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The Reading Lake Hotel

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

I spent many happy times in this hotel in 2011/12 and have always taken an interest in the place so I am fully aware of the fire in 2015. I knew this before I booked and it didn't deter me. I am surprised by the negativity from people who also knew but still booked. You have no excuses. The staff were very friendly and when I asked for extra pillows, they obliged. No moaning, no rudeness, just a polite acknowledgement and the pillows were delivered to my room. When I then asked for another two pillows, they brought me more. No fuss, just good customer service. The room was clean, spacious and although the TV channels were limited, I found something to watch. The view from the room was lovely and I only wish it had been a summer evening so I could have spent longer on the balcony. This hotel has suffered but, once any rebuilding project is complete, it could once again become a real hidden gem and definitely somewhere I'd visit again. People spend too much time being negative about hotel rooms but in reality most of the time you're in the room, you're sleeping anyway so whats the fuss? As long as it's clean and functional, be happy.

Staying here with a colleague and we were a little worried about the reviews before hand. In 2015 this hotel suffered a major fire knocking out the heating system and a majority of the facilities. However you would have thought the owners would have done something about that! No is the simple answer the team are struggling with the use of only 28 rooms and portable heaters dotted around the place. Despite all these problems the staff are amazingly polite and try to make the best of a bad situation. We ordered food and it was surprisingly good. Such a shame that this hotel is in such a bad state of repair. The owners need to pull their pull their finger out or sell up!!

Visited Reading Lake Hotel as they were offering a rate below my firms limit while I was attending a conference in reading. A little out in the sticks, and the roads leading to the hotel are poorly lit and very windy. The staff were excellent, and I was upgraded to a suite which was very comfortable. The room was looking a little tired, particularly the bathroom and the shower was useless. The restaurant had a good selection of food, and I had a 3 course meal for £20, very well served. The view of the lake is lovely, and I do believe this could be a really good venue, but the building needs a little work. Really enjoyed my stay!

Me and my partner are in the reading area and decided to have a getaway night, after looking we came across this hotel and were emeditly drawn to the beautiful lakeside rooms and view! We had looked through some of the reviews and were put off, but decided to try it for ourselves. On arrival, as others have said the lane leading to this hotel is very long, narrow and in the dark very hard to drive down! I personally think they should have a few lights along the way or at least a sign! Got to the hotel and parked up, very large car park with only 4 cars in.. Also another thing people have commented on, this is a very large hotel and it was just empty! Checked in with reception, went to out room, but couldn't use the elevator as out of order.. Got to out room and the door wasnt even closed/locked was just open for anyone to wonder in! We pushed the door open and it looked like a changing room as first, came into our room and we were not impressed. The decor as other have said is very dated, one rubbish pillow each, think and uncomfortable, not even a phone in the room? Our tray with our tea bits for the morning was shoved in a cupboard, we have a heater in the wall that looks like someone has fallen into and dented badly, the telly... We could of died with this bloody telly.. has only 8 channels and you can only watch 2 of them as so fuzzy and the 2 channels are fuzzy themselves! When we found the remote, its the most basic remote ever not even a guide button to check what to watch on our 2 channels (bbc1&2) plus the p.size kept changing whilst we were watching it so the telly was going smaller and bigger. Also resticted so cant put your telly past 30. The bed has a oddly shapped duvet witch was thin and felt cheap. And then the bathroom... As my partner said its just like a hospital room! The bath is smallish, the taps were dirty and old, even the shower curtain was think and cheap! Feels like of you pull on it the plasic will just stretch and rip. We only had what we thought was one, found a second towel later on shoved in the cupboard all the was at the top side. Not even a wine glass in the room! Just 2 small sipping glasses in the bathroom! There is a very weird smell to this hotel as well, an oldish, dampish yukky smell. And the bathroom stinks as well. The toilet takes at least 3 flushes before it will even think of flushing, the bathroom sink takes forever to drain! The only think I like about the bathroom is the large mirror! We could not believe the poor stabdard of the room, se don't even have a hairdryer as has been ripped off the wall!! We went down to talk to the reception, didn't want to make too much of a fuss so I asked for 3-4more pillows at least some more towels and then mentioned about how telly only had 8 channels and only 2 worked.. The receptionist gave me a very dirty look when I asked for the pillows (as if to say how dare you ask for 3-4 more pillows) and his comment about the telly was yea they are all like that.. I said what every telly in this hotel doesnt work and had bad picture.. He said yes.. Shurly there should be a disclaimer about this before you book?? Not impressed as I said. We went out and got some wine and beer from a shop 3.5 miles away, and when driving back the lane was now pitch black and very hard to drive. When we returned to the room we had 3 pillows and one towel just on the inside of the door, once again how the hell is this place a 4 star?? Could another pillow not have hurt? You do have other 300 rooms with no one in, I'm sure we could of had one from any of them. Went down for dinner around 8pm. There was only 2 other tables in a very large empty cafe looking restaurant area. Our server was very nice but seemed like this was his first day on the job! He seemed unsure of how to do this job and even carrying things seemed to take up his full concentration. However he was as I said nice and friendly. We ordered a hummus and olive tray, very nice but the olives wernt the best quality, then steak with mash for me and the chicken chrizzo pasta for my partner, we both enjoyed our mains and couldnt fault. We took out drinks up with us had a quite borning night in as no telly or anything to do, so we just ran a bath and put music on our phone to listen to. When we actually went to bed all we could hear for at least an hour was what sounded like furniture moving and bangs all around us. We then got to sleep to be woken up at 5.30am??? What the he'll happened, a very loud high pucthed almost like a fire alarm filled the whole hotel! And dint stop for 10 mins, we jumped out of bed and looked into the hall way where 2 other guests were also very confused looking around wondering if this was a fire alarm? The person opposite us said he was going to check what was go in on but took a long time to return so we gave up and went back to bed, by this time it was nearly 6am and I was wide awake. This hotel has a very scary feel at night time and we already know there has been a big fire here in recent years! After everything calmed down I tried to get back to sleep to find myself hearing once again banging and what sounded like furniture being moved around? At 6.15am though and just after that alarm thing? The bed was so uncomfortable and ive woken up with a bad neck. The weird smell is still here and I'm so happy we didn't book breakfast with this stay! Cant wait to get packed up and leave! The only good thing about this place is the view from your bedroom, the lake is so beautiful and calming. And when we are packed up we will have a walk around then we wont be coming back. This place needs updating from the rooms to the hallways. We will not be recomending this place to anyone EVER.

All in all this was a rather pleasant stay, the hotel looks nice, the rooms are clean with comfortable beds and adjustable heating and the food in the restaurant was really delicious, just what i needed after a three hour journey. I managed to get a decent nights sleep and the breakfast the next morning was good to and set me up for the day. Now for the bad- upon arrival the gentleman on reception was very abrupt, rude and extremely unhelpful. I had arrived from out of town on a business trip and i just about managed to get a taxi number from him. I'd never stayed here before and there isn't a lot of info on there website so the fact he got irritated when i asked about a morning call or room service (neither are available) some what got my back up, especially when he just pointed down to the dining area. The lifts were all out of use too which didn't matter to me as i'm able bodied but could have been detrimental to others staying there. I think with a little better customer service from the reception and perhaps a few finishing touches like room service this hotel would have gotten a better rating from me. As i said previously, the food here was delicious and the waiting staff were very friendly this was a massive plus as well as getting a good nights sleep just the initial meet & greet wasn't great and after travelling for 3 hours it would have been nice to get dinner to my room. I would stay here again though especially as the view from the room and the restaurant was beautiful.

Visited the Reading Lake Hotel on 17/18 of November 2017. After reading other reviews we were a bit anxious, on arrival we entered the foyer and felt really comfortable. The staff couldn’t have been nicer, we went down to the bar where the staff were more than accommodating. As we had nothing to eat before we left, we decided to eat in the restaurant, The food was freshly prepared and was very well presented and really nice. Again the staff were really friendly and spoke with us throughout, on entering our room We discovered a pleasant room, spacious, very clean and very comfortable. It was warm and had everything we needed, The bath was lovely, long and deep, bed was amazingly comfortable. Breakfast in the morning was nicely cooked, well presented and again the staff were lovely. Out for the day Sat. Came back to hotel, had a drink in the bar again friendly staff, a warm room and everything we needed, Sunday morning checkout, again staff very helpful, if I was going to make any judgement i would say the deco looks a bit tired, but were told by staff this was in the process of being re done, I would say don’t let the reviews put you off, our stay was brilliant, and am looking at going back in Jan. By the way I am a person who goes away quite frequently and I can honestly say for being made to feel at home, this hotel is brilliant.

There is no way this Hotel is 4*. I would rate it 2* at best. The ambiance is at best described as creepy. As others have mentioned this is a fire damaged hotel that hasn’t been updated from the 1970’s / 1980’s. With common areas out of service. I was booked in for 4 nights with work but bailed after 1 night due to lack of WiFi and a menu that was also stuck in the 80’s that seriously neglecting vegetarians... I appeared to be the only resident which was unnerving. Room was large and clean but with no WiFi and unpleasant restaurant / bar area ... there was NOTHING to do! Unless you are looking for a horror film set - I suggest going elsewhere!

I am currently enjoying a distinct lack of comfort at the most bizarre establishment I have ever encountered. I am writing this review at 5 o’clock in the morning as I cannot sleep because despite the loud ticking and struggling noises coming from an ancient but apparently ineffective storage heater in the corner of my room, the icicles on the end of my nose woke me up. After a change in my diary I found myself in the position of being able to accompany some of my work team to an event in Reading. I was advised by a colleague that three of the team had booked the Reading Lake hotel for an overnight stay prior to the event. Now about four years ago I did undertake some work in the Reading area. In the depths of my mind I did recall meeting a colleague at a hotel near a lake in Reading. The Little cogs in my mind started whirring and I recalled A slightly lacklustre, tired and dated 80s type edifice. I did voice my opinion but was happily reassured by colleagues that it would all be ok. How wrong can you be. The hotel is just off a winding country road and after leaving the main road we overshot the entrance due to the absolute lack of any illumination whatsoever. I guess my colleague and I should’ve been concerned at that point. It was so dark we struggled to find the entrance to the car park, in fact the lack of vehicles did make us question whether it was carpark at all. I am sure if lighting had been available we would’ve been able to see large dustballs rolling around the empty car park. Knowing what I now know I am not sure whether the lack of lighting was down to the proprietor not paying their leccie bill or was a deliberate tactic to hide the derelict and burnt out part of the building. Having resorted to using the torch on a mobile phone to safely find a way out of the car park we did make our way to the entrance. First impressions, I did contemplate whether the place been burgled. Other than seats the cavernous reception area was devoid of any soft furnishings or niceties at all. We were met at reception and on reflection when asked did we have reservations I perhaps should have stated yes! The lack of lighting outside, the lack of people inside, lack of vehicles in the car park, and the general prisonlike at best and bad nursing home at worst type appearance of the interior should have given us all the information we needed to make us run for them there hills! Apparently according to the signage anyone who does not return their room key receives a charge of £10. I’m hoping this is some kind of sadistic game show and I receive £100 when I give it back. Having received a room key we were directed towards the first floor. Why was I not surprised that the lift was out of order. The person in reception did offer to carry our bags but we politely declined and set off through what obviously was once a long time ago a hip and happening location. Unfortunately the only thing happening here was the distinct lack of anything happening. I arrived at my room... or actually what had once been some sort of luxury suite. Now decidedly bland and in need of updating it had all the charm of a sub standard slightly whiffy three day old trout. A large balcony can be accessed from the seating area and bedroom. The whole external area of the place is in darkness and one has to rely on the lighting from distant office blocks where cleaners are working and the spooky red lights offering direction to landing planes at nearby Heathrow. One silver lining is the fact that the lack of any illumination at this location means we won’t have any aeroplanes in advertently attempting to land on the lake. We had arranged to meet in the restaurant at 7 PM. One of our colleagues had actually arrived at about 3 PM. When we found him in the eating area (I’m reluctant to call it a restaurant having eaten there.) We were slightly alarmed to find him looking like Mr Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters however it transpired his room was so cold he was wearing absolutely all the clothes he had bought along with him. He is a new member of our team and not use to overnight stays. The poor man had a look of terror in his eyes, a slight tremor in his hand and a distinctive twitch which had not been there before. The unwitting prisoner of Lake Hotel had gone in search of a snack in the afternoon only to find nothing at all available. I am so glad it was daylight and he was able to find his way to the unlit car park to go out and find something to eat. We had to wait half an hour for our fourth colleague to join us. We sat with our coats on trying to identify where the gale force wind was coming from. It seems that Halloween had arrived early and some sort of mad axeman must’ve been on a rampage as one of the plate glass doors out onto what we had once been an outdoor seating area had obviously been smashed. The management had obviously not employed a master craftsman to board it up with some sort of substandard plywood which touched where it fitted and flapped around where it didn’t. Having spotted the red indicator lights for the airport outside I’m surprised nobody has gone the whole hog and fitted windsocks in the eating area. This would help visitors ascertain the least breezy ( sorry draughty doesn’t quite cut it) area to sit in. Once the final member of a group arrived (and we did debate asking him to bring a takeaway with him) we did ask the (surprisingly courteous and friendly) barman did they have any plug-in heaters. He was very useful and Indicated that if we sat on the slightly raised area we will be near one of the antique designer storage heaters which the establishment seems to favour. This was blowing out hot air as effectively as a 100 year-old asthmatic. Having by this time lost all sense of trying to hide our shock and behave with decorum I made a management decision and instructed the two men in our group to move the table closer to the huffing and puffing heater. The food was basic and edible, good selection but this is definitely not a go to destination for celebratory meal. Perhaps they may bring the odd condemned man here for a final scoff up, or offer meal deals as booby prizes in local raffles but it is definitely not a country club type establishment. I felt such sympathy from my colleague (Mr marshmallow man) when the time came for us to go to bed. His tremor and erratic behaviour increased at the thought of returning to his sparsely furnished fridge. We even joked that perhaps all four of us should sleep in one bed to stay warm and more importantly stay safe. This is the most strange place I have ever stayed. No plugs by the bed no plugs accessible for using the ancient kettle to make a cup of coffee. The bathroom resemble some sort of pre-modernity monument but on the plus side there was lashings of very hot water. However that is to be expected as I’m sure this place is built above the caverns of hellfire and damnation and hellfire is very hot isn’t it!!!!! Finally here I sit suited and booted waiting for it to be time for breakfast and to check out. Ordinarily a night in a rough hotel is saved by the Blessed relief of morning and the arrival of daylight. In this quaint little corner of hell and damnation that has not happened. The effective blackout curtains meant I didn’t realise it was daylight. I threw the curtains back with an impending sense of relief and happiness. The reality however was gloomy and dark. My view was that off The burnt out shell of half of the building. I am only left wondering was it the hot water heating caverns of the Damned which caused the fire. Anyway I’m off never to return. If you are contemplating it don’t do it!!!

I'm actually surprised at the poor reviews as I stayed at this hotel in September and my boyfriend and I were absolutely chuffed! £50 off late rooms and we couldn't believe we actually had view of the whole lake. Staff were lovely also - we ordered a takeaway to the hotel and they were very friendly about giving cutlery and wine glasses. I think people are quick to judge because the building has had a fire and that side is still run down. However if people were to on-look this is something that doesn't actually affect your personal stay, the hotel may be able to afford to refurbish one day.

Stayed here with my girlfriend for one night thank goodness it was no more the place is rundown dirty the staff are rude, it's overpriced, lovely settings except when you stand on the balcony and look at the buildings which are being dismantled or have previously burnt down. This could be a lovely place but clearly the people running it are clueless. It is so unlike the website that shows pictures that are not up-to-date and they are definitely been touched up. Don't bother, just don't! I do stay in plenty of hotels, travel lodge, premier inn and a vast array of others. This one is the worst in over 20 years of traveling.

Pingewood Reading England

Hotel highlights

  • Free in-room wired Internet
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • 24-hour front desk

Located within a mile (2 km) of Lagoona Park, The Reading Lake Hotel is within 2 miles (3 km) of Madejski Stadium. This 81-room, 4-star hotel welcomes guests with conveniences like a restaurant, a bar/lounge, and free self parking. On a lake, it's also near Oracle and University of Reading.


This hotel serves as home to a bar, along with a restaurant that specializes in international cuisine. Savor a meal from the privacy of your room with 24-hour room service, or get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café. For your convenience, breakfast is available for a fee.


All 81 rooms provide balconies, sofa beds, and refrigerators. 28-inch TVs are available for entertainment, and guests can stay connected with free wired Internet. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries. Ironing boards and desks are other standard amenities.

Property features

At The Reading Lake Hotel, guests have access to free WiFi in public areas, conference space, and express check-in. Free parking is available if you drive. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to help with dry cleaning or laundry, and answer any questions about the area. Additional amenities include express check-out, free newspapers, and a garden.

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