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Annapurna Hotel Tenerife

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Our stay was from 25.12.17-01.01.18 and we had no hot water for 6 days. We were told every single day that they are dealing with the problem and it will be fixed soon. Meanwhile, since they had a few empty rooms that had hot water, we were told that we can take shower in those. Still, there were many times that we had to shower in our room with the freezing water. One evening after we had spent the whole day by the pool and wanted to get ready for dinner, we went to ask for the key to the spare room that we could shower in, they told us that we're gonna have hot water in our room in a few hours so they will not give us the key. 3-4 hours later, still no hot water. Not even lukewarm. So we had to wash with the freezing cold water. We went to complain many times. Later, we told that we want refund because it was unacceptable. We payed 1.278 € and they told us that we can get back 10% but that we have to make a complaint through So we contacted Booking and they contacted the hotel. Yesterday, the hotel answered that it was our own fault that we didn't read the reviews before and they will not give us any money back. Hotel rooms were nothing like seen on the picture. Furniture was old, couches were bleached by the sun, the room got so cold at night while sleeping that we were literally shaking, thank god they gave us a small blanket. The "kitchenette" had no pots or pans, only 2 glasses and 2 cups so if you plan cooking there then ask if they can give you any or if you have to take them yourself. Walls are extremely thin so you were able to hear everything that was going on in the room next to you or when someone was walking past your room, the footsteps sounded as if they came from your own room. We had trouble opening the door every single time. The lock was old and sometimes it took like 5 minutes to get the door open. Overall - if possible, avoid the hotel. You never know what happens next. Also reading the reviews today, many people complain about stealing so that can happen also. Maybe, if you are lucky enough, your stay wouldn't be that horrendous but i surely do not recommend it nor will ever go back there. The pool area was the only thing we really enjoyed on our stay. Few steps down the stairs and you were able to swim in the ocean. Hiking on the mountains next to the hotel was also amazing, the views were breathtaking.

Myself and my new Fiance arrived at this hotel on December 27th after getting engaged Christmas Day? It was my gift to him, when we arrived we were horrified to find we were told we had to pay another €176 for all-inclusive for our 4 day trip, I was not in the humour of arguing with the not so nice/unhelpful receptionist so what should have cost me €496 for 4 days all-inclusive cost me €672, to add insult to injury when we went to our room which to our horror did not even have wine/champagne glasses, as we were celebrating our special day we asked the girl at the bar for 2 glasses we were told NO to which my fiance then went to reception where he had to argue for 2 glasses, very bad, then after all that we went without any HOT WATER for the 4 days, this again didn't seem to bother the receptionist or management, again not good enough, i had to go to a hair salon besides the hotel called Jens Salon , highly recommend it, the lovely lady called Jennifer offered for me to take a hot shower in her salon, wow i was in awe of that lady, another bad point of this awful hotel was the food we had to eat out all the time , more expense, I will be demanding a refund from this hotel which now goes by the name of Annapurna Hotel Please people im begging u dont go here you will cry!!!!!!

I'll start on a positive note - the room wasn't bad and the bed was comfy - that's where the positivity ends! Hotel had changed names and was called the AnnaPurna - we stayed for 7 nights and the there was never any hot water for a bath or a shower! Electric went off daily for maintenance 3 to 6pm. Staff were rude - bar full of alco's all day long - don't know how they got drunk as the drinks on all inclusive were hardly reliable - no electric again! Meals were indescribable - breakfast passable but evening meals were rank. No life guards watching the pool. The area is like Page Hall in Sheffield - full of graffiti on walls - dodgy characters - will never stay there again! Oh and the bus drivers were rude too - takes 30 minutes to get to anywhere decent - buses crammed full - everyone had the same idea and wanted to escape. If you are thinking of booking here - DONT!

Room was ok, but a must is to have the security lock on when in, as someone entered our room late at night, who my daughter saw as she was sleeping on the bed settee!! Lots of noise from the room above, with their toddler stomping around from 6am every morning. No water for 1/2 a day too. There is no kettle (they give you cups though), and you have to pay for the use of the safe. Two single beds pushed together in the main bedroom means you will constantly fall down the gap! The outside of the building is crumbling, and maintenance is not a high priority. On a positive note though, the food was lovely, albeit we had no idea what we were eating as nothing is labelled. There are also lengthily queues if you arrive within the first hour of opening. It was a cheap holiday, and we got cheap too. Won't be returning to this hotel.

I booked the Alborada Beach Club (Annapurna) all inclusive for 19th – 29th December. We got our flight to Tenerife and checked into the Alborada Beach Club at 2.30 pm on 19th December. On checking in we were told we needed to provide a credit or debit card at Reception. As we had booked an all-inclusive holiday we only took Euros and Sterling. We did not take any bank or credit cards as we had read some holiday reviews which advised of burglaries in some areas and a card is not a necessity. Eventually the person on Reception said he would need to speak to the Director who would then advise him as to what to do. We did eventually get checked in and were told that the restaurant was still open and we could go and have lunch. We took our bags to our room and then went in search of the restaurant. By this time it was almost 3 o’clock and there was very little left in the restaurant. None of the food was labelled and we did not really know what was on offer as it was difficult to interpret what was in the trays of food. There was a tray with what looked like stewed pork slices – my husband took some of this along with half a dozen cold chips. The pork turned out to be tuna. Not everyone eats fish – my husband does not – if food was labelled this problem would not occur. I had cold chips, a slice of chicken and a tomato with cheese on top. The chicken was like rubber and the tomato was green in the centre. We sat by the pool for a couple of hours in the afternoon. We went down to the restaurant on our first evening but could not get a table. We returned some time later and there were still no free tables. At the third attempt to get a table in the restaurant we gave up. I went back to the restaurant at about 8.50 pm and got a bread roll, some salami and a fried thing which was full of grease with some type of meat inside. The bread was rock hard, the salami not edible as was the fried meat thing – all went in the bin. We had a walk around the streets outside the hotel – there were coffee houses, cafes and a supermarket. The whole area catered for Spanish and German. We returned to the hotel and had a packet of crisps from the hotel reception machine between us for our tea. We did notice how run down the whole area was – there was actually a gypsy camp in a car park. That night there was a notice at the lift stating that the pool would be closed the next day. We got up the next morning Wednesday 20th December and went down for breakfast. On arrival at the restaurant there was a painter outside painting the front of the restaurant building. We went into the restaurant - breakfast consisted of frankfurter sausage, rubber eggs and waxy reconstituted bacon – and rock hard bread rolls. Again we did not eat anything as it was not fit for a dog. We did have a cup of tea (which was the only cup of tea we were able to get during our 2 night stay) and went outside to drink it. On leaving the restaurant there was a lorry beside the building which appeared to be draining a septic tank. At lunchtime we went to the restaurant the air outside was rank with the smell of raw sewage. We went into the restaurant and inside the smell of sewage was just terrible. The smell was so strong we could not contemplate eating anything in the restaurant. I did try to get a cup of tea but the machines were turned off at lunchtime. On the night of Wednesday 20th December we did not even attempt to go to the restaurant. We did walk up the road but all we found was a bakery. There is a shopping centre next door to the hotel but it is derelict, run down and boarded up except for some steps which take you downstairs underneath the centre which did not look very inviting! Thursday 21st December I went to Reception to see about getting changed to self-catering – I was informed that as I had booked through an agent they could not refund the difference and I was advised to contact the agent. We were in Tenerife and had no way on contacting them. Also on Thursday 21st December there was a notice at the lift stating that the electric would be going off that day. My husband and I were both tired and hungry and decided to check out. We felt we had no option, things might have been different if we had of been able to get some sort of meal but there was absolutely nothing that we could have eaten in the restaurant and no decent supermarket to buy our own food. As for snacks these were only served between 4.30 and 5.30 daily and were cold snacks. We checked out at 8.45 am on 21st December and got a taxi to the airport which cost 20 Euros. We were able to get a flight with Ryanair leaving Tenerife at 13.10 on 21st December. We arrived in Dublin at 5.50 pm and got Ulsterbus back to Belfast then a taxi home costing. I had to change sterling to Euros to pay for our flights and the rate in the airport was less than a Euro to the Pound. The food was really appalling in the hotel. The room was not much better – the room was cold, there were gaps under both front and balcony doors with a draft continually blowing through the room. The bathroom never had any hot water and there was no water pressure. The sink and bath were both stinking, the sink had two large cracks in it and the toilet seat was sitting on top of toilet in two pieces which were not connected to each other and would slide off. Electrically we felt this room was not safe. The ceiling light in the living room was hanging loose from the ceiling and some of the sockets on the wall were also loose. There was a puddle of water outside the bathroom door. I did go to Reception on Wednesday 20th about the water pressure and a plumber came to room and fiddled with something in the bathroom and the water pressure returned and the water was warm but next morning it was cold again with no pressure. I also asked for some blankets which were brought to the room later that afternoon. We have always wanted to go away for Christmas and decided to go for it this year. This holiday was a disaster. We went all-inclusive so that we could really enjoy our time abroad - our Christmas was well and truly ruined as we were supposed to be in Tenerife all over Christmas and instead of lying in the sun had to face the Christmas rush to get groceries in to keep us going over the holidays. If the food had even been halfway palatable we could have put up with the accommodation for the remainder of our holiday but on Thursday we just felt health-wise and sanity wise we would be better off going home. We did try and give the place a chance but in the end we could not take another day without something decent to eat. We are not fussy eaters, we eat plain food but are not afraid to try anything new but this place does not cater for British except for the chips but they were always cold. Even though this was an all-inclusive resort the selection of food was very poor. If you want a quickie divorce go to the Alborada Beach Club in Tenerife. I have since found out that Alborada is going to have a refurb in February 2018 – surely as the place is in such a bad state I wonder why holiday companies are sending people to this hotel. People work hard all year and look forward to a holiday for a rest not to come home stressed out, exhausted and starved. All I can say is that this is our personal experience, we did not expect much but were totally disappointed and would not recommend staying here but at the end of the day it is up to the individual but the grey sky of Belfast was a sight for sore eyes on Thursday 21st December as we got home.

Booked this hotel through with pay on arrival for my son and his friend. They tried to take the £648 out of my account two weeks before my son went. Rang booking who then rang them and told them this was not the agreement. They ignored them and took half the money out a week before and tried to take the other three days before my son travelled. As he was going to pay on his debit card I was disgusted that they took the money from my account despite warnings from My son asked me to cancel because of this and the poor reviews. I now cannot pay my rent and getting bank charges!!! No refund as yet and they had my sons card details on file yet chose to debit me! Don’t trust this hotel!

This was our third stay at this hotel and were sorely disappointed. Out of 10 days we only had 4 days of hot water, the Management should stay in one of their rooms! Reception staff were helpful, it's not their fault, felt sorry for them with some people being quite abusive. We were offered another room but they could not guarantee we would have hot water, so what was the point. We arrived at 3am due to a delayed flight, found the man on Reception quite rude with others that arrived at the same time. Why do they need our credit card numbers? we were not aware of this, so what would have happened if we had left it at home? Got to the room, no blankets, took two visits to reception before we got them. Notice put under the door about the water going off at 6pm, we got it at 9pm? Certain work being carried out in gent's toilets in restaurant area, urinals taped off so had to use cubicle, opened door and there was a jagged edge of metal which caught my right arm and I had to have it treated and dressings changed by the Lifeguard for three days, no warning signs in the toilets. Met some lovely people and felt quite embarrassed by some of the Brits who behaved badly. We will not return unless reviews improve, let's see what happens when the refurbishment begins!!!!!!!

the hotel was very dated, and new owners where in process of decorating even during meal times they were painted and dusting windows whilst people were having meals, the smell of paint was sickening. we stayed in room 177 and on first day we complained about missing light bulbs and broken toilet seat which was still not sorted by the end of our 10 day stay. we had to go to reception to get extra pillows after our request was ignored and all the maid done was make beds and put towels in bathroom but no bath mat so floor slippy when getting out of shower and I would have expected some kind of complimentary toiletries for being all inclusive but nothing. there was holes in the bedding which was also threadbare and room for three people only had patio furniture for 2. the whole set up was for 2people although they knew it was for three. they ran out of whiskey for 2 days unless you wished to pay for it, coffee machine was often not working at the bar so they sent people to restaurant to get a drink which was closed when not meal times, and you where only allowed two drinks at a time even though we was a group of three with a person with a mobility scooter you had to hire pool towels, no air con / fan in room so rooms was stifling but had to sleep with doors and windows shut because notes on doors and windows advising to keep them closed at all times restaurant never ever opened on time always at least 10 - 15 mins late but closed on stated times having said this most of the staff was friendly and the food was tasty and plentiful hopefully the new owners ( 5 lot in as many years ) can bring this hotel up to date and may wish to think about making the hotel either bed and breakfast or all inclusive only as having mixed clients is possibly the reason housekeeping is not up to scratch

We were based in Room 432. It was south facing with a view of the pool. In December it was sunny for most of the day and being on the top floor was fairly private. The hotel is dated and needs a makeover but towels and linen changed regularly. One positive aspect of concrete construction was that noise from other rooms was never a problem. Having read a number of negative reviews I was very apprehensive about our holiday, I didn't use to room safe because of bad reviews and this made me feel a bit vulnerable but I had no problems with security in general. I brought aerosols for cockroaches (I did spray room once or twice) and mozzys but neither required. Swimming pool is amazing - lots of sunbeds available. Hotel needs to sort out drains smell which can be nauseating at times. Good range of choice at breakfast. Staff were very good. Special commendation for the representative, Craig, who was always willing to help no matter how silly the question was!

My husband and I stayed at the Alborada (now AnnaPurna) for two weeks in November. Coming from Finland, we were thrilled to swim in an enormous fresh and clean saltwater pool and relax on sunbeds most of the day. For this reason, we didn't feel compelled to sightsee, although there are various excursions to other places on the island. The village of Las Galletas is quaint with a neighborhood feeling and "mom and pop" shops. Lilies Garden Cafe was a highlight--great tea and dessert selection. The weather was gorgeous, and aside from some music by the pool, the area quiet. We participated in daily activities, such as yoga, aqua gym and stretching and were impressed by the enthusiasm of Jonathan and his Animation team. Overall, we felt that staff worked very hard, especially in the kitchen. The food was tasty and varied with almost always a choice of chicken and fish for lunch and dinner, paella, potatoes and pasta, fresh salads, cheese spread, fresh fruit, lots of sweet desserts. (Similar to what we eat at home--except for those desserts!) Because our room had a lovely view of the sea out front, we tolerated some of the street noise in back, although this did not interfere with sleep. After our holiday, we felt measurably much better than when we had arrived. Since our goal was true relaxation, we were not disappointed and are eager to go back. As soon as we returned home, we booked another trip to the hotel for this spring. Can't wait!

Avda Fernando Salazar Gonzalez S/N Arona Tenerife

Hotel highlights

  • Onsite dining
  • Outdoor pool
  • Free children's club
  • WiFi in rooms and public areas (fees apply)

Located in Las Galletas, Annapurna Hotel Tenerife is within a 10-minute drive of Golf Los Palos and Los Palos Golf Center. This 285-room, 3-star hotel welcomes guests with a restaurant, an outdoor pool, and a free children's club. It's on the waterfront and also close to Amarilla Golf and Country Club.


For your convenience, a buffet breakfast is served each morning for a fee. The onsite restaurant is perfect for a quick bite to eat.


The 285 rooms feature kitchenettes and balconies or patios. TVs come with satellite channels, and WiFi keeps guests connected. Other standard amenities include coffee makers, free bottled water, and phones. Limited housekeeping is available.

Property features

At Annapurna Hotel Tenerife, guests enjoy features like an outdoor pool, a children's pool, and WiFi in public areas. There's free offsite parking if you drive. The 24-hour front desk has staff always at the ready. Other amenities at this beach hotel include a free kid's club, an arcade/game room, and a terrace.

Room options

Apartment, 1 Bedroom, Ocean View (2 adults)

Twin 2 | Full 1 | Sleeps 2

Apartment, 2 Bedrooms

Twin 4 | Sleeps 5

Apartment, 2 Bedrooms, Ocean View

Twin 4 | Sleeps 5

Apartment, 1 Bedroom, Ocean View (3 adults)

Twin 2 | Full 1 | Sleeps 3

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