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Strand Hotel Terme Delfini

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Right from the first moment in this hotel is characterized by arrogance and unprofessionalism an incredible dirt. In the hotel I had paid for two nights 12 and 14 March 2017, but as it has addressed the immense hotel in which I stayed days before I decided to stay even for one day extra Sorriso wellness resort and spa ( which was perfect) by 12 March within circuit after Ischia I came on March 12 to accommodate Strand Hotel Delfini. I got room number 301. March 13 I also came with baggage. What was my horror and surprise when the receptionist refused me a room key with a team that has not yet been tidy in vain .. I explained that I stayed yesterday I only dont slept in the room and therefore have nothing to clean up. I have not been understood. elderly lady on reception was incredibly annoyed and shouted something in Italian. No one ever does not understand English. Nobody does not understand to any other language. Finally they called to the Director of the hotel which I status clarified. He then was given a room key. The room was musty and very cold. I asked why the telephone number of the director of the hotel, which I asked for burnings in the room and taxi to 8:00. when I came into the room in the evening was also smelling and unheated again, I claimed for state rooms. After an hour repairman who came not correct. It was the worst night in the worst hotel. If the owner of the hotel knows the off-season run continuously establishes the standard of the hotel should close it. Significant unprofessional staff, however, was the biggest disappointment. I do not recommend !!!

The hotel is perfectly situated by the sea with a nice view of the Castle. You can still perceive its fashionable past but the hotel lacks of basic maintenance and it is falling apart. A real pity as its potential is undeniable.

Hotel and Room: The hotel is in a good location, served by bus, however we recommend to rent a moped or a car to be able to move freely on the island and to easily reach the center. The hotel is very nice and offers a beautiful view of the sea and the Aragonese castle. It is clean and the staff is friendly. In low season the exterior is poorly maintained though. Spa: There is a small thermal pool and spa treatments on request in the hotel. Although a price list is provided, it is good to clearly establish the price and type of treatment. I chose a relaxing massage for the whole body, and I received a terrible back massage only for 20 minutes. It wasn't the first massage I had and I can assure that this was everything but relaxing. At check out we were charged the cost of a lymphatic drainage massage of half an hour, 40 euros. To my request for explanations I was told that I should have complained to the beautician and that I should have been more precise in booking the massage. Not professional in my opinion. My wife had a facial from the same beautician and was quite satisfied. Included in the price of the room you can use the thermal baths of the hotel Parco Verde which is about 10 minutes away by a free shuttle service provided by the hotel. There are outdoor and indoor thermal baths, steam room, cervical shower, a small gym, and spa treatments on request. The baths are good, but there is no changing room with showers. Only a very tiny room with 3 lockers open to everyone where to leave the clothes. The pools are OK, but bathrooms and common areas are quite dirty and unkempt. Food: Dinner is served in the same hotel, (at least when we stayed in November). The menu is either fixed or with choice of 3 courses, depending on the evening, the food is decent but not special. Drinks are not included in the half board, and here is where that they tried to trick us. In the 2 dinners we had, we bought 1 bottle of wine per meal priced 12 euros each (poor quality wine by the way), and in the final bill on departure we were charged 20 and 16 euros respectively. On the order they made me sign at dinner the price had been added afterwards. At our objections we were told that it was our fault for signing before the price was added and that prices were communicated by the other hotel, denying the price of 12 euros on the menu. (See photos receipts and menus) Absolutely not happy with the explanation given, my wife and I went to take the menu from the other hotel, brought it back and received a refund. We did not do it for the 12 euros, but for a matter of principle: it is really sad and frustrating to understand that tourists who are not locals are systematically charged with extra costs assuming do not notice it or they are dismissed with inconsistent explanations, since they can't or don't want to waste time as we did, to defend their rights. 2 Italians emigrated abroad (also for these reasons) Tip: Beware and take a picture of any price list.

I had a wedding there on October 1st 2016 and the only thing I can say is that this place is outstanding for its location and especially for the owner Raffaele and the Maitre Michele ... Those are 2 people that u can't find anywhere else on the island. I am from Ischia island and I felt in love with this place, the thing that made me to choose this Hotel for my reception is the owner Raffele that makes you feeling always welcome in any occasion and he helps you for anything you need. The rooms are you can see from the pictures!!! The view of the Castle is like being in a dream..u can almost touch it!! I am really gland that my wife and I made this important choice staying with them. I want to have an other wadding there!! ☺️ Being from the island the only thing I can say is test to see if I am wrong!!

This hotel is a mixed bag, for sure. Some real minuses, but some pluses, as well. If you don't want to read all of this, here's the summary: I would stay here again, IF THERE WERE NO WEDDINGS TAKING PLACE. AND I WOULD DOUBLECHECK THAT BEFORE GOING. The good: 1. The C12 and C13 buses pick up literally right out in front of the hotel. It's ridiculously easy to catch the bus into Porto (in order to catch all the other buses going everywhere else, or just to enjoy the restaurants, shopping & bars of Porto). 2. It's a lovely hotel. Beautiful tilework, lovely lounging area outside of lobby area, our room was lovely. 3. It sits in arguably the most cove/coastline area on the island. The scenery is spectacular. Now the problems: 1. There was a wedding during our stay, which closed off the beautiful pool & lounge areas to hotel guests. We were extremely unhappy about that. I booked the hotel specifically mid-week to avoid being there during a wedding, but sure enough, there was a mid-week wedding during our stay. Complete with a 30 minute fireworks show that started around 11pm or midnight right outside our window and it was LOUD. EXTREMELY LOUD. We had to endure that & prayed for it to end so we could just get some sleep. The hotel never made us aware of it, never apologized & did not credit us anything for the extreme inconvenience. 2. The staff was unfriendly at best, and outright rude at worst. The head waiter, an older gentleman, was openly hostile to us during the one occasion we made the enormous mistake of dining at the restaurant. Before we even could say "hello" to him, he looked angry to see us, never smiled, mumbled...we were never made to feel like truly welcomed & appreciated guests by anyone, at any point. 3. All those gorgeous yellow beach chairs & sunloungers you see in all the photos of this place ARE NOT FROM THE HOTEL DELFINI! THAT IS NOT THEIR BEACH AREA! That is from the stunningly beautiful beach club next door to the hotel, Gardenia Mare. Delfini has its own bathing platform, but it's small, basic and not gorgeous like Gardenia Mare. We never would have even seen the Delfini beach bathing platform, had we not gone to Gardenia Mare beach club & seen it across the way. 4. The shower is very complicated to figure out. There are no instructions, so good luck. Here's a tip--write this down & bring it with you: turn the hot/cold handle to your approximate desired temperature & then gently PULL IT OUT TOWARD YOU. And as ronispector mentioned, our tv remote control also did not work, but I went to the front desk, asked for fresh batteries, et voila, it worked. No english language stations, except for music videos (which we had a ball watching--all retro 80s videos) 5. The food is not good. I would not recommend dining in the restaurant. And how an Italian restaurant can get away with serving crappy instant from-a-machine coffee is beyond me. No real cappucino at breakfast?? COME ON! We stayed in the Premium room on the first floor, Grotta del Stella maybe I think it's called, and the room itself was lovely. The view was absolutely spectacular. Huge built-in armoire for clothes, a small (barely-working) refrigerator, a safe...gorgeous tiled bathroom, curtains open/close electronic by a switch by the bed...bed and pillows were comfortable...air conditioning not adjustable, but we never felt too hot or cold, it blew cooled air and kept us comfortable... Will you enjoy Delfini? Hard to say. Depends on what you're there for. We were there basically entirely for the view & to be in that pretty cove area. And we loved it for that. We stayed for 3 days. It's not perfect, and it could be vastly better with a few very simple tweaks (bathrobes in rooms; room service once a day; poolside cocktail service, small things like that). Would I stay again? Honestly, probably I would. It's so beautiful & the bus is so convenient. I was prepared to not like it at all, based on the reviews, but I did like it--parts of it, but not all of it. Having the Gardenia Mare beach club next door gives it bonus points. But without that spectacular beach club right next door, would I have loved it quite as much? Probably not. P.S. I told the hotel TWICE before arriving that it was a special occasion. No one at the hotel ever mentioned our special occasion or acknowledged it in any way at all. Also--for an affordable, nice meal close to the hotel, try Blue Moon Pizzeria just a few minutes right up the street from Hotel Parco Cartaromana.

Booked on line months in advance having read the web page which states 'The Hotel Delfini is like a jewel set between greenery and sea, overlooking the Cartaromana bay. An extremely romantic place, where you’ll find refined and elegant furnishings of the highest standards of décor as well as excellent service. Bathroom with tub or shower, adjustable air conditioning, TV, telephone, fridge-bar and security box. On arrival at about 3 p.m. having been travelling since 5 a.m. with two young children we had to carry all our baggage, push chair etc down many steps from the road into reception over several trips without the offer of assistance to be told our room was not yet ready. Asked if we could have something to eat and told there was no food available till 8 p.m. when dinner would be served. Eventually taken to the Prestige bedroom which was about half the expected size, not furnished well at all, handles off drawers, cheapest metal coat-hangers and drawers off the rails and thus difficult to open. Air con was not adjustable, telephone did not work and hand control for TV was broken. Shower needed special instruction and skill to operate and when it did it totally flooded the bathroom so much the cleaners were called to mop up on the first 4 days and then had to resort to hand held shower on most occasions. Breakfast was embarrassingly bad, coffee machine which clogged up and there were never enough cups, poor quality fruit juices, melon, melon or melon plus a few grapes for fruit and a few, not great croissants. Cereals in glass tower which jammed and an amazing daily shortage of bowls and cutlery. Absolutely no welcome from staff and gesticulations when asked for anything - such a bad experience we gave up and went out for breakfast (even though included) and never had dinner in the Hotel. On returning one evening we requested two teas and were advised they could not make tea as they had none. I knew in the dining room there was a boxful but I also have a few teabags so presenter the young lady with two bags who grudgingly agreed to make tea. We were then brought a bowl of ice and a glass of milk and cups and saucers all of which we discovered they were charging for individually. Unfortunately this was laughable. The Hotel and surrounding exterior on the same level are kept very clean by an exceptionally diligent lady who works constantly and takes a real pride in her role but the area’s leading down to the water are very tired and shabby and certainly not pleasant given the fantastic location or in comparison the neighbouring area. A free taxi service is advertised but was certainly never free although very good @ 2 Euro 50 per person to the town. Suddenly on two occasion over the week all guest use of the pools was withdrawn as weddings became the focus of attention and everything looked very attractive at the expense of all guests whose ability to swim, sunbath or access the main areas was zero. Evening noise and dancing went into the early hours followed by many large bangs and wonderful fireworks right outside the windows which would have been great if anyone had the courtesy to apologies or warn of this ridiculous inconvenience and totally unexpected imposition on the hotel guests. Before leaving I made reception fully aware of all my issues, received the word ‘apology’ on each accounts and an 'I know' to several but not one offer of any recompense, explanation or suggestion that they were trying to improve. This is such a pity given the location, view and potential as it was truly such a bad experience in just so many respects and what makes it worse is when they had the wedding parties they showed they could actually respect the customer and offer a good experience. Unfortunately this level of customer service, respect or attention was not shown to us and the level of management, staff training, quality of food and customer service for our party was very, very poor.

This is a lovely hotel with a very nice restaurant. Unfortunately, when we arrived there were no chairs surrounding TWO beautiful swimming pools. Although it was the first week in June we thought perhaps they weren't ready for the season. NO! they were setting up for a wedding and removed all lounges and chairs for the tables for the wedding that night. Hey, there were even fireworks at midnight that sounded like some advancing army were taking over. A flight of slippery tile stairs which had a garden hose and a vacuum cleaner midway down was the only access to the sea…and the haughty attitude of the staff when I questioned what was going on made me glad this was a two night stay.

this hotel is as beautiful as can be with fabulous views. however, you can see lack of attention in almost every aspect in the room and service. weird things like electrical sockets without cover (sounds petty but is indicative of lack of finishing), having the cable box tucked awkwardly behind the tv so that it cannot "read" the remote etc. however, the major issue is that the hotel's spa (As boasted on its website) is the size of a kingsize bed (i kid you not) and in fact there is a shuttle service to another hotel with a more reasonably sized spa (for free) as the spa at the hotel is basically good for one person only. also - the hotel is located some 10 minutes drive away from the center so any sightseeing requires use of a taxi or cab etc. this is not necessarily a bad thing but must be taken into account. as any dinner/ drinks outside the hotel require such transport. all in all we enjoyed our stay once we overcame the glitches - and the view is definitely one of the best on the island

My boyfriend and I stayed here for 3 nights in April for his birthday. I don't understand all the negative reviews about this hotel! Yes, there is some damage in the room, but it's only cosmetic and didn't affect our stay at all (see photo). We stayed in the room "Casa del Sole". Part of the lower shower wall was busted in, but nothing leaked. Our bathroom sink did have a small leak that dripped on the floor, but we put the garbage bin under it. The rest of the bathroom was great, beautiful tiles and huge shower with jacuzzi tub. There is even a radio and colored lights in the shower as well as 4 or 5 different water settings. Not a whole lot of counter space if you bring a lot of toiletries like I usually do. The bed was very comfortable, but the pillows were pretty hard. The balcony and the view are to die for! Overall the room was incredibly clean and nice. The staff was so friendly and helpful. The breakfast had a wide variety of options: croissants, cakes, breads, meat and cheese, fruit, yogurt and cereal, juices and water, and a coffee machine to make espresso and 5 other choices of coffee and hot chocolate. Since we came in the off season, it wasn't very crowded, but the weather was incredible, so we spent a lot of time by the pool. The chairs were comfy and there were plenty of them. The private beach was very nice and has access to the water (although it was still too cold to swim, at least for me). One thing that could be a problem for others is the hotel is located down a long flight of steps. I'm not sure if they have another access for handicapped or disabled folks, but beware of this if you're considering booking here, or call or email the hotel and double check, they do speak English. I would 100% come back to stay at this hotel if I am again in Ischia!!

Perfect quiet position in beautiful bay with outstanding views, approx 15 min walking to Ischia Ponte (good for health after too much calories from gelato :)). Nice breakfast with good selection, lovely decoarations, friendly staff, perfect pools. We have received upgrade for suite instead of booked standard room - very spacious, very comfortable and delightful. Would love come back again.

Via Nuova Cartaromana, 68 Ischia NA

Located in Ischia Ponte within a mile (2 km) of Aragonese Castle, Strand Hotel Terme Delfini is within a few miles (5 km) of other popular sights such as Castiglione Thermal Park. This 4-star hotel has 27 guestrooms and offers a private beach, an outdoor pool, and an indoor pool. Guevara Tower and Scogli di Sant'Anna are also a short walk from this Ischia hotel.


Start your day off right with a free buffet breakfast. Sit down for a leisurely bite to eat at the onsite restaurant, or enjoy a drink at the bar/lounge. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with 24-hour room service.


All of Strand Hotel Terme Delfini's 27 soundproofed rooms provide minibars, safes, and phones. Guests can enjoy free WiFi and satellite TV. Bathrooms offer hair dryers, free toiletries, bathrobes, and bidets. In-room massages are available, and rooms also include desks.

Property features

Strand Hotel Terme Delfini features a private beach, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool. If you decide to drive, there's free parking. Multilingual staff at the 24-hour front desk can assist with concierge services, luggage storage, and securing valuables. Other amenities at this beach hotel include a health club, a sauna, and a rooftop terrace.

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