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Kinza Hotel

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Just got back from a week in this hotel and for the first time ever I am glad to be home after a holiday !! This hotel was listed as a 3 star but I was told whilst I was staying it has been down graded to a 2 and I can see why . I'll try and start with some positives as I like to be fair ... Room was reasonable and cleaned everyday . Bed firm but I like them like that so can't complain on that score' slept well every night . On the down side the balcony is that tiny and it was virtually impossible for me and my man to sit on it together . The towels had holes in them , no hair dryer and the TV didn't work ( not a problem for me but if you like your tv fix bear it in mind) The rest of the hotel was best described as grubby , the reception was ok ish but the pool area was decorated with filthy broken sun beds ... well worn grassed areas and muddy patches . Food wise ... Its hit and miss , yes you have a choice but often the food is luke warm , or you queue for 15 mins only to be given the tiniest bit of chicken ever. One night they were cooking a massive tuna and I watched a guy bring his back as it was swimming in blood , only for the chef to put it back on the grill and serve it to someone else .( yuk) If you won't a drink with your meal be prepared to queue for 15 mins at the bar whilst they continuously run out of glasses ( same thing happens with cups at breakfast) When you do finally get your drink be careful as the glasses are quite often chipped . The main bar is run by mostly miserable staff who look as if they really don't want to working there , they are helpful if they think are going to get a tip otherwise you rarely get a smile. The drinks were awful , when you asked for vodka you are given something with a vie whiskey taste and the beer is so weak you'd need 20 to get any effect . Best advice is to stock up with duties frees at the airport as alcohol is not easy to buy from shops , you have to visit Hammamet where there is one shop that opens on certain days and restricted hours . The entertainment team do try and do some day time activities and kids disco and bingo in the evening but again they are after taking money . The one guy Bibi was very friendly until he realised we weren't interested in buying his T shirts or paying for bingo and then he didn't speak again. The hotel is ok location wise , the beach is about a 5 min walk away , and there are some shops and resturants near by . Taxis are cheap and Hammamet and Nueba are worth a visit . Both cost under £4 in a cab .Both times I had a cab the driver told me "KInza or Zenith as they know it Is not a good hotel !! All in all I wouldn't recommend this hotel and definitely won't be going back , Its worth paying the extra and staying somewhere better as this place really isn't up to much. .

i have stayed in this hotel two times prior to this visit so didnt think that we would have any problems. the rooms are still clean staff friendly majority of animation team ok bob was annoying only spoke to you when he wanted you to get him alcohol free from bar and when you told him that you wasnt getting anymore he just used to say you can you have a/i band. the food is a big let down in this hotel same alltime there and nearly always cold or lukewarm NEVER HAD PROBLEM ON PREVIOUS VISITS WITH FOOD dont have a good name for the woman who did omelettes in morning at least not what i can put on here arrogant moody and insultive are a few words that can describe her (was a bit stronger what i personally called her) the chef of animation is still a bully to his staff and spoke once to us our whole stay he would just walk past and ignore you when speak to him.

1st time to Tunisia and down to this hotel it will be the first of many. I went with group of friends and it was exactly what we wanted. Rooms are basic but clean and was brilliant staff were more than fantastic in all areas even the on site shop wall great as well as the bar staff and animation team. Best holiday in a while good food weather and people ! Very recommended only thing I would say is take ur own booze as the wine isn't the best but you can buy at reasonable prices .

Had a wicked time in early June here, three guys and one girl. Second visit in two years. Rooms are quite basic, but clean and tidy, and the maid service was fantastic, always clean towels and bathroom cleaned daily. Towels made in to swans with fresh flowers are always a nice surprise! Food is more than adequate, never stuck for something tasty to eat at any meal time! Animation team are fantastic, really made us feel special and understood that we didn't always want to play games so would just come over for a chat. Shows in the evening were fun, not always our cup of tea but hey ho. Drinks are a hit and miss..... the wine is horrific but you can buy bottles of perfectly good wine at the bar for a very good price which is what we did. The beer is good though! My tip would be to take a cheeky bottle of Gin or Vodka from the airport if you feel you cant last a holiday without them! Would i go back?..... definitely!

I am writing this review whilst in resort and I hope it helps any future visitor. Firstly there will be negative comments but likewise there are positives. Left Gatwick for a pleasant 2 hour 25 minute flight. Arrived in very humid conditions. Be aware the moment you get of the plane you are harassed at every opportunity by the Airport Porters who do not Understand NO. They will insist to the point of annoyance to carry your bags. We gave in at the end as its easier than having a bun fight with them. Give them £1 English money - no more ! Arrived at the hotel after a very long transfer as we were last stop. At first glance everything looked fine and then we went to our room which was ok with a really good view of the pool and sea. In the room there was a TV which is a complete waste of time as only one English Channel (Bbc World News) which incidentally gives no news whatsoever. Don't even bother with the Air Con as all it does is make a lot of noise with no effect at all. I would advise anyone who is greater than average weight to stay well clear of the balcony as you will struggle to fit on it and I would recommend no more than two dwarfs at a time on the balcony as its so small. There are two chairs and a very small table on the balcony but its impossible to close the patio door with one person and the chairs. It is also worth bearing in mind NEVER open the patio door during sleeping hours as it screeches in a very loud audible manner. Bedroom athletics are not recommended as you will wake everyone up ! Now, for information, you get 2.4 Dinar to the pound's pointless looking around as everywhere offers the same rate. First Tip : keep plenty of 1 Dinar handy as believe me you will not drink the all inclusive crap that is on offer. ! Second Tip : do not book the all inclusive option if you can get Half Board as you will regret it as its simply not worth the extra money. Tip three : leave your kids at home as they will go home malnourished and the moment they set foot in England they will demand McDonalds ( come to think of it so will the adults). Tip 4 : there is no such thing as a Steak anywhere in Tunisia - even the outside restaurants struggle to offer any and believe me there are not many open. Tip 5 : if you don't like black nasty flies crawling in a relentless rage on your body all day long near the pool, then stay away from the pool as there is epidemic proportions EVERYWHERE ! Tip 6 : Chips are a rarity and only appear if you are lucky in the afternoon buffet, the pizza on offer is meat free ( no negotiation ) and bacon or beans are as rare as German politeness. Tip Seven : take a large baseball bat of pepper spray with you if you venture out near a shop as the owners will follow you all over the resort until you buy something. This hotel does not cater at all for the English, in fact they get excited when they see anyone from England ! They Speak mainly French, German or Russian with the odd bit of English thrown in for good measure. The hotel itself is very clean and the staff very friendly. The animation team are also very friendly albeit sometimes annoying but I give them ten out of ten for effort. I recommend using the hotel safety deposit boxes, not because anything is unsafe, it's just cheap @ 2 dinar per day. There is a good indoor pool but the massage a bit pricey at 60 dinar. Keep away from the speciality Tunisian restaurant (unless you like that sort of thing) as its worse than the buffet. One really good feature of the hotel is the WI FI area, however it is not reliable and seems to go off on a frequent basis. If you want to buy a genuine fake bag or sunglasses, we recommend the guy at the entrance to the hotel as he is cheaper and his genuinely fake stock seem better then elsewhere. I feel it's very important in this review to let everyone know just how bad the drinks are as I wish someone had informed me. Remember that dodgy pop your mum used to buy or every time you went to a vending machine and choose the cheap pop option ? Well, the drinks here are 10 times worse ! It really is the cheapest of the cheap and leaves a nasty after taste ! Alcohol is limited to 3 drinks ! (Free that is). The Voka @ 36% proof is NOT vodka, it's a hideous foul tasting cheap something or another. The Brandy is nearly ok but as soon as you put the cheap pop in it it's ruined. The lager is terrible. I could easily drink 4 pints an hour and still pass any European Breath Test. The only way I can describe the taste is by putting a rusty 2 pence piece in the bottom, letting it settle then drinking it. Then there is the creme de la creme, the saviour.....Absolute Vodka ! Now for those in the know will appreciate that in England, Absolute Vodka is the poor mans Vodka that you see most tramps swigging as its so cheap, yet out here its 5 dinar a shot ! My biggest advice to anyone coming here is that the hotel itself is fine and enjoyable. The food is never hot and very poor quality. The drinks in whatever form are just simply a no go area. Happy holidays !

went for a week last minute on 25th sept,after a horrible 2 hour journey from airport,,WE WERE LAST DROP OFF,PULLED UP AT FRONT NOT BAD,,,,,,,,,,,,UNTIL WE GOT INSIDE,,just vile,dirty dingy,changed rooms as the one they gave us first looked like a prisoner of war camp,,second wasnt much better,,,but to be fair tidied and cleaned every day {thank god} sat at pool after unpacking,, god just dirty unkept,,filthy sunbeds some of which were ripped,,and the final nail in the pool area coffin,,,,,, FLIES EVERYWHERE,that was the first and last time we sat round the pool,,,beer was horrible and either watered down or alcohol free,,if you wanted a decent beer you had to pay for it,,soooo we tried a gin and tonic,,,, vile tasted like whiskey soooo we tried a vodka tonic guess what,,it tasted of whiskey,,we then found out what they give you is a spirit called bukka,,,if you want a gin and tonic or vodka tonic YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT,,you also have to pay for beer on the beach and matressess for your very hard plastic sunbeds,,you also have to pay for bottles of water,,which we found a lot cheaper from shop over the road,,,food was horrendous i could barely eat it,,there were health inspectors called in while we were there taking away samples while wearing masks,,a family were hospitalised and put on drips for 2 days,,although i dont know if it was food from hotel,,,,,,,,,,, i will leave that up to you to decide,,,however i have to say the staff were lovely and i feel its the hotel that lets them down,,,,please be aware if you go here,,PACK FLY SPRAY,,BLEACH,,AND SOME FOOD OHHHH YES AND TAKE PLENTY SPENDING MONET BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY DRINKS AND EAT OUT,,,PLEASE TRUST ME,,i wish i had listened to the reviews,,i wouldnt go back if it was free..........DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE PROFFESIONAL PHOTOS.... JOANNE GRIFFITHS STOURBRIDGE,WEST MIDLANDS

Will do the full dissection on return ur I wish I had read a review from myself for booking. Basically if can get it cheap enough it's ok for a relax in the sun ( although this is our 3rd cloudy day!) food is bearable but eat to fill up. Breakfast pass, the drinks...they really are that bad. Is a few restaurants in walking distance but it is really out the way. If coming soon, seriously pick some spirits up at the airport , it's a mission to find any! Happy to answer any questions, Stayed September 2012

Staff very friendly and most spoke English. But that is were it stops we had to changed rooms three times the first was like prison cell with no air-con the second also had no air-con and a broken patio door the third was OK the room was clean. We where told by the rep that came to the hotel that their was three restaurants and we could eat in any one as there was three hotels, a fitness room and indoor pool there was only one restaurant and no fitness room and the indoor pool water was black with a broom and a bucket in it, after this the room was locked and boarded up. The loungers although plenty of them were broken and had sharp edges the pool in the lower section was quite nice but had a big patch of broken tiles. And now we come to the food:- which was cold and flavorless, we found boiled eggs to be green inside and out of six found two that we could eat. by the third day even though we were careful of what we eat we all ended up with food poising. Luckily the weather was very good and hot and we all came back with a good tan.WE found Tunisia very dirty and run down dead animals on the road side and rubbish every where we will not be going back.

As much as I wanted to like this hotel for being a base to enjoy a beautiful country, it failed for being an all inclusive. I was told, and promised beforehand that it would be airconditioned in the rooms, yet when we got there, they said the air conditioning was off due to it being off peak season. (35 degrees+ in the day in a sun facing room DEFINATELY needs air conditioning). The air conditioning in our room finally came on 2 days before we left, presumably because enough people complained (the manager in his ridiculously oversized suit was wandering around most nights doing what best he could do). I respect that they are not an alcohol drinking country but if you are serving alcohol on all inclisive you should at least make an effort. The alcohol is nothing short of awful. The beer tastes like the pipes havent been cleaned in 10 years, (although strangely the restaurant tastes more passable than the bar one) and the spirits are just a no go, Foul. Luckily i picked up some spirits from the airport, and the heineken are only £1.25 to buy. The food was manageable. an ok selection but repetitive. Some people complained of all the flies but its bloody hot, and they were to be found everywhere including the beach, u just get used to it. The pools were lovely, sunbeds fine, absolutely no issue finding one. The staff were very OTT in getting people on board. whistling every 15 minutes. but if your not interested they will not bother you again. The private beach area lovely, you wont get bothered by sellers. Just beware, u wont get free alcohol there only soft drinks, and you have to pay for a matress on the sunbeds, but not the sunbed, which obviously isnt a major issue. The water sports are very cheap compared to most places I've been. My main dissapointment is that even though i requested a pool side room room before we left, we got placed in a room directly opposite the train line. and dont take other reviews for granted, the front of the hotel is literally ON the train line, so it is very noisey (i think it starts at 6am and stops at 11pm). luckily the hotel were very accomodating in moving rooms ( ALL the english people we spoke to were given these awful rooms, coincindence?) but they did offer us many keys to choose the best so i respect them for that. All in all, its a manageable place to lay your head, but its TOO far out from Hammamet to do anything in the evening (especially when the free drinks end at 11, and they are not drinkable in the first place) so if you are travelling in this region i would suggest staying in Hammamet South, Yasmine Hammamet, or Northwards at Sousse (which our useless tansfer took us too first) If youw ant an email address, (which took me an age to find and they didnt reply) its

we booked this hotels last few days 1 week fully inclusive did not read any comments about it ,we had great time great value for money ,very clean ,very pleasent very polite ,great atmosphere ,great choice of food ,but the the most importante time in this hotel was the entertainments was awesome really brilliant every 1hour there's activity specialy for kids / couples / excellent for families . i would like to thank for the entertainments team mahdi / ahmed / baggio / willie and all the staff in the restaurant + the bar + all the waiters mahmoud + moez big up respect bouha / balha

BP 224 Hammamet

Hotel highlights

  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Private beach

Located within 2 miles (3 km) of Omar Khayam Beach, Kinza Hotel places you within a few miles (5 km) of The Great Mosque. This 3-star hotel has 78 guestrooms and offers a private beach, an indoor pool, and free self parking. Hammamet Beach is also within a 15-minute drive of this Hammamet hotel.


Start your day off right with a free buffet breakfast. This hotel is home to a restaurant and a bar/lounge.


The 78 rooms are air-conditioned and have balconies and phones. For entertainment, guests can expect to find satellite TV.

Property features

Guests of Kinza Hotel enjoy a private beach, an indoor pool, and a children's pool. If you plan to drive, free parking is available. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to assist with luggage storage and securing valuables. Other amenities at this beach hotel include a fitness center, a sauna, and outdoor tennis courts.

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