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Zalagh Kasbah Hotel and Spa

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Well....where do I start. On our arrivel, we were sent to a room that clearly had someone still staying in it as the bedroom was unmade with stuff all over the place. The 2nd room, which apparently was the only room thet had, over looked the very busy main road, with a lit bill board shining in the window. The room was very tatty (broken glass in the bathroom door, no plugs, mold and damp wall in the bathroom, and NO safe) we paid for a superior room!! It felt like it was a room for staff. 3rd room was fine, we got the next day, but we missed most of the day sorting it out. (this holiday was booked 6 months in-advance)!!! ..Being all inclusive you're made to feel like a 2nd class citizens. ..You can only get drinks from the pool bar up to 10.30pm. ..The bar in the hotel, is pay only, all day (very expensive). You can't take an all inclusive drink into that bar. ..Food was only just warm. ..Tables were never made up with no cutlery or serviettes, you had to ask. ..Staff were rude at reception and not helpful. There was always a guest complaining about one thing or another every time you went there. ..Shuttle bus was broken. ..No where near enough sun loungers for the pool side. ..You have to pay to use the indoor pool. .. Everyday we had to get our key to our room re-programmed. ..Air con doesn't work. Every guest you spoke to, never had a good word to say. I've stayed in many all inclusive hotels, and I've never known anything like this. Do yourself a favour and stay somewhere else, we all can't be wrong.

We arrived at this hotel late after a delayed flight. Tried to order room service for a cup of tea which they couldn’t supply but offered beer or wine although we later found a room service menu stating this was available from 11pm to 6am. Room was of poor decorative standard, no tea or coffee making facilities, TV didn’t work, toilet cistern ran constantly which kept you awake. After several times of reporting an attempt was made to repair which resulted in us reporting again the next day with the additional complaint of cockroaches in the room , they offered us a change of room which we accepted. The new room had no towels, TV remote faulty plus air conditioning not working, after several requests to get this fixed the faults were attended to. During our weeks stay the supposed shuttle bus service never ran as they said the vehicle was getting fixed. This resulted on us spending a lot on taxi fares as the location of the hotel was in an area with very little around it. Food was bland & never hot enough with little variety. The restaurant was disorganized constantly running out of glasses, cutlery & plates which they were never in a hurry to replace. With the all inclusive could only get drinks at swimming pool bar & dining room which closed at 10.30pm. All drinks were supplied in small glasses resulting on more trips to the bar. The staff were very unhelpful in the main . Avoid this hotel at all costs I wouldn’t even class it as a two star.

Recently stayed here on a Cosmos Tour. Upon arrival we had no power in our room. Contacted the front desk and no one came to fix the problem. Went to reception and the guy there and a girl in the office had an heated argument about whether We had rung or not. By this time we had figured out that the curcit breakers in the room and tripped and just needed tuning back on . Informed reception of this and they would not listen and would let us leave until they called the maintaine man . We then had to go through the whole stray again. Then the toilet started to run in the middle of the night. The sedond day when we went go to bed there was not a full sheet on the bed. Instead they had used two single sheet sideways overlapping in the middle of the bed . It was like sleeping with a rudge in the bed . Wifi is anly in the lobby and is almost non exsistant and only works some times of your are lucky. Maintance in this hotel is questionable with holes in walls not plastered over properly and some of our tour group had plaster falling of the walls in the bathroom. The staff are unhelpful and really don't care. had a wake up call booked for 7 and it came at 6. Rooms have a safe that was bolted to a removable shelf .

For your safety do not stay at this hotel. We were physically forced by 4 male hotel staff back into the lobby and held hostage by staff for over an hour. Nearly missed flights. Horrendous behaviour from this hotel. DO NOT STAY HERE PLEASE!!!

I recently stayed here for 2 nights as a part of an organised tour. On our final morning here myself and several other guests from the tour attempted to check out and leave the hotel to go to the airport but we were physically barred from exiting the building. The staff initially could not give us good reason as to why we could not leave and physically grabbed at any customer who was a part of the tour who tried to leave. We then found out that there was an issue between the hotel and the tour company and the hotel had to keep anyone from the tour in a hostage like situation refusing to let us leave until the tour company paid. The manager stayed behind his desk refusing to assist us or explain what was happening and the door staff laughed as people were reduced to tears fearing they would miss their flights. We were held hostage for over an hour and a half and could not call for assistance as we were refused the use of the phone and the wifi at this hotel does not work. The treatment of paying customers was not only disgusting but also illegal and I would highly advise for your own safety not to stay here!

If I could rate this hotel 0/5 I would. I was staying at Zalagh Kasbah Hotel as part of a tour, and apparently there was some discrepancy between the tour company and the hotel regarding payment (having nothing to do with us guests as we had already paid the tour company in full for all accommodation). It became clear when we tried to leave to catch our flights that in order to resolve this, the manager decided to hold me and the other members of our tour hostage in their hotel until the money was paid. They stood across the doors not letting anyone leave for well over an hour and a half. We all nearly missed our flights. Anyone that tried to leave was chased down by security and physically dragged back to the lobby with their luggage by staff. The hotel staff we abusive, rude and used us a leverage to get want they needed from a third party. The manager refused to emerge from his office, repeating that it wasn't his problem. The staff holding the doors shut would laugh as we got progressively angry and panicked that we could not leave to go to the airport. We were not able to use the hotel phones to call the authorities, nor was the wifi working, leaving us feeling completely helpless. It is completely unacceptable for the hotel to use us guests as hostages to resolve whatever issue they had between them and the tour company. They acted in a matter that was ILLEGAL and abusive. Aside from this awful situation the hotel was terrible - not clean, noisy, the wifi did not work and the food was average. Avoid this hotel at all costs.

We stayed at Zalagh Kasbah recently as part of a tour group travelling Morocco. On the morning of our departure home we found that the hotel staff had barred the doors and were physically barring us from leaving. We were confused as to what was going on, however, the staff were rude, uncommunicative, unhelpful, and more importantly getting physical with members of our party. We later found out that there seemed to be an issue of payment between the tour and the hotel, however, when we offered to cover our own bills so that we could leave to catch our flight we were denied by the hotel. It then became immediately clear that the hotel was restraining us and using the threat of us missing our flights in order to assert pressure on the tour company. In effect we were being held hostage by the hotel which is an absolutely ridiculous situation to be put in. Never stay in this hotel. If I could give this hotel a negative review I would in a heartbeat. Absolutely horrendous behaviour.

My partner and I visited this hotel last week, it was quite a last minute booking and to be honest having read some of the reviews I was a bit sceptical at first. We checked in about half 11 and were told that our room wouldn't be available until 3 so the receptionist took us on a little tour of the hotel and explained restaurant opening times etc. and we made ourselves comfortable with a drink by the pool. (Yes, the drinks are slightly watered down but still very tasty). As went fully inclusive we ate in the on site restaurant a lot and were very impressed by the food. My partner is vegetarian which can sometimes makes things tricky but there were plenty of veggie choices on offer. The rooms are not of the finest quality, there's a few chips in the plaster and the walls could do with a new lick of paint but overall the bed was comfy and we had everything we needed for a comfortable stay. A lot of the reviews suggest that this hotel is not set up for children and I would completely agree. It is far more suited to adults who are quite content with lounging by the pool all day, although the animation team do try their best to keep the kids entertained. Please don't go here expecting the worlds fasted wifi connection. It occasionally works in the reception area but then only just. If you're on those people who are incapable of human and reaction and can't be away from facebook for more then 10 mins then perhaps this isn't the place for you. All in all we had a great stay doing absolutely nothing and simply enjoying each other's company.

Yeah, the reviews aren’t great and now you’re regretting booking... If you remember that Morocco is a third world country, then yes, this is 4*. But if you’re visiting from a first world country, then no, this is not 4*, it’s more 2*. Appreciate it for what it is, don’t have high expectations for Morroco in general and this won’t be a shock for you. Hopefully, the drive from the airport to the hotel will make you aware of the type of country you’re in. Airport – A lengthy process to get in AND out of the country. You’ll need to fill out a disembarkment sheet when you leave the plane (take some for the return too). Your passport will be stamped and checked various times. Exchange money at the airport and take one of the INWI sim cards that the purple ladies hand out. Pay 10 Euro and you’ll have 5GB of data for a month - You’ll need this… On departure, you will need to go to a check-in desk REGARDLESS of whether you have hand luggage only to have your boarding pass checked and stamped. My passport was checked 9 times on the departure. Location – About 15 minutes away from the airport (100MAD max) and 15 minutes from the city (50-70MAD) both by taxi. If you want to walk into the city, it’ll take at least an hour and you’ll be harassed by taxis all the way. About 5 minutes away there is a Carrefore supermarket where you can buy water, snacks, lotion etc for much cheaper than the Hotel shop. There is a shuttle bus but I have a feeling it’s always broken “today” as the same sign was up all week. Room – Be mindful that check-in is at 2/3PM so if you arrive before then, you may be sent to an uncleaned room. Try to get a room on the ‘Zalagh’ side of the hotel otherwise you’ll overlook the ‘Club’ pool which plays some questionable music until late. The rooms are alright, a standard room has a Queen bed, 4 pillows and a ridiculously heavy bed sheet. You’ll have a small balcony and a bathroom with a bidet and shower/bath. No kettle but there is air con, a hair dryer and toiletries (just bring your own). There wasn’t a safe in our room and we were told we could leave valuables at the front desk, but we chose to lock all valuables in our case whenever we left and didn’t leave money etc lying around like a moron. You’re given 2 towels which won’t be renewed if they’re hanging up (read the sign) then again, since when does anyone change their towels daily? And why do you need someone else to make your bed for you daily? DIY. Service – Questionable. Some staff members are very attentive and love their job, others speak very little English and aren’t really interested. The hotel is constantly being cleaned by the on-site staff and they do work hard. Say ‘Hi’ once and a while, they don’t bite. Brush up on your French as that is the 2nd language with English being their 3rd. It will help you massively around the city. WIFI – There are various hotspots available, but they never seem to work when you want them too. The Zalagh reception connects and the first bed next to the Club bar connects, but everywhere else? Nope. So the sim card from the airport was useful. There is a PC and printer on the 3rd floor above the Zalagh reception where you can print boarding passes etc. but it isn’t anything special. Don’t be the dumb one who saves passwords. Pools – There are 5 pools in total. 1 heated pool with the spa that you have to pay for. 60MAD for an hour is what we were quoted but I heard others being quoted differently. The rest are all outside – 2 shallow children’s pools and 2 deeper pools. The Zalagh pool is considerably larger, unheated and fresh water. Despite being 26 degrees, it was still pretty cold. The Club pool is smaller, unheated with fresh water and potentially warmer. There are plenty sunbeds and a few queen/king size beds to lounge on with various kids play areas and toys and there are a couple of on-site entertainers that really enjoy their jobs with the kids too. You can rent towels each day and will need to return them. All inclusive – We opted for this. 4 meals a day, interesting choices of food if you’re a fussy eater, otherwise, the variety is diverse but not the best quality. Eg, we only had Couscous once all week, lots of meat on the bone (chicken, beef, fish), Vegetarian tagine only, LOTS of salad/Vegan options, decent desserts but only orange slices for their fruit (?) and no pork. At breakfast, you can have omelettes and Morrocan pancakes made for you and lunch is the only time you can have chips/freshly made wraps. At dinner, you’ll have some traditional live music played. I’d advise you have your meals early as the stampede usually clears everything out as well as the staff’s patience. Also, be aware that birds freely fly into the restaurant and can pick at the bread. Just go to the bottom of the pile. In terms of drinks, small water bottles are available (take a few!) wine, watered down spirits and fizzy drinks (Pepsi, 7up, Merinda) no diet options and the ‘fizz’ soon disappears after the 2nd person has requested it. You’ll need to reuse your small cups as there aren’t loads available. There is some fresh juices/ice cream available for an additional charge and of course, the spa is an additional charge. Day-trips – The hotel provides a few day trips for a “fixed price” that can be negotiated. We paid 500MAD for a camel ride. The taxi was an hour late, but when he did arrive, he stayed with us for the 40-minute duration of the ride and drove us back to the hotel from La Palmeraie, we had a private camel ride and a lovely host. The Keepers may expect a tip. Other trips include day trip to Essaouira/Casablanca/ Mountains/Dessert or Quad biking etc. Would we stay here again? No. Location was a downside for us and we ended up spending most of our money/time haggling taxis. All inclusive was handy for the amount of food/drink we received but the quality wasn’t great. WIFI was non-existent for us. This isn’t a perfect hotel and problems aren’t always prevented but dealt with if you complain enough.

The hotel was in a poor location there was not very much around, however, it was close to the airport and you could get a taxi to the square and the new town. New town I would definitely recommend to visit. The hotel rooms were clean but outdated. We stayed on a half board basis. The breakfast was poor, cold and very limited. The evening meal had lots of variety however it was often cold with very long queues. The reception staff were rude and unhelpful. The hotel offers limited entertainment, I think two nights a week. However this was ok when it was on. I believe this should be improved due to the fact of there being nothing close by the hotel. We did the Moroccan night which I would recommend. The pool area was nice to relax however a lot of the sun beds are damaged and it can be hard to get one. If I was ever to return to the hotel it would be on a self catering basis and only for one night or two. However, I would certainly look at alternatives first.

Zone Touristique Agdal Marrakech

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located in Agdal within 2 miles (3 km) of Agdal Gardens, Zalagh Kasbah Hotel and Spa is within a few miles (5 km) of other popular sights such as Jamaa el Fna. This 344-room, 4-star hotel has a full-service spa along with an outdoor pool and free in-room WiFi. Near the airport, it's also near Saadian Tombs and El Badi Palace.


This hotel is home to a restaurant and a bar/lounge. Savor a meal from the privacy of your room with 24-hour room service, or get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café. Start each morning with buffet breakfast, available for a fee from 7 AM to 10:30 AM.


All 344 air-conditioned rooms provide refrigerators, minibars, and safes. 32-inch plasma TVs come with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Pillowtop beds sport premium bedding and bathrooms offer hair dryers and designer toiletries. Rooms also include phones.

Property features

Guests of Zalagh Kasbah Hotel and Spa enjoy a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and a children's pool. You can take advantage of free parking, along with a free area shuttle. Multilingual staff at the 24-hour front desk can assist with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this spa hotel include a health club, free WiFi in public areas, and a conference center.

Room options

Triple Room

Twin 3 | Sleeps 3

Double Room, Pool View

Full 1 | Sleeps 2

Family Quadruple Room, Non Smoking, Balcony

Full 1 | Sleeps 4

Family Suite

Twin 2 | Sleeps 4

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