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Globales Costa Tropical

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

First time at this hotel, read reviews about the food but I can honestly say that myself and my wife were impressed. the food was of good standard with plenty of choice and warm. The hotel could do with a refurb but is kept clean and tidy all day long. Yes you can wait a while in the bar to get served as there is only one serving but Sebastian is the better barman as he is quick and serves with a big smile. Overall we had a good experience and for a 3 star hotel it is one of the better ones we have stayed in.

After missing last year we have just returned from a much needed holiday in Fuerteventura. After staying at Costa Tropical four times previously I did initially have a look at other hotels as we fancied a change, partly just for something different but also due to a few little niggles on our last couple of holidays there. I looked at loads of different options but eventually went with the hotel again as it was the best price, familiar and not too bad for the money on previous holidays there. Staff: Hotel's response for room in particular area prior to arrival, met fully. Reception staff particularly Emilio and Nadia. Remembered us from previous visits, met with smiling faces, daily greetings, courtesy and excellent customer service. The Hotel Manager or "Gaffer" as we respectfully call him also greeted us, welcomed us back and remembered us, met with a smile and a greeting on every meeting throughout our holiday. Nadia's handling of our complaint about people in room next door causing problems, offered us move to different rooms, swiftly dealt with and very happy with new room. Sebastian best barman ever as usual, smiling, engaging, polite, efficient, greeted us as old friends, cannot fault this man Christofer, Sebastian's son, always friendly and courteous to us, worked hard, often in different areas throughout the day, running the bar single handed a lot of nights, got a few moans and groans from other guests not wanting to queue etc did his best, give the lad a break! Pool bar staff got bad press from some guests, accused of being surly and miserable, we found the opposite of this, if you are polite, smile and attempt some Spanish, however badly pronounced, they appreciate this and respond more positively, these people are at work not on holiday like you, remember that, be friendly, don't presume and you will find they are much more responsive, they work hard. I have read many reviews which mention the cleaning staff negatively too, we always greeted them, were polite and thankful and got the same back. Overall, they remembered us from two years previously, treated us very well, responded to every request/query swiftly and positively and we have no complaints at all with any of the staff. Hotel and facilities: Loads more sun loungers since last time and more comfortable ones too, many more parasols, pool area clean, children's pool much improved with added fountain toys and slide. Big pool lovely to look at, good size, yes it is cold but after sitting in 27-30 degs + nearly all day, every day you welcome it, warms up if you move about, if you just sit there yes its cold. Plenty of free loungers, parasols, tables despite some "towels out at Dawn" guests Pool bar open long hours during the day, more varied music playing than previous holidays, not much queueing, good range of available drinks Snacks available for lot longer this holiday and also more varied, pasta, pizza, chicken goujons etc added this time to usual hamburgers, hotdogs, cheese ham, salad and cold pasta dish Shop, some things expensive, others reasonable, good on the whole Drinks served in glasses at night, some complaints about queues at bar, measures etc but fine for us, you never please all of the people all of the time Food this time was a little disappointing, Breakfast: Two toasters this time saved lot of queuing, Sausage used to be good for buffet ones compared to other hotels I've stayed in but supplier must have changed as this time they were quite bad, clearly frozen, cheap brand, deep fried then kept warm in hot water food trolley, not very nice at all, bacon better than previously on some days but not good on others, streaky variety, some days over cooked others, undercooked and fatty. Rest of breakfast ok, good selection, something for every Nationality, good range of drinks, milk not brilliant, very watery and doesn't keep long even in the fridge but to be expected in those temperatures, hot food options could do with more variety but generally good. Lunch: We only went in there a couple of times for lunch and it was much the same as the evening options, although a couple of times I wished I had gone in for lunch more as there looked to be better choices such as wedges or small roasted potatoes which were lacking at evening times with chips or rice being the options every day for two weeks. Both were good but we would have liked more variety such as a potato dish or two. Dinner: We ate out a few times at dinner time, mostly because we had planned to but also because the food at the hotel did get a little samey over the holiday. Bad points: Not enough daily variety, too many chips, food sometimes cold unless freshly put out, desserts same every day, tinned fruit, 2-3 fresh fruit options, blancmange of various colours, jelly of various colours, cream cake of various colours, ice cream, far too many soft bland desserts for us Good points: Food cooked well, Soups very nice, bread rolls/bread very good and plentiful, international options, staff attentive, fast and respectful if treated with respect Snacks: Available longer this time, more choices, pasta, pizza, chicken goujons etc added to hamburgers, hotdogs, salad, rolls, cheese, ham, onions, hot options bit cold if left out too long as kept warm above hot water The food quality has deteriorated slightly since our last visit and I heard a lot of guests complaining but you can generally find something to eat at every meal time, there is a wide choice, the chefs and staff work hard, you cant please everyone and if not it is cheap enough to eat out a few times if it gets a bit samey. Other guests: There has been a small incident on every holiday we have had at the hotel, this is normal when people are on holiday, drinking, sun/heat etc can unfortunately bring out the worst in some people so it happens. It was nothing big and never affected any of our holidays there so not a big worry when re-booking. This time however there was a different "element" to the clientele. A lot more big groups of people, more nationalities, a lot more foreign (to us) people and overall a lot busier. This in itself was not a problem at all we were happy to see the hotel doing so well. It was a lot noisier this time and for the first time we had a problem with other guests. A family consisting of what we think was middle aged mum and dad, three teenagers, two girls and a boy, two older ladies and maybe more as they occupied the rooms either of side of ours. They weren't British and did not look like they should be any trouble when we first saw them. They arrived next door on our 3rd night and proceeded to spend hours sliding furniture around on marble floors, repeatedly banging the balcony door, room door/s, wardrobe doors, then congregating on the balcony at 1:00 am singing at the top of their lungs, someone in another room eventually banged the floor and they quietened down, we put it down to first night excitement and decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. For the next couple of days they carried on banging and bumping around, slamming the room door, six times in ten minutes one day!, and being as loud as possible. A couple of nights later they were back on the balcony repeating their first night, my partner lost it this time and banged our balcony door and shouted shut up, which they did, of sorts, they went indoors and made as much noise for another couple of hours. We didn't make any complaints but when we bumped into them on the walkway later on they behaved like fools, the man of the group basically took the mickey out of my partner in Spanish and the whole family stood there laughing at him, he was clearly trying to antagonise my partner into causing a fight, I managed to talk my partner away from it and we went to our room like responsible mature adults. Next morning we complained to reception and the wonderful Nadia moved us immediately to another room across the hotel which was perfect from then on. We had decided to move rather than have the hotel speak to them as we have more respect for ourselves and others and despite his poor behaviour did not want to upset their holiday or the hotel staff. I have reviewed this so that future guests are aware that there have been small incidents which have unfortunately escalated at the hotel over the last couple of years but overall it is not usually that kind of place with most people being nice. We met some lovely people this year as we always do and most people are respectful to others and just enjoy their holidays without any drama. Overall the Tropical has a special place in our hearts and has many many good points for us, its 3 star but above average, it is a good price and if you want better there are many other options on the island, a holiday is what you make it and too many people expect too much for their money, we will go back despite the changes and some of the more recent guests. the staff are some of the best we have met and the hotel meets more needs than not...don't be a misery your on holiday! Thanks Costa Tropical for an overall lovely holiday, we will see you again. Dawn n Carl rooms 236 and 218

Went to this hotel two years ago not much wrong, went this year massive change rooms in disrepair food cold and repetitive, bar service useless one person at all times at least 20 minutes wait if lucky entertainment pointless unless you're Spanish who they prioritise ln all a Spanish tourist hostel not a 3 star hotel.

Me and my husband stopped here from 29th august till 12th September. I could not wait to come home 3 days into my holiday I put a review on then but its not been put on?????the whole place is 70% Spanish and they have priority over the English in everything its rearly unbelievable, my husband is writing to jet2 to complain .I complained to the rep at hotel and to be honest it was a waste of time no eye contact at all and answers were not up to standards. From the flight to the last day it was unacceptable the pool even though cold and the area a round the pool is the only thing I could give a good review for and Sebastian bar man,worked so hard and always a smile,I felt sorry for him as people moaning about the time they had to que for a drink which was up to an hour!!!! They had every right to complain .the pool bar was OK even though the English had to pay for slush and the Spanish didn't lol its bang out of order. The food was really bad we might as well as gone self catering because we ate out most nights there are so many complaints that I could go into but as my last review didn't go on then I don't know if this one will if I was anyone thinking of going to this hotel and thinking it can't be that bad,please think again I don't usually complain but I was looking for a good rest,good entertainment oh yes one person ,Spanish, and lack off. I feel as though I need a holiday after being at the tropical. More like faulty towers.

We booked a one bed apartment for a family of 5 and the room was tiny. Bathroom wasnt great as the shower head holder was broken. The food was cold and very samey. But the hotel staff were lovely the pool was great although sun beds were usually reserved from early hours 5am and alot never bothered to go to the pool after they put theyre towels down. Cleaners were always polite and made a fuss of my children. Work was being done on the hotel pool and building near by which nobody warbed us about. We enjoyed out holiday but was left disapointed by some things.

The hotel was 3 star at best The pool area was really good with a swim up bar area and the kids enjoyed the club The rooms were adequate but dated and need of renovation.the lack of air conditioning makes sleeping really uncomfortable The food was really good with a good choice The bar at night had one person serving whiich I found really poor . The guy serving deserves a medal for his customer service.when Sebastian was off the service was terrible The entertainment at night iif your over 5 if pretty much non existent.i don't understand why they can't have an area outside for this Overall a good hotel but needs to improve iand modernise

We've been coming to this hotel as a family for the past 10 years and despite the food being on the average/poor side, we've always rated this hotel and recommended it to many friends. Unfortunately no more. The food has gotten worse with many meals served cold and inedible. They are clearly short staffed, with the ones they have worked to the bone and being rude and unhelpful. To be honest the general standards have dropped a lot. The rooms are scruffy, with curtains hanging off, doors broken and paintwork unkept to name a few issues, the pool area is also dirty and litter strewn. At night time the noise from other guest screaming and shouting until way past 1pm in the outside bar areas is also something we've never encountered before. Sure, people have had a good time, but the hotel always seemed to ensure noise was kept to a minimum to respect other paying guests. Then there's the bewildering dining room saga. With a total of 6 tables out of approx 100 set for parties of 4 or more, you are angrily told off like schoolchildren should you try and move tables together to eat as a group. However this apparently only applies if you are a british family, as on numerous occasions staff allowed Spanish speaking families to move tables together. I only witnessed British families being told not to put tables together and at times the tables forcibly being pulled away by the staff, however it may have happened to other nationalities. When reported the response was a shrug of the shoulders. This hotel seems to have really gone to the dumps and it's such a shame. I could maybe understand cost cutting measures if the prices were reasonable, but as they've increased a lot in the last year it does not make sense. We will be taking our business elsewhere on the island in the future.

Would not recommend. The rooms are not child safe. If you lock the door, although it would be locked to outsiders, a child can pull the handle as normal and be out of the room as was the case with us.

For us ....fantastic. Today is our checkout and I dont want to go. I love Sebastian in the bar. Some people are not good...claiming and rude. Some guests have to change their behaivor. Big swimming pool, food nice...can be better, rooms nice, staff perfect.

This hotel was clean and the staff were excellent and very hard working! The entertainment staff never stopped something on every on every hour. The food was repetitive but always something you could eat. It was a short walk to feed the chipmunks a must for anyone, they are so cute and eat from your hand.

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