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Palm Island Resort All Inclusive

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

This place is AMAZING!! From the time you step off the water ferry and step foot on the dock of the island you feel like part of a big, happy family! The staff become your friends and are the nicest people you’ll ever meet! They are there to meet your every desire! Captain Yannis boat tour is a must do! It was so hard to leave the island today!! I left a little piece of my heart on Palm Island! ❤️❤️

My wife and I just returned from 5 days at Palm Island. The island is absolutely beautiful and the surroundings are serene. But the best part for us were the staff. Everyone from the young men raking the beach each morning to the upper mgmt staff were genuinely friendly and accommodating !! We have stayed at many resorts where the staff were very professional, but their actions/words all came across as rehearsed. Definitely not the case for us at Palm Island. Many previous reviews have commented on getting there being long and arduous, which is true. But is was all well worth the hassle !!!

Visited Palm Island in June 2018 for 7 nights and overall had a wonderful experience. As is mentioned in many reviews the journey to the island itself is an adventure especially if you are not a fan of small planes (8 seater from St Lucia). However, In actual fact the 30 min flight across St Vincent, Mustique etc on the way to Union Island served only to heighten the feeling of a secluded tropical island getaway which we were looking for despite the trepidation we felt at St Lucia airport seeing the puddle jumper pull up! The staff at the resort were excellent. Friendly, professional and accommodating to the needs of the guests and we very much enjoyed our conversations and general interactions overall. I think it unfair to name check all the wonderful staff at the chance of leaving someone out. Accommodation wise we had no problems whatsoever. Our room was great for what we needed in terms of comfort and a good nights sleep. We have stayed at the Parrot Cay's, Gansevoorts etc of the world that some guests would consider to be a bit more chic or luxurious but i dont think that it is really the vibe that Palm Island is going for. It is a very simple and understated type place that is undergoing some updates with superior beachfront rooms as well as our favorite restaurant 'sunset grill' that we ate lunch at each day with its fantastic view. I have to admit we are not typically all-inclusive type people but this place was outstanding in regards to food options with the majority being a la carte rather than a mass production buffet we typically associate with all-inclusive resorts. Every meal we had was excellent with a variety of options. Beaches and the island as a whole were wonderful with clear waters and swaying palms as well as easily navigated pathways around the island for walks or bike rides. It really is a wonderful place location-wise. Also be sure to take advantage of one of the boat trips to the tobago cays, Mayreau etc as the grenadines are beautiful islands and being able to swim with turtles was a great experience. Prior to visiting the island i read many reviews on tripadvisor and the overall great reviews are consistent with what we experienced. The negatives that i read revolved around 'lack of beach service/older accommodation/forced niceties from the staff'. In reality i managed to walk the twenty steps to the beach bar for a drink if needed, slept comfortably each night and enjoyed all my chats with the staff from management to the gardeners managing the island. Only thing that needs improving/updating at this place is the website. It simply does not do Palm Island justice and is pretty average in all honesty. It is difficult to please everyone all the time but we loved this place and look forward to returning next year and we never return anywhere. See you next year.

It’s quite an ordeal to get to this paradise but it is well worth it. We flew in to union island and then went by a 10 minute boat ride to the island. It takes your breath away to see how beautiful it is when you are in the prop plane heading onto the runway to land.It is properly named as there are a lot of palm trees everywhere you look. As the boat pulls up to the pier you see five members of the staff waiting to greet you to their beautiful island. It all just takes you away and it is properly named as there are a lot of palm trees everywhere you look. As the boat pulls up to the pier you see five members of the staff waiting to greet you to their beautiful piece of paradise. Bungalo‘s are actually steps to the beach and you can hear the waves to Lowell you to sleep in peace. The Bungalo‘s have one common wall between your Bungalo and the next. The food was amazing the staff was like family. Your wish was always for filled. There was an activity list of different things you could take advantage of be sure and take the bike and hike or walk in hike tour of the island with Nicole. You could just lay on the beach and watch the sailboats flyby are you kid play tennis, sale, snorkel in about four places that was actually pretty good, spa services, ping-pong, exercise in there well stocked gym .Make reservations for Hammock 4 and enjoy yourselves with your own private Caribbean Sea pool And two swings to swing out into it. We plan to go back for our anniversary in two years if I can wait that long. Miss PAlm Island so much.

We woke up this morning talking about what we were doing this time 3 weeks ago! Even now, after 3 weeks, we are still talking with amazement, our trip. I can't add anything different from the other reviews ( except the only negative one). Every review has been spot on and consistent with the others. From the trip to get there, the reception, staff, room, amenities, food, etc, it was in one word : perfect!!!! One thing I can add is, that for the first time in my life, when we said goodbye to the staff upon departure, I CRIED!! Hated to leave so badly that I cried like a baby!!! I have never, ever, repeated a trip, but, without a doubt we will return next year! God willing. Until we meet again!!!

My wife and I stayed 8 nights in Palm Island during June 2018. Ignoring the somewhat difficult travel to and from, the stay was the most relaxing vacation we’ve ever had. The pace of the island is slow. There are few organized activities and excursions. This is a place for sitting in the sun, enjoying the beautiful water, snorkeling with the fish and eating delicious food. The resort decor had an 80’s or 90’s feel. It’s not intended to compete with some of the super-luxurious hotels in the BVIs or nearby St Lucia. Instead, the focus is on comfort, with large, comfortable furniture and nice beds. Don’t expect wonderful tile work or outdoor showers. The architecture is cozy but understated, with the owners clearly trying to fit in with the beautiful environment instead of overpowering it. The resort is managed by Katie, a gregarious and fun loving french woman who runs a tight ship. She clearly trains and vets her staff well, because the service provided is incredible. The staff is always ready with a drink refill and a big smile. The restaurant wait staff are managed by Cyril, a young, friendly and ambitious gent from Madagascar, who may continuously forget your first name, but will more than make up for it with his conversational skills and knowledge of travel and the island itself. Our biggest concern before booking was the snorkeling and we were not disappointed. The island has 5 beaches which are all available to guests. Three of the beaches contain some form of coral reef, although many of the reef spots around the island are mostly rubble. That said, they are filled with beautiful fish and we saw numerous sea turtles, eagle rays, and several nurse sharks. A day trip to Tobego Keys is a must, where we saw dozens of sea turtles and snorkeled all day in the beautiful offshore reef, which is more alive than the reef surrounding Palm Island. Overall, we had a wonderful, laid back trip. We didn’t go for a party and were glad we didn’t find one. While some of the guests viewed the bar and restaurant as a sort of summer camp where they could engage in nightly drinking and meet-and-greets, we were able to avoid that scene. In other words, if you want to make friends you can, but if you’d rather get away from the world and spend your time talking to iguanas (like we did), you can do that. St. Vincent and the Grenadines are a visual kaleidoscope of colors; a land so beautiful that it’s hard to take it all in. Palm Island strips away most of the man-made distractions and allows you to surround yourself in the beauty of a very special place.

We had a lovely relaxing 10 nights here, it's a bit of a trek but well worth it for the solitude and relaxation. The things we loved about Palm: The solitude, no hawkers on the beach trying to sell us stuff. The safety of the island, you can walk all around it and feel safe at all times. The beauty.. of the sand, the sea, the wildlife. The staff, friendly beyond belief, special mention here to Kashi (my girl), Sherva, Cyril, Wassim for introducing us to the baby land turtles, Alaska, Hulbert and Johnny, thank you all for looking after us. The food which in the main was excellent, too many carrots on too many occasions though. The bed, so big and comfortable. The outside space in the room (25) with sunbeds and table and chairs. The not so loved: Inconsistency, either offer a beach/pool service or don't - don't blow hot and cold, sometimes it was on offer sometimes it wasn't never quite knew what to expect. Also sometimes the service for drinks at dinner was inconsistent, we seemed to get missed quite a bit, maybe because we were unassuming. We also had issues with our fridge and had to go back to reception on several occasions to get it sorted. If both restaurants are open it would be good to have a choice of menu. There was work going on around the pool for the whole time we were there and this did mean when we were intending to have a day at the pool we had to move to the beach, we did feel in the way a bit. This hotel could be fabulous due to the location and the fabulous wildlife and beach and clear beautiful sea, it just seemed to be lacking in a few areas which is why it didn't quite hit the excellent mark for us, which is a shame because I wanted excellent.

What a fabulous resort! This was my first time here. The location is absolutely stunning and is everything you picture about a tropical getaway, but that isn’t the best part of your trip. The best part is the resort staff. From the moment they greet you when you arrive to the moment they see you off, they are the warmest and friendliest people you will ever encounter at a resort. The general manager Katie has put together an amazing team of people who truly do everything they can to make your stay amazing. There are too many wonderful folks to name, but Cyril (the restaurant manager) and his staff are simply the best. As far as the accommodations and the island are concerned, we stayed in a beachfront room. The inside of the room was well appointed, but it was the walk out the front door that made it out of this world (pic below). As a side note, if you have the resources check out the Southern Cross Villa. It is truly a special accommodation on the island. The fact that there are only a limited number of rooms on the island makes it simple to find a place for yourself on the beach. The waters are crystal blue and perfect temps. They have a good amount of activities if you’re like me and want to be active (hike, bike, kayak, snorkel, etc) or like my travel companions, you can simply relax in the sun with very few people to bother you. If you like fishing ask them to arrange a trip for you with Sebastian of Grenadines Fishing. It’s a separate cost, but he’s a fabulous guide for all the different fishing options. Union Island is the major island across the water and had some shopping and some restaurants, if you’re so inclined. I would recommend Sparrows restaurant as they have some great local dishes, like the Smoked Marlin. Finally, if you’re that person that mosquitos find no matter how many other people are around (like me). Make sure to use the insect repellant provided or bring some of your own and also bring some Benadryl itch cream. I have this issue no matter where I go in the tropics (Tahiti, Hawaii, etc) and it also happened here. The staff seem to do a good job of doing what they can to limit the issue, because most of our group didn’t get bitten once. Even though the bites were annoying it certainly didn’t take away from this truly amazing experience. I only put this here so that if you’re that person (and you know if you are) that you go prepared. Thank you to all of the Palm Island staff for a truly memorable experience. I certainly see why they have so many return visitors. We will certainly be one of them.

I just returned this week from a 1 week "girls trip" (one boyfriend included!) and what a spectacular place! When you think of Caribbean Island postcards.... this place is it! From the connecting flight (18 seater plane) from Barbados to the ferry from Union Island, to our arrival at Palm Island, we were welcomed and greeted as if we were family. Each of our groups were escorted to our rooms and and informed about where we could find out all the activities and information. Besides the natural splendor and beauty of this island, my two shout outs are for the various activities available and the exceptional service! Wether it was booking a snorkel trip on the Yannis (Catamaran); booking 2 dive trips (dove with Cousteau outfit from Petit St. Vincent - they come and pick you up from Palm Island); all dining experiences; or finding out when and were to meet for on island activities (yoga, bike & hike, Ping-pong tournament, gym, tennis, biking, paddleboarding, kayaking, rum tasting, etc.); the staff was so helpful and made everything easy! Everything done with a smile, a "please" and a "thank you"! While I like to be active and participated in everthing I could, many other guests were happy reading on a beach chair under a tiki hut! So there is something for everyone! The food was exceptional.... not one disappointing meal the entire week and outstanding service as well! We had 3 groups of 2 so we all had different rooms (#16, 6 & 23). The rooms are all wonderful, clean and comfy. The main differences are size (1 king or 2 queen beds) and wether you want to be right on the beach to be lulled to sleep by the ocean or just steps away from the ocean and enjoying the sway of the palms! The only thing to be on your toes about is if you want to bike around the island, be sure to get a bike early as they do run out - depending on how many guests are staying there. Once I travel to a place, I usually am good and ready to go somewhere else. This is definately one of the places I will make a return trek! So fun yet so relaxing!!!

This little island is a true gem in the middle of the Carribbean a haven of tranquility. From the UK is quite a long trip but on arrival in Barbados you are greeted by a Palm Island representative who guide you through to the connecting flight departure area. (To make your life easier they collect all your luggage, so we provided them with a photo of our suitcases with there distinct straps to make life easier for them) The puddle jumper inter island plane is very small and noisy but it's only a short flight to Union Island, going over we stopped at one island on route and returning two Islands but the stops are very short. At Union you are met by another representative who loads you onto a golf buggy and you are taken to the dock where Palm Islands boat is waiting for you, again all your luggage is sorted out for you. A 10-15 min trip and you arrive to an island welcome from Katie and some of her staff and here your amazing holiday begins. Check in on palm Island isn't an issue they take you straight to your room and request that at some point the following day register, we arrived late afternoon. We had #27 Palm View which was ample+ size which also applied to the bathroom and the bed. Storage wasn't a problem, plenty of space even for the clothes that we all pack thinking we'll need but never wear!! The shower wasn't the best but it saved excessive use of precious water so perfectly acceptable. A very short walk and you'd be at either of the resturant where I have to say the service was second to none, I don't want to mention individuals for fear of missing someone out, they all had their own way of making you feel SO welcome, without it being intrusive, they remembered everything from your name to your morning preference of tea or coffee. The food was delicious and all cooked to order ( watch out for the daily coconut special, you can ask for the recipe but I didn't know this until our last day 🙁) Beaches were lovely, spotlessly clean and we never had an issue with finding sunbeds anytime of the day. Cycling round the island was great fun but the number of bikes was a bit of an issue, I think a few more added to the fleet would be good. There are various trails you can follow and the ones that lead to the top of the hills are amazing, the views are breath taking, but i strongly advise wearing fairly substantial foot ware as pretty uneven terrain. The beaches are often deserted and a whole morning can be spent without seeing a single sole. We sailed on the Yanais to the Tobago Keys which are b beautiful a word of advice if you are susceptible to sea sickness make sure you take your own pills with you as they don't sell them in the shop. I'm not a great fan of water travel and I hadn't taken pills but to be honest it wasn't a problem at all on the boat but a long time snorkling with the swell did make me a little queasy so on the grounds of that I would take a pill next time. The team on the catamaran were very professional and looked after us very well and provided a delicious lunch. Evening entertainment was low key but a land crab race and Managers cocktail evening/ BBQ were good fun. Oh forgot to say which is such a plus, the water from the taps is drinkable, they provide you with a complimentary water bottle which I was so pleased about, rather than using and disposing water bottles but then it didn't suprise me as the ethos of the island is very much hands on green, even down to paper straws it all sits very comfortably... To sum it up.. It's been an amazing experience in so many ways. To be detached from technology, TV, radio and internet affords you such freedom, you're no longer tied to the constraints of modern life. It's reminded me the importance of talking to each other and new relationships that have hidden treasures when you stop to really listen. The enjoyment of getting from a to b on a bike or shank's pony as there's no other way and how wonderfully immersing silence is to really listen to yourself, to re-evaluate and realign misguided emphasis. I feel truly privileged to have experienced this tiny corner of the world.....

Palm Island Palm Island

Hotel highlights

  • Free cooked-to-order breakfast
  • Free WiFi and wired Internet in public areas
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Within a short distance of Palm Island Resort All Inclusive are Captain Hugh Mulzac Square and Belmont Bay. This 43-room, 4-star resort has a private beach, a full-service spa, and 2 restaurants. Chatham Bay Beach and Tobago Cays are also within the area of the resort, which is on the waterfront.


Free cooked-to-order breakfast is included with your stay. Enjoy dining at the resort's 2 onsite restaurants: Royal Palm Restaurant offers relaxing ocean views; Sunset Grill specializes in international cuisine. Order from room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room, or meet other guests at the free manager's reception.


All 43 air-conditioned rooms provide free minibar items, furnished balconies or patios, and coffee makers. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries, and beds sport premium bedding. Other standard amenities include ceiling fans, safes, and ironing boards.

Property features

Guests of Palm Island Resort All Inclusive have access to a private beach, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool. For transportation, you can make use of an airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for USD 499 per person roundtrip, as well as a ferry terminal shuttle. The front desk has multilingual staff on hand 24/7 to help with concierge services, luggage storage, and securing valuables. Other amenities at this adults-only resort include a fitness center, an outdoor tennis court, and free WiFi in public areas.

Room options

Garden View Room

King 1 | Full 2 | Sleeps 2

Suite, Ocean View

King 1 | Sleeps 3

Loft, Garden View

King 1 | Sleeps 2

Standard Room, 1 King Bed, Beachside

King 1 | Sleeps 2

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