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Tambua Sands Beach Resort

3.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We were lucky enough to find this absolute gem of a hotel to hold my parents 40th wedding anniversary dinner. Muda and his team were absolutely exceptional at bringing the event to life and had set up the most incredible table and feast for all our guests. They absolutely went above and beyond!! The food was the best we had in our whole time in Fiji - an incredible seafood buffet!I can't thank the team enough for all they did for us to mark this special occasion and we all look forward to coming back and staying at the hotel again soon. Thanks again!!!

Very nice and quite place to spend few days of relax. Staff are kind and always available to help you. Food is nice and fairly priced. The only not positive aspect of this place is that is very closed to the main road and during the night it might get a bit noisy.

This is a really good place to stay. We are six months into a round the world trip and had nine days here between New Zealand and the States. It is utter bliss! We arrived having booked a garden room and were upgraded to a beachfront Bure which was amazing! Just yards from swings in the tree overlooking the beautiful beach. This might be a three star resort because it doesn’t have air conditioning or TVs in the rooms etc but make no mistake, there are some five star touches here. The gardeners work incredibly hard and daily sweep the resort and the beach for the usual leaf and twig detritus making it super neat. The housekeepers do an amazing job tidying and leaving flowers on the bed and the food is really excellent. We are travelling as a family and the Bure was perfect for our needs, we loved that we could open the shutters and hear the ocean or listen to the rain (it is rainy season so this wasn’t unexpected) so peaceful and relaxing. The pool was great for the kids whilst I prefer sunbathing and they enjoyed many days in the pool. The staff are really something else. Tui and sunny especially for the activities and keeping the girls entertained, the ladies in the restaurant especially Kini, Losolini and Vilisi were all wonderful. Yes the service is on Fijian time but there’s no stress and no rush. We really enjoyed the activities especially the hermit crab race and the weaving (this was really excellent) and the children loved chatting to Lomi. We also loved the Kokoda demonstration. I honestly can’t think of any negatives - oh actually they could do with new pool cues and new table tennis bats as they are very worn out but really that’s just finding something as this was a wonderful place to stay. We visited sister resort naviti for a few hours to play tennis and swim in the pool. It’s very different, very nice but huge and much busier. We preferred the smaller quieter accommodation at Tambua but it was a great day out and close by. There is WiFi but you have to pay for it which we didn’t mind as it’s good WiFi. Nothing worse than paying for it if it’s rubbish but this was great. You could do without it if you’re not bothered but we like to stay in communication with people at home. It only works in the main area not in the bungalows but does stretch to the pool! My husband went out fishing on the reef and we walked along the beach crab spotting. The snorkeling in incredible. I could have stayed for hours in this underwear paradise. So many fish and corals to see. We also got the kayaks out for a trip which was fun and free too. The menu and kids menu is great, the chefs very accommodating as we had some changes we asked for and nothing was too much trouble. My daughter also particularly loved the three men who came in to play guitar and sing. Watching the phenomenal sunset on the deck listening to these guys play made me almost cry. It’s so beautiful here. I would stay here again in a heartbeat and we were very sad to leave. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get away from it all. Thankyou to everyone at Tambua Sands. We will be back one day I hope!! The Bulls x

I stayed here for 9 nights as a relaxing break in between a few months of busy travelling. I had booked a beach front bure and was lucky enough to be upgraded to one of the deluxe bures with a plunge pool. This bure was beautiful and was kept lovely and clean as was the pool. The food was delicious and very reasonably priced - I do not drink alcohol so cannot comment on the price for that. All the staff were very friendly, the manager would make the effort to say hello and check that everything was ok each time I saw him. The ‘entertainment’ staff were fantastic with the children staying at the resort, I could see they all made the effort to learn everyones names and would greet you everyday. One day I needed to go the a supermarket and some of the staff were just on their way out somewhere and kindly gave me a lift to the shop which was much appreciated. If you are looking for somewhere to relax, have great food with amazing staff - this is your place.

If you are looking for a hotel to stay in Fiji, the short answer is you MUST book at Tambua Sands. If you want to hear the reason why? Grab a warm drink, sit down and read on about our incredible family experience... I have been all over the globe, experienced some lovely moments, seen some horrible ones too. That is the world we live in, you get good, you get bad. At Tambua Sands, you get the good in the world that so many of us hop on a plane and try to seek out. This is why we travel, to enjoy moments that stay with us for the rest of our lives. I had one of those moments yesterday, when we left a Tambua Sands, an utterly breathtaking moment. But I'll leave that until the end of my review.. ;) We arrived to a fabulous hearty BULA from the security and door staff. We had our 2 yr old girl and 3 yr old boy on their first ever overseas holiday so everything was going to be delicate and we were nervous. Right away the kids got cuddles, hi fives and they quickly got over their shy tendencies when they arrive somewhere new. The desk staff called the General Manager to confirm our stay and we were given an upgrade to a beach front Bure. One of the giant Fijian lads then loaded our stuff onto a trolley and off we went down across the beach front to Bure #8. We had got some fruit etc in Nadi so our baggage was a bit heavier than normal but he had no worries in bringing it all across with us. Great effort great service very friendly in that department, many blokes in other countries that bring your bags are cold and want to get it done as fast as possible but this was not the case here. :) The beach was right there, so the kids wanted to (naturally) go see the reef and shells. We got some bread and threw it out and BANG out came a bunch of fish to feast on afternoon tea. The kids loved it. Remember, this was all just 50 paces from the front door of our Bure!! Then the swings and hammocks outside the Bure got a treatment from the kids too. My little girl wanted to go outside at dawn every day rain or shine to "swing swing", amazingly view to boot. The coconut trees surrounding the Bure were stunning and frogs and crabs were always around to entertain kids. Even I loved going out and looking out for them!! Remember, you're there to enjoy a different place in the world, you're not at home! The room had a queen bed for mom and dad, then a single for each of our two kids. A refreshing fan above would continue to spew cold air out around the room all week long while we were there. No TV, why do you need it? You're in the islands, if you want to catch up on some TV go to the bar they have cable TV and they even put cartoons on for our monsters when they were running around too much!! (Thanks Tui!!!!) Remember to look up when you are in the room, the huge high arched ceiling leaves room for dreaming when you dose off every evening to the sound of the reef and waves and nothing else but the occasional car down the highway every while or so. Towels were lovely and white and clean. Shower was lovely, hard pressure or soft just change the lever yourself. Hot will take about 30 seconds to come on, this is the islands and they value conservation so remember this, water has to be heated when it goes through pipes, it isn't a magical giant city where everything is instant. Island time, look it up!! Kettle and a desk to put our fruit on. The rooms were kept lovingly clean by Anti was the resident housekeeper and she has a broom that was surely sent from the gods!! The kids ran a beach load of sand in every single day, but she would come in and within minutes the floor would be spotless. When the beds were made (some days we didn't as the kids would nap in the day) their stuffed animals would be arranged on the bed and a lovely flower would be on their heads. Truly a loving craft to do such little touches, we were honoured by that and the kids leaped with glee when they saw it. Anti, I'll say it again, you're amazing and you look after that magical broom of yours!!! I forgot to pick one up in the village I'll have to try next time !!! The pool! It is a little deep for little ones like ours, but this just means parents get in for a cooling down as well. It's hot, it's humid, it's Fiji!! Get in the pool!!! We jumped around with the kids, they would jump over and over into our arms. Absolute bliss for them. When we were around the pool we met the activities boys. Sunny came and said hello and instantly I saw a man of humble positivity and honest love to what he does and the people he interacts with. The kids were offered a treasure hunt, but they were too interested on constantly jumping into the pool. "No worries! Next time!!!" We were told. No snobby, grumpy hotel staff here. Just folks that absolutely love what they do. Every day there is a Tambua SandPaper at the bar and hotel desk. Go grab it!!! They make a huge effort, it hasn't tide times and the activities events for the day, quotes and tales abound also. If you want to sit in your room and eat burgers and watch TV, do that at home! The activities guys (always in the blue shirt) will help with these daily options and it isn't like a babysitting service, they involve all the kids and adults alike to have a laugh have some fun and get involved. Watermelon smashing with a croquet mallet (blindfolded!!!), treasure hunts, table tennis battle-royale, crab hunting and crab racing!! It was all there. Kids were beside themselves with laughter and happiness. Kayaks with a see through bottom were available just get the life jackets and oars from the activities boys also! Don't go out on low tide you'll get stuck. The boys will know when to go, they're locals after all. We took the local bus into town the first few days to give the kids a taste of the world outside the hotel walls. But again they stepped up here at Tambua. They helped us figure out times for busses, the security desk at the front has timetables just ask !!! They always also had cuddles for the kids and time to chat to them. Lovely! You guys are the first face that people see when they walk in the door and it is a hearty loving Fijian BULA !! 5 stars. We went up to the top gate one morning and it was nearing a cyclonic rain storm. Sunny came back from somewhere in a van, saw the kids and went and said hi and hi fives. Wondering what we were doing in the rain he asked and when told he stopped the van, opened the doors up and the kids and us adults were offered a chance to hop in out of the rain and stay dry. He then waited for the bus with me in the rain while the rest of the group sat in the dry- waved the bus down even. That was humanity, generosity and way over and above his duty. The man not only deserves a raise but he deserves a huge reciprocated favour which I intend to do. He did not have to do that for us. But he did :) The hotel is approx a 15min bus ride from Sigatoka. I asked the lads at the hotel where was good to eat and they pointed out Raj's in town which was AMAZING. I was after a super hot curry and yet again Tambua did not fail me in assistance with advice. But the food at the hotel? Holy Coconuts Batman!!! My wife has been in hospitality for 20 years, she and I sat down to Wahoo fish poached in coconut cream and a Sirlion Strip Steak in black peppercorn sauce... the dishes were ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. General Manager was sitting across from us, after we had finished having a euphoric meal I went to him and noted the above. Which at the same time he stopped his meeting (he was having a coffee meeting) came straight over and discussed the meals with us and my other half again explained how perfect and stunningly the meals were done. The Wahoo melted in my mouth like pure bliss. The steak (remember I am from New Zealand we know our meat so I expected high things) was incredible. The peppercorn sauce.. wow. Just wow. We had kids meals also prepared and the kids chomped away at chippies and Grilled Cheese toasties while watching football on TV. The bar! I usually don't drink at home, while on holiday I'll have a few though. You're on holiday!!! I went through the local beers, which the ladies and guys behind the bar always obliged with advice and offered 3 for 2 happy hour and 50% off in the late hours while the kids were asleep. I then tried the local dark rum, then the gin, which the girls lovingly asked me if I wanted three shots all in one glass! I like how you girls party! But my wife would have a grumpy chat with me if I drank too much ;) They work tirelessly, remember island time when you visit- enjoy the vibe, say your please and Vinaka's and you'll get the same in return. For those wanting instantaneous service, sit at home on Netflix and don't be silly! On our last day a cyclonic rainstorm occurred. Two hours of rain much like the heavens themselves opened up. There is a storm outlet river running through the resort with bridges over the top. Within a few minutes the river was full, meters high when hours earlier it was dry with crabs trotting around it. Staff were quick to tell us not to worry the bridge was fine and it was safe. Finally, we had MahiMahi wrapped in bacon and a Thai Red Curry on our final night. Again, utterly fantastic. The Bacon wrap was a neat twist, which was fabulously presented. The curry fragrance wafted through the main hotel building grounds throughout the afternoon and it didn't disappoint. The hotel have tour desks with attentive staff ready to take your ideas and make it reality, we didn't use it as the kids are so young they loved just bolting around being kids- however do take advantage of this option at the hotel!! I now come to our final morning, which we left quite early. Breakfast was included in our stay every morning to which we had toast, cereals, lovingly crafted pastries or banana breads. Coffees, orange juice etc also. Sunny once again saw the kids and greeted them with cuddles, hi fives, then even got the kids some ice cream for breakfast as they were sad that they were going home. My son burst into tears when he found out he had to say goodbye to Sunny. We finished our breakfast and headed to the front door where Sunny told us to stop and wait there... What came next was something I surely will remember for the entirety of my life. A dozen staff members all from different aspects of the resort came out of nowhere, all the staff that were amazing to us through the stay.. Sunny began by saying that they would now sing Isa Lei, a treasured song in Fiji, we had came as their guests but we were leaving as their friends. A harmony came from them that took me, a grown man, to tears. My wife was bawling her eyes too. Even some of the staff were crying too. This was my first overseas trip with my children, I hold travel and certain places of the world very close to my heart.. for me, this was a new piece of the world that now was embedded into my heart forever to remain. It was so special for me as now my children experienced something so amazing that only tears of happiness could describe. Then to top it off, Sunny and some of the guys came up with our bags to the road to wait for the bus, then the General Manager also waited with us with our bags. Photos for memories, but our hearts were forever warmer for the time spent there. I have left Tambua Sands humbled, honoured, happy and counting the days until I can come back and visit again. My wife and I have already made plans for our next visit and I will book today. My Fijian is terrible, but... Vinaka Vaka Levu!!! Brad, Claudia, Oscar and Scarlett

If you want a holiday doing absolutely nothing this is the place! We stayed for 12 days and loved every minute. We were in the honeymoon suite (for our 40th wedding anniversary!) which had its own plunge pool - beautiful. Then another 20 paces you're in the coral lagoon watching or snorkelling with the fishies :) All the staff are so friendly & helpful, from Nancy at reception to Vilisi in the bar, Tui who looked after most of the activities, Sunny, Kini, Nena - way too many to mention but all wonderful. The room itself was great - outdoor shower & all! And yeah who cared if your lunch took a bit longer to arrive? Or dinner? it's Fiji time! Have another drink & chill out! One very minor thing - maybe have another vegetarian option for dinner as per a previous review? Or have a daily specials board? Having said that all the meals we had were excellent every single time. And the owner was always around asking if everything ok. The last time he asked I said no & he got really upset but it was because it was our last night! And the staff sang a Fijian farewell song to us - so unexpected but absolutely lovely - a few tears were shed too. We will definitely be going back - can't wait!

My partner and I stayed in the ocean view Bure (Bure 19) and We absolutely loved it !!!! The staff are so nice it made it hard to leave , the food is pretty good but the cocktails are to die for !!! If you’re wanting a relaxing getaway right on the beach then look no further !!!

Living and working in a huge city, my spouse and I wanted to spend our holiday somewhere we could just relax and unwind – Tambua Sands was the perfect place!   Location – All the pictures you see have not been doctored.  This is really what Tambua Sands looks like.  If anything, photos don’t do the place justice.  The grounds are beautiful.  The mountains to the north are lovely.  And then, of course, there is the amazing lagoon and the ocean to the south.  What more could one want? Grounds/Accommodations – Our bure was amazing!  50 yards from the lagoon.  Our own little porch. Nothing fancy, but who needs fancy when you want to spend all your time outside strolling on the beach, relaxing in hammocks, at the restaurant (inside or out) or out in kayaks.  And then of course there is the snorkeling.  We snorkeled every single day we were there and it never got old or repetitive.  It was a whole new adventure each time we went out with so much to see.  One complaint is more on some of the other guests.  Though there were signs saying ‘No Fishing’ in the policy book, for some reason a few guests decided to do so anyway and for long periods of time.  We’d like to see Tambua Sands be more forceful in enforcing the rules and protecting the marine life of the lagoon. Food – Delicious!  Staying at a self-contained resort can be a little worrying.  Unless you have a rental car or want to book a taxi, you’re kind of at the mercy of the on-site restaurant.  Which was fine by us!  The food was delicious, varied and ample.  Just don’t plan on grabbing a quick bite.  The food is made to order – which means someone starts making it after you’ve placed the order.  So sit back, relax, have a drink, enjoy a conversation and watch the sunset.  Remember – you’re on Fiji time now! Staff – The staff were so helpful and friendly whether at the front desk, the restaurant, on the grounds, wherever.  We’d really like to thank Mr. Muda for his courteous attention to all the guests, Mr. Sunny for his assistance and help and Mr. Tui for generously sharing his wealth of Fijian knowledge. Tours – We knew in advance that we didn’t really want to do much away from Tambua Sands.  However, the few times we did decide to go somewhere – booking was so simple as there are two tour desks (Rosie Holidays and Skellys Tours) right on site. Cost – We couldn’t believe how reasonable staying at Tambua Sands was.  We stayed at Tambua Sands for 10 days (including Christmas and New Year’s) and the combined cost of our accommodations, plus all our food, our airport transfers and our tours was still less than our airfare.    So … would we recommend Tambua Sands?  Absolutely and without hesitation!

We stayed at Tambua Sands for just 3 nights on a layover in Fiji but we would have loved to stay longer. Quiet and low-key, the resort was right up our alley. We had a bungalow steps from the beach. It's nothing fancy but all you need for a great relaxing stay to get on "island time". The staff were super friendly, the food was good, the other guests were great. They run daily programming with hikes and activities for your kids (kermit crab races!). The snorkelling is perfect for kids because it is shelters by the reef and never very deep. My only slight negative was that they don't have a lot of snorkel gear so either get to the desk early in the morning or bring your own. We would definitely go back if we every have the chance.

26 years ago, 2 years ago for 6 days and last November for 10 days. The place has changed very very little. Still good. Right on the beach and friendly staff. The only thing to complain is the limited choices of food for vegetarians. Considering that there are no other restaurants around it make quite difficult for us to eat the same thing every day. I hope that the new Indian manager look in the matter.

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Hotel highlights

  • Free continental breakfast
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Tambua Sands Beach Resort is located 4.3 mi (6.9 km) from Kula Eco Park and 11.7 mi (18.9 km) from Lawaqa Park. This 3.5-star resort has 25 rooms and welcomes guests with free breakfast, an outdoor pool, and free self parking. It's on the beach and also within a 20-minute drive of Namatakula Beach and Sigatoka Sand Dunes.


Free continental breakfast is served each morning from 7 AM to 10 AM. Sit down for a leisurely bite to eat at the onsite restaurant, or enjoy a drink at the bar/lounge. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service, or get a quick energy boost at the coffee shop/café.


All of Tambua Sands Beach Resort's 25 rooms are air-conditioned and have an array of amenities, including balconies or patios, refrigerators, and coffee makers. Other standard amenities include ceiling fans and free toiletries.

Property features

Guests staying at Tambua Sands Beach Resort enjoy an outdoor pool, an outdoor tennis court, and free WiFi in public areas. There's free parking, and an airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for FJD 130 per vehicle one way. Multilingual staff at the 24-hour front desk can assist with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach resort include a meeting room, a business center, and a computer station.

Room options

Beachfront Bure (1 Double and 2 Single Bed)

Full 1 | Sleeps 4

Beachfront Bure (1 Double and 1 Single Bed)

Full 1 | Sleeps 4

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