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RedLevel at Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora - Tenerife

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Having left the UK on Saturday 16 December, in the freezing cold, we were delighted to land in a constant, every day 23degrees Celsius Tenerife. The hotel has continued to be top-class and extremely relaxing. We will be returning again for Christmas 2018 - excellent food and service throughout. I was a little surprised by a recent review (we were there during the same week with the violinist who played to us around the pool). Thankfully, our review is the complete opposite - in every way - to this traveller's review. Our stay was fantastic.

First of all, I would like to say that this hotel is really beautifully designed and impressive to look at. The rooms, buildings, gardens and pools are all lovely and well maintained. The water and light show at night in the central courtyard of the main hotel is really fantastic and there is a reasonable choice of restaurants. Most of the staff are professional, efficient, pleasant and friendly. The reception staff we had the most contact with were Tiago and Ronald, both of whom were very professional and pleasant. The lady who impressed us the most at breakfast (Red Level) was Gicuta – very efficient and at the same time smiling and friendly. However, although I really did want to give this hotel 4 out of 5, I feel that I cannot, as my holiday experience could definitely have been better, and some things were not worthy of a 5-star hotel. Day One We arrived at the hotel in the late afternoon on 20 December. We were welcomed warmly and accompanied to our room, with our luggage, by somebody who defined himself as our “butler”. He appeared very enthusiastic (good!) and explained how everything worked in our room, telling us that he was our butler for the week and that he would prepare us a jacuzzi (we had an ocean-front room with a jacuzzi on the terrace) with candles every night (wow!), and even with champagne, as if this was the done thing at this hotel in this kind of room. So far so good….(though we did not necessarily yet know if we actually wanted a jacuzzi every night, but so be it). It all sounded very impressive. When I was about to ask him how to change the water in the Nespresso machine, he immediately said: “No, no no, you don’t have to worry about this, I will change your water every day!” More and more impressive…We were really looking forward to starting our holiday and unpacking. For me, a holiday does not really start until I have unpacked my cases. Before leaving us, he asked “Do you need any more clothes hangers”? We then noticed that there were only a few, and we had a lot of clothes, so said “yes please”. He went, and that was the last we saw or heard of him for the whole week! (The water in our Nespresso machine was changed only on our last day and we did not have a single jacuzzi filled, with candles or without!). Why make promises you don’t intend to keep? Anyway, after around 25 minutes we had still not received our additional coat hangers (which we really needed), so called the Reception. A girl answered and said “****is with me here right now and he’ll be with you in one minute”. Another half-hour went by, and still no butler and no coat hangers. We had to call the Reception yet AGAIN to ask where they were (dialling 9 and passing first through the reception of the main hotel and only subsequently to the Red Level reception – not a very efficient system). They eventually arrived, with another butler and about an HOUR after we had first requested them. Why did ‘our’ butler behave like this and abandon us for the entire week? The only reason we can think of is that we did not give him a tip immediately (since we were expecting him to be our butler for the week – as stated by him! - we were planning to give him a generous Christmas tip towards the end of our stay – he did not get it in the end, as he certainly did not deserve it, but many other deserving members of staff did, including our chambermaid). I would like to remind our “butler” (who, with hindsight, should be called “porter” rather than “butler”) that in the Western world, tips are given AFTER receiving good service, not before. That has another name. And so the unpacking continued. However, this made us a little late for dinner (we normally eat early, though it was only around 8 p.m, so not very late). We had decided that as it was our first time at the hotel, and we had paid for half-board, for the first night we would try the buffet (Pangea restaurant). It was apparently an Arabian/Moroccan-themed buffet. We had a look around the buffet and I had seen some vegetarian moussaka that I liked the look of (it was apparently the only vegetarian main course). But I began with a starter – various types of hoummos (with cold, hard pitta bread, unfortunately) – which was OK as a vegetarian starter (my husband and I are mostly vegetarian – have not eaten any meat for 30 years but sometimes eat fish, to make life easier when travelling, given the lack of vegetarian food in most places). Red Level Melia had, however, assured me in an email prior to our arrival that being vegetarian was not a problem for them and I would find plenty to eat. Hmmm…. After finishing my starter and returning to the buffet for my main course, I found that the aubergine/tomato dish which had looked so nice had finished, and been replaced by boring mixed vegetables. I asked the chef what had happened to the moussaka and he said it had finished and he could not make any more. It was around 8.15 p.m. at the time, so not late at all! That is simply not good enough. In the end, we had to just fill up with potatoes, bread and uninteresting vegetables (not a 5-star experience, and certainly not what we had paid for or what we expected). So, that was the end of our first day at the hotel, just after arriving. Not fantastic, I’m sure you will agree. Food/restaurants: Since we knew that we had to book restaurants in advance at this hotel, the following days we decided to try some of the other restaurants (the ones we thought would be most suitable for us). Of these, the tapas bar Duo was excellent, we thought, though we were a little upset about the lack of vegetarian choices, meaning that we had to eat fish. The Italian restaurant (Ocean club, I believe it’s called) was also good, though some things were better than others. It had some delicious vegetarian starters (melanzane alla parmigiana and provoletta – a lovely melted cheese dish), but no vegetarian main courses or pasta dishes (or none that we noticed, anyway). So again, we had to eat pasta with fish, or go to bed hungry! However, we enjoyed the food, though the tiramisu could be improved (better quality ingredients). During our stay, we also tried La Terrace (twice) which was very good. A pleasant dining experience in a cosy atmosphere and with efficient staff, though the same problem arose – not enough (tasty) choices for vegetarians. In the end, we had to eat more fish than we would have liked during our holiday. To the management, I would say: please remember that meat-eaters can (and frequently do!) eat vegetarian dishes (note how the vegetarian moussaka had already finished by 8.15!), whereas we cannot eat meat and often do not wish to eat fish. More choices for vegetarians, please, otherwise we certainly do not get value for the money we paid. Remaining on the subject of restaurants, we had reserved the Pangea buffet for a second time (to give it a second chance) on Xmas Eve, given that no particular Christmas meals or festivities appeared to have been organised. We booked it then because it was advertised as being a Hindu (Indian) buffet. We love Indian food, and Indian food is often vegetarian, so we were very keen to try it. However, what a huge disappointment! After queuing for ten minutes at the restaurant entrance (apparently a large group of people had forgotten to book a table and were holding everybody up), when we eventually got to the buffet all we could find was bland, “international” food - nothing Indian at all! Apparently, they had changed their minds at the last minute, and without any care for the people who had booked the restaurant thinking it was an Indian buffet, had decided to provide guests with mountains of ugly-looking unpeeled prawns and similar such seafood instead. On Xmas Eve, expecting something at least a little special, we were forced to eat canteen-standard vegetarian lasagne (not very good at all) and then fill up on potatoes, boring vegetables and a few grilled prawns (which we had to peel ourselves – no finger bowls were provided and we could not find any lemon). That is NOT what I would expect at a 5-star hotel! If we are forced to fill up on carbohydrates because there is little else for us to eat, how are we getting value for money at our expensive Red Level luxury hotel? I have travelled extensively and been to many large 4-star and 5-star hotels in Spain, Egypt and the Maldives. However, this was the lowest-quality buffet I have ever encountered, with the least choice for vegetarians. We would have liked to have seen a pasta corner (a proper one) with show cooking (al dente pasta and a choice of sauces, including vegetarian ones). We would like to see good vegetarian cooked dishes and good-quality ingredients, not the cheapest of the cheap, which was what it generally tasted like. The food was also, in general, too salty (to hide the quality of the ingredients?). Very bad for the health, especially for all your elderly guests with high blood pressure! Red Level breakfasts Again, unfortunately, this did not meet my expectations. The buffet was nicely presented and there was some choice (I liked the cheeses, especially Manchego and other Spanish cheeses), but the food was not really of high quality. Only once did I order something from the menu. Never again! I ordered a cheese and mushroom omelette accompanied by roast tomatoes and grilled bread with olive oil (according to the menu). What I expected and what I got were two VERY different things! The omelette was dry and hard, there was one large half-tomato which was barely cooked and also hard, and the bread! Oh, the bread! I was expecting nice Spanish rustic bread, grilled to perfection with a drizzle of delicious Spanish extra-virgin olive oil. What I got: a half-slice of dry, hard white industrial packet sliced bread with no apparent olive oil on it at all. I would not have fed this to my dog! Does anybody check what comes out of that kitchen?? At home I eat wholemeal, rustic, organic bread, which is delicious. Could a 5-star hotel not make some decent bread and home-made patisserie? The thing I enjoyed the most was the fresh orange juice, fresh fruit and cheese (being a non meat-eater the huge array of salamis and sausages was off-limits for me). Soundproofing of rooms I had asked the hotel in advance for a quiet room in a quiet part of the hotel, given that I suffer from insomnia. On day three of our stay, at around 10.30 p.m., we were relaxing in our room – husband reading in bed and me on the sofa listening to the wall-mounted TV (about 2 metres away from me, at the most), in an attempt to lull myself to sleep (after having had two sleepless nights in a row and being extremely tired). The volume was low-medium (it wouldn’t have been in my interest otherwise, as I needed to get to sleep!). Just when I was starting to doze off a little, the telephone rang! Aaargh! I immediately awoke, agitated, wondering who on earth would call at this time – had somebody died? No, it was the Reception, saying that somebody had called to complain about the noise! What noise? We were not having a wild party, we were not shouting, we were not even talking to each other, for goodness sake! We were two people trying to fall asleep, with only the TV switched on at a reasonable volume. Of course, we thought there must have been a mistake and somebody must have given the wrong room number. After that, however, given that I have huge difficulty falling asleep, I had to take a sleeping pill and wait a long time before being able to get a little sleep. The following day I felt very angry about this and informed the reception that we had absolutely NOT been making any noise, that I was using the TV, as I do at home, to try to get to sleep and that I certainly did not wish to be disturbed by them at night, as this had serious consequences for me and my health. Eventually we discovered that it was apparently our TV which must have been disturbing our neighbours. Can you believe it? A 5-star hotel in which you cannot even watch TV for fear of disturbing the neighbours?? At a low-moderate volume? That is simply outrageous, and I informed the reception manager of this at the time. What are the internal walls made of? Paper? The hotel certainly looks good, but I fear that the actual building quality leaves a lot to be desired. Swimming pool, uncivilised habits of some guests and failure of management to enforce the rules We were able to enjoy the Red Level swimming pool only once and usually had to find a sunbed outside the Red Level area, on a quiet part of the lawn, or go to the beach. Why? Because of the terrible bad habit many guests had of “reserving” their sunbeds in the sunniest spot, in the front row, early in the morning, by placing a towel and a book on the beds and then disappearing for hours, first to breakfast and then, to goodness-knows-where. How selfish! How uncivilised! If you want to go to the swimming pool you should place your towel/book on the sunbed only when you actually want to use the pool, not 2-3 hours before, “reserving” it for the entire day and leaving the 90% of remaining guests to sit in the shade, third row, etc. Not acceptable. It is also, apparently, against the rules. I know it is very common in the Canary Islands but I did not expect this behaviour at a 5-star hotel. Now, why did management think it was OK to disturb a sleep-deprived insomniac at 10.35 p.m. to tell us (wrongly) that we were being noisy (see above), thereby waking me up and making me very angry (as far as I know there is no rule that people are not allowed to watch TV in their rooms), when it does not consider it necessary to enforce the pool sunbed rules (which are on display, for all to see) by removing all towels/books when nobody has been using the sunbeds for a long time, so that other guests can use them? That is simply not good enough. You seem to not want to upset the uncivilised 10% of guests who engage in such practices (every single day!) while you don’t mind upsetting the silent majority (90%), who I’m sure would love the opportunity to have a sunbed in the front row, in the sunshine (given that it was quite cool over the Xmas period). Given that I get up ridiculously early in the morning I could have “beaten” these people to the best sunbeds every time, had I chosen to do so. But I do not behave like this as I consider it unfair and would be ashamed to do so. Some guests need educating, and it is not up to us to have to argue with other guests to improve their behaviour. Management should enforce its rules and make sure the system is fair, that’s all. Rooms and service I would like to thank the hotel for giving me a nice room, as requested – quiet, on the top floor, with a lovely ocean view. I liked the room very much, and the choice of pillows. The bathroom was lovely, too, with good toiletries, as was the balcony with jacuzzi. The chambermaid cleaned and tidied our room efficiently every day, at a reasonable time, and the coffee/mineral water was replaced every day (by a man who was not our “butler”). However, one comment I would make is that the bathroom/dressing area is too dark. I spent far too long rummaging in the wardrobe trying to look for black trousers, etc. and sometimes needing a torch! As for the “butler service” about which you boast in your promotional material, there is no butler service at all (or there wasn’t for us, in any case). We are told to call “9” for any of our needs. However, we have to pass first through the Gran Melia main hotel reception and then wait to be passed to the Red Level reception, finally ask for what we need and wait for ages to receive it (see coat-hanger problem above). If you really want to provide a butler service, should you not give your guests a direct butler number to call if they need anything? In any hotel, be it 3, 4 or 5 star, it is normal to call Reception if you need anything, or wish to complain about something. However, you should not be calling “butler service” something that is not a butler service! How does Red Level differentiate from other 4-star hotels in this, I fail to understand. We did not get the “Red Level experience”, unfortunately. People on holiday do not want to have to call Reception all the time and wait on the line and then wait ages to receive the actual service. They want good service all the time, without having to wait too long and without being forced to complain. Summary The hotel was beautiful to look at, in harmony with its environment and had some very good points, such as free Nespresso capsules, mineral water in rooms, free mineral water downstairs, etc. We also very much appreciated the Open Bar concept, in which canapes and drinks were available, free of charge, for one hour at sunset, in a very beautiful setting with a gorgeous ocean view. However, as guests who are non meat-eaters and drink little alcohol (half a gin and tonic was the most I could manage at aperitif time, otherwise it just makes me very tired), we did not feel that we necessarily got value for money as far as half-board was concerned (presumably we are subsidising all the meat-loving, sunbed-hogging, alcohol-guzzling guests, of which there was no lack). There should be a much bigger choice of vegetarian dishes (which other people eat too!) and better-quality food in general. Please delete “butler service” from your Red Level advertising material, as we received none. Guests should not be allowed to reserve sunbeds if they are not going to use them immediately. Common sense and civilised living, please. Most of the staff we met were friendly and professional and the rooms were very nice. We appreciated the turn-down service and the chocolate at bedtime. However, because of the problems mentioned above, I cannot rate this hotel more than 3 out of 5, as they did affect our overall enjoyment of the hotel and our stay.

We visited Red Level early in December for some winter sun. From the moment of arrival the staff were very attentive and welcoming - setting the tone for the holiday. Our room was excellent and the facilities superb. We visited the spa twice and also used the gym (which does need a rowing machine). The bars were good and there's plenty of entertainment. Perhaps the only down point was the food at the Oasis Grill - not good quality or portion size for the price. We didn't eat at the hotel in the evening but did have a burger at the poolside bar during the day a couple of times. Breakfast was always good. Red Level is worth paying the extra - the pool area is child free, there are regular snacks and an evening drinks session. Overall we had a brilliant week at Red Level and would return. Highly recommended.

My husband and I travelled to Tenerife the first week in December for a 4 night stay. After spending hours looking at hotels we decided on the Red Level at Melia and we were not disappointed. The hotel is lovely and extremely clean. The grounds are beautiful and well maintained. The room was very large and spacious with a large bathroom, shower and bath. There are clarins shower/beauty products which are replenished every day and are a nice touch. We booked a deluxe room and the balcony was quite small and dark with only one two seater settee. There is a coffee maker in the room along with a kettle. Bathrobes, slippers, hairdryer, iron and ironing board are all provided. We were staying half board and had our evening meal at La Terrace, the buffet restaurant Pangea, Ocean Grill Bar and the Italian restaurant. The food was lovely at them all and we could not fault the service. The Red Level area is for adults only and is extremely peaceful. There are plenty of sunbeds available and towels are supplied. There is also suncream available. There is free tea, coffee and water all day. Between 5.30pm and 6.30pm there is an open bar with canapés where you can sit and watch the sun go down which is a perfect end to a day of sunbathing. The only reason I have not given a 5 star rating is due to a number of minor issues. The balcony being so small and dark. There were two spa hot tubs in the red level area and only one was working for the duration of our stay. When we ate in the buffet restaurant we were seated in the Red Level area and there were two cats who were allowed to wander around the restaurant and were begging for food under the table.

I have just returned from a week at the Red Level and overall enjoyed the experience in a luxury setting. However, there were some areas in need of improvement. FIRST IMPRESSION. Taxi stopped outside Red Level reception and I was faced with a large flight of steps. Thankfully the taxi driver took my suitcase up the steps for me as there was no sign of any welcome or assistance from hotel staff. The glass door into the reception was heavy and I initially thought it was locked. After a minute of attempting to open the door myself a fellow guest helped me in. The check in process was very long and tedious and drawn out to the maximum. After a tiring journey all I really wanted was to get to my room but I was made to sit for what seemed an eternity to listen an exhausting spiel which was read from handwritten notes in a book. ROOM. My room on the ground floor lacked any privacy. It was next to a walkway which meant the room and terrace was overlooked by people walking by. The room was extremely dark, especially the dressing area. The lighting system in the room was unfathomable. On arrival there were only a few coathangers. I requested more coathangers but had to phone again when after an hour they still had not materialised. There was nowhere to hang longer dresses. Very large and comfortable bed. Extra large and comfortable bath and powerful shower, although had to run water for about five minutes to obtain hot water. Really liked the Clarins toiletries. The makeup mirror in the bathroom was broken. The toilet lid was badly damaged. The tissue box was empty. The blackout curtains did not meet and there was a spotlight outside my window making the blackouts a necessity. . The sofa was very worn and sagged uncomfortably. The area directly beside my terrace resembled a large ashtray as it was covered with hundreds of cigarette butts. I complained about the shortcomings of the room. When I later returned to my room the mirror had been replaced but the workmen had left a large amount of dust and debris from drilling the wall. The sofa had been padded up with mattress covers to help prevent it sinking. The writing block in room consisted of only two sheets of paper, my request for more went unanswered. I requested the "aroma" service in room expecting a luxurious experience of essential oils but was extremely disappointed to have the "butler" appear with a large plastic bottle that he sprayed around the room. It smelled of cheap air freshener. HOUSEKEEPING. Following day, after my room had supposedly been cleaned, I had to request that the mess made by workmen be cleaned up. Glass top table was covered in dust. Sheets were not changed for three days and only then because I requested it. BREAKFAST. First day I ordered pancakes which arrived very undercooked and inedible. Second day I ordered a "jamon iberico" and cheese omelette. It was served devoid of cheese and with three or four minute slivers of york ham. I did not eat it. Third day I attempted to have breakfast in Pangea restaurant at 11.00, which I had been informed was open until midday. Pangea stops serving breakfast at 10.30 and I was left without breakfast. What was far worse than missing the breakfast service was the attitude of the receptionist who refuted that I had been informed that breakfast was available until 12.00. Overall the breakfast was very good with a wide selection of food available. LIQUID LOUNGE/GARDEN. Very much enjoyed the excellent open bar and canapes at sunset accompanied by live music. However, the quality of the canapes seemed far higher at the weekend when there were more Spanish guests. On Saturday there was jamon serrano, artichokes, octopus and croquettes but less luxurious offerings other evenings. Likewise the quality of the afternoon cakes went from an excellent chocolate torte and macarrons on Saturday to Oreo biscuits and jelly babies another day. On a very positive note I was contacted by Head of Reception, who had been made aware of my many minor but cummulative complaints, who arranged for me to be moved to a superior room. He also credited me with the value of my missed breakfast. This gesture was much appreciated and went some way to improve my experience at Red Level. POOL. Enjoyed the little niceties of cold towels, fruit skewers and juices, the complimentary bottles of mineral water and suncreams. Comfortable loungers and big towels. Found the concept of paying extra (up to 250 Euros per day) to use the Balinese beds rather annoying. During my stay I only saw two beds reserved for a couple of days which meant for the majority of the time they were unused. Although guests are requested not to reserve loungers by placing personal items this was a daily occurrence and the best positioned loungers were all reserved by 0900. I particularly enjoyed the live classical violin music played by pool on one morning. FOOD. I stayed on a bed and breakfast basis but tried lunch in the various restaurants. I enjoyed the snack restaurant by the infinity pool, the beach bar and a very good club sandwich served by the pool. I did not have dinner at the hotel as I dined with friends who owned a local restaurant. Although I was unlucky with some aspects of my stay I certainly enjoyed my holiday and appreciated the facilities of the resort. I would like to return.

We booked the last minute summer holiday to Tenerife for a week last August and after debating between Ritz Calton Abama and here, we decided to stay at Red Level at Gran Melia Palacio de Isora as it is adult only. My friend had to work for the whole trip, but it did not bother me because I was enjoying the sun and RedLevel happy hour. Most of guests at Red Level were not young couples..

I am staying there from 9th to 15 th December. Property is excellent and well maintained . Staff is courteous and helping .i would like to have more vegetarian options ,all eadibles must be labelled green or red as per international protocols . Shall like to have more frequent linen changes.Shall like to recommend it to others. Mr Ramesh (chef) is outstanding. Promenades around sea shore are big asset.

It was the little extras at the RedLevel Gran Melia which made this a fantastic holiday break. Clarins products, drinks and canapes at 5.30pm, session at the spa, generous breakfasts and also lots of extra clubs like tennis, scuba diving intro and how to make cocktails to name a few. The hotel was very clean and my room was amazing, spacious with panoramic views. The pools were half empty which was also very peaceful - but then I am staying in December so not sure how this would be mid summer. Compared to other 5 star hotels, I believe you get more for your money staying here. I would deffo go back!

This was our first visit to the Grán Meliá and we were completely blown away from start to finish. As it was our honeymoon we decided to go all out and pay for the Red Level Experience full board and it was worth every penny. We arrived to find that our room had been upgraded to include a whirlpool bath on the balcony and a bottle of champagne from the manager. Our room was lovely, spotlessly clean and had everything we could possibly want and need including a nespresso coffee machine. The hotel is huge but we have to confess we did keep ourselves to ourselves in the red level adult only areas and spent most of our days by the pool enjoying the sunshine. Drinks weren't included in our package but this didn't stop us trying out the cocktail of the day from the pool bar and enjoying wine with dinner. There is also an open bar hour between 5.30 and 6.30 where you can help yourselves to anything you want which is perfect for pre dinner drinks. As foodies we were a bit apprehensive of the food as we have had some bad experiences in the past and tend to holiday self catering. We needn't have worried it was delicious and we ate constantly. In fact I don't think I've ever eaten so much in one week. We tended to eat breakfast in the liquid lounge where you have the option to help yourself or order from the menu... my personal favourites were the waffles and the bacon and poached eggs. Lunch was either here or in the ocean pool grill. We tried out all of the restaurants for dinner with our favourite being the nami 'a la carte' which was amazing. The BBQ night was great m too! The staff at the hotel are incredibly polite and attentive and will go out of their way to make your stay as perfect as possible. The butler team are great and we were especially thankful to Nacho who looked after us well preparing us evening jacuzzis :) The ultimate aim of this holiday was to relax and enjoy the sunshine whilst feeling like we were indulging and this hotel gave us all of that. We would love to come back!!

This is my 4th time at this hotel, first time I experienced red level which is a smaller boutique hotel within the same grounds and linked to the Gran Melia Palacio de Isora. In two words ; relaxed opulence! Great service from the minute we checked in with our own check in zone and drinks. Transferred to the red level check in villa by golf buggy. Very informal check in although could be speeded up for those already checked in on-line but that's all part of the experience ..... and the service. Amenities; Room 5060 great for 180 degree view of the resort from end to end and only pay partial sea view. The rooms are of excellent quality with nespresso pod coffee machine, kettle, mini bar (payable locally) Clarins in room toiletries, rain forest shower, his/hers sink. Sofa area with small circular dining table and chairs. Red Level Services; free water spa (1), free shoe shine, free clothes pressing (2 per day), free pool towel/umbrella with padded loungers, free bottled water poolside, free fresh fruit delivered to sun lounger, free tea/coffee all day, free sun lotion/after sun, free pre-dinner drink happy hour with hors d'oeuvres, free sun glasses cleaning service Entertainment: Relaxing adult only pool with a aqua floating session whilst being serenaded by a live violinist ..... and chillax! Red Level Gastronomy; La Terrace overlooking La Gomera & La Palma provided luxury half board dining consistant with restaurant quality food. Liquid Garden below served pre dinner drinks and hors d'oeuvres along with buffet breakfast serving fresh meats, cheeses, fruit, small selection of tapas hot plates and food to order including waffles, pancakes, omelette etc. Fine Dining Duo served great steak with no premium to pay for luxury half board, bit disappointed with the ocean grill next to the pool bar where food was served cold on one occasion and luke warm on the second. TUI entertainment team ran the evening agenda which was a show/cabaret lasting up to an hour, a piano bar with chill out music and at weekends an on site disco in the lava lounge. Drinks packages are available €55 per day for red level guests which allows for most standard branded drinks. Catch the fountain and light show on the quarter to the hour for a mini vegas style Bellagio type show. The hotel also has numerous fountains dotted around filled with aromas. Returning Guest; yes please, right now! The hotel sits on the outskirts of a small town - Alcala which has a few bards, a couple of restaurants, a hyperdino supermarket all of which cater for the local residents rather than tourists as Alcala is not "touristy". It does have sports facilities in a building across the road fro the hotel but I didn't use them so can't comment.

Calle La Costa, s/n Guia de Isora Tenerife

Hotel highlights

  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free valet parking
  • Onsite dining

Located in Alcala, RedLevel at Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora - Tenerife is adjacent to Alcala Beach and a short drive from other popular attractions like Los Gigantes Beach. This 110-room, 5-star hotel welcomes business and leisure travelers with 3 outdoor pools, a full-service spa, and 7 restaurants. On the beach, the hotel is also close to Los Gigantes Marina.


Free buffet breakfast is served each morning from 8 AM to 11 AM. Relish the fondue at La Terrace, one of 7 onsite restaurants, which serves dinner, or enjoy the ocean views at Liquid Garden Pool&Lounge. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with 24-hour room service, entertain your taste buds with a beverage at the bar/lounge or coffee shop/café, and mingle with other guests at the free daily manager's reception.


All of RedLevel at Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora - Tenerife's 110 air-conditioned rooms provide furnished balconies, iPod docks, and sofa beds. 32-inch LCD TVs come with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Beds are dressed in premium bedding and pillow menus, and bathrooms offer rainfall showers, hair dryers, and designer toiletries. Other standard amenities include minibars, espresso makers, and free bottled water.

Property features

Guests of RedLevel at Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora - Tenerife have access to a full-service spa, 3 outdoor pools, and a nightclub. If you plan to drive, free valet parking is available. Multilingual staff at the front desk are standing by 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this adults-only hotel include an indoor pool, a fitness center, and a spa tub.

Room options

Red Level Lounge Access, Deluxe Room, Partial Ocean View

Full 1 | Sleeps 2

Red Level Lounge Access Deluxe Frontal Ocean View with Whirlpool

Full 1 | Sleeps 2

Red Level Lounge Access Ocean Front Garden Villa

Full 1 | Sleeps 2

Red Level Lounge Access Deluxe Partial Ocean View with Whirlpool

Full 1 | Sleeps 2

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