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Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort

4.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

From the very first moment that we drove through the Outrigger Gates and heard BULA, we felt extremely welcome at this resort. The resort is beautifully maintained and our room was very clean and provided enough space for our family of 4. The activities at this resort are fantastic. They offer a selection of modern activities like volleyball and golf, but it is the coconut bowling and spear throwing that are truly enjoyable. The activity team are fantastic and my son adored all of the team, especially Ty and Api. The kids club was also awesome with the ladies being so good with the children. I don't know how they remain so patient with so many different children to look after, but they are always smiling and having fun. We had read that restaurant prices and drink prices were high, but I could not disagree more. Whilst the resort has a no BYO in resort grounds, you are permitted to bring duty free alcohol to your room. If you take advantage of the two Happy Hours which offer 1/2 price beverages, drinks aren't that much more expensive than in Australian restaurants. There is also an awesome wine package at the Sundowner restaurant where you can order a wine buffet - 2 hours of wine during your dinner. We ate Mexican at the buffet restaurant which was delicious, and pizza at Sundowner, but our favourite restaurant was definitely Baravi. The Sizzling plates were outstanding and were very generous in size. We ate here most nights - not only for the awesome food but also because of the very warm and friendly staff led by Naomi. While my husband and I were very happy with our meals, it was our kids meals that truly pleased us. We can't believe that our children were so well fed throughout our 8 night stay. Knowing that "Kids eat Free" we expected fried nuggets and fish etc, but to have a buffet lunch on offer every day and a choice of a wide variety of meals for dinner (including a drink and dessert) was very pleasing. The shepherd's pie was a hit, along with Mama's ice cream sandwich. Peter, your resort is amazing, but it is your staff that make it the place that it is. For instance, Usa's constant banter about the NSW Origin Team, or hearing our children's names called out as we moved around the resort, or the welcoming smile of Dean as we ordered a cocktail at Baravi, or perhaps it was the chuckle the staff have as they make a joke amongst themselves - all of these things are the memorable ones. On a final note - anyone who is heading to the Outrigger - if you can, do not miss being involved in the Tourism Project of visiting the Conua District School. An eye opening experience that will remain with you forever. Thanks for a great stay. Vinaka.

We scored a great deal on Air NZ grab a seat to stay here for four nights. I've stayed at the Outrigger before in 2006. My 10 year old son and I stayed in deluxe ocean view room which was nice. The pool temperature was a little on the cool side. The food is fairly average but reasonably priced. Overall we had a good visit.

We stayed here for a 3 nights. Overall it wasnt bad. It grew on us as we went along. When we checked in there was a bit of confusion as we booked a kids eat free package but there was no record of it so we had to get reception to go and check and come back to us which was ok as we got what we ordered. Im one of those people who expected free wifi as where we stayed before had free wifi. They offer 30 minutes free a day but i had to pay $60fjn to be able to get wifi for the duration of our stay which was disapointing as it was a cost i wasnt expecting. The first night we went for dinner we went down the side stairs which we found vomit on and at the bottom we discovered a drunk guy staggering around.(not the resorts fault but wasnt expecting it at a family resort) we reported the vomit and it was cleaned up the next day. The switch to got between bath and shower didnt work and the only way we could have a shower was to chock it with a plug so it stayed out so we could have a shower. We reported it to reception and told them we were heading out for the day if they wanted to look at it but it never got fixed and they never came back to us on it. But after that it got better. my daughter loved kids club. food at the beach resteraunt was great Breaky was great and the paw paw smoothies are a must have. the stay overall was good and as i say it only needs a few tweaks to make it great. Great pools and close to a lot of things to do on that end of the island

Bula, My Boyfriend (Michael) and I have just returned from an Amazing 8night stay at the Outrigger Fiji celebrating Michaels birthday. This was my second stay and Michaels first. As soon as we arrived at the front desk we were met with smiles and were instantly relaxed and on "Fiji time". When arriving at our room (deluxe ocean view) we were met with a stunning room and stunning views. We spent most of our time at the beach with Michael snorkelling and myself reading a book and relaxing. We enjoyed the different restaurant around the resort giving us plenty of choice. We had breakfast at the buffet witch was busy however the staff asked if we would like to sit in the IVY restaurant witch was quieter. The adults only pool is an tranquil area to relax as is the bars and Bebe spa. Michael and I don't have kids and I was worried traveling to Fiji which is "so family friendly" there would be an overwhelming presence of children, however the resort is so spread out and there are a few adult only areas that children weren't a problem. Michaels Birthday dinner at the sundowner bar was amazing. When they sang happy birthday to Michael was an emotional, exciting experience. We got invited to a cocktail party, which was with a small group of guests from the resort and management. This was a great night to learn more about the staff, resort and people of Fiji. And lastly the staff .... were do I start! The amazing staff from the lady's at the front desk, our beautiful Buttler who always remembered my allergies, the fun loving staff at the sundowner bar to the ice cream hut. Everyone always had a smile that was contagious.. We have already started planing our next trip which we will put a time limit of doing in the next 12 months

Spent 8 glorious days basking in the sun by the pool..... Staff just can't do enough to ensure you have a great time.... The Bebe spa was fabulous located up on top of a hill looking out over the ocean..... Two pools one just for adults and that one is managed by Tammy Momo, good food and drinks poured by Timothy.... Great service.... Bringing children? The nanny service is so fun and all the children look forward to going... Even 6 month old babies love the nannies.... When you go be on the lookout for Tammy and Timothy at the adult pool, Dean at the kids pool, the awesome activities poolside guy, and at the front of the house there is Michael, Sera, Vanensai, and never forget the Bula Man at the front gate.... Don't forget to take the jet boat up the Sakatoka river and visit a remote village and join in the cava ceremony, dancing, and eating.....So much to say, still excited, just can't say enough.... Thank you Peter Hopgood for your hospitality and a well run resort.... The Hanson's

Having travelled to Fiji before having a child we thought it would be great place to go back to for a family holiday. After reading lots of reviews of the Outrigger Fiji we had come to the decision that we would visit for our next family trip. I had contacted the hotel with some questions prior to our stay and responses were received quickly from the hotel reservations staff. We were excited to arrive at the hotel however upon checkin that all quickly changed. We were not even greeting by front desk staff with a smile. Nor did they seem the slightest bit interested in what they were doing. As advised by other travellers I requested to be allocated a room in the block by the pool which they had accommodated. I was advised it would not have a sofa but was the same size and I would need a portacot instead. When we were traveling to the room another buggy got stuck in a narrow path trying to overtake our buggy, in the commotion the porter accidentally hit my 2 year old daughter on the head with the side of our suitcase. I understand accidents happen but my daughter was left distressed for the next few hours. Once we arrived to our room we found it to be very small and confined, even struggling to place our luggage on the floor with the portacot also in the room. The block closer to the pool seems to be a different shape to the other blocks and cuts off some space in the rooms. The sliding door is on a angle in a corner of the room and the room seemed dark and gloomy. The view from outside on the balcony however was beautiful and lovely to be able to see the lagoon area. We then went to the restaurant for lunch where one of our meals came incorrect, once we advised the staff the supervisor came and reordered the correct meal. We came back to our room to change and then for some unknown reason our room keys were not working and had to wait for staff to replace our keys. After this we decided to go for a walk to register at the Mei Mei club, some staff were friendly but I was rather taken back by the fact that numerous staff there called my daughter chubby and referred to her as the chubby girl. It's left my husband and I rather upset and not wanting to utilize these services which was one of the reasons we chose Fiji and this hotel for our vacation. (In fact most of the staff at the hotel CONSTANTLY referred to our daughter as chubby chubby, fatty fatty, big girl the whole time we were there. We met other families during our stay who were experiencing the same thing and were equally upset about it) Once we returned to our room to put our daughter to bed we noticed the portacot was completely soiled with marks. It was actually disgusting. We spoke to a housekeeper/porter who went and found another one which was in the same disgusting state, in the meantime my husband had to clean it himself as we were advised there were no more portacots available. To our surprise the lovely housekeeper (who was also embarrassed about the state of the portacot) came back with a brand new one. I'm unsure why beds for children are being supplied in such an dirty condition. It would have just taken someone to clean them before supplying them to the guests. After this awful beginning to our long awaited holiday, both my husband and I were both feeling very upset and disappointed. We had prepaid our holiday and if we hadn't done that we would have left the hotel that night. I rang and spoke to our booking agent who advised me to speak with hotel management. I went and spoke with the manager on duty who quickly offered for us to be upgraded to a garden view Bure and a complimentary dinner. While we were happy to be moving I was again disappointed to not be having a ocean view room as we booked our package with this ocean view option. I spoke with the manager to advise we had moved rooms and phoned the next day to ask if there were rooms with a bathtub (so that we could bath our young daughter) I was advised the buses with kind beds and sofa option have showers only, after this there was no further follow until about 5 days later. We were just keen to try and get on with our holiday so we tried to get past the disappointment we had experienced so far. We spent a lot of time at the family pool, which is beautiful by day and night. We had a few dinners at the buffet, which I would say is nothing special but convenients. Definitely eat at the Sundowner, The IVI or there are some great restaurants just outside of the hotel. We tried to see if our daughter would stay with the Nanny, but she wasn't very interested, the Nanny we were allocated was nice however I think our daughter who is full of energy would have been suited to a younger nanny. We had her stay in the nanny centre one evening and my husband and I dined at IVI, which was lovely. The staff were very attentive and knowledgable. the food was great. Wine list was totally overpriced (compared to prices in Australia) The Bebe Spa is absolutely gorgeous, could possibly update the look of the reception area. The treatment rooms are large with beautiful views. Even on a rainy day it is beautiful and tranquil up on the hillside. The therapists are nurturing and very experienced. Both my husband and I enjoyed the treatments we had during our stay. The hotel is large with lots of guests and we found it hard to make connections with any staff as you were constantly seeing different people. We unfortunately felt the hotel lacked the feel you would get a smaller resort. I fell ill towards the end of our stay, and saw the Dr they have that consults on site each morning who advised I had a 24 hour bug. The hotel staff followed up with me numerous times to check on my wellbeing which was very appreciated. The Talai butler service is nice idea, and nice to get champagne and canapés to our room each evening, our bed turned down and a nightcap. Upon checkout, we noticed a charge on our bill that we had not made. Once investigated by front desk staff, we were told someone had charged something to our room, but it was not our signature. It wouldn't hurt to keep track of your bill or check over thoroughly at the end of your stay. Just before I was about to leave the hotel, I also realised we had not been credited the meal as advised by the manager on duty at the beginning of the stay. So they had to arrange a refund to my account which was done quickly so that we could leave on our airport transfer. Upon returning home and asked how our vacation was all we can say was it was OK, not good, not great. Definitely not the time we were looking forward to. I am also disappointed I had to leave this low rating review. Before we had even come on this trip we were already planning our return trip with additional family members however after our experience we are looking at alternative hotels.

So me and the lady were in Nadi last week and stayed at the Radisson Blu (nice place) but on our exploration of the Island we swung by the Outrigger resort for a bite to eat. Our initial impressions were very good, friendly staff greeted us (the guy on the gate has the biggest Bula going on Fiji I'd bet) and invited us in after we explained we just wanted some lunch and we were generally made to feel very welcome. Good start... The hotel was a bit tired looking and we honestly thought it was a nice budget 3 star, maybe 4 at a push. The main building was tired but the money seemed to be spent on the guest accommodation which would be a wise compromise we thought. It seemed more laid back than the Radisson and similar 4-5 stars in Nadi. just our kind of place, nice. It was not until we got back and did some research that we found it's actually trying to be a 5 star and charging big money. Wow, that's a joke... Anyway, we wen't through the resort and had a poke around the place eyeing up for a potential holiday destination in the future, we spent quite some time just looking around. Ended up at the beach which is a little disappointing but no big deal (if you want a good beach on the main Island you could do worse than the Intercontinental). So on to lunch, we went for the restaurant more or less in the centre of the resort the pool around about half of it (forget the name). It was lunch time but we didn't clock that it wasn't very busy, presumably people eat there once on the first day and don't come back... We ordered some food and drinks etc. The food was pretty bad, the boss had the prawn BAGUETTE which showed up in an odd shaped bun... Not sure if baguette means "generic bun" in Fiji but we weren't expecting that, ah well. She reported it wasn't anything special. Not good, not bad. I went with the curry, which was a bad move. Now I like curry, I make curry and lot, but I'm lazy when it comes to cooking, so I know curry sauce when it comes out of a jar and this was that. The chutney looked like black tar and definitely came out of a jar and the poppadom was the size of a drinks coaster. Not great... but hey, never mind. What was worse was the bill. Now I can deal with cashless resorts, they want to make their 3% on card fees and that's ok, you have to accept some gouging when you go on holiday as the price for being a tourist but the hidden extras on the bill were breathtakingly outrageous. Here's my bill (I just found it in my wallet): 1 fanta - 5.60 1 orange juice - 7.20 1 prawn baguette - 23.20 1 chicken curry - 27.20 Subtotal - 63.20 Service Charge - 1.90 Service TurnOver - 6.32 Value Added Tax - 5.69 Environment Levy - 3.79 Total - 80.91 Wow... how about an air tax and table rental charge whilst you're at it? They also appeared to charge excessively for alcohol hence why we went with soft drinks. $15 for a Vonu was the most we saw and we stopped by a few resorts (FYI it's like $4 in the supermarkets and shops). I'll bet anyone who stays here won't see these "hidden" charges (there is (very) small print on the bottom of the menu but the one we saw of it was obscured by the frame it was in) and wonder why their meals were so expensive after spending their holiday charging to their room number. Well this is why. Call me cynical but the reason I think they can get away with this is because there are practically no alternatives outside of the resort (there are a couple of smaller resorts within walking distance) but by this point in our holiday I was bored of being fleeced everywhere I went. OK Fiji is beautiful, but I live in Sydney, 4 hours flight time away, so this isn't a "once in a lifetime" holiday. If I want to be charged for a "once in a lifetime" holiday, I'll go to Bora Bora. Bit of background, My day job for the last 6 years saw me working all over the world and spending between 1/2 and 1/3 of the year out of the country and taking between 40-50 flights a year. I've stayed in a lot of hotels. I'm a platinum IHG member and a silver Club Carson guy. I used to LIVE in hotels, our holiday in Fiji was paid for exclusively using my air-miles and hotel points because I need to use them or lose them. I'm by no means cheap. I like spending money if it's worth it. I've been to a lot of hotels all over the world; cheap ones, expensive ones and believe me, this resort is NOT a 5 star, it's not a 4 star either. My girlfriend works in the Hotel biz doing finance and business stuff (I dunno, it sounds complicated). She didn't think this was a 5 star. This is a 3 star charging 5 star prices. The food was pretty bad, but the bill was worse. The final straw was reading the sign at the restaurant which said something along the lines of "please don't tip our staff, if you want to show your appreciation please put any money in the donation pots at reception which is evenly distributed to our employees. These funds will be given out twice a year to staff, once before school starts and once at Christmas". So let me get this straight, again maybe I'm being overly cynical, you fleece the guests and squeeze them dry and then expect their generosity to subsidise the poor wages you presumably pay your staff? Why would they need their tips before school starts? Are you telling me they can't afford new uniforms and pens on their wages? Or can't afford to buy presents before Christmas on their pay? I feel so sorry for everyone working there. I'd love to see the net profit of this place but I have a feeling it would make me vomit up my terrible curry. The bad taste in my mouth as we left wasn't from the food... Yeah, nah. Won't be coming back.

Traveled with our 5 and 13yr old, gorgeous resort, lovely people, great pool, beautiful beach. Our oldest had a free scuba lesson then got to go out into the ocean for scuba dive which was amazing. Only downside was the rooms were a bit dark and there's no where to hang clothes up to dry, food is pretty average and pricey but there's a few other places around to eat. All in all though it was our best family holiday and we will definitely be back!!!

First time to Fiji and the resort was very enjoyable. We have two young kids and this resort was ideal - great nanny service, excellent kids meals at all venues and main pool was the highlight for my children (although for us adults it was on the cool side - but it was winter for Fiji). Staff are very friendly and a big plus. For the adults, the meals were generally good, especially with kids in the kids club that leaves adults time to relax. We stayed in a deluxe ocean view room x 2 and found it noisy. Room 738 is quite close to the main road so you hear road noise + a resort generator of some sort. If staying again I would choose the opposite wing OR a Family Bure that are closer to the beach / facilities.

What a wonderful experience. Caters for all ages and groups. I was so happy at how the staff included a 15 year old boy that was in our group. Our kids are under 10 and had a ball. Wet weather was no bother. Loved everything. Food a little expensive so you can go for a walk along the beach and find a variety of places to eat.

Sigatoka Korotogo

Hotel highlights

  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa
  • 2 outdoor pools

Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort is located within a 15-minute drive of Lawaqa Park and Sigatoka Sand Dunes. This 252-room, 4.5-star resort has 2 outdoor pools along with a full-service spa and 8 restaurants. It's on the waterfront and also within a 15-minute drive of Kula Eco Park.


This resort is home to 8 onsite restaurants, perfect for a quick bite to eat. Savor a meal from the privacy of your room with 24-hour room service, or get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café. Start each morning with breakfast, served for a fee from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM.


All of Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort's 252 air-conditioned rooms provide furnished balconies or patios, refrigerators, and minibars. 32-inch LCD TVs come with satellite channels and pay movies, and guests can stay connected with WiFi. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries, and beds are dressed in pillow menus. Coffee makers, free bottled water, and ceiling fans are other standard amenities.

Property features

Guests of Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort have access to a full-service spa, 2 outdoor pools, and a children's pool. There's free parking, and an airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for FJD 155 per vehicle one-way. The front desk has multilingual staff on hand 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach resort include a 24-hour fitness center, a spa tub, and a sauna.

Room options

Superior Room, Resort View

Full 2 | King 1 | Sleeps 4

Bungalow (Plantation)

King 1 | Full 2 | Sleeps 4

Bungalow, Beachfront

King 1 | Sleeps 4

Bungalow, Partial Ocean View

King 1 | Full 2 | Sleeps 4

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