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Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island

4.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We had a great time at the hotel. Let me start by saying...Bora is set up only for price gauging tourists. Its way way overpriced for average service and amenities...Im not just talking about the hotels, but the whole place. The other islands are nicer with more to do and way cheaper! BUT...if you must see the fabled Bora BOra please do stay at this Sofitel! Spectacular views of the lagoon and mountain island. The bungalows are large and well appointed but the air conditioning doesnt really work if your from a cold place like me...its ROUGH! But the sea breeze is just an open balcony door away. One of the managers Tania...was excellent and helped us with anything we needed. The big pluses boat pick up and drop off to the boat shuttle up and back the main island resort where you can get anywhere by taxi...YAY...and free stocked mini fridge for you as well! We agonized over the decision and in the end made the right choice. Its not pretentious, its very secluded private and clean and with only 31 bungalows it feels liek your alone on your own private island. The food was adequate and they do well with all of the regalia...leis on calls...leis on departure! COld fresh coconut water and FLOWERS everywhere! SO...if you NEED to go to Bora Bora...this is your best value and the amenities and extras make it the only choice!

We have been in Sofitel Private Island with a daily pass, which was 100$. First i thought it's a bit too expensive for a short day, compared with the other hotel's prices, but for this price we got a big lunch (started, main course, dessert) which was delicious, big portion, fresh and perfect, and a cocktail (it was ok) and also we could use the facilities, like snorkelling and kajaking. We just had a Perfect relaxing day, and this hotel is beautiful, simply paradise.

My husband and I stayed here for seven days and it was a very "magnifique" stay. From the airport, we were greeted with flower necklaces and bottled waters. As we shuttled our way to the island, we were greeted with warm towels and coconut juice. A concierge was right there to take us to the reception to check us in. Pastries were also brought to our table as we were getting checked in. We had arrived just a tad bit early and we were told to just walk around the island and they will come find us when our room was ready. They also gave us a choice of taking a shower in their shower room if we wanted to freshen up, which we did. We then found our way into these two chairs under the tree facing the turquoise water and was just enjoying the view. A very friendly lady who works in the hotel just happened to walk by, asked us how we're doing and what room we were staying at. We told her we don't know yet, that we are still waiting for our room. She then said, she will find out when our room will be ready and she will have somebody come and find us. A couple of minutes later, our concierge came and showed us to our room. Our room was incredible, one of the best views we've ever had, # 121 overwater bungalow. Service in this hotel is awesome. The fridge is stocked up with refreshments on a daily basis, coffee for the espresso machine, instant coffee and teas. We got the breakfast buffet deal through Expedia, I don't think the Hotel itself has that package at least not when we booked our trip. I highly recommend a package deal with either the breakfast buffet or dinner ( Hotel might offer this one) as it can get very expensive. The breakfast buffet was good, they had an omelette station, fresh fruit, juices and pastries. Lunch and dinner menu are also good but not enough choices. Both the Sofitel in Marara beach and the private island are affiliated. If you want better choices on food, you can hop on the boat and go to the main hotel and have dinner there. You can enjoy both hotel amenities if you'd like. We stayed on the private island most of the time, we like the more secluded feel. Wifi, for those expecting to use your electronic devices, is weak. I found that the wifi signal is best between 3AM and 6AM local time. I am from California and never adjusted to Polynesian time. There are occasional friendly bugs and lizards that you may encounter from time to time in your bungalow but they are harmless. It is just startling at first then you get used to it, after all you are in the South Pacific. The people on this island are beyond friendly. They want you to have a memorable time in your stay which we definitely did. I personally would like to thank Marania and Denise for all the accommodations we were given, Mauru'uru!!

We stayed in bungalows over the water. It was great. We could snorkel right under our bungalow. The breakfasts were amazing. They helped book us on the best tour in Bora Bora. (Lagoonarium) . We swam with black tipped sharks, stingrays,'1' manta ray, no dolphines or turtles. and lotz colored fish. The coral could have been better. Thanks "Jamie" from

The bungalows were everything we hoped for - I cannot compare to anywhere else, but I assume they are on par with other resorts. The water was very clear under our bungalow and was about 6 feet deep. The food in the restaurant was good - we ate there about 3 times during our 9 day stay. There is a free ferry you can take from the motu to the main island, so don't worry about not having access to the main island. We usually waited anywhere from 0 minutes to 20 minutes for the ferry (which takes about 5 minutes to go from one point to the other). The resort probably has about 30 condos... so you run into the same people (which is fun - an easy way to make new friends). The staff is super-friendly and were eager to please. The resort also had free kayaks and snorkel equipment - which was nice for visiting "The Aquarium" behind the island (takes less than 10 minutes by kayak). They also provide free bread to feed the fish (just ask where it is located - it is near the pier). My only complaint is the bar - it is rarely staffed (even during happy hour). I usually had to flag down someone to ask the bartender to swing by. In addition, happy hour didn't include wine (but just about everything else; just the little things, you know?). If we go to Bora Bora again I think we'll stay at the same resort... it was located perfectly with awesome views of the lagoon. By being on its own motu, you also didn't have to listen to cars driving by.

I was here on my honeymoon in May 2017. I imagine it is very mysterious for others who may be on the main motu looking at the island. It's the only thing on the island so it's all yours. Private Island is quiet and more rustic with lots of local trees and foliage and the steps are all stone. There is a semi-steep stairway where you can climb to the top of the motu and have a fantastic view of Bora Bora. We did not stay in an overwater bungalow and opted for a regular room that ended up being a standalone structure with a lanai over the water next to the spa. We had a perfect view of the pier so could run out when the next boat taxi was going to the Sofitel Marara. The room reminded me of a fancy cabin in the woods. We had two huge lizards (not geckos, lizards) that were 5-8 inches that were slinking around trying to drink our sodas. The bathroom had walls that were like made of dried woven palm leaf painted white. If you looked at the walls closely and the corners, you could see that they didn't do a really good job with gluing or painting. In terms of in-room service, the turndown service was right on time at 6 PM and was too early for us. I think the staff have to head back to the other Sofitel as early as possible which is why the turndown is too early. The rooms were always clean and they took out the trash and refilled the drinks regularly and left a little bag of delicious macarons for you every night. I did not like that they skimped on the toiletries and did not set out new ones daily. Because there's not much to do on Private Island - btw the beach isn't that great in Bora Bora, that's why overwater bungalows are key - we found ourselves going back and forth with the main island two times a day. There isn't a pool on Private Island so our regular routine would be to have breakfast and take the boat taxi to Sofitel Marara and enjoy hotel life there as there are more restaurants and facilities and a store. Our breakfast was included and was our main activity at Private Island. Some people have mentioned the unpleasant cook serving the eggs and the waffles. We had her too. There was also a bird that came and sat in all of the pastries and no one did anything about it. The breakfast spread was small but it got the job done. You only had one choice of how to have your omelets made. I will say that all of the service itself with the hotel was incredibly gracious. They are trying and it must be a hard property with it not having all of the facilities and accessibilities to those on Bora Bora. The night we arrived, we were several hours late and all of the restaurants were closed. Sofitel Private Island was very kind and made us complimentary sandwiches and fries as we hadn't eaten since lunch. Now THAT is hospitality. They also served us super delicious coconut water as our welcome drinks. The boat captains were always nice and helped us in and out of the boats every trip. The trips were short and there is no charge for the ride. If you are looking for more of a resort feel, Sofitel Private Island may not be for you as it's isolated and lacks amenities, so you may be better off at Sofitel Marara. But, if you have an overwater bungalow and are OK with eating at the only restaurant on the island then it may be a good fit for you.

It's hard to know where to begin when reviewing our vacation at this delightful property. First, the island of Bora Bora itself is breath-takingly beautiful. I have been all over the world and have never been in water so clear, clean and sparkling. I never knew ther could be so many shades of blue/green in one place. All around the Sofitel Private Island are underwater structures that are regenerating coral growth. The number and colors of fish were astounding because of this. My husband and I were delighted to be able to swim just a few yards off our deck and be surrounded by fish too numerous to count. The main island has a two lane road encompassing it and one main town, Viatape. Here we discovered wonderful shops to purchase items made in Bora Bora and stores dedicated to breathtaking pearl jewelry. There is a small convenience sore up the road from the Sofitel Main. When you leave the property, go to your left about a quarter mile and it's one your right. There is also a great little pizza place next to this store that is popular with the locals. The local people could not be more welcoming and helpful. When I crashed my rented scooter on the main road, I was helped by the local residents who were genuine in their kindness and concern. Now, to the Sofitel Private Island itself: this could not be a more beautiful property. We stayed in an overwater bungalow that left us awestruck. Clean and inviting, our room had incredible views of the main island. The staff anticipated every need. Our mini bar was filled once a day, free of charge. The housekeepers made certain we were comfortable, and their warmth and humor found their way straight to our hearts. Especially, Juliette, Jennifer, and Arielle. These three women saw to it that we wanted for nothing. The bed was made with sheets that were soft and smelled heavenly and the bed itself was omfortable and inviting. I would suggest you bring a collapsible ice chest to keep drinks cold as the mini-fridge works overtime to keep things moderately cool. That, I am certain, cannot be helped and is no fault of the resort. Travel from the private island to the main resort is easy via the shuttle boat, and we never waited longer than five minutes for a ride one way or another. Meals were excellent on both properties, but we preferred the ambiance of the restaurant/bar on the main island. I notice that some previous reviews mentioned the presence of flying insects, it we did not notice a one. We kept our sliding doors and windows open much of the time to the glorious tropical breeze. As I mentioned earlier, I crashed my rented scooter on the main road. Not knowing what to do, I had one of the locals call the resort and within minutes, the manager came driving up to rescue me. Charlotte, took me back to the property, cleaned my wounds, and all in all, could not have been more caring. She checked on my healing progress throughout the reminder of our stay. If you are still debating a vacation at the Sofitel private island, stop and book a vacation here right now. You will not regret it. For us, it was our best vacation yet.

We stayed here for 4 nights after our 6 night stay at the Hilton on Moorea. We arrived at the airport and was picked up by the boat and went to the island. Our room was ready so we went to our overwater bungalow. The room was great except the shower was in the bathtub, which was weird. It was super windy and we asked to change rooms and we got a room that was near the coral garden and we liked it much better. It had the best views of the sunset. We brought our own wine so sat and watched sunset each day, We snorkled in the coral gardens and it was spectacular. The breakfast buttet was ok, the hilton was better with more choices. Overall we loved the hotel, its very peaceful and beautiful.

Arriving in Bora Bora is an adventure all it's own. When you arrive at the airport there is a marina out back where most of the hotels have boats waiting to take you to the hotel. Our boat ride was a pleasant 20 minute ride. We stayed four 4 nights in an overwater bungalow. We were supposed to stay at the Sofitel Marara, but they had wind damage so they upgraded us to the private island for no extra cost, which was nice. This is a small private island for this hotel only. I had read some negative reviews about this hotel and it is true that is is a little worn, but very clean and the overwater bungalows were wonderful. The staff are very friendly and were always gracious. They offer a complimentary in room mini refrigerator that gets stocked daily with bottled water, soda and beer. The views are SPECTACULAR! The water here goes from a beautiful turquoise to deep blue with green mountains in the backdrop. The grounds are very beautiful and guests can use the kayaks for free. There was even snorkeling gear for 2 in our room when we arrived. There is only one restaurant and we did get a little tired of the food, but there is a boat that goes between the Private Island and the Marara which is on the main island of Bora Bora. The boat is free and guests can use facilities at both hotels. The food is expensive everywhere in FP, but the meals at the Sofitel were large enough that we soon started splitting meals, especially at lunch. Our breakfast was included which consisted of cheeses, cold cuts, fruits, breads and eggs to order. The lunch and dinner menu is limited so we went to the Marara a couple times. One evening we decided to go to another restaurant and the staff at the Marara made our reservations and got us a cab ride that we did not have to pay for. I'm sure they have arrangements with several of the larger restaurants on the island. The only reason I gave it a 4 rating is because it could use a little updating. Having said that, I would stay here again.

Recently stayed 10 days at this fabulous hotel in one of the most magnificent settings on the planet. The hotel is a small subsidiary of the main Sofitel Hotel on the mainland, and is served by a small taxi boat. The hotel is for adults only and has only 36 guest rooms mostly over water bungalows. These are well fitted out and well maintained. All the rooms are airconditioned however it is best to close the bathroom door at night for this to be effective. I would not advise anything other than bed and breakfast as the food on the island is limited and very expensive, the food on the mainland is more varied. There are many good restaurants on the mainland where the food is better than the hotel and although as everything on Bora Bora expensive but better value than the hotel. All the staff are friendly but do not expect snap quick service it is not the way, the service is efficient but a bit laid back for some tastes. Special events such as the romantic beach dinner was a fabulous experience. Another point is the sun loungers on the water villas are firstly not adjustable so you cannot lay on your front, and they are also wired down so can not be moved to follow the sun. Apart from a few minor points this is a fabulous location which should be enjoyed.

Bp 516, Nunue, Vaitape Bora Bora Leeward Islands

Hotel highlights

  • Steps from Coral Gardens
  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Onsite dining

Located in Point Matira, Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island is adjacent to Coral Gardens and within a mile (2 km) of Moti Piti Aau Beach. This 31-room, 4.5-star resort has free breakfast along with conveniences like free in-room WiFi and a free airport shuttle. On the beach, the resort is also close to Mt. Otemanu and Matira Beach.


Start your day off right with a free buffet breakfast. In addition to a meal at the onsite restaurant, you can also enjoy a drink at the bar/lounge. Order from 24-hour room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room.


Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island's 31 air-conditioned rooms provide free minibar items, balconies, and sofa beds. Flat-screen TVs come with satellite channels and DVD players, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Beds sport premium bedding and bathrooms offer rainfall showers, hair dryers, and designer toiletries. Coffee makers, free bottled water, and ceiling fans are other standard amenities.

Property features

Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island features free WiFi in public areas, a library, and express check-out. Airport transportation is made easy with a free airport shuttle (available on request). The front desk has multilingual staff that can help with concierge services and securing valuables. Other amenities at this beach resort include free newspapers, a garden, and a porter/bellhop.

Room options

Luxury Bungalow, 1 King Bed (Island)

King 1 | Sleeps 2

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