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Cap d Antibes Beach Hotel

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We came from LA on a tour around south of France and Italy. Came to this hotel for a few days, stayed for nearly a week. The service is amazing, the hotel is small enough to where they remember your name. Service, service, service!!!!! Would stay here again in a heartbeat.

Good, small hotel with top class service. Good location that is away from it all without it being too far to walk to the main town. Private beach helps during busy periods as local beaches are quick to fill up. Can be used by non-residents at a price though, although you are guaranteed a lounger as a resident. Overall would recommend.

I have to start out by saying this hotel was fabulous and exceeded all of my expectations. Even before our arrival the hotel was very accommodating with my requests. We were traveling with another couple who had recently gotten married and wanted to ensure they had a great room with a bonus welcome. The hotel arranged transport from the port, and a nice bottle of rosé was in each room with a hand written welcome note. Our rooms faced a lovely private garden terrace. Each room was appointed nicely with luxurious bath products, plush robes and comfy slippers. But the best part was the hotel was situated right on its own private beach, with sun beds included for the hotel guests, and a lovely patio for dining or requesting a bottle of rosé to your beach lounger. I will definitely be back and if I could give this hotel 6 stars I would!

Stayed here for a couple of nights while in town on business and pleasure in May. My partner and I were visiting to help plan our wedding and as we were travelling across the south of France we thought Antibe would make a good base. Unfortunately Cap d'Antibe Beach Hotel is rather disappointing and rated poor in this review. As a Londoner (UK) who's stayed at very good hotels in the south of France I'm incredibly disappointed that this hotel has 5 stars and is a relais de chateau. The hotel itself is slightly dated and I feel like it's lost some of its charm. The 'gym' is two machines in tent outside. The continental breakfast (included in my room rate) was laughable. 1 small round table with a few fruits, some juices and cheeses - hardly what I could call a breakfast. The "deluxe room" doesn't even have a floor to ceiling coverage for the bathroom so steam from your shower penetrates the bedroom. The biggest disappointment for me is Les Pecheurs, the restaurant with a supposed Michelin star (or guide) - I'm not one for Michelin star dining but this place is pompous and the food and service is terrible. All we wanted was a small dinner and this was the only place available to eat without leaving the hotel after we checked in at 7:30 pm. We walked into the restaurant, which was completely empty and were shown to the worst possible table by the till (no where near a window) - when I requested to move, I was told all the other tables were reserved which I could not believe given the place was empty. The starter was unmemorable and I had ordered the duck for main which was more than well done when I had ordered medium - the restaurant director (Angelo Gelpi) was adamant the duck was medium and at first refused to take the food back. While my partner finished her food which I had to share I waited for the duck to return. Upon return it was only mildly less well done than it was before and he had the audacity to say this is what medium is in France - Regardless of my culinary expertise or his, the way he spoke to me was unacceptable and completely ruined our trip to this hotel. Angelo denied us a good table and then argued with us about the food. After we were finished, the restaurant still had at least two other tables which were vacant and we would have preferred to sit in - I strongly don't believe every other person in there had booked a specific table and can only put Angelo's treatment for us down to the colour of our skin. The only thing that made up for the trip was the beach which is hard not to enjoy in the beautiful sunshine. The staff looked after us well and even gave us some sunscreen as we had forgotten ours.

We had a wonderful weekend stay and cannot recommend this hotel more highly; it was incredibly comfortable and chic in equal measure, and the food was out of this world! I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a visit.

We stayed here for 2 night is early April . We loved the hotel . The staff are all delightful and helpful . Food delicious and not over priced for this area of France . The beach and bar are good and there is a great atmosphere . Our room was very modern . It was clean had loads of storage space , comfortable bed . My only criticism would be that the shower is not great , poor lighting to do makeup in bathroom if you are over a certain age and need glasses ! We would definitely return here . Thank you for a very enjoyable weekend

I rarely submit TripAdvisor reviews of just 1-2 stars… But, as this was by far my worst hotel stay of 2016, it unfortunately was the only rating I could give. We arrived on October 6 for a 3 night stay. The hotel, from the start, felt depressing and without soul. The rooms are great, if you like cheap Ikea style. If you don’t, then they are not as nice… (a great 3 star hotel could compete). We stayed in room 107, which was a “Privilege Category Room”. The wall is decorated with an ugly purple cover and a huge sea star - not sure who taught this was “tasty decoration”, but whoever it was, this person should find a new career asap. The bed is fine, similar to what you might expect at a normal Hilton hotel. There’s no table/bed stand though. The area in the bathroom to put your stuff is also extremely limited. The only redeeming factor about the room is that it has both a shower and a bath tub, in particular, the bath tub filled very quickly (because of a very strong/fast water supply). Note that the bathroom is enclosed, and not a separate area. The shower has no doors. As such, if you’re taking a hot shower, expect your whole room to be steamy afterwards (and experience a cold draft while in the shower because there's no door). Unfortunately, our room was also noisy, so expect to need earplugs when sleeping and/or listening to your neighbor’s conversations. This may have been bad luck with regards to our neighbors, as I don't believe many reviews here mention "noise". As we visited in October, we looked forward to use the heated pool. Unfortunately, it turned out to be cold. Not a problem in the summer, but if staying in the shoulder season, it’s something to be aware of. I’m sure that, theoretically, it is heated. But, in reality, it was so cold that you definitely do not want to enter (it was empty as such). It was rather amusing as we went back to the reception to ask if it was the only pool as the website proudly states it is heated… Unfortunately, it was the only pool. There’s no hot tub / jacuzzi / hammam / whatever. As such, when the weather is bad, there really is very little to do. The manager offered we should go and see Cannes. If we wanted to see Cannes, we would have booked and stayed in a hotel in Cannes… The hotel is quite small and simple. The beach section is straightforward, not very impressive by our standards, but opinions may vary. The beach chairs/loungers looked like cheap white plastics and were not very inviting. The attached restaurant did provide a somewhat nice atmosphere and I can imagine that, in the middle of the summer, it would be a nice place to visit for a family lunch. For a 5 star hotel, house keeping really doesn’t tune in to your plans. E.g. if the hotel knows you’re having dinner at 8.30 pm, don’t expect house keeping to show up for professional turn down service during that time. They will come at 7 pm, when you are changing or relaxing, and ensuring that, when you come back to your room after dinner, it’s not refreshed but left “as it was”. The lights in the room are not very bright in the areas where you can sit and work, and unfortunately there's no “mood” lighting either. Overall, the lighting in the room was insufficient and caused the room to be very dark. For those who are picky about their towels, the ones here were rather “hard” and not fluffy/soft. Note that the bed was also rather hard. We liked the bed just fine, but I know some people prefer soft, so just something to be aware of. Nothing individually in the room is really causing a big issue, but, combined, truly nothing in this hotel screams “luxury”. Whereas that is definitely something we were expecting. I was in contact with the hotel reception months before arriving because I wanted to know whether staying this time of the year would still be ok (weather wise and for enjoyment) - it was my first trip to Cap D’Antibes. The lady told me it was no problem. Well, it was. The receptionist during our stay, a brunette wearing a white jacket, was remarkable in her abilities to give no customer service whatsoever. Upon arrival, she proudly mentioned there is a heated pool. Upon finding a black colored ice cold pool, I asked her if there was another pool that I may have missed. She said “we have only 1 pool and it’s heated”. I said, uhh, it feels pretty cold. Her reaction: “no, it should be heated”. (I went back and confirmed it was ice cold - and it stayed like that during our entire trip). Another example. I went upstairs to mention my room was very noisy and if there, perhaps, were more isolated rooms. Her response: “I’ve never heard this complaint before. Your room is very silent”. I said, uhh, I can hear my neighbors conversations word by word… You can come to my room to listen if you want. She said “I’m sorry, but we’re fully booked and your room is one of the most silent rooms in the hotel”. Again, no empathy, no understanding towards the customer whatsoever. In fact, the responses felt rude and completely disrespectful towards our complaints. The hotel manager said hi upon check in. He seemed like a nice and understanding gentleman. He should really get his personnel in check and train them on how to respond to complaints. Denial of complaints is really not 5 star service. I saw in other reviews how guests describe some of the personnel as “rude”, and I can completely understand where they are coming from. With regards to the restaurant at the hotel: Via a charitable auction to which we donated, we received a “free” 3 course dinner at the gourmet restaurant Les Pecheurs, as well as a food & wine pairing by the Chef Sommelier. The restaurant has 1 Michelin star, and the food is good. I’d say the restaurant is definitely the biggest “attraction” of the hotel, even though much better restaurants can be found in the area. We were quite stunned that, for the wine pairing, we simply received a bottle of Peyrassol Merlot. Basically, the red wine version of the free rose wine we received in the room. A wine so cheap, it’s not even on their wine menu. The wine was ice cold, and because I am a wine lover and have a cellar myself, I know the serving temperature must have been around 14 celsius. The head sommelier however argued the wine was at least 20 celsius because he keeps his cellar at 20 celsius. A bit strange, as a I haven't heard of any Michelin rated restaurants storing their wines at that high of a temperature (which would only allow for rather short time storage - while their wine list boasts many, many exclusive bottles). It also would not explain how our wine was that cold. Very confusing. To be fair - after we complained about the wine "pairing" (the wine was quite bad), it was changed to a wine bottle that was actually on the wine menu (even though it was the cheapest on the menu - 60 EUR). It was decent and drinkable. Mostly, I was surprised that a wine pairing meant “here’s a bottle of wine - drink up” at a 1 Michelin starred restaurant. Although the food was quite good, the atmosphere wasn’t very lovely. On Saturday, we had lunch in the Le Cap beach restaurant, which was pleasant. There was a nice atmosphere. The dishes were better than expected too. Also, the lobby personnel was different on Saturday and they were much more friendly and smiling. Still, not enough to suddenly transform our hotel stay into a luxury experience, but all the little things do help. At checkout on Sunday, the “week personnel” was back and, unsurprisingly, no one asked upon checkout if we had a nice stay or even to wish us safe travels home. To conclude, I will definitely not return to the hotel this time of the year. Even in the summer, I would think twice before returning as I feel the hotel should be classified as a 4 star hotel (and a below average at that one). Before arriving, we stayed in Reserve de Beaulieu hotel for 1 night, which was everything and more that this hotel wasn’t. Such an amazing place, and not too far away. After our stay (and the only reason why we didn’t go home after the first night), we stayed at Hotel Cap-Eden-Roc, which of course has a reputation of being amazing, and it was. They really know luxury there. Surprisingly, we paid almost the same nightly rate. For dinner, even though Les Pecheurs is fine, I’d highly recommend Le Figuier de Saint-Esprit. Not too far away. Also 1 Michelin star, yet much more heart in both service & atmosphere. It’s a lovely restaurant that I can highly recommend. Overall, be smart and stay away from this hotel. While I stayed in many very charming Relaix & Chateaux hotels (Crillon le Brave, near Chateauneuf du Pape, is one that stands out in my recent memory), I found it rather awful to see this hotel being included in the Relaix & Chateaux collection. My partner called it a "modern Ikea wasteland". Overall, I felt the hotel makes the average Hilton look good. Something I wasn't expecting. In fact, the place makes the average W a place of extreme luxury. And the average Four Seasons hotel? Incomparable. If you want to splurge in Cap d'Antibes, go somewhere else.

Arrived here for one night in October to celebrate my birthday and was looking forward to an amazing experience. Check in, the hotel room and dinner that night in their Michelin starred restaurant were amazing. The next day, whilst walking around the beach area, we decided to go for a swim in their outdoor pool. It was very quiet around the hotel, so I don't think anyone had been swimming for a few days. I went to step in the pool and after taking 1 step, slipped and fell very aggressively on my back and elbow and slid into the pool. I wasn't seriously injured, but very bruised and sore for 3 weeks after. I immediately told the manager around the outside bar about what happened and how extremely dangerous the slimy, slippery steps were. We left an hour later, of which not a word or piece of correspondence was sent to me after. We aren't the type of people to go looking for freebies, however, a mention at the front desk or a follow up email to check on the injury would have been suffice. I will spend my money elsewhere next time, definitely not worth returning.

Stay away from this Hotel if you want value for (lots of) Money. Here is our experience with the Hotel and its management (dated from August 2016). Upon arrival by car, we weren't assisted with anything, neither the car not the bags. No further instructions, regarding wifi etc. Remember, it's a € 600 per night Hotel. Eventually, we were given a room (no. 306) which was being built into the parking lot. We then had a look at the beach and pool area, which, according to the hotel's website, is private. However, the hotel is functioning as a publicly available beach club. The pool area is very untidy and frequented by non hotel guests as well. The plastic beds are very dirty and in a bad condition, without any privacy space in between. Upon an immediate complaint, we were given a new room (no. 212), in which there is a very small bed which is less than 160 cm wide. In the bathroom, there is only one tiny wash basin. The linen of the bed was covered in sand. The room safe didn't work and we had to wait for 30 minutes for it to be repaired. The breakfast is very limited, even eggs or ham and cheese are being charged separately. The hotel management showed no flexibility whatsoever in terms of premature termination of the reservation, insisting on a 100 % payment for four nights. Our approach to come to a friendly solution was not being picked up by any means. However, worst of all, the Hotel Manager, Mr Franck Farneti, addressed with the issues in writing, didn't refrain from openly lying. For instance, and obviously in order to have his own piece of "evidence", he claimed that Florian looked after our luggage and brought it to the room just after we went in. Incredible. Again, there is a lot of good Hotels at the Cote d'Azur. Try Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel - the perfect opposite of CA Beach Hotel. Stay away!

We spent a few days at the end of the season at the Cap d'Antibes Beach Hotel. Our stay was perfect: lovely modern rooms with a top level of comfort, private beach with great service, a relaxed beach restaurant and a top class gourmet place.

10 Boulevard Marechal Juin Antibes Alpes-Maritimes

Hotel highlights

  • Close to Juan-les-Pins Beach
  • Free continental breakfast
  • Free WiFi and wired Internet in rooms and public areas
  • Free valet parking

Located in Cap-d'Antibes within a short walk of Pinede Garden, Cap d Antibes Beach Hotel is within a mile (2 km) of Juan-les-Pins Beach. This 35-room, 5-star hotel has a private beach along with an outdoor pool and free in-room WiFi. On the waterfront, the hotel is also close to Juan les Pins Palais des Congres and Picasso Museum.


Start your day off right with a free continental breakfast. Enjoy the ocean views at Les Pecheurs, one of 2 onsite restaurants. Satisfy your hunger from the comfort of your room with 24-hour room service.


All of Cap d Antibes Beach Hotel's 35 rooms are individually decorated and have an array of amenities, including balconies or patios, minibars, and free newspapers. Flat-screen TVs come with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi and wired Internet. Bathrooms offer rainfall showers, hair dryers, and designer toiletries. Other amenities include safes, phones, and desks.

Property features

Guests staying at Cap d Antibes Beach Hotel enjoy access to a private beach, an outdoor pool, and free WiFi in public areas. There's free valet parking, and an airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for EUR 85 per vehicle one way. Multilingual staff at the front desk are standing by 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach hotel include a meeting room, a computer station, and express check-in.

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