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3.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Unfortunately the potential is not yet realised. Grounds and buildings are kept in excellent order. Rooms are nice and are kept clean daily. Major issue with room is lack of towels - hotel clearly doesn't have enough towels for all of the rooms as they collect them and then return them later if you are lucky - it really is pot luck - we ended up with one hand towel for two days running. Food is nice, however, there doesn't seem to be any attempt to keep the buffet stocked during mealtimes - whether this is a staffing issue or a management issue is difficult to tell. Desert selection is pretty poor and does not vary from day to day. See above comments about stocking buffet. Also, trying to track down glasses, cups, plates and cutlery during mealtimes is a mission in itself. This hotel has major issues in the way drinks are served; 1. There is not enough staff - 1 barman is not enough to serve the whole hotel at any time of day, especially not busy times. 2. Why are all of the kids having to get soft drinks from the same bar as the adults? This adds work to the overworked barman - can't soft drink dispensers be provided like in the canteen so everyone can help themselves? 3. Why are drinks being served in glass around the pool? Surely it would be better to serve in decent size disposable cups as the bars are always running out of glasses 4. Why is there no overlap between pool and main bar opening times? It is hot enough to stay by pool until 7-8pm - it is a pain having to go into main bar to get drinks when still in swimming gear. 5. Why is beer served in 100-150ml measures? British people are used to drinking by the pint - 570ml measures, so if we have to get four drinks at a time from the bar that doesn't have enough bar staff or glasses, we are simply compounding an existing issue and making it worse. Getting bigger glasses to serve beer in would be a quick fix to a simple problem if you were serving draught beer. 6. Why are you pouring bottled beer into glasses? Why not just give people multiple bottles with one glass, or start serving draught beer? Basically, the way drinks are served currently is not compatible with the way Britons drink alcohol and as a result it causes more irritation than it needs to as there are some small changes that could be made to make service more efficient. We did complain about this very strongly at resort and we saw gradual improvements during the course of our stay. The pools are clean and kept well. The water slides are geared for young children and are unlikely to be of much interest to over 12s. The entertainment team were constantly active around the pool and seemed to do a great job, however, continuously playing the same ten songs is irritating after one day, never mind a week or more. There is no excuse in the internet age for not having a library of music that doesn't get repeated many times every day. There is certainly no need to be playing 'this is Marrakesh' on loop for an hour everyday either - I am sure most guests are fully aware of their location having had to book the holiday in the first place. The music entertainment at the bar on an evening is even more limited than the pool dj music library. Everyone will hate ed Sheeran within a day - this guy needs changing. The lack of repertoire means you can hear the same song up to 5 times between 8-11pm. Get some more acts for different nights of the week. Luckily for us, we were with a larger group and the music selection became the source of much hilarity and the butt of many jokes, but it really does need sorting. Notwithstanding the above comments, we had a very enjoyable holiday as part of a large group. We also paid less than £2000 for a family of five to go during the Easter holidays. As such I think a three star rating is fair for this hotel on the basis that it provided good value for the price we paid and we could see service improvements on a daily basis. I would not be averse to going back to this hotel, but I would like to know for sure that the points that have been raised by myself and many others have been addressed first.

Just returned after a week away here with my family. Weather fantastic but that's all I can say about this hotel. Firstly it's out in the middle of no where so be aware when booking. Secondary all inclusive here is not what your expecting, food is limited and very poor, drinks are also limited and watered down and bar shuts at 11pm but also be ready to join a long que. Water is only served from a water machine in reception by plastic cups, no water in rooms really not helpfully in the boiling temperatures when your air conditioning doesn't work. Crockery is all chipped and cracked in the restaurant and often ran out of cups for hot drinks so again served in plastic cups. The music round the pool will send you deaf as so loud head banging thump all day. Be ready to be woken at 5.30 am with prayer singing . Honestly we know people have given this 5 stars but honestly we don't see how, we have been to marrakech many times and there are far better places to stay. The children enjoyed the pool although very cold and the aqua park closes twice during the day for the life guard to have his break. Evening entertainment was a lone singer with a keyboard singing the same songs every evening which became monotonous would have been far more nicer to have had some morrocan3 dancing or singing , To sum it up, poor food, poor facilities, staff need training in people skills, rooms need proper air conditioning and comfortable beds, more staff to mange restaurant and bar. Positive,"s - nice weather and large rooms.

CHECK-IN We were a group of seven women staying here for 4 nights. When we arrived the place looked great, but were told we couldn't check in till 14:00. Not a problem, we weren't interested in sitting in the room anyway, we asked if there was somewhere we could change into swimwear as it was only 11:00 and were shown to a room behind the reception area where we could also leave our bags. POOL BAR Headed to the pool bar where we ordered cocktails...don't be might be called a "vodka sun" but you actually have to ask for alcohol in the cocktails! The majority (NOT ALL!!) of the bar staff seem as though you're really putting them out when you ask for a drink. We were told 3 different times by different people for when the pool bar opened...turns out its whenever they feel like it. It closed at around 16:30-17:00 each day, when they opened the bar inside (you have to put clothes on to go inside the hotel). ROOMS We had a lovely room and was clean and plenty of space, but with three people in the room we were constantly having to remind the staff we needed three towels. On day one there was only two towels and nobody was answering the phone at reception for over half an hour. We went downstairs and stood in a queue for a decade, because it seemed if you were French speaking, you took precedence. We were told that they would bring one up right away. Another hour later and no towel had appeared so a second trip to reception to demand a towel immediately had to occur. Within our group we had three rooms and on each night there was a problem in atleast one if not more of showers, whether it was cold or lacked any pressure at all. When they did work, the showers were great! FOOD Breakfast was ok. They had made to order omelets every morning but the queue at this was LONG and there wasn't any variations on what you could have day to day. Dinner was very same-y every night. Queues were long and there was no order to anything, again if you were French speaking you were favouritised. If you want pizza be at lunch and dinner for the start time and get straight there, otherwise you're going to be stuck behind the kids that all seem to order 3 pizzas each! The majority of staff at dinner found it a burden to get cutlery or glasses for you and trying to ask for anything you pretty much had to chase them down the dining area for them to take notice of you. We were told that dinner finished at 21:30 however we found that they stopped putting out food from around 20:30 and was told by restaurant staff that dinner service closed at 21:00. Another trip to reception to clarify this we were again told another completely different time. Nobody seems to know anything in this place and there is a distinct lack of order. There was one lovely waiter that was very friendly and didn't appear to have an issue when you asked him something. He was tipped based on his demeanor alone and from there really couldn't do enough for us, even reserving a table for us at dinner, even though he wouldn't be on shift. Lunch was the best food and biggest selection, but if you want dessert be sure to get that first as they don't seem to replenish it once it's gone and the kids seem to have a habit of putting everything on their plate and not eating it. There was an a la carte restaurant on site, however when we tried to book for the night we were told it "wasn't working". This wasn't mentioned at any point until we enquired about it. POOL The pool area and the slides were great, a large pool and a smaller "quiet pool" available. The "quiet" pool is very quiet and there is no music, but there was also no bar open there either. The only downside to the pool was the noise. We didn't want to sit in silence and enjoyed the music (well known songs, but with a random person singing them) but was FAR too loud! We put ourselves as far away from the speaker as possible yet it still felt like we were in it and found it difficult to hear each other. Activities were put on throughout the day and with some of these the entertainment staff decided to talk through the whole activity on the microphone, so if you didn't want to participate it made no difference, you were hearing the whole thing anyway (that is if you speak French) for a good half hour at a time. The entertainment staff seemed to do lots for the kids and there was a separate kids pool also which seemed great for families. The water slides were fun for all and even as a group of adults we all had to have a go, beware though there is no system so you may end up with a child's knee in your back. Credit to the majority of them though they were quite good at waiting till the person in front had already gone down, but no staff member at the top making sure this was happening. There was a pool guard at the bottom wagging his finger at the adults though when they were breaking the rules and squeezing 4 at a time down the 2 person slide, someone had to do it...might as well be us! All in all we had a great trip and it did us fine for a few days. The rooms were clean and large, with good enough facilities, but the staff definitely needs to work on their customer service skills.

So many things wrong with this so called hotel & resort! I'll start with the positives - Nice lobby with plenty of space Negatives- WIFI Only in lobby area...what a joke with the technology we have nowadays POOL Water so cold that you're actually scared to go in AQUA PARK Absolute rubbish....4 medicore slides for children POOL GURAD Only saw 1 of them around in 7 days HEALTH & SAFETY Is poor compared to other hotels I've stayed in BARS They serve you tea coffee in plastic drinking cups....This something you get from street food let alone in a resort WASPS & BEES I appreciate they are around in open spaces where food & drinks are being served but this was a joke!!! My son got stung by one of them. MEDICAL ROOM My son got a little cut in the pool so went to the medical room where there is a nurse sitting by herself in the same sitting position i used to see her everyday with a phone in hand and talking with earphone on. So asked her if she has a plaster for my son she said she has only one small piece i said can i have another please? Reply was sorry don't have scissors to cut it! I'm like what??? No one has a scissors to cut the plaster....WOW DINNER ROOM Often cutlery/napkins missing no one around to give you any....worst is whilst you're eating they actually kind of force you to take the plates away and if you make the mistake of moving to get a drink then be prepared your half eaten food is gone. FOOD Poor choice of food and cheap as hell stuff being served to guests everyday. I'm cool with that BUT the worst is food shortages and if you ask any of the staff a question they just point blank ignore you. ROOMS Are okay with a old school TV FACILITIES IN ROOM No Kettle in room,Iron are you serious!!!! Asked reception for a Kettle to boil water for my baby daughters milk but response was sorry all 3 are out! So you only have 3 Kettles in the whole resort???? ROOM CLEANING You have to beg the cleaners to clean and change sheets I'm sure I could've listed so many more negatives but even after a week being back to the UK that i still get so angry with this resort and the staff. Ps. If you want your children to have a good time including the adults I AM FAIRLY CONFIDENT YOU WILL FIND A WAY BETTER PLACE THAN THIS BS!

This was our 2nd visit in 2 years. And I can honestly say we weren't disappointed. Our daughter needed some antihistamine as she come out with heat rash. The onsite nurse contacted a Dr for advice on medication and the reception staff couldn't do enough for us. She had one of the hotel drivers take me to find an open pharmacy, which were few seeing as it was a Sunday. They didn't want any money for there help. The food was very tasty and lots to choose from. A bit of advice, go at the beginning of meal times to avoid the rush. They have upgraded the hotel restaurant area and now have an Italian kitchen which cooks pasta and pizza fresh with your choice of topping. This area seemed to be a favourite. Rooms were cleaned daily and fresh towels every day. No complaints by us. Well done and thank you for a lovely holiday Labranda targa aqua park

Have just spent nine nights here and I can honestly say that I won't be going back there. My family and I are quite easily pleased and are not usually complainers but I need to leave a review. We arrived at 11am but couldn't check in until 2pm so were told to get something to eat and drink from the snack bar. When we asked "where it was" we were just pointed to the doors. Eventually we found the pool bar and were told snacks were in the other bar at 4pm-5pm - this was sandwiches,cold pizza and some pastries. You were only allowed one of each item which was put on a plate by a staff member.There was no bottled water,only plastic cups beside water machines. You were not allowed to fill up plastic bottles with water. A rule we had to ignore as we needed water at night because it was so hot. Pool bar opens 10am-6pm but we soon discovered pool bar opens when it feels like it,never before 10.30am, and closed anytime from 4.30pm. Other bar is then suppossed to open. A waiter told my husband that the bar was allocated 6 bottles of each spirit, whiskey,gin,rum and vodka, and when they have gone you have to go without. Bar kept running out. There were a few irate people when this happened early in the evening. Everything is rationed and it's suppossed to be All Inclusive. The beds were rock hard and the air con didn't work, in our room, and we visited the reception on 6 seperate occassions, each time being told somebody would meet us at the room to fix it. By 8pm and no-one had sorted it, dispite the man on reception telling me it was fixed,I lost my temper and made him come to the room. He then told me it wasn't working and the next day we moved rooms only to find the shower wasn't working properly.We wasted most of the day waiting for some- one to fix the air con so just made do with the shower. The air con was absolute rubbish. We never had enough towels and were constantly asking for towels, as were a lot of people. We had the same hand towels for a week and when we asked the maid to changed them,we were told to change at reception, because they were dirty.Everybody I spoke to had complained about something from beds,towels,air con, food queues. If only they all wrote a review the hotel might just get its act together. Meal times were manic. Never enough tables, glasses,cups and about 3 salt pots. Food wasn't all that,the same every night, but we didn't starve. Italian corner was a nightmare and you waited up to 30mins for a pizza. There wasn't enough staff and they certainly worked at their own pace. If you were French at this hotel you got better treatment everywhere. Entertainment was in the theatre where there is no air con and very hot.Mostly spoke in French. We sat outside in evening where there was live music but they played same songs every night, at least twice. On the plus side, the pools and the slides were really nice.The hotel was very clean and nice looking. This hotel is so disorganised, unorganised,chaos.You might have an enjoyable time if you didn't have any problems, once you got used to the way and times the staff work at. Unfortunately I didn't come across anyone who didn't have a problem. There is nowhere to put your luggage to keep it safe and is left in reception area. On our day of departure, a tablet was stolen out of one of the bags.

Ok, so this was was my second stay at this hotel - a week on the 3/4/17-10/4/17. First time I really enjoyed it but this time I absolutely loved it! It has many many bad reviews which is quite sad to read because I don't have 1 fault to state! The staff at reception are absolutely lovely who bent over backwards to help us with things such as trips to printing off our boarding passes! The restaurant.. ok food can be repetitive but is it not at home? I mean how many of us cook different meals every day of the week 3 times a day? the hotel itself was very busy and I cannot fault how well the hotel and staff dealt with and looked after everyone. As for the tax that everyone has to pay it is actually down to the booking people to advise you of this - not the hotel. We were all inclusive and the drinks flowed nicely in the heat especially around the pool but if you got too hot there was a very special man who would put your parasol up and come and check on you later to move it if needed! Now thats service! The slides - I'm an adult and loved them! The adult only pool was boring but of course it would be when you've sat at the other pool with an atmosphere and music. The pool bar is great and handy but some reason it gets you drunk :/ (bad joke) Bar staff are so friendly and will give you their right hand if needed! They worked so so hard! The rooms are spacious - just what you need and are cleaned daily unless you put do not disturb on the door (handy when hungover) I don't have children but the animation team worked very hard day and night to give parents a break plus the kids loved it and put on an odd show that everyone got involved with. Evening entertainment - Youssef (Moroccan Ed Sheeran) was AMAZING!!! I have actually asked him to sing at my wedding that I've decided to have in Morocco! He is amazing and just sings so well! I cannot sing his praises enough. A few of the staff names that I can remember all deserve a massive thank you and you all worked so hard!! Youseff, Medhi, Ashraf, one I nicknamed boss man! thank you again! We will be seeing you all again in September providing I have annual leave left! Ladies and gentlemen please please don't be put off by bad reviews, as we all know its easy to write bad stuff but no one mentions the good! Plus this hotel is so clean!!! I couldn't quite believe how clean Trust me you will all (any age) enjoy this place Happy holiday and thanks for reading. happy to answer any questions if I can :) Zara

Recently stayed here for a week our second visit and can not recommend enough . Staff are so friendly and helpful and the cleanliness of the whole hotel is phenomenal even at peak times . The bar staff are amazing and really make you welcome and work so hard constantly ashraf and mehdi especially . The entertainment team are great and the evening singer yousef is pure quality and a lovely guy would happily visit morocco again just to see him and the staff

I just got back from our family holiday on Monday 10th April - From the minute we got to our resort to check in we had to pay additional hotel/location taxes of £16 each which we wasnt advised of? Then my child and some what we were hungry from our travels but was told the restaurant was closed. They didn’t offer any room service or any complimentary snacks as there is no food left in the kitchen, I find that very hard to believe! And was told to book a taxi and go out to eat, which the nearest place was 20 mins away. So much for all-inclusive (although when we did eat food was not up to standard) or any form of hospitality which ended up costing me more. After returning and coming back to our room the AC unit wasn’t working and the room was like a sauna. When calling reception for help they told us that they didn’t have anyone to look at the AC until the morning and was advised to open the window (so mosquitoes can come a take bites out of us!). we had a very awful first night with our child crying/moaning because of heat. The next day we complained (we were not the only couples do so at the time) and was moved to a new room. However more inconvenience was caused on the third day as we had no water at all and had to use the main lobby toilets eventually a shower later that evening when they managed to fix the problem. Only to have no hot water issues a day later, I can somewhat get past having a cold shower but not for my wife or my 2 year old. Overall we feel like we have added more stress rather than feeling relaxed as one should when returning from a holiday.

I traveled here on 3rd April for a week as a group of 5, 2 adults and 3 kids aged 6, 10 & 10. I've stayed in Morocco before (at the sister hotel, Les Dunes Door in Agadir). Firstly the hotel is situated close to the airport so transfer was less than half an hour whcih was great after the many queues for passport control (about and hour) and a second bag scan (about an hour) we were more than ready to get to the hotel and start our holiday! Check in was a doddle and the lady at reception (can't remember her name sorry) was really friendly and although our room wasn't ready as we turned up just before lunchtime, we got our wristbands and went for an explore. Just outside reception is the main pool, which has a shallow end great for the smaller kids and goes up to about 1.5 meters in depth. The pool is a good size, quite bracing when you 1st get in as it is not heated, but it's fine after about 10 seconds or so. This is the area around where most of the daytime entertainment takes place, such as fun games, darts, dancing, yoga etc. Just up from there, past the pool bar on your left you can access the water slides, these were a great hit with the kids (and adults) and are open from 10:30am to 12:30pm and then from 2:30pm to 5pm (possibly 5:30). There are 2 "slow slides", the curly white and yellow ones that are perfect for younger kids, and 2 faster ones, the blue and orange ones which were great fun. Just to the right of the slides is another pool, with no shallow ends approx 1.5 meters in depth, which was the lesser used of all the pools, and is situated next to the kiddie pool (with small slides and kiddy buildings), which is next to the kiddy club along with small park (swings, trampoline etc). The kids club looked really well run, full of activities and all the young ones seemed to be having fun, though none of our kids used it. The main restaurant can be a little chaotic especially if you don't get a table at the 1st sitting, it can be a hassle getting clean cutlery and glasses once a table has been used once. The food itself was great with lots of choice each meal time, some of the options were repeated such as the lamb tangines, but there was always plenty of choice along with the hot plate sections where omlettes or fried eggs were made to order at breakfast or stir fry, fresh chicken, burgers or fish dishes were made to order at lunch or dinner. The red wine was pretty decent and certainly drinkable at lunch and dinner. I would say that the restaurant staff are overworked and could do with a couple of extra hands to help clean away and re set up the tables. Any delays are not their fault, I didn't see a single one dawdling at all, just too much to do with too few people. The cosy all inclusive bar is fine, usual beers, wine, cocktails and soft drinks, the barmen were really good with the kids too (maybe because they always tried to order in french) and deserve praise for their hard work, especially with some finicky customers. The night time singer (acoustic) was also pretty good and created a nice atmosphere in which to enjoy a few chilled out drinks outside if you didn't fancy the night time entertainment. The entertainment was held in the main auditorium and was aimed mainly at the kids, starting with kids disco then a nightly show performed by various members of the animation team. The animation team were superb, left you alone if you wanted or involved you if you were up for that particular activity. A special shout out to Jimmy, Waime, Oumaima and the other lady who's name I can't remember. They were all superb. We didn't use the Spa so can't comment on that, nor the quiet pool (which looked very quiet if that's any help). As others have discussed the rooms are of a good size with a large shower room, shower always had hot water and good water pressure. We had a terrace with a small table and 3 chairs. Cleaned daily with fresh towels and bedding so no complaints there at all. We would definitely come back to this hotel, hopefully the management invest in a few extra hands to help out in the restaurant at meal times as that would be my only recommendation. Happy to answer any questions if you think I can help.


LABRANDA TARGA AQUA PARC is located within a 15-minute drive of Palais des Congres and Place du 16 November. This 3.5-star resort welcomes guests with 245 rooms and conveniences like a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and free self parking. Jamaa el Fna and Menara Gardens are also within a 20-minute drive.


Free breakfast is included with your stay. Enjoy a leisurely bite to eat at L’orangeraie, the resort's onsite restaurant. Order from room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room.


LABRANDA TARGA AQUA PARC's 245 air-conditioned rooms provide safes and phones. Guests can expect to find 26-inch flat-screen TVs with satellite channels. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries.

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At LABRANDA TARGA AQUA PARC, guests enjoy a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and a children's pool. There's free parking and a free area shuttle. The front desk is staffed 24/7 to help with luggage storage, and answer any questions about the accommodations. Other amenities at this spa resort include a fitness center, a sauna, and an outdoor tennis court.

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