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Mardan Palace

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Very very bad . Dont have any disco or top club. Food quality is low In 5*uall rooms do not have toothpast We changed my hotel after 3 days The rooms were delivered late I do not suggest you at all I do not suggest you at all I do not suggest you at all I do not suggest you at all

Everything was perfect, food- so various, even too much, imagine sushi for the breakfast. Staff good English knowledge, friendly, helpful, ready to help. Beach seems like in heaven. Not a single complain.

This is the first time I have had to write a negative review on Tripadvisor however I have to share my recent experience at the Mardan Palace in Antalya to ensure that no one makes the mistake of booking there and wasting their money. Our friends had stayed at the Mardan Palace two years ago and had given it a wonderful review (which can be found on TripAdvisor). They were full of praises and compared it to all the 5* plus hotels in Dubai that we have visited. When I saw their photographs, I was amazed at how wonderful the hotel looked and saw how the comparison could be made. We checked the Trip Advisor reviews before booking and saw the positive feedback therefore decided to book it for our honeymoon. This was not a cheap holiday, we paid a lot of money for what we were led to believe would be the honeymoon of a lifetime. Unfortunately we were sadly misled. I have highlighted the points that were raised to the management team throughout our stay (to which nothing was done). It is a long read, however you will get an understanding of how we were misled and mis-sold the Mardan Palace Experience. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK THIS HOTEL. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME. YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. Mardan Palace 28th June – 5th July 2017 1. The Honeymoon package was chosen via the hotel website and this described the hotel to be opulent, luxurious with a number of facilities including a full spa experience, ten restaurants, 2 luxurious swimming pools, swim up bars, a large beach, water fountains and aquarium, an in-house gondola, a swimming reef and multi lingual staff members. 2. I spoke directly with the hotel (ref Nilufer in reservations) on the 5th of June 2017 after looking at the website and was advised to book the Superior room package which would be upgraded to the honeymoon package. 3. We discussed all the facilities with Nilufer and were advised that the hotel had 9 functional restaurants, two large swimming pools, a large private beach, a fully functional spa and gym, numerous activities including a swimming reef, variety of sports facilities, a nightclub, a bowling alley, a jazz bar, a wine cellar, themed nights, and a swim up pool bar. Following confirmation of what we were told that was available we confirmed the reservation. 4. We paid £1243.85 to confirm the reservation on a MasterCard credit card over the telephone and received confirmation of the reservation and hotel transfers. 5. On Monday 26th June, I checked the Trip advisor website as to whether an iron would be available in the rooms at the hotel. The reviews from the previous week were very negative and disheartening. 6. I contacted the hotel on the evening of Monday 26th June by the live chat system to ask if all the facilities were open and available and if not, could the reservation be cancelled and a refund could be applied so that we could book alternative accommodation. I was advised to send an email to the hotel, which I did on the same evening and was assured that we would get a response first thing on Tuesday morning. 7. I checked my emails on Tuesday 27th June and there were no replies. I resent the email 4 times and did not receive a reply until late Tuesday evening. The reply was too late for us to cancel the reservation as we were travelling on Wednesday morning. 8. On arrival at the Antalya airport, we were met by a transfer company and transported to the hotel. 9. On arrival to the hotel at 11pm on Wednesday 28th June, we drove into the grounds. Everything was dark and only one porter was outside. Our luggage was taken and we were led into the hotel. 10. We checked in at reception and were given our room allocation – we made our way to the room ourselves (no porter accompanied us and it took a while to find the room as they signage was not very clear). 11. As part of the Honeymoon package, we were allocated an upgrade to a Hamman suite, however no one from the hotel came to our room to show us how to use any of the facilities including the air conditioning and Jacuzzi and steam shower. 12. The room had not been cleaned to a high standard and there was dust all over the tables, television stand and floor. The floor had not been vacuumed for a number of weeks and there was dirt and rubbish on the carpet. We found a used tissue beside the bed near the window. The windows, mirror and television screen had grease and hand marks all over them, the lamps and light fittings were broken and had light bulbs missing, The toilet had a broken toilet roll holder and the towel hand rails next to the sink were broken. There were no bathrobes or amenities in the bathroom and only 2 towels had been provided. 13. The shower did not have lights however did have a safety cord for emergencies, we accidently pulled this and nothing happened. 14. For security we placed all of our valuables in the safe however once it was locked, it could not be reopened. It took the hotel two days to rectify this issue. 15. On the evening of the 28th, we went for food in the Bosporus buffet restaurant. This was the midnight buffet so we did not expect much. None of the staff members were multilingual and none of the food was labeled. It took 20 minutes for the staff to come and ask us for drinks and then another 20 minutes for this to be given to us. 16. On the morning of the 29th we went to breakfast at 09.00. The whole restaurant was chaotic with no clean tables. There were a handful of staff members looking after all the guests. No water or hot drinks were available and the standard of the food was very poor. 17. We spoke with the front desk that morning to make them aware of the state of our room and that the safe was not working and were told that someone would look into this 18. We went to the pool and found out that one large pool was completely closed down and that there were no swim up bars available. No towels or sunbeds were available 19. We walked over to the beach, past the closed swimming pools. The stench was unbearable. 20. We went over to the Maiden Tower to check out the ala- Carte restaurant location and found the whole tower to be closed down. No ala- Carte restaurants nor the aquarium were open and the whole area was derelict. 21. We went to check the swimming reef (I am a keen snorkeler and was very excited to see this feature). This was completely shut down. 22. On arrival at the beach, we were amazed at how misinformed we had been about the size. It was 25% of the size that had been described to us with very limited sunbeds. 23. The jetty had a small bar and limited sunbeds however we were advised that we would need to pay extra for the facility (a cabana cost 600 euros to reserve for the day, non refundable cost). 24. The beach restaurant had a very limited menu (left over salad and food from the night before from the Bosporus restaurant, no fruit or fresh food) 25. We went for lunch at the Bosporus restaurant and once again it was chaotic. There were dirty tables, few serving staff and no clean cutlery or crockery. Many of the dishes were not labeled therefore we did not know what we would be eating. It took over 20 minutes to be acknowledged for drinks and there were no water stations available. The yogurt was not labeled and Mayonnaise was labeled as yogurt - not good for someone that has an egg allergy! 26. We returned to our room after lunch at 2pm and found that our room had not been serviced or that the issue with the safe had been rectified. We called the guest relations number and were advised that someone would with us in 10 minutes. We waited for the next hour and made another 4 phone calls to chase this. Only when we went down to reception to complain, did they send someone out to sort out the safe issue. 27. The poolside bar had run out of ice and the fridge was not working therefore there were no cold drinks available. 28. There were no life guards at the swimming pool or the beach at any time during the stay 29. Random empty glasses were left poolside and nuts spilt over the floor. The poolside music was unsuitable as it contained explicit lyrics and would be blasted from 8am to 8pm everyday. 30. Back in our room, we decided to use the Jacuzzi. We had to improvise as to how to use this, as there were no instructions. We then found that the Jacuzzi would not drain and the water tap was leaking. We asked for maintenance to fix this however they did not come until Saturday morning after we had escalated the issue to the front desk, as the bathroom was nearly flooded. 31. Dinner was in the Bosporus restaurant and at 8pm the place was rammed busy. They had run out of fruit and drinks were very limited. Again it took over 30 minutes to get water at the table. Once again food was not labeled and the quality was very poor. 32. After dinner we went outside to use the Gondola service and were told that this would not be running and they were not sure if it would be running that week. 33. On the morning of Saturday 1st July, we went to look at the gym facilities. The air conditioning was not working and the heat in the gym was well over 45 degrees. 34. We also checked out the spa facilities and were told by the staff member that many of the treatments would not be available. 35. Following breakfast, we introduced ourselves to the head of concierge Guncel who was one of the very few English-speaking staff members at the hotel. We brought to his attention the issues that we had already experienced and requested that this all be looked into. 36. Once again poolside, they ran out of milk, ice, clean glasses and cold water 37. At lunch in the restaurant we were told that there would be no ice cream available. Not good as it was nearing 50 degrees outside 38. When returning to the room, we found that again it has not been cleaned to a suitable standard and floors and mirrors had not been cleaned. The dirty tissue was still on the floor. We requested to speak to someone about this however no one contacted us back. 39. Again dinner was an awful experience where by there was very limited food (again not labeled) to a poor standard with limited staff members looking after over 200 people 40. On Sunday 2nd July, we left our room early for breakfast and switched on the make up room light. On returning at 12pm the room had not been serviced. We went for lunch and returned at 3pm and the room has still not been serviced. We went out and returned at 7pm expecting the room to have been made up and it was the same as when we had left it at 9am. I called the service number to ask why the room had not been serviced (they could not answer why) and I was assured that someone would come and do this in the next 10 minutes. We showered (had to use dirty towels as they had not been replenished), changed and went for dinner. On route to dinner, we stopped at the front desk to make them aware that no one had serviced the room and we were told that all housekeeping staff had gone home for the day and no one would be able to do anything. This was unacceptable and I requested that someone look into this and get the room cleaned so that we could have a fresh bed and towels when returning from dinner. At 10pm we returned to the room to see that someone had been in the room, pulled the duvet over the bed and left all the dirty towels on the floor, dustbins not emptied, empty dirty glasses on the table. I immediately complained to the front desk and was told that nothing could be done. 41. On the morning of Monday 3rd July, my husband went to the reception area to speak with Canan Felize to discuss what we had experienced over the past five days. We brought to her attention that we were completely mis-sold the product in terms of what the hotel had to offer, the service had been awful, the food was substandard and the cleanliness of the rooms was disgusting. She assured us that this would be escalated to the General Manager Selcuk Sentepe and that he would meet with us to discuss this and see how this could be rectified. 42. We both met with Ms Felize on the morning of Tuesday 4th July to discuss what would be done regarding our whole experience and requested that we be offered a full refund, as the whole experience had been mis-sold to us. She once again assured us that the General Manager would meet and speak with us to get this sorted out and that we were mis-sold the experience. The request for the refund was escalated. I explained that we could have escalated our whole experience on social media however we wanted to discuss it face to face with the management team 43. On the evening of the 4th July, Ms Feliz sent a note to our room to advise that she had not managed to speak with the General Manager that day however he would meet with us on Wednesday 5th July to discuss all the issues. 44. On the morning of the 5th July (check out date), we went to meet with Ms Feliz to confirm what would be done in regards to the points raised. Another staff member told us that she was on annual leave that day. A message had been passed onto the General Manager and that he would meet with us as he was in the hotel. 45. After breakfast, we requested to speak with the manager again however we were told that he was not available and that he would contact us by telephone to meet. 46. By lunchtime, we had still not heard anything back from Mr Sentepe and went to speak with him at the front desk. We waited for over 30 minutes in the lobby and he did not come out. 47. Guncel (head of concierge) requested that the General Manager speak with us and he was told that he would not talk to us. We once again raised all our points to Guncel and he agreed that we had been mis-sold the product. We requested that a full refund be applied to our credit card as these issues had been raised from the beginning of our trip with a number of different people and no one had taken any responsibility for this. Guncel tried to escalate this with the General Manager who advised him that he would not meet with us and talk to us. He would not come out to speak or meet with us, which was very disappointing. 48. We spent three hours of our last day trying to speak with the manager and Guncel and nothing was resolved. We were pushed from pillar to post with no one taking responsibility for what had been raised. 49. We had paid a lot of money for this holiday experience, as it was our honeymoon. We were expecting a luxurious resort whereby we could eat and drink freely and have complete relaxation. Instead, we were faced with a shabby outfit that did not live up to the description on the website or by the reservation staff members. With 7 out of 9 restaurants closed, one large pool closed, many of the bars and clubs and sporting facilities closed, lack of cleanliness, lack of edible food, no ice, clean towels etc., the list is endless. 50. The whole experience was appalling from the moment that we arrived at the Mardan Palace. Our honeymoon should have been something to always cherish and unfortunately it will be remembered for all the negative reasons. Hotels such as this should not be allowed to sell themselves as a 5* luxurious resort. They have portrayed goods and services on their website that were meant to be part of our package that did not exist. The quality of the whole experience was dire and I have personally stayed at better 3* hotels around the world and had a better experience. The prices that are charged cannot be justified for the product and service that all the guests receive.

After seeing this hotel on the Simon Reeve tv programme and as we were staying in Turkey for 4 weeks we decided to visit this hotel for a couple of nights. When we arrived we were amazed by the décor in the lobby and bar area. We went with a couple of friends and had 2 rooms facing the pool. The rooms were clean and had everything we expected, good towels and toiletries. The a la carte restaurants were not open presumably because they did not have enough guests. There was plenty of choice of sun beds including the ones on the beach. We enjoyed the food in the buffet restaurant and found there was plenty of choice. We also ate at the beach restaurant. We did have an enjoyable gondola ride. We found the majority of staff efficient and friendly although most did not speak very much English but we managed with our little Turkish. One member of staff was particularly helpful Doina on Customer Relations. Our friends used the free facilities in the spa and were impressed with them. All in all we had a great stay. The main issue we had was the lack of mattresses on the sunbeds, but you could have as many towels as you wanted.

I am so glad that I have been in this hotel last year.Its so beautiful but its shame that service are facilities were bad. They told us the hotel is in problems,bankrot, but anyway we had beautiful time.No crowd,no too much russian ppl,very nice quiet atmosphere. Rooms are the best I ever been or seen.Modern ottoman style😍 It is not soo bad as they write.Food could be better,but ok.Pool area amazing,beach too far but ok,the mall with jacuzi😍 and bar.It was real vacation,quiet,no crowd. We been in september last year.

I would not even give this place 3 stars. The food is terrible. Recycled from breakfast lunch and dinner. Only the main pool is open, all other a la cartes and facilities are closed. Minimum staff, altgought they try their best, its just not enough. Aircon is useless, beach and lounger are dirty and broken and the sea is also dirty in this area. The hotel has a grand appearance but its a facade. Not worth the money you pay. Its better to go to the other hotels in the area. Its bery clear that they just dont have the money to run it.

Bad services and facilities in a huge hotel suppose to provide excellent service . Despite informing languages were delayed by one hour. Difficult to communicate with staff as the air conditioning wasn't cooling and the TV was unclear !!!!

I am glad I didnt pay any attention to the negative reviews here! I have just returned from the Mardan Palace last night. I can compare to my previous stays in the 5* Limak Atlantic and IC Santai hotels. This is a beautiful hotel, very impressive tiling and architectural work on a huge scale. i stayed in a superior room and it was excellent, staff at all levels were friendly and helpful, food was good, I never got fed up with the food in the large A/I restaurant, and the last two nights we ate at the excellent La Brasserie and Turkish Beshitkas restaurant, both excellent. It is true that some parts of the hotel are closed, the only reason it doesnt get the full five rating, but what is on offer in now way detracts from having a great time here, the pool area is fantastic (biggest Ive ever seen) and their private beach , and Scorpion pier area are fantastic, the best Ive seen for any hotel. The gondolas are working, the fountains work, the kids clubs were happening, the night entertainment was good quality, It was as good a holiday as I have ever had in Turkey

green pools power cuts 8 of 9 ala-cart shut pools shut toilets closed dodgy food. all in all a devastating holiday . only a miracle could bring this hotel back to a reasonable quality. spent 5 days trying to move hotel as instructed by the customer relation at hotel. travel republic very slow to help, now sent 5 days trying to put a claims form in bad hotel bad agent . If we had not been to turkey before would not be returning

Was really looking forward to staying at this hotel as it advertised many special features including gondola, 9 restaurants, fountain and laser show and nightclub. On arrival hotel room was really nice however the following morning on looking around we found one pool already green and cordoned off, the gondola out of service due to a technical fault, only 3 restaurants available to use. Many of the bars were also shut down and in bad repair including the reef which was advertised for snorkelling but let to go to waste. The onyx bar was shut with fish in fish tank struggling to survive. The weekly programme advertised monkey club nightclub, also shut, jazz bar open but no live music and no laser and fountain shows. Bowling alley also out of use. Final straw was when main pool also went green, we chose not to use however others did until two days later hotel shut down due to health risks. Found out whilst there most of these things have been out of order since May so feel hotel should have notified forthcoming customers to give choice of whether they changed resort/hotel We understand since hotel has gone bankrupt

Kundu Koyu Oteller Mevkii Antalya Antalya

Hotel highlights

  • Free breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free valet and self parking
  • Onsite dining

Located in Kundu, Mardan Palace is 2.3 mi (3.8 km) from Antalium Premium Mall. This 546-room, 5-star hotel has a private beach, a full-service spa, and 8 restaurants. It's near the airport and also close to Tat Golf Belek.


Free breakfast is included with your stay. This hotel is home to 8 onsite restaurants, perfect for a quick bite to eat. Savor a meal from the privacy of your room with 24-hour room service, or get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café.


All of Mardan Palace's 546 air-conditioned rooms provide furnished patios, minibars, and free bottled water. Guests can expect free WiFi and LCD TVs with satellite channels and pay movies. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and designer toiletries, and beds sport premium bedding. Laptop-compatible safes, phones, and desks are other standard amenities.

Property features

Guests of Mardan Palace have access to a private beach, a full-service spa, and a nightclub. Free valet and self parking are available—or if you're not driving, take the airport shuttle (available on request). A multilingual staff is on hand to assist with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach hotel include an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, and a children's pool.

Room options

Grand Hammam Suite

King 1 | Sleeps 3

Executive Suite, 1 King Bed

King 1 | Sleeps 3

Deluxe Duplex (European Grand)

Full 1 | Sleeps 5

Garden Suite

Full 1 | Twin 1 | Sleeps 5

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