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Recent guest reviews

When I tried to call them on Sunday afternoon at 2pm to confirm my reservations and to ask if they had an airport shuttle, I got a voicemail that said they were closed. That's all I needed to know. If you can't answer the phone on a Sunday afternoon, you don't belong in the hospitality business. I canceled the reservation.

My wife and I booked a private en-suite room at Hudson House via expedia for 4 nights. When we arrived in the evening (after a 10+ hour flight and then using the public transport system) we were told that our reservation had been moved to a different location and given directions and a security code to enter the block and our specific room. We were told that they had sent us an email (however we were already flying by then and had no internet access on landing). There was no apology, no offer to help us move our luggage to the new location and all this conversation was conducted via the door intercom whilst we were standing on the street with aircraft taking off from MIA. The address we were directed to (1119 nw31st Street) had no proper name (just a stylized logo) and the logo and building number were obscured behind a tree. We confirmed with another guest that we were in the right place and that despite the expedia info that reception was open 4pm-10pm, there was no "reception" on site - all queries having to be directed via an intercom on the street (as with the first location). Our room (number 10) was on the first floor (no lift), at the back. The main room was large, but cold (with the air-con being centrally controlled). There was only a sheet and counterpane on the bed. After the first night, we asked for (and got) a blanket (but the room was still very cold especially overnight). Fortunately, the following day another guest told us how to adjust the air-con venting and this solved our problem. The room had lots of powerpoints but hardly any drawers. An annexe room had plenty of hanging space. There was a shelf above the rail, but as this was at a height of well over 6 ft, it was too high to be of any use to us. The bathroom was a good size with a bath and overhead shower. Showergel, shampoo and conditioner was provided, but no anti-slip mat in the bath. The water pressure was good but the temperature of the hot water fluctuated between hot and warm. Toilet paper (ultra thin) was provided with spare rolls. Despite being a double room, we were provided with 2 bath towels but only one hand towel and facecloth. The mirror had good overhead lighting and the hairdryer worked well. The communal kitchen was well-stocked with crockery and utensils. Each room had allocated space in the cupboard and fridge. The complimentary tea/coffee supposedly available at our original location was not provided at this new location. There was a kettle and coffee maker but no tea or coffee. There was a free washing machine and drier, each with several programs but no indicator on the dials which made selecting programs guesswork. Overall, the whole place looked clean and modern but the lack of personal contact did not work well for us and in our opinion the points made above need to be addressed to improve the experience of staying at this location. I hope you have found this review helpful.

Great experience!! Can't beat the price for being so close to Wynwood. Room was clean, and sharing a bathroom with another room was a non issue. Staff was very helpful. It's a 10 bedroom house divided into two levels.

I reserved a 7-night stay at Hudson House Wynwood in Miami through My reservation clearly stated that I was going to get a room with a private bathroom, and the full price for 7 nights was $441.35 which I paid right away during reservation. Next day I received an email from Hudson House that stated: ”Your reservation is now paid in full and confirmed.” I came to the address of Hudson House Wynwood at 7:30pm on the day of my check-in hoping to drop into bed right away because I didn’t sleep the previous night at all due to a not very comfortable flight. However, Hudson House prepared a lot of surprises for me which made me fall asleep only at about 1:30 am that night, and the next day was going to be continuation of “adventures”. The house was on a suburban street with quite a poor lighting and no walking people at all. It was already dark at 7:30pm. The day before I received another email from Hudson House stating that I had to use a code to enter the building as there is no front desk there. However, there was no keypad anywhere to enter this code and no people anywhere around to ask questions! Hudson House’s email had 2 phone numbers to call. The first one didn’t answer. The second one answered, and with the help of a woman I finally found that there was an area under door handle that became a keypad if you touch it (you need to be an expert in door codes to know this). I finally entered my room and the first thing I saw there was a big cockroach on the bed. I took picture of it. However, the biggest surprise was that the room didn’t have a private bathroom in it as was agreed through I called back the second number and the woman said that someone will be there in 20 minutes to look at the issue. Someone only came in almost an hour!!! Imagine me sitting there after completely sleepless previous night, with half-asleep brain, facing an issue after another! In an hour a man came who said he is the owner of this place and some other similar places. He read my reservation confirmation, acknowledged that it stated “Private bathroom” and said that they don’t have a room with private bathroom in this house this night! He added that the price that I paid through was the price of a room with a shared bathroom. He also said that he can bring me to another Hudson House in another region of Miami where they have a room with private bathroom for 3 nights, and then I’ll have to come back to this Hudson House and stay the last 4 nights in the original room without private bathroom because all rooms with private bathrooms are already reserved! That means that even though I reserved a room with a private bathroom just like another person and I occupied the room first, I had to vacate that room in the middle of my stay because I paid less than that other person. However, I would never reserve a room with a shared bathroom, even if it was for $20 a night. Somehow, Hudson House’s miscommunication with became my fault. I showed the man pictures of the cockroach I took. He asked me to send them to their email and promised to take this issue seriously. The man also offered an option of full refund or staying for one night and research other hotels. It was already dark, and my brain was almost totally off after previous sleepless night. I just wanted to get to some room finally. I agreed to go to that other Hudson House for one night and research my options. The man brought me to another Hudson House on his car. The room he gave me was with a private bathroom, looked clean, I didn’t notice cockroaches, but there was a chemical smell of something like air freshener of cleaner. I tried to open the window to air a bit. The window was stuck. I asked the man to open the window. After some efforts he managed to open it. I definitely wouldn’t be able to open it on my own. I aired the room quickly and closed the window. I noticed that furniture-wise the room only had a bed and a small table, but not even a chair, so if I wanted to eat, I had to carry my food to their lobby where there was a table. I was wondering why they would put a table if there were no chairs in the room? Instead of going to bed, I started to research other hotels with half-working brain. I’ve found some options of private suites with a kitchen, washer and drier in the unit and with 24h front desk around Miami and Miami Beach with great reviews that costed almost the same as this room with a private bathroom in Hudson House with only a bed and a table without chair! But the idea of organizing a move when I already had so many reserved activities in Miami made me uncomfortable. I decided that I’d give this room a try, sleep one night and see if I can stay here for at least 3 nights since the man said they would have it unoccupied for the next 3 days and then maybe I could move to another hotel. I decided to take a shower as I spent the previous night in a plane, but I noticed that the room was too cold to even take off clothes. The next surprise was that there was no heater in the room nor thermostat!!! I decided to undress and jump under hot shower right away. The next shock was that water in the shower was only lukewarm and quickly after that got cold!!! I guess, they probably have one water heater for several rooms, and hot water was probably used up. Literally shaking of cold, I jumped out of shower under the blanket. The blanket was too thin to warm me up! I started to gradually put on clothing I had with me. Leggings, t-shirt, and a pair of socks still left me freezing in this cold room. I had to get out of bed several times and put on additional clothing. Here is what I ended up wearing before I managed to fall asleep: 2 leggings, a t-shirt, a sweater, a quilted jacket, a hat (!), gloves (!) and 4 (!!!) pairs of socks! This is how the room was cold, and there was no heater. Finally I fell asleep, and the next day at about 9 am I was awaken by a girl who was cooking something in the kitchen right next to my room and speaking on the phone. The sound was as if she was talking right in my room and cooking smells were as if my room was a kitchen. I looked at the door and noticed quite a big gap between the door and the floor. How can this door keep any sound or smell outside of room? It was already clear to me that I couldn’t stay in this freezing room without proper hot shower and heater, without any sound or smell proofing whatsoever. At 11:30 am I had 2 tours scheduled. I decided to quickly find another hotel on and chose one. The man who brought me here told me that my room was supposed to be vacant for 3 days, so I thought it could leave my things in the room until I return from my tours and then move to another hotel. Before coming to Hudson House, I went to a grocery store and bought 2 big bags of food. Carrying all this with me all day wasn’t an option. I called that man and asked if they can keep the price of one night and refund me the rest. He agreed, but it turned out that I had to leave the room before 11am because someone was already checking into it. How everything changes so unexpectedly in this Hudson House? This room was supposed to be free for 3 days, this man told me just on previous night! Instead of having breakfast to prepare for my day of sightseeing, I was hectically packing up everything I unpacked previous night. Then I went to a neighboring house the man indicated me, and one of Hudson House employees said she would send a refund to my credit card and gave me a receipt. She also allowed me to leave my bags in their lobby and come later to pick them up. I didn’t have time to read the receipt attentively, ran for my scheduled tour right away and came 3 minutes late, reserving my new hotel while sitting in Uber car. The first time I had a chance to eat that day was at 7pm. My tours followed one after another, then I returned to Hudson House to pick up my bags (and paid Uber for this). When reserving Uber to return to Hudson House for my bags, not having had proper sleep and being very hungry without a single meal that day, I made a typo in destination address. This address was a few blocks from Hudson House. Uber driver asked me if I recognized the place. I said no. He answered that in this case he won’t leave me alone in this region because, as he said, it’s almost sure that I would be kidnapped or robbed!!! He said he would wait for another driver to pick me up. I saw that Hudson House is only a few blocks away and I could easily walk there, but the driver said I can’t walk in this region. I reserved another Uber trip, finally got to Hudson House, picked up my bags and caught another Uber. I asked driver of this trip if he agrees that this region is dangerous. He confirmed that this was not a good region. And indeed, I looked around and the place really looked sketchy to me: few people of the street, and those walking looked frowzy or even resembled homeless. I was terrified. When that man brought me to this house on his car, I think it would be good of him to warn me that this region can be dangerous and I shouldn’t walk here, especially since I’m a girl. And I could easily go for an evening stroll before going to bed as I often do if I decided to stay in this place longer!!! I’m scared to even think what could happen to me!!! Thinking this was the end of my story with Hudson House, I was happy to finally concentrate on exploring Miami instead of resolving lodging problems. But a few days later I decided to look at my credit card statement to check if refund from Hudson House has appeared. Guess what I found? An additional charge of $49 dollars from Hudson House on the date of my check-in!!! What did they charge me for and how did they charge my card without even getting my approval or even notifying me? I looked at the receipt they gave me and found some unexpected “Cleaning fee”. They again violated what was agreed upon through sent me confirmation with the final price that I paid in full during reservation. Plus, as I mentioned before, the next day after reservation I received an email from Hudson House that stated: ”Your reservation is now paid in full and confirmed.” And now I see this additional “Cleaning fee” that they didn’t even notify me about before charging me, nor asked my approval to charge my card!!! And how is it possible to rely on Hudson House’s words if by charging additional fee they contradicted not only, but also their own previous confirmation?!! I stay in hotels all the time and reserve them through It’s the very first time that a hotel was giving me not the agreed type of room and charged something on top of what said. After all calculations, I found that they charged me for that first night not $63.05 as agreed through, but $70.05. After all that mess that they caused me they also charged me on top of agreed price?!! I think they should have given me a free night instead!!! I was so tired of resolving issues with this Hudson House Wynwood that I decided not to call back about this additional charge. I just wanted to forget this place. Without any exaggeration, this was by far the most troublesome hotel I stayed in, and I stayed in so many hotels!!! Ironically, I chose it because its rating was positive. I was wondering how could it be. I realized, that at the time of my reservation this hotel only had about 5 reviews, and they were very short, without much of specific details. I decided that from now on I will never deal with a hotel that has less that about a hundred reviews, even if they are positive. To be fair, I’d like to mention that all staff I communicated with was courteous, and the house looked quite new and clean aside from that cockroach I found in my original room. But that’s the only positive things I can mention about this Hudson House Wynwood. Dealing with Hudson House wasted my money, time, hours of sleep and costed me a day of hungry sightseeing and lots of unnecessary worry and discomfort! Also, Hudson House seems to position itself as a hotel. At least, I didn’t notice any clear label on stating that it actually might be a hostel. Usually hostels have that label on In my opinion, for a hotel Hudson House had very limited facilities in the room that only had a bed and a table without chair and without heater. And I don’t remember anything but beds in my initial room, even a table (I may be mistaken though, because I was dead sleepy). Temperature is probably regulated in the whole house somewhere, without any freedom for you to choose your comfort temperature (at least this was like that in my room). Both my initial and my final rooms opened directly into lobby with kitchen and public tables where people cooked and chatted. Smells and sounds entered directly in the room. Plus, it didn’t feel safe to have so many people circulating right behind my door. And the entrance to the whole house was also right near both of the rooms I dealt with which also didn’t add up to the feeling of safety. Also, Hudson House doesn’t have a 24- hour front desk. Their email stated that if you check-in after 10pm, you have to make special arrangements with them. In fact, both houses my rooms were located in didn’t have any front desk at all, even during day hours. In my opinion, Hudson House is not a hotel, but actually a hostel. I feel like the name “House” is a glamorous way to present a hostel. Also, I found quality of management of this place very poor, taking into account how many things went wrong. I’m trying to forget the whole experience, but it definitely took away a lot from enjoyment and comfort of my vacation in Miami.

Nice and clean place for visiting Miami. We were in Hudson House in brownsville for 10 nights and we had a great stay there. The hosts were absolutely friendly and nice guys! Keeping up ther great work!

I stayed at the Wynwood location. It is pretty straight forward. Obviously an investment property which comes with its own set of things but it was cool. Very clean. Nicely decorated.Secure. Well lit. We walked to Wynwood and the train everyday which was nice. Only issue is that they advertise a washer and dryer and that does not work at all but otherwise it was nice. We didn't care for the loud guests that were there but nothing anyone can do about that.

When I arrived at this place I was a little concerned. Firstly, the area looks pretty rough. Secondly, the owner of the hotel wasn't there when I arrived and, after a few minutes sitting on the step, I was shown into a sitting room and left to wait 15 minutes rather awkwardly. What on earth am I doing here, I wondered? No need to worry, this place was great. The area isn't as rough as it looks, I was perfectly safe walking the ten minutes from the station to the hotel after dark. The owner, Adrian, runs the place by himself. He's very friendly and welcoming, makes you feel right at home. You get your own room here with a really comfortable double bed. You share a kitchen, sitting room and bathroom with three or four other rooms, plus there are facilities for washing clothes that you can use for free. There are a few rules - 20 mins max in the bathroom, for example, or no use of the washing machine after 9pm, which was a bit odd, but it makes for an easy experience. I liked it a lot. It was clean, comfortable and, after the weird arrival, very easy going. It's close to the station, with the train costing $2.25 to any other station and about a 15 minute ride from Downtown Miami. It's also very close to the airport. It's also a great price. I would definitely stay here again when visiting Miami, no hesitation.

This hidden private house lies to the NE of Miami International Airport, in Brownsville, some 10-15 minutes ride from MIA. It consists of 3 houses in a small quiet side street, with free parking outside and inside. The house manager, Adrian, is a great person, attentive, helpful, ready to stay longer if you arrive late (usual arrival is until 22:00 hrs). The rooms are not very large, but adequate and the facilities are shared within 4 rooms. There is a common living room with huge TV and a common modern and fully equipped kitchen. The whole house is super clean, although the rooms are cleaned only once after your stay (you pay 25 USD fee for cleaning). There is also a free-to-use laundry and the free wi-fi is strong and quick. The only reason why I did not give 5 stars is because our room Nr. 2 on the ground floor was next to Adrian´s working table which meant a lot of conversation until late into the night, which was quite uncomfortable due to thin walls. Also, next to our heads was some generator that sometimes started to work and produced a lot of noise. Also the air in our room was not fresh enough, because the window could not open and the A/C was not very powerful, however in the living room it was OK. But these were the only negatives, besides them this accomodation is simply superb and I can highly recommend it.

This place is near airport. Quiet place. It has parking place on first come first serve. It has full kitchen. also has laundry machine and dryer to use for free. Very few hotel service. Guest needs to make up your own room.

Une très belle halte dans cet espace d'hébergement. Accueil très familial et sympathique, presqu'un Bed-and-breakfast. Malheureusement, il n'avait plus de chambres libres avec salle de bain. Aussi avons-nous partagé une salle de bain et un grand frigo avec nos amis dans la chambre voisine. Une petite cuisine permettait de se faire un café ou un thé ou faire réchauffer ses croissants. Chambre simple et calme - une très bonne adresse

NW 28th St Miami FL

Hotel highlights

  • Close to Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Laundry facilities

Located in Allapattah within a mile (2 km) of Jackson Memorial Hospital, Hudson House Wynwood is within 2 miles (3 km) of other popular sights such as The Shops at Midtown Miami. This 10-room hostel welcomes guests with conveniences like free in-room WiFi, free self parking, and coffee/tea in a common area.


All of Hudson House Wynwood's 10 air-conditioned rooms provide microwaves, refrigerators, and ovens. Guests can expect to find free WiFi. Stovetops and free toiletries are other standard amenities. Housekeeping is available once per stay.

Property features

Guests of Hudson House Wynwood enjoy access to free WiFi in public areas, coffee in a common area, and microwave in a common area. Free parking is included with your stay. Helpful staff can provide dry cleaning/laundry services and luggage storage. Additional amenities include a refrigerator in a common area, laundry facilities, and a water dispenser.

Room options

Twin Room, Shared Bathroom

Twin 2 | Sleeps 2

Double Room, Shared Bathroom

Queen 1 | Sleeps 2

Double Room, Private Bathroom

Queen 1 | Sleeps 2

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