but I hope someone isn’t basing a hotel stay on the restaurant. Get off-property to a cooking class at A Time for Lime, dinner at The Kitchen, or if really tired, just walk to L. Maladee from the front gate. To note, there is a convenience store to the right of the main gate if you crave something specific to drink. Also a laundry shop. Thus, overall, I’d recommend and would come back. It’s mostly couples, but so is the entire island.

199 Moo 1, Tambon Saladan Ko Lanta Krabi

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located in Saladan, Twin Lotus Koh Lanta by Burasari is adjacent to Kawkwang Beach and within a mile (2 km) of Sala Dan Community School. This 76-room, 4.5-star resort welcomes business and leisure travelers with 2 outdoor pools, a full-service spa, and a restaurant. It's on the beach and also close to Klong Dao Beach and Sala Dan Pier.


This resort is home to a restaurant and a bar/lounge. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service, or get a quick energy boost at the coffee shop/café. Start each morning with buffet breakfast, available for a fee from 7 AM to 10:30 AM.


Twin Lotus Koh Lanta by Burasari's 76 air-conditioned rooms provide balconies, minibars, and coffee makers. Guests can expect free WiFi and LCD TVs with satellite channels and DVD players. Beds sport premium bedding and bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries. Other amenities include free bottled water, safes, and phones.

Property features

Guests of Twin Lotus Koh Lanta by Burasari have access to a full-service spa, 2 outdoor pools, and a 24-hour fitness center. You can take advantage of free parking, along with an airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for THB 2700 per vehicle one way. The 24-hour front desk has staff standing by to help with concierge services, and answer any questions about the accommodations. Other amenities at this adults-only resort include a spa tub, a sauna, and free WiFi in public areas.

Room options

Deluxe Double Room (Min. Age 18 years )

King 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 2

Garden Villa (Min. age 18 years)

King 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Deluxe Villa, Garden View (Min. Age 18 years )

King 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Deluxe Villa, Sea View (Min. Age 18 years )

King 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 2

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