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We booked this place because it was recommended to us by a friend. We looked at the photos on their site and got really excited about staying there. I wasn't even sure what the cost was per room or that there was an "economy" section. I just called and said I wanted to book two rooms close to each other because we would have our son with us. The lady I spoke with was wonderful. She told me all about the place and its history and was super sweet. We actually drove up there early so we could spend a few hours checking the place out and it seemed like there was stuff to do from the pictures. We got there and our rooms were in economy which we weren't too mad about but they were not very cozy. There was a lounge outside our room but nothing worked. Not even the pop machine. We decided to wander around and saw no one at all to ask where anything was or anything. The billiards room was closed. The bar was closed. We even found a young boy at the front desk and asked if the bar ever opened and he said he didn't think it did. Said it was for special occasions. If thats the case, it should say that on the website. Other reviews I read said staff gave them tours or told them about the history.. We got nothing. While we were roaming around the nice historical part a man walked up behind us with an attitude and we asked if we were allowed to look around and he said no and then asked if we were even guests. When we said yes and told him which rooms he said "oh. In economy" like we were filth and way below him. And then just walked away while saying "don't go upstairs." The young boy that was at the front desk was a nice kid but said he had only been there a week and didn't know much about the place. Later when my husband walked out to our car the rude guy from before was yelling at the young kid calling him an idiot or being very nasty. And he did it all right in front of my husband. Right in the lobby at the front desk. We thought that was very unprofessional and it made us as guests feel awkward. He should have had that kind of conversation in a private office somewhere. Maybe upstairs on that forbidden floor?? We wanted to walk around outside and look at the view and the property because it looked so gorgeous but we felt so unwelcome that we just left and went to dinner and didn't come back till late. The next morning was pretty bad. Our rooms were combined by a shower. With no way to vent and steam. There was a big hole in the ceiling where a vent used to be but was never replaced. It was so hot in that tiny little box that we couldn't even dry off and get dressed in there. We had to leave the room. The light above our sink was burnt out. There was a huge paper towel dispenser, but it was empty. There was dead bugs on the floor by the window. It wasn't a BAD room but for a little time and energy it could be a lot nicer. Cleaner. Had I known there was an economy area I would have at least asked the price of the nicer rooms and probably would have asked to switch rooms. Maybe then the strange man would have been a little nicer to us. There was no coffee. No caffeine at all since the big vending machine outside our room didn't work. So we left first thing in the morning. When we were checking out, the super sweet lady I talked to on the phone was working and she was again very nice. She is the only reason I even gave two stars and hesitated for so long to even do a review. I didn't wamt to give her a bad review. Just wanted to give an honest review. If you're going to stay here, definitely ask for one of the rooms in the main part of the building. Those rooms were gorgeous.

When I try to tell friends about our stay here, it sounds like something made up! We stayed in the historic bed and breakfast wing. It had so many twists and turns a person can get lost. Rooms with animal heads, furniture and antiques with price tags, pianos with old sheet music, winding narrow staircases leading to more hallways with room after room.and if you turn left in the entrance, you are in the former nursing home wing. ...We had just toured the old closed West Virginia State Penitentiary,, so it added to our visit to have all those prison stories in our head and be in that huge place on a rainy night all by ourselves! One other couple was there, but I saw them leave out the window before dark and never heard or saw them again. It would have been nice to sit on the porch, take a walk on the property, or try out the hot tub, but it was raining the whole time we were there. Todd, who checked us in, came back the next morning and served us our breakfast. It was good (not over the top bed and breakfast level, but tasty). My husband and I both loved the coffee. Even though I could tell Todd had a lot to keep up with (not many employed there for as huge as the place is) he offered to give us a tour which made the stay much more memorable. After knowing the history and seeing more of the place with him; if we are ever back in the area, I would like to stay again. (if it is not raining!) Some young couple came in to take their wedding pictures as we were leaving. The gravel road leading to the property is long and full of ruts. I can imagine it costs a fortune to keep that place in repairs. If you are adventurous, don't require modern amenities to make you happy, and aren't afraid of the dark, stay here!

The staff was fun and helpful. The building was a blast to explore and was an endless list of things to do. The value for the room was a blessing. Breakfast was supurb and I want to make another trip just to stay again.

I stayed on a weekday and so glad i did. The historic environment was overwhelming. The historical society tagged artifacts that decorate the mansion. beautiful artwork. good breakfast. beautiful grounds. deer roam the grounds. wonderful place

First things first: The staff her was extremely kind to me. They had overbooked my room type so they bumped me up to a nicer room. The breakfast is EXCELLENT, but only included with the more expensive rooms. Ten Dollars extra for the economy rooms. The person below complaining about not getting a nicer room clearly doesn't understand getting what you pay for. A steakhouse isn't going to give you a filet after you order a burger just because they have extra filet cuts.... This hotel is split into two parts. The historic old Bed and Breakfast (Rooms 1-6) and the economy motel rooms. If you see the sixty dollar rate you are getting the economy room which I cannot attest to. I was placed in room 4 which had a very nice bed and state of the art massage recliner. Even bathrobes were provided! Finally a few complaints: A few of my towels were dirty/stained but they replaced them as soon as I asked The lights outside are very bright over the entry way and stream into the room windows. The bathroom is VERY small. I barely fit sitting on the john. So in conclusion, check this place out but spring for the nicer rooms. Bring an eyemask and you'll have a wonderful night and delicious breakfast.

I flew into Colombus, Ohio airport to attend my uncle's 100th birthday party near Wheeling, WV. I didn't start looking for lodging until a few days prior to my departure date. Searching with Expedia, I found rooms in the large chain motels that were expensive. I found the Aspen Manor with more reasonably priced rooms. I booked 7 nights via the Expedia site. My flight into Colombus was delayed two hours and I didn't arrive at the Aspen Manor until after midnight. Chad, one of the managers was waiting for me in the lobby. He led me to my room, which was in the newer section. The room was clean but pretty austere. The next morning, staff members Karen and Chad upgraded me to a very nice room in the old part of Aspen Manor. Everything was great. The staff treated me like a king. I had an exquisite custom cooked breakfast each morning. I had my choice of eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, pancakes, fresh fruit, toast, home fries, juice, coffee, teas, etc. The Aspen Manor was originally built as a gentleman's summer getaway in the late 1800's by the Vandergrift family. The Vandergrifts were a wealthy industrialist family from Pittsburgh. At one time it was a self sufficient farm, complete with servants, workers, farm buildings, a power plant, dairy cows, a bowling alley and much more. The history was fascinating. It was later sold to the catholic church, who ran the estate as a working farm and retirement home for priests. A new wing was added in the 1960's to make it a full service nursing home. In the 1990's the estate was sold to a private individual, who now runs it as a historic manor-resort. The old part is almost as one would have found it in 1900, except for upgrades to make it have all of the comforts and conveniences of home. Many antique furnishings are on display in various open rooms. Many of the group use rooms are spectacular, especially for weddings, reunions, etc. The estate is secluded and sits on approx. 400 acres of beautiful rural landscape. The staff was wonderful, especially Managers, Chad & Tod, Chef Dustin and Karen from the accounting department. They were professional, yet friendly and warm. When my stay was over, I felt that I was leaving friends. If you're looking for a room in a sterile large new chain motel building, this may not be for you. If you're looking for a place and a staff with great personality, you'll love it here. I hope to return someday.

OK I'll admit I've known this place for about 40 years, back when it was a retirement home in the 1970s. This place is similar to Michael Jackson's Neverland, without the amusement rides. A former estate for a tycoon, it has more stories than you can shake a stick at. I'd love to see a reality tv show filmed here. A piano played by Beethoven! An opium room! The upper portion of the estate where the eagles nest is was a summer camp in the heady 1970s, and where I camped as a kid. Just have patience and understanding and Chad will take care of you. This property is historic and amazing. Don;t be in rush and you will enjoy yourselves immensely. Rooms are clean and well-appointed. Give it a try.

We booked on line, last minute. The place is funny amalgamation of an old estate and an added on motel. Despite the fact that it was essentially empty, we got motel rooms. Toilet paper sitting on the back of the tank (no place to hang it on the wall), unreliable shower. While we waited for breakfast ($10 extra per person, worth it for quantity but not for quality), we explored the rest of the property. Why didn't they put us in the empty manor side, where the rooms are both elegant and not like a motel? Don't people understand that, if we book online, we are likely to review online?

WOW! It has taken me so long to write this. Because I haven’t been able to assemble the right words to just how perfect the Aspen Manor truly is! My groom and I had been together for quite some time. Upon deciding to take the big step, we wanted a place that offered a flow. Since we had so much history together, we wanted something that was perfectly fitting of us. Old World Charm. Yet, relaxed, and very fun. We wanted a lot of rooms for people to stay. No table numbers or seating charts. We wanted a celebration of all of our favorite people celebrating us over these years. If someone had not met another yet, we envisioned a place that you may be wondering around, and almost trip over a perfect stranger, that you were always supposed to meet, because everyone that would be invited, were definitely supposed to meet. Seems like an impossibility, right? Well, to our surprise, that was exactly what we found at the Aspen Manor Resort! From the minute I walked through the door, I was struck with awe. Its old world charm is magnificent. You feel the history as you walk down one hallway after another. We looked at each other and knew this was the place. No doubt about it. This was only the beginning. I started to work with Chad Hall over the phone. He is very knowledgeable about every detail, nook and cranny of the place. We set a time to meet and discuss my expectations. I explained in advance that they were in some ways quite high. Due to the fact that I come from a background of everything from fine dining, to real estate sales, and just about every other customer service profession. I know deliciously good food, and extremely good service. I think I tried to scare him, so that they would understand just how much I do know, and exactly what I would expect for myself and my guests. Our meeting takes place, and in such a fun jovial way, Chad, and Manager Carl Kaylor, my groom and I hit it off immediately. From day one we laughed. At the beginning of planning a vision for my wedding, I found a few stressful moments. From this minute on, it just became fun! Rather than pondering over grueling details of what we wanted, we joyfully hopped in the car every weekend to go see our new friends, and plan a great wedding. Little by little, I met more staff, and visit after visit, I became closer with each and every one of them. We would sit in the courtyard, and share my visions. Even my groom was excited. This was going to be no boring blah wedding. This was going to be an elegant cocktail party full of fine dining and great music. This was our perfect dream. As the wedding grew closer, pressure was building. All of the normal stresses. But, I would walk in the door there, and I knew everything would be perfect. I showed up early the day before the wedding. Every staff member greeted me, and was so excited to share in this day with me. If I needed anything at all, 5 people went running. We decorated every corner of the place. Just as I wished. Whimsical words of love everywhere. I had run out of time preparing, and framing all of them. Chad and Dustin sat with my family and friends, and cut every last one to perfection and put them in the right location for our day. I can remember my brother holding his little girl (my flower girl), and he looked at me, with such a sincere, awe, face. He was amazed at the level of comfort, and care that I clearly received from the staff here. We had a lovely, beautifully decorated, delicious rehearsal dinner. My guests that were staying with us the night before had so much fun. We had music, and a hot tub, in a lit up courtyard. The Aspen really allows this place become your own home away from home. I felt like I was entertaining in my own house. What a comforting mind frame, before one of the biggest days of my life. Now, my big day. I wake up with my guests to breakfast. Delicious. We chose to have mimosas. After breakfast, myself, and several friends decided to have a few more mimosas in the hot tub. Could I be any more relaxed? Hot tub, Classical, and Jazz. Probably not. Something will go wrong, right? Around 11:30, I decided it was time to put the most beautiful dress on that I have ever laid eyes upon. The perfect thing about this place is the gorgeous chapel attached to this wonderful mansion. I was so at ease. I didn’t have to rush anywhere. There was no rounding of people, no deadline. We were already where every precious moment would take place. A church built by Catholic Priests attached to this beautiful structure? Are you kidding me? I relaxed in the courtyard, and then went to get ready. It was a simple walk down a hallway with my father to an onsite church. We were perfectly at ease, and so ready for this moment to happen. After the ceremony, we started meeting with our guests. They were as in awe as the first time I walked through the door. “How did you find this place”? I heard over and over again. In conversation, I would suggest that I wanted them to meet a certain person, and each time I said that, they would tell me that they has already spoken with them. Our plan had worked. This made the experience more magical. When could I possibly have all of these same people together again? Everything was set up to higher than quality standards! The stations of food were not only delicious, but located in the perfect places for every selection, to provide the flow for people and conversation, and so professionally decorated. The details go on and on. Chrissy was working the busy bar. And she WAS busy. Dustin was working the pasta station, which had endless combinations to your liking. Carl certainly did his job at holding down the fort, the way he does best! Had he not, I’m not sure all things would have been just right, and the way I expected. Todd was grilling great BBQ, pulled pork sliders, and every combo of kabobs with any glazes that you could want. We had a beef carving station in the main dining room. There was a delicious salad station that had so many unique, delightful flavor bursts that would satisfy any palate. Chad became my second hand man. Helping me with my dress if needed, coordinating ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING for this perfect day. He was simply hands on with anything that came up. Roger running around aiding anyone that needed anything. Kevin made sure that my music was just right from early morning when I wanted classical, to late hours when we wanted bluegrass or fun Jazz. He even had microphones set up for, yes those awkward Karaoke moments that broke out. Yes, they happened. Trevor, aiding in the Smore bar. They even brought staff members on as extras that I had never met. And they were as cute as buttons. Everything was going perfectly! Almost all 40 rooms were rented, and I knew breakfast would be a blast. And that it was! After about 3 in the afternoon the following day, I said goodbye to our final guests that were not staying to celebrate this next evening with us. It was the first time I had a second, to take a breath. I slowly walked around and reflected on “our” party from the night before. I started to cry. Not just cry, but I started sobbing, at which point my father caught a far away glimpse of me. He ran to me and said, “Hunny, what is wrong”? As I burst into tears….I answered…..”Nothing. Absolutely….nothing. Everything was so perfectly perfect, and I don’t want this to be over”! I was so taken aback, at what a most beautiful event this had been for me. AND, I’m NOT a crier. That is JUST perfection! It was truly the most amazing weekend I have ever had. I felt like the queen of a special palace. I think you always expect something, even little, to go wrong. But nothing did. I was in the best hands ever! Without a doubt! PERFECTLY PERFECT!!! I have been back to visit 3 weekends since, and I have only been married for a month and a half. The exciting part is that I have friends planning on hosting some fun events there, because of the staff. And I am invited to all of them. I even have cousins that have asked if I would mind if they got married there. Do I mind? NO WAY! I get to go back and visit my friends in an awesome place. We have actually booked next year, same time. For a celebration of good people, great food, the best environment ever. And staff that will hop at the chance to make me, or any other visitor spending the night an experience of an unforgettable visit. I must state, that a month and a half after my wedding, I am still getting phone calls from people, telling me it was the most magnificent, unique wedding they have ever attended. That is testimony right there, and I thank my friends and staff at the Aspen Manor for every moment I experienced, and they shared with me. Since then, we all still keep in touch. OFTEN. I love it. With that being said, I cannot understand any of the posted negative reviews. Could these people have had unrealistic expectations for their visit? These folks carried me on a pedestal, on an experience that was months in the making. Even Chad and Todd are still caring for my items that I have remaining there. So many decorations and stuff! I give this place that I now call my second favorite home away from home a perfect score. On more levels than I can possibly explain. Kudos to the Aspen Manor. You made my day so perfectly right on the money. And I can’t wait to visit every Anniversary we have from here on out! Especially because we were married in such a beautiful church, right down the hallway from my room. AMAZING!!!!!!!!

We wanted to try a local bed and breakfast (within an hour) and found Aspen Manor online. The pictures looked good and there were not many negative reviews on here so we decided to try it out. We booked the best room they had available for the following Saturday night (that should have been my first clue.) The property is spacious and interesting. We were not checked in upon arrival but were later met by some type of greeter, given keys and shown to the room. Strangely, there was no shower and we were allowed to have a different room with a shower (though we were not given a credit of the difference in price). We were told to explore at will and with that the greeter left, never to be seen again. Upon returning, we discovered forms for breakfast selections which we returned to the designated spot but there was NO ONE on the property except us. We walked around and soon discovered the nursing home wing. After a quick google search we found out that the place was a nursing home in the past 20 years. That's a little freaky. Again, there was not a single person there but us there. We used the hot tub which is the best thing about the place. Top notch. New. Clean. Make sure you bring your own toiletries because they have half used bottles of white rain shampoo and conditioner from the dollar store in the showers. Breakfast was terrible as well. If you go then don't ask for cream for your coffee or hot tea….not happening. We will not be going back anytime soon. The best part about this place is the stories we can tell about it and inside jokes we now have as a result. Save your money and time….

Brinker Road Wellsburg WV

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Bar/lounge

Aspen Manor Resort places you within a 15-minute drive of Old Fort Steuben and Grand Theater. This 3.5-star bed & breakfast has 30 guestrooms and offers conveniences like a bar/lounge, free in-room WiFi, and free self parking.


For your convenience, breakfast is available for a fee. Order from room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room, or make new friends over drinks at the bar/lounge.


Guests can expect to find free WiFi and LCD TVs.

Property features

Guests staying at Aspen Manor Resort enjoy free WiFi in public areas, a library, and wedding services. If you plan to drive, free parking is available.

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