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Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We had an over water bungalow, superior, I would say better than luxury as you have sun shade, All the staff could not do enough for you, special mention to Sophie Clare and her team, food was fantastic, drinks and food were a fair price for a 5 star hotel. We had a dinner on the beach which if funds allow is well worth it about $400, also the canoe breakfast delivery about $160 is a great experience. Please be aware eco is not mentioned much and most locals dont have running water and electricity, so dont waste either to keep the island as it is. Don't expect a shopping trip to be too good as not many shops on the island only pearl shops but suits a romantic get away, I would say not suitable for children. All in all well worth every c , and a fantastic 6 day holiday

We stayed here in December 2015 for 6 nights as part of our honeymoon. Everything was perfect - the staff was SO friendly and we loved learning about Tahitian culture from them. We ate dinner off of the premises most nights, but the breakfast was elaborate and fresh. There is nothing like Tahitian pineapple!! We did make several trips to the local grocery store for some beer, wine, and snacks. All extremely affordable and good to munch on during the day. We spent most days snorkeling right off of our balcony - so many beautiful fish to see! Looking forward to one day returning to this beautiful resort.

We stayed here for our honeymoon and loved it. We booked a bungalow with a horizon view and recommend that as it looks towards the ocean / Tahiti, not back towards the resort or the other bungalows. It really is as beautiful as the pictures you see. Would definitely stay here again.

This place is something else altogether. The view is simply Amazing. Of you pick thr panoramic overwater bungalows. The coral reefs are teeming with life and the nautical center is the star of the whole Resort, emmanuel who manages the plongee is an awesome guy and if you're there do not miss the scuba diving with Greg. He's an amazing instructor and he makes sure your experience is comfortable and takes away all possible fear.. The diving gear is top Notch and we were lucky enough to even see a few lemon sharks and a seat turtle during our dive. The good thing is that you can rent full face snorkeling masks as well which make snorkeling a whole Lot better. The breakfast spread is also damn good with new juices and detox drinks everyday. We couldn't have picked a better location for our honeymoon.

My wife and I had a great stay here..We liked the way their Bungalows are spread here and there amongst the mature gardens. It's like staying in a National Park..The breakfast buffet was excellent. Many thanks to all the staff for making us welcome.. The sales lady at the Pearl Romance was very knowledgeable and helped us choosing what we were after as in design. Great service very good quality pearls.. The buffet breakfast was fabulous and lots of everything as in great selection of fruits, juices and the rest. It is far better than the breakfast in its sisters hotels, the Sofitel private Island and Sofitel Marara beach resort in Bora Bora. One down side with this hotel is the poor service of cleaning the room.

I'll give a very honest and unbiased review here with all things considered. Please see my many TripAdvisor reviews for good reads on my travel experiences! Background: Hubby and I visited Moorea for the first time in a 17 day trip through Polynesia, NZ, and Australia late Feb 2017. I decided if we were going to do Tahiti that an OTW bungalow was the only way to go. I got a great deal on a basic "Superior Overwater" bungalow with Sofitel - figuring that it is the highest-end resort on the island. We did stay one night in Tahiti at the Intercontinental for an early morning flight out. I DO NOT recommend staying in Tahiti. The 30 minute ferry is worth the trip to Moorea. We really debated among the four hotels on the island with full-service and OWT bungalow options, considering pricing, amenities, location, etc. and ended up choosing the Sofitel (even though we are regulars to the Intercontinental brand). Weather: We knew going in (as Meteorologists) that this was the rainy season and only a matter of weeks prior to our trip this area had experienced epic rains, floods, wind, etc. Fortunately for us we had FANTASTIC weather the entire 4 days of our stay. It did get cloudy and windy with threats of looming storm clouds in the afternoon, but nothing really transpired and it made for beautiful pics! Each morning and evening was crystal clear water and sky. The heat is intense during the day. Check-in: Check in was professional and nice. We got in around 5 am to Papeete from JFK through LAX and were of course quite tired after a lot of travel. The girl who checked us in said they’d do their best to get our room ready ASAP (it was around 8am when we made it to Sofitel by Ferry/Taxi) and that they would come find us when the room was ready (which they didn’t; we ended up going back to the desk to ask about our room around 11am, which was ready, although I don’t know what time it was ready). They did offer 1) a changing room for us to freshen up, and 2) a continental breakfast while we waited. This continental breakfast is quite misleading as it is SO much more than just a bread and fruit basket. We were brought two huge plates of fresh fruit, large glasses of fresh juice, French press coffee, and a huge bread basket of croissants, pasties, rolls, etc. I could have eaten that each morning and been happy! A nice touch, indeed. After breakfast we walked the grounds and sat near the beach for a while in wait for our room to be readied (or to be found by staff once our room was ready, which never happened). Room: We were given options in the week prior to upgrade from our Superior Overwater to one of the larger or unrestricted view bungalow and I considered it. However, I chose not to since we were already paying a good amount for the room and it wasn't where I wanted to spend more money. We ended up in room 207. We LOVED our room. I still think it had excellent views from the balcony (where we spent a LOT of time lounging and avoiding the afternoon heat; 207 has a full covered deck which is nice for avoiding the strong Tahitian sun; other bungalows - the nicer ones included - did not have a full covered deck so you'd fry in the heat without much recourse for cover, so for us this was perfection!). The room was large enough, especially for the 3 nights we were staying. It is a HUGE bed that felt like I was sleeping miles apart from my hubby (felt bigger than a king). A/C worked great, although it does kick off if the sliding doors are opened (understandable). Amenities were Lanvin bath products (smelled great!). I love the Sofitel slippers they give and we used the heck out of them. Robes are also a nice touch. Staff cleaned our room each day and they really do a nice job even cleaning the slider doors. Events: We were told at some point that they have a show every night. That Saturday night we arrived they said we could attend the big concert with a “famous” local reggae band. During that day we could see the progression of this event coming to fruition with security setting up posts to take tickets, staff setting up amps, lights, etc. for the stage. We didn’t end up going since it started at 9pm (I think) and we were tired from a full day post-travel. Other reviewers said they were bothered by the noise of such similar concerts in the past. We were not. We both remember waking up at one point to the music and stereo “pumping”, but fell back asleep so it obviously could not have been that loud. Our AC also did a good job of providing white noise to block it out. I will say that I don’t think such an event is appropriate for this type of resort. It seems something suited to the Intercontinental. Then again, I get the feeling the Sofitel is THE place to be for everyone – locals and visitors. On the point of events, again, we were told there was an event each night. There were no other events the entire time we stayed, which was disappointing. I’m not into reggae because it doesn’t seem authentic to Moorea, but I would have been into a Tahitian show. A bit of a negative, that I’m guessing is a side-effect of the down-season. Staying in an OTW: The best part of the OTW rooms is the direct access to the water. I’m an obsessive snorkeler who has always dreamed of staying in an OTW with clear water, fish, and coral. This room was literally my dream come true. So many tropical fish, sea cucumbers, lively coral, neon clams, crabs…the list goes on and on. It was truly like living above an aquarium! This was the highlight of my vacation and I’ll never forget it. For my hubby and I who were on NY time and asleep by 9 pm each night and awake by 5:30 am, it was so nice to wake up before sunrise, go out on the deck, or snorkel in the pre-dawn hours with the silence of the water and see the fish literally waking up from sleep. You don’t have to go far and the area directly in and around the OTW bungalows is some of the best snorkeling I’ve ever experienced. I saw a beautiful spotted ray one afternoon. A little block spotted puffer practically lived on our stairs down to the water. I’d feed the fish each day with crackers or bread from breakfast. I did snorkel at dawn the last morning of our stay and made a point to venture out beyond the bungalow further than I’d gone before. Obviously at 5:45 am no one is awake, the water is clear but not yet sunlit so it was a bit murky. I did see a black tip reef shark that I’d estimate was about 4 feet. That was enough to get me to turn right around and stick closer to home (I have a serious shark phobia so being out alone at feeding time was not how I intended to end my time in Moorea). Food: We didn’t eat at the Sofitel at all except for breakfast. However, breakfast is amazing! Such a spread of different things, and while 90% of what is served are repeat items, they still change up certain things like the dim sum and some of the fruit juices and such. I loved the fresh made crepes. The staff do work hard. We went each morning when it opened at 6:30 and stayed until around 8:30 because we like to leisurely sip coffee for a while on vacay. Seriously, all the food we had was well prepared. The one very negative thing I will say is that the floor of the breakfast area inside was always dirty with lots of debris, dirt, wrappers, etc. and I think they could do a better job of even a light sweeping before starting breakfast (or at the end of the night before?). It felt a little gross especially since most patrons are in open-toed shoes. It was particularly bad the first morning (Sunday) after the Saturday night concert they had. Felt like a concert hall post-show that no one cleaned up after! Not good for a “5 star resort”. Also, that first (Sunday) morning, we got to breakfast around 6:40 am (10 minutes after breakfast starts) and they were clearly not ready for the handful of guests who were there for breakfast. It seemed like we were imposing. Better planning is needed for the breakfast crew, I’d say. Compared to other hotels: we didn’t go into any other hotels but did see the Intercontinental from the lobby. It is a MUCH larger resort-y feeling hotel. Very nicely kept, at least from the exterior bathrooms that I used while waiting for people from that resort on a tour we did. The Sofitel is very small and boutique feeling, which I liked. I also don’t think this resort is suitable for families with young children as it has more of the honeymoon/couples feel. For families, the Hilton or Intercontinental seems more suited. CONS: Need more hooks in the bathrooms; I'd like a few more drawers in the armoire for clothing storage - Between the two of us it was hard to keep things organized; Housekeeping didn't bring us the two water bottles each day; Some of the finishings such as baseboards, paint, etc. in the room and around the resort (particularly the restaurant bathroom) were a little too warn for a high-caliber hotel. There are no close off-property restaurants that you could easily get to without a bike, taxi, or a shuttle pick-up (we did both: rented bikes from the on-site dive shop to the ferry terminal where we had Vaire Pizza and picked up a few groceries the first evening; shuttled to Rudy's restaurant for dinner one night); No events on any night except the reggae show on Saturday, which didn’t seem authentic to the location; The Wifi out on the bungalows is certainly weak. However, this did not bother me as I’m not one attached to my phone anyway especially while on vacay. My hubby is different though, and does like a strong wifi connection and saw this as a negative. When you are closer to the hotel the signal is of course stronger. I am only putting this note in because it was important to him and therefore I would imagine it will be important to others who are internet addicts or in need of a strong wifi for work; The pool is tiny. I was shocked at how small it was and it seemed at capacity each time we walked by it. Didn’t bother us as we prefer the ocean water, but if you are pool-partier, chose a different resort. One note that was off-putting: The afternoon before we checked out, we got a letter under the door confirming our late check-out and that there’d be a porter to get our bags at 1:30 and stating that a shuttle had been arranged to take us to the ferry at 2pm. Great! So, we had it all ready to go, and then when we got to the desk the girl said there was no shuttle and we’d have to pay for a taxi. I guess the shuttle arrangement was a mistake, which I thought was a little off-putting since we’d just checked out, paid our bill in-full, yet still couldn’t be accommodated the confirmed 5 minute shuttle ride to the ferry. We didn’t ask for a shuttle at all and were happily surprised that they set this up for us, but if you offer a guest something you better come through with it! That wasn’t the best note to be sent away with. Taxis, by the way, are of the same pricing structure as everything else on the island: HIGH PRICED! So, it left us with a slightly bad taste in our mouths. PROS: They were nice enough to grant us a late check out; The resort is very quiet. It was the down season, so we knew this going in, but I think that it’s a well-laid out resort where no one would ever feel overwhelmed with guests. The on-site dive shop is a great bonus with friendly and informative staff. Staff at the hotel were always very friendly and hard-working. Concierge was helpful in making restaurant reservations and shuttle rides. I truly loved the Tahitian culture and people. The Sofitel has done a remarkable job of cultivating and sustaining the live coral in the waters around the resort. You can tell this simply by the variety of fish and sea life that are thriving in this area. I’ve snorkeled all my life and this was the best (including comparing to later in this trip in the Great Barrier Reef!). The beach is great, but you are best to have water shoes. I think this resort is the perfect balance of high-end hotel and still feeling authentic to its location in Tahiti. There are lots of chickens and roosters around and you will hear them crow, but it never bothered us. They are part of the native scene and if you stay on the mainland (not in an OTW) you better expect to hear them. I’m a country girl so this was charming to me. I am 100% returning to Moorea and likely because of my time at the Sofitel. It is not a perfect resort, but it was a fantastic way to spent a costly 4 days! PS: some reviewers say that this isn’t a 4- or 5- star property. I feel that hotel ratings are all relative. Should a 5-star property in a major metropolis like NYC, Paris, London be compared to one on a remote, tropical locale like Moorea? I don’t think so. Where one lacks, another gains, and vice versa. It is a little silly to expect a rustic place like Moorea to not have the buttoned-up, shiny façade of a Manhattan hotel. They are birds of an entirely different feather, so naturally those feathers will wear a different look!

Ia orana! I do not know if it was even real, but everything was beyond perfect. We stayed in an overwater bungalow at the end of the pontoon. The views of sunrise were to die for, along with the amazing service on every single square foot of the property. Our Honeymoon/first year anniversary was a dream come true at this property. The management was superbly attentive and upgraded us to a magnificent Horizon Island Luxury Overwater Bungalow. The grounds are gorgeous, the staff makes you feel like family… I am not sure how they do it, but all of their personal touches made all of the difference in our stay. After spending couple of days exploring the island, I am extremely satisfied with our decision of booking this location. If you are looking into great snorkeling at your footsteps, this is the place to go! My husband and I had one of the best snorkeling experiences here. They dedicate a great amount of resources to reconstruct and maintain the coral around the property. The reefs are breathtaking here, they are full of life and colorful. Very simple, we didn’t have to book snorkeling excursions, we had access to a great snorkeling spot right outside our room. My only complain… I was very disappointed that we couldn't stay any longer! ;) Mauruuru!

We stayed in this resort for 5 nights on the overwater bungalow and we don't have any complain, everything was perfect! The food was amazing, everything was really tasty and of a really good quality. I even ate a lot of raw fish that I never through I would. The staff was really friendly and helpful, always smilling and with an eye for detail. Our room was cleaned at least twice a day, and everything was always clean. They also have shows everynight for dinner and they were really entertaining. It is in an amazing location, but all the island is expectacular! You can book activities too, rent snorkel material or just relax on your own. It is a paradise, full of life, nature and I have never been in a place like this. If you can afford it, Sofitel is really your choice!!

My travel agent Jaclyn Benson from booked the Sofitel from my honeymoon trip to Moorea. I stayed in the over the water bungalows with THE most amazing views and lagoon on the island. After taking a tour all over the island Jaclyn definitely picked the right hotel for us. The staff were super friendly and accommodating. My bungalow was amazing it was right on a piece of coral reef with the most beautiful south Pacific fish and water so clear it looked like the sky. All the native islanders confirmed that the Sofitel has the best view and lagoon on Moorea. We absolutely loved Sofitel Moorea! Below are pictures taken from my bungalow

Following a week long cruise of French Polynesia I had an amazing relaxing week at this resort. Took an overwater bungalow which was spacious and extremely comfortable. Service and staff were excellent with one exception on one night when the bar was badly understaffed. Food quality was very good but a disappointment was the limited variety of local fish. It was expensive but so is everything else in this part of the world so by local standards was value for money. I suspect that this is one of the better resorts here. Definitely up expected Sofitel standard and added Polynesian flair took this to the next level. A final note when cruise trips are in port the local tours get booked out.

Bp 28 Maharepa Moorea Windward Islands

Located in Maharepa within a short walk of Temae Beach, Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort is within 2 miles (3 km) of other popular sights such as Moorea Green Pearl Golf Course. This 113-room, 5-star resort has a private beach, a full-service spa, and 2 restaurants. On the boardwalk, the resort is also close to Toatea Lookout and Maison Blanche.


Free buffet breakfast is included with your stay. Enjoy the ocean views at PURE, one of 2 onsite restaurants. Order from room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room, or make new friends over drinks at the bar/lounge.


All of Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort's 113 air-conditioned rooms provide furnished patios, minibars, and ceiling fans. Guests can expect free WiFi and flat-screen TVs with satellite channels. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries, and beds are dressed in premium bedding. Safes, phones, and ironing boards are other standard amenities. Private bathrooms are not ensuite.

Property features

Guests of Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort have access to a private beach, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool. A stay here includes free parking. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to assist with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach resort include a spa tub, free WiFi in public areas, and a computer station.

Room options

Luxury Bungalow, 1 King Bed, Beachside

King 1 | Sleeps 3

Luxury Bungalow, 1 King Bed, Overwater

King 1 | Sleeps 2

Superior Bungalow, 1 King Bed, Overwater

King 1 | Sleeps 2

Bungalow, 1 King Bed, Lagoon View

King 1 | Sleeps 3

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