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Cancun has become the epitome for Spring Break, but there’s so much more to this Yucatan treasure besides lounging at resorts, sipping Mai Tais, and grinding in clubs. Several of these sweet party spots require a drive all the way from Spring Break headquarters, but the real reason you need a car is to travel back in time and to explore an ancient civilization. So, hop into your rental car after landing at Cancun International Airport and check out the following spots, which are not just for history buffs!

What to See in Cancun

The Pyramids of Giza, Macchu Picchu, Angor Wat – when you think of some of our planet’s most storied ruins, you have to conquer unforgiving and rural terrain in exchange for a visually stunning tour through history. That’s nice and all, but the Ruinas de Tulum, located just 80 miles south of Cancun, are located right on the Eastern Yucatan beachfront and thus within easy reach. You can literally stand on top of the beautiful 13th – 15th century Mayan city while gazing out over the gorgeously turquoise Caribbean Sea. There is a modest fee to enter, which is no more than five to ten dollars, depending on whether you pay for parking. It’s well worth the fee to learn more about the Mayan community and see the archaeological site with the remnants of walls that survived several decades of Spanish occupation.

Head northeast from Tulum for roughly two hours, and you will be setting your eyes on one of the seven wonders of the modern world, known as Chichen Itza. Believed to be one of the largest ancient Mayan cities ever constructed, Chichen Itza served as an important center of Mayan culture, trade, and history since as early as 600 A.D. The riches of the Mayan civilization can be observed in the structures, sculptures, and relief paintings scattered throughout the Temple of the Warriors. Before you leave, make sure you scale the 98-foot façade of El Castillo, the city’s main temple, for truly stunning views over the entire complex.

Car Rental with Orbitz

These historical Mayan landmarks of the Riviera Maya area definitely require a reliable rental car, so make sure you check out Orbitz when planning your trip. We have the widest range of classes and sizes, so regardless of how long you’re staying or how much terrain you want to cover, we can perfectly suit your car rental needs at affordable prices!