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Boucan by Hotel Chocolat

4.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

My fiancé and I honeymooned in St. Lucia early November. We spent four nights at Hotel Chocolat, and four nights in sandals Halcyon. If you are skimming for highlights about this hotel, I'll cut right to the chase and tell you that you should absolutely stay at Chocolat. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we will never forget. Following below is a much more detailed description of our entire trip. We spent the better part of the year putting a lot of time thought energy and research into planning our trip and I hope our review helps anybody that hopes to come here soon. Every single person that we encountered at Chocolat was absolutely wonderful. Each employee genuinely is interested in how you are doing and how your stay is going. Smiles all around always. The restaurant is absolutely amazing. The cocktails are out of this world. We drank the Cacao Martini every day and never tired of it,although we did branch out trying the others - which were also delicious. A particular high note was breakfast. Every day was a beautiful spectacular spread. First comes a tray of fresh local fruit, all perfectly ripe. Followed by two "shots" of either yogurt or smoothie made that morning. Then delicious coffee, tea or house made Cocoa Tea (a must try). Then came breakfast after all that! They served the best scrambled eggs I've ever had! But they had plenty of other great choices. As far as dinner goes, we sampled quite a few things and I recommend absolutely everything! Truly, everything was delicious and beautiful. Lounging by the pool was great after a meal. Plenty of options for shade which is needed in the afternoon sun. The pictures of the pool speak for themselves - it's almost unreal it's so beautiful and unique. It's like you're plunging in the rainforest. And it's never noisy or crowded. We stayed in the luxe lodge. It's more expensive but definitely, definitely worth it. One of our favorite things was to enjoy the morning or early evening lounging drinking coffee or tea from the porch. It's breathtaking view is surreal. You feel like you're in your own world. We felt total privacy. The bathroom is great, and HUGE. The rain shower was really awesome. A few notes and highlights. Having a driver is a must. We requested hotel pickup and a wonderful man named Eli (nicknamed "Hard Worker" - which is true!!) picked us up with waters and cool towels in his car. He was a very careful and thoughtful driver which is VERY important because the roads in this town are really really windy and unruly. Often one laned, with someone having to pull over or wait for the other to pass. Having him be so careful on the crazy turns was a lifesaver. We got his number but he also works through the hotel so he was easily accessible and we requested him for the entire trip. He was very kind and knowledgeable about the area and was always telling us interesting things. He was an absolute pleasure and you should definitely request him. For excursions we did Soufriere experience, Sunset cruise , hiked the Pitons and did both tree to bean and bean to bar. And would HIGHLY recommend all. We hugely enjoyed every part of each excursion and the hotel facilitated everything beautifully. One thing that I hope they can improve on is the provided lunch. On the morning of our hike, they gave us a brown bag with sandwiches, bananas, an egg, and two waters. This is extremely helpful and we were happy to have this on the hike. However, the brown bag itself was a hassle. For the hike you definitely need your hands. I would suggest that they provide a small backpack that you either rent or return post hike. This would have hugely improved it for us instead of carrying the bag. This issue is partly on us as well though because we underestimated the hike and didn't realize how difficult it would be (but completely worth it.) we recommend that you definitely get a backpack. At the bottom of our hike, there was a homemade ice cream shack. This was really really amazing post hike! We got soursop ice cream, It was one of our absolute favorite things for the whole trip. Our tour guide was named Shane, and he was fantastic. Cracking jokes with us, keeping it light, while keeping up with the history of the area and the different types of trees, etc., as we made our way up. We also really enjoyed the tree to Bean and Bean to bar tours at the hotel, they were really interesting and fun. Got to graft our own Cacao tree, which we thought was a super cool experience, and we hope to go back and visit our tree in the next couple of years to see how it is doing! So while I would highly highly recommend that you stay at this hotel, there are some things that you need to take into consideration to make sure that this is a vacation fit for you. The rooms are essentially three walls, the Luxe Lodge has a shutter door that closes or opens, but you are still always kind of exposed to the elements. This means critters and creatures definitely make their way into your room. Secondly, we were never overly hot except around 230 to 430 in the afternoon when the sun sort of beats down on you. But that's a good time to hit the pool or explore the town. It actually gets quite cool in the evenings and the ceiling fan was completely fine and we slept great. You will definitely want to use ear plugs. They provide some for you, but I brought my own from home. These are kind of a must. All of the creatures of the jungle are quite loud, not annoying or bothersome in anyway, it just makes it easier to sleep if you use the earplugs. Lastly, the Wi-Fi really only works in the restaurant. We picked it up occasionally in the room but never strong. This is not a problem for us, but I could understand if this was an issue for someone who needed to work while at the hotel. Only other suggestion I could possibly make for the hotel is that because of the lack of Wi-Fi, we were not able to play music in our room. So it might be nice to have a little speaker or radio. While we were lounging drinking cocktails on the porch in the afternoon, we do wish we could've had a little music sometimes. But again, not a big deal at all. And you do get used to the sound of nature!! The last thing to note is that November is still considered part of the rainy season. It was never an issue for us, but it did rain pretty much every day, sometimes several times a day. But the rain storms are very short ranging from just a few minutes, up until about 15 to 20 minutes at the absolute ; average 5 to 10 minutes. After four nights at Chocolat, we ended up going to sandals after four nights. We wanted to break up the trip into two segments so that we could explore the whole island. While we are glad that we had more of a beach all inclusive vacation at sandals (and we're a bit glad for AC!) we definitely missed the peaceful, lush nature of hotel Chocolat.

We stayed at Hotel Boucan Chocolat in mid October for 4 nights before heading up to Gros Islet for 5 nights. It's a stunning setting with fantastic views over the petit piton and beyond. The Hotel itself is full of very friendly staff overseen by Judy who will go that extra mile to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Our stay was spent in a Lux Lodge which if within your budget is a must. The views from the Lodge (which sit up above the standard lodges)the loungers on the balcony and the extra size of the Lodge and the bathroom are well worth the extra cost. It has a wonderfully airy feeling and the sounds of nature are perfect for a relaxing stay. The food at the hotel is of a very high standard. The breakfast was great every morning and the 2 meals we had in the restaurant were very good. There's lots to do locally beaches and the sulphur springs and the mud baths are a must. Visit early to avoid the influx of visitors from all over the island. Thanks to Judy and all your staff for our pleasant stay. The weather wasn't great but the experience made up for it.

We came to St. Lucia on a wedding scouting trip for our wedding planed for October 2018. our goal on this trip is to truly try and stay everywhere to get a sense of the best options to recommend. Every touch and small detail at this resort sets it apart. It’s truly the Boutique Hotel experience we were after! The breakfast was unbelievable, the service was amazing, the room was lovely. Took some getting used to the sounds of nature - so we do recommend using the earplugs, but that’s part of the charm. This will be the place we recommend to our guests for best overall value in this area, which was undeniably our favorite part of the island. I could stay here for weeks and be perfectly content. Definitely opt for a car rental, driving around the island is an experience unto itself but gives you the freedom to explore and is much more cost effective than taking taxis.

To wake up each morning looking at the Pitons, enjoying the best breakfasts imaginable, walking with Cuthbert, reading and relaxing at the infinity pool, anticipating a creative and unique dinner each night, Nancy and I can't wait for January 10 to come back to this splendid, friendly retreat.

Fantastic place lovely staff nothing was to much trouble for them. Food was delicious cooked to perfection and beautifully served, luxury lodge was so comfortable and spotlessly clean. Island is just like paradise the people are so friendly and our trip to Castries the capital was a day to remember.

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat exceeded expectations. Staff were friendly and attentive, the facilities were of the highest standard and the food was simply divine. We went for our honeymoon and were not disappointed. Mind you 7 days of chocolate, who would be?

My friend and I stayed at Boucan Hotel Chocolat for 6 days last week, and from the moment we checked in, to the time we left, we were treated to stunning views, luxurious rooms, and excellent hospitality. The restaurant is outstanding, and servers generally go out of their way to ensure you are fully taken care of. The pool area is truly stunning, with a picture perfect view of Petit Piton directly facing the hotel. Drinks from the bar were tasty and generous, no skimping on alcohol here. One thing I'd like to recommend is perhaps some laid back live music entertainment in the restaurant or pool area, as my friend and I had nothing to do in the evenings but venture across the street to the lounge at Ladera for entertainment. I realize that most visitors were couples, so perhaps were otherwise occupied(wink) in the evenings, but for friends visiting together, we enjoyed the live music entertainment after dinner. If not that, then maybe a movie night by the pool? We couldn't access our wi-fi in our room the entire time we were there, so netflix was not an option. Other than that small issue, my stay here was a dream. I also want to recommend the Bean to Bar Experience offered at the estate, so much fun, and our guide, Marcelle, was so knowledgeable! I hope to return to Hotel Chocolat in the near future, missing it already.

My and my newly wedded wife stayed at Boucan by Hotel Chocolat for our honeymoon in St Lucia. We were there between the13th and 22nd August 2017. When our taxi dropped us off at the plantation/resort - we were welcomed by the Boucan staff who were very helpful and stated that our luggage would be safe and someone would take it up to our room. We then made our way into the main reception/bar area where the manager greeted us and told us to have a seat. On arrival we were given two complimentary cocktails of our choice from the bar menu. My wife picked a Bellini whist I opted for a more local classic and went for the rum punch - top choices I must add! We were then given a tour of the main points of interest around the hotel which started near the pool area downstairs where there in a place to relax on sun beds and enjoy complimentary snacks as well as water on a daily basis. The best two options we liked were the Chocolate muffins and pecan cookies - This was called the honesty bar. When we made our way to the rooms, everything was pleasantly clean and very spacious. The bathroom area had a his and her sink and the shower was awesome with three waterfall like features. There was also netting around the bed to keep away the pesky critters at night and believe me - we encountered some things we have never seen before, but non-were harmful at all. We were also left a mobile with pre-dialled numbers so that we had points on contact should we have needed anything. The food - wow, where do I start?! Absolutely amazing food and very classy and fresh ingredients on a daily basis. We tried almost everything on the menu during our 9 night stay. I would highly recommend the duck confit, creole chicken, chicken/fish coconut curry for dinner options. For desert, we loved the coconut crème Brule and St Lucian Tart. Breakfast was selling point of the place – they can really put on a spread! You are firstly given a selection of fruits on a slate with two shots of smoothies to start off with. Then you can choose whatever your heart desires from a decent menu. I would highly recommend trying the oatmeal porridge with coconut milk which comes with honey. The omelettes are also filling with veg and cheese. They also have daily specials running in the week. Let’s move onto some of the cons – first of all WiFi which is very limited and can only be mainly used if you are in the restaurant or bar area. Getting a signal in your lodge is highly unlikely and then there is no TV too. I’m only listing these to make people aware if you need these things – for us it was more about getting off the grid and relaxing with no interruptions. Secondly – Taxi fares are atrocious! If you want to get from A to B then I would highly recommend using the local buses which will charge local EC currency or making a contact with a local taxi driver. Be warned as prices are then charged in US dollars. For a 15-20 min round trip journey, you could end up spending 40 US dollars easily. Moving back to some more pros – there is shuttle service that runs from Boucan on a daily basis, one in the morning and one in the afternoon – please use this! This will take you to the main Soufriere town area and you can also get on a boat which is provided by the resort to take you over to Sugar Beach where you will see another part of the Island. Overall our stay was very pleasant and I would recommend this place for couples of ages going on a honeymoon or even a romantic break away. This place is not ideal for kids as they will get bored very easily.

We have been to this restaurant several times before on our trips to Saint Lucia, and every time enjoyed our experience very much. HOWEVER, this past experience was very disappointing to say the least! We were a party of 7, and the restaurant was completely empty when we arrived. The server at the bar took about 30 minutes to successful deliver all the drinks we asked to start with. Then they brought our starter of bread with some sauces. My husband and I, of course, knew what the sauces were, because we had been there before. But the rest of our group did not know (AND we had a person in the group allergic to nuts) so I requested someone named Janelle to come over and explain what they were. She did so, although reluctantly, and mumbled to the table what the sauces were. Thankfully we asked, since one of our party was allergic to the sauce full of nuts. 😡 That same server, Janelle, waited on our table several times that night and never smiled one time. Another server, whose nametag said Naomi, never smiled either and had ZERO personality. She was clearly just there to get her job over with and go home. The ONLY server we had that was worthwhile was a girl named Sherman. She actually smiled (SHOCKING) and was very pleasant to work with. So bravo to her! The food was good, as it normally is. The lava chocolate cake is exceptional!! However the BAD SERVICE makes me want to never return. Considering the amount you are paying for dinner, we should have had the best service on the whole island!! Please endeavor to get your staff (Naomi and Janelle) to at least SMILE at the tables they are serving. Better yet, maybe they could just be "pleasant" while serving our ridiculously expensive dinner?

We booked hotel chocolat as our last stop of our tour of St Lucia & thought we were saving the best till last. Arrival was a little unorganised as check in is done in the main restaurant and felt as if we weren't expected. However The views are amazing - directly overlooking the pitons. Welcome drinks were nice. There was a strange smell around the pool area which definitely wasn't the sulphur from the springs and disappeared the following morning once the pool area was cleaned. The rooms are of a very poor standard. No ac. Paint pealing, furniture is very tired and old, the ceiling fan is pretty much useless and the general feel of the hotel is pretty much unkempt, apart from the restaurant it self. No tv's and no real area to relax in the room. We decided to check out after the first night and cancelled the rest of our 4 day stay. Judy the guest relations manager is lovely, she really tried her best to make our night as comfortable as possible but unfortunately the rest of the team did not meet up to her standards of care and customer services. Was a real shame as we were really looking forward to this part of the trip but we're very disappointed. Would advise looking more carefully at the hotel website reviews, as we booked directly through mr & Mrs smith who we trust as a luxury boutique hotel provider who definitely fell short this time.

Rabot Estate Soufriere

Hotel highlights

  • Close to Soufriere Volcano and Sulphur Springs
  • Free cooked-to-order breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat places you within a mile (2 km) of popular attractions like Soufriere Volcano and Sulphur Springs. This 4.5-star hotel has 14 guestrooms and offers a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and free in-room WiFi. In the mountains, the hotel is also close to Anse Chastanet Beach and Tet Paul Nature Trail.


Free cooked-to-order breakfast is included with your stay. Enjoy a bite to eat at Boucan, the hotel's onsite restaurant. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service.


All 14 rooms feature balconies or patios, iPod docks, and refrigerators. Guests can expect to find free WiFi. Bathrooms offer rainfall showers, hair dryers, and free toiletries. Other standard amenities include minibars, coffee makers, and free bottled water.

Property features

Guests staying at Boucan by Hotel Chocolat enjoy access to a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and free WiFi in public areas. You can take advantage of free parking if you drive. The front desk is staffed 24/7 to help with concierge services, and answer any questions about the accommodations.

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Luxury Room (Lodge)

King 1 | Sleeps 3

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