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Participated in a brass band festival in Pitesti between 10-14 of August, 2017 with my band. My boys/girls (35 people in total!) and myself got assigned this hotel. 35 people, spread out in 2 bed per rooms on floors 4 and 5. The pros: The hotel is right in the heart of the city with pedestrian areas and shopping malls within spitting distance. The majority of the receptionist ladies are angels, bless their hearts for their efforts and professionalism. Their English is commendable, compared to the rest of that part of the country (basically nonexistent), and one of them was actually pretty good at it, to my big surprise. That would be all the good about this place. The cons: Wi-fi is only available on ground level, around the lobby and reception desk. Absolutely nothing in any of the rooms. The building is an absolute eyesore. Full concrete, no colours, fort-like, looking like a prison block. The air-cons were out of order in almost every one of our rooms, room temperatures soaring above 30C during every single day by the evening (being a hot summer), making sleeping virtually impossible. We literally "survived" 4 nights on 2 hours of drifting in-and-out-of-sleep per day. UNBELIEVABLY hot rooms. Windows, being bottom-hung only open to a narrow crack, they don't help at all, apart from letting the city's noise in. I personally mentioned the air-con situation to the receptionist immediately (evening of the 10th, right after arrival), got a promise that work is already undergoing. 35 of my people kept mentioning it throughout our entire stay, ABOLUTELY NONE of the air-cons got fixed before our departure (5 day stay!). The nights were insufferable in the hot rooms. Shocking negligence from their part. Then it gets worse (!): On day 2, the 11th of August, we lose electric power in more than half the rooms, including my own. Refrigerators with our food and drinks melt down, air-extraction in the toilet ceases to work, lights go out, no power in wall sockets. Phone charging becomes a struggle, as we constantly run around among each other's rooms to find a working wall socket for tablets, laptops, phones, cameras, etc. I personally reported the lack of power at the reception multiple times starting at around 10AM, Saturday morning, got the usual "we are working on it" shake-off lines. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED until Sunday afternoon (!!!), when an electrician-looking man showed up fixed power to SOME of the rooms (had a few rooms with working light but out-of-order wall sockets or the other way around). My room, along with many other's, still completely powerless, meaning that I was actually forced to go about doing business on the toilet in total darkness, using my mobile phone's flashlight to see what's what. Showering, brushing my teeth, shaving, getting dressed and everything else went on in this fashion for 3 days (!!!). When my mobile battery ran flat, scrambled my friends with working wall plugs in their rooms to charge my mobile, obviously not having ANY kind of light until the charge completed. After repeatedly asking the reception to deal with the situation all Sunday and electricity having been out for more that 36 hours by the evening, I requested to be moved to another room with electricity and working air conditioning, only to be told that it is NOT POSSIBLE, for reasons beyond my understanding. Simply could not get another room. I could not believe my ears. Never in my 37 years of life have I seen anything even close to this kind of treatment. I was besides myself with rage. This level of humiliation is simply unknown to Europe these days. My band and I left as soon as we could, at 3.30AM Monday morning, 14th of August. Electricity was STILL OUT in many of our rooms at the time of our leaving. That is more or less 48 hours of business in the bathroom, shaving, showering, dressing/undressing before/after our concerts and gigs, packing/unpacking IN COMPLETE DARKNESS. ABSOLUTELY, COMPLETELY, UTTERLY UNACCEPTABLE place, avoid it like the plague, people. I still can't believe that places like this exist and survive to this day. I am positive that a hotel with these conditions could and should be shut down. It can simply not be doing business legally. Shame on you, management of Hotel Muntenia, Pitesti!

The location of the hotel is the nicest in the city. It is in the very centre of the city . But the building is very old . It was made in the Cavusesku term . It has a lot of floors but it doesn't have a lot of single rooms . The breakfast is ok and there is a live music in the evenings on weekends. The rooms are modernised one or two years ago. The reception works 24 hours a day and they can help you in German and English . It is good for a couple of days but I am not sure if you stay for a week.

Rooms are old, dirty and smell from dampness or smoking. The carpet its dirty. Bed it was the only good for 2 stars hotel, an average mattress. Restaurant with rest of bread even if it was breakfast with dirty tableclothes First day no hot water on the bath, no phone for reception, old TV. Price its overrated for conditions. Over all don't pick this except alternative its to sleep in car.

Only best thing about this hotel were the receptionist. Very old hotel when I say old everything is old. They should put some new towels I am guessing the last time they bought towels probably years and years ago. I saw a cockroach in my room. Location is perfect its the heart of the city. Don't mind the pictures they look a like but They were probably taken years age. And alos wifi only works at the reception.

My doubts should have been raised when we were asked to pay cash in advance for our stay. It resembles an old communist block, and entering its gloomy reception confirms your first impression. Clean rooms, which are best described as adequate, with a broken shower unit. Breakfast was awful, and we wont return. The only positive is its central location, but there are a number of other hotels close by. I spent a considerable time trying to drive out a large bat which had invaded the bedroom! I suppose it was Transalvania!

Very nice and large rooms, with interesting furniture, but the hotel still reminds of the 1980s communist hotels, with some kitschy redecoration in the early nineties. It is not particularly clean, the breakfast is far from decency, parking is not an easy task, part of the staff should better learn and understand the job specifications, conference rooms need to be better adapted in order to become conference rooms. On the bright side, they do have free Internet connection in every room. However, it is not wireless, but wired. Location in the heart of the city is also a plus.

I was so impressed by the look of the room, that as soon as I got home I went to look for Muntenia Hotel on the net to leave a review. I've seen some negative comments above, but let's not forget that it is a three stars hotel, and many of the claims are exaggerated from my point of view. We stayed in a room with twin beds and the room was very spacious, also was the bathroom, everything was in hand, it was sparkling clean, and it had more than a comfortable bed in which I slept like a baby ... and so on. And when I think that for all these things I paid only 89 RON (which means less than $30) ... what can I say? Muntenia Hotel is the perfect combination of low prices and high quality!

the staff were always willing to help and accomodate to our needs, they were friendly and patient despite the language barrier. the rooms were tidy and always ready for us to relax in expecially the apartment which had fine linen ( velvets and silks), the shower was hot which prepared us for the cold wether. the trip was very busy which made its locality perfect, we could be in a rush and only have to travel a little distance if not walk, there are many restaurants close by which gave us the oppertunity to experiance the different food available. the best aspect of mutenia were the friendliness of the staff and the cleanliness of the hotel. the breakfast was lovely, and the prices were very reasonable, i would definatly visit there again.. we intend to in 2010!!

At this hotel I've stayed in Feb 2007 and also in Feb 2008 and this happened because it is the only accommodation available in Campina. In 2008 I did not see any improvements made since my last "visit" in 2007. The accommodation is a 2 Stars Hotel but on the first floor has 3 stars rooms. First you are shocked by the reception desk: a communist area place with communist area persons and attitudes (it was unbelievable - back to 50 year ago - a piece of history :) ). But I had no choice because it was the single hotel available in Campina and I was traveling for business purposes. The rooms were nice, newly renovated, cleaned and quiet: a classic 3 stars rooms I think. The restaurant was again a quantum loop in time, 1960 I think. We took only breakfast here. Off, awful. You have no internet connection and if you wanna make a call you need to call the reception and ask them to make the connection for you. (Did you get it? 1960 again!). I only recommend this hotel for the 3 stars rooms. One alternative is Casa Augsburg 4* Motel (or Hotel) which is located a few km (5km I think) in a village near Campina (on DN1, Bucuresti-Brasov, KM 88, Banesti, Jud. Prahova). They have much better conditions there. Another alternative in Campina is Oscar Motel (in the same building with Oscar Restaurant) located on 139 I.H. Radulescu Street in Campina but the rooms are not so clean as those from Muntenia but the staff is nice.

I have stayed at the Muntenia several times on business. The rooms are rather tired but clean. The staff are friendly and helpful. One of the major problems is the difficulty in getting Internet access. There is supposed to be a Hotspot in the lobby but it never worked for me. The hotel is a typical old Romanian hotel and the last time I was in Pitesti (Sep 2007) I noticed that they are in process of renovation - so it should be an improvement in 2008. If one stays in the wing (not in the tower) the bedrooms are quiet and I always get a good nights sleep there. The breakfasts leave a lot to be desired and I have been to the McDonalds across the road before now. The hotel is very centrally situated and it is not too far to walk to a number of restaurants. Having said the above, the hotel is a very reasonable price and for a couple of days is no problem.

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