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Shangri-La's Fijian Resort & Spa

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We stayed at the Shangri-La for a week as part of a family group. When I had read the reviews I was quite nervous and unsure what to expect but we had a lovely time. We made the most of the ocean (my partner and I didn’t even use the pool) and made the most of the amenities at the resort and near by. Our room was very clean, bar the fact that we were missing things from it, it was nice. The staff were all very friendly! The food at the resort itself was alright but quite expensive. Would stay again but would perhaps rent a car and explore other places to eat. The views the Shangri-La has to offer are breathtaking and you can’t help but admire them!

There is a lot of construction going on with closed restaurants and bars and the kids pool has only just reopened. I was also not happy that the website showed photos of the kids pool and talked about the bars and restaurants and yet some of these were closed! To me this is false advertising. There is a disclaimer on their website but only on the booking page. If you book through a third party you will not see this disclaimer. My boys were also looking forward to the arcade games shown on the website but these do not exist. Two blocks of units are under construction and one is complete but not yet open. As it was, I would say the pool, beach and restaurants were at capacity. Once these three blocks open I imagine it would be way too crowded. The food is actually ok. Only issue is that it can become boring after a while. The main buffet restaurant though can become downright feral. I’m sure my kids contributed to this. The material chairs were covered in stains. We rarely went to this restaurant as it just wasn’t a pleasant experience. Food is expensive so make sure you double the cost of accommodation to account for this. We went to Stallions down the road one night which was quite good. Some of the traffic drives too fast through the resort. They need to slow down as there are a lot of kids running around. Rooms are a bit grotty and old. Housekeeping often didn’t give us enough towels and we had to keep ringing for more. I think when they had several people cleaning the room they would place some flowers and do cute stuff with the kids soft toys which the kids loved. I think this was all dependent on whether there was the one person rushing though or multiple people servicing the room. Staff are generally really friendly and helpful. Marley the pool fun guy is great. I was also really glad to see a life guard on duty which was something that Castaway Island didn’t have and I thought was needed. Excellent free wifi throughout the resort which I believe is a must at every hotel. Kids club was not exciting enough and so my older kids (five and seven) rarely wanted to go. This impacted the relaxing time for my wife and I. The frog hunt and race sounds cute until you realise the “frogs” are Cane Toads. Management please note: “When the toxin is squirted onto the skin or into the eyes, first aid should be performed immediately. Cane toad toxin can cause pain and severe irritation to the eyes and temporary visual disturbances. First aid treatment includes washing the eyes, mouth and nose with lots of water. Seek medical attention. If toxin is squirted into the mouth, immediately flush the mouth with water and take the patient to the nearest hospital that has an emergency department. When swallowed, the toxin may affect the heart, blood pressure and breathing and can cause paralysis, salivation, twitching and vomiting. Death is possible in severe cases through cardiac arrest, sometimes within 15 minutes.” One small thing. I really like lit torches around a resort at night which many other resorts have but Shangri La doesn’t. Snorkelling off the beach is quite good. Sunsets are beautiful. Careful around the Beach Bar and Grill at night as it is a beacon for every sea snake in Fiji. Also watch for Lion Fish especially around the concrete blocks that weigh down the floating platform and the adventure park. The hotel is generally well organised, they respond to emails and generally provide what you ask for and I think it does what it does quite well. The same way that McDonalds and Ikea do what they do well. Is it for me? Probably not. I prefer the more lush resorts of some of the islands and the food packages that go with them so you don’t need to think about food but otherwise the staff are quite good and friendly, the kids had fun and the resort runs well and knows what it is doing.

Enjoyed a few days with my husband at the resort. It is like a town in itself with 4 restaurants and 3 pools. The resort has a restaurant and a pool for adults only which is good when you've left your own children at home. We used the Spa and it was fantastic: almost it's own little world, tucked away from everyone, very peaceful and relaxing. Really good for children though and I am looking forward to coming back with my children as there are plenty of activities to do while the parents can still relax. The staff are amazing: helpful and smiling.

We had the best family holiday. We have 2 boys, 8 and 9. We snorkelled, swam, ate like kings, every one of us loved it. We will be returning. The staff were fab- jay deserves special mention for his efforts poolside. Lifeguards fun and friendly too. We didn’t need kids club, but loved movies on the beach but Boys found disco a bit young- I guess it depends on who’s syayjng at time. Small things that didn’t bother us but you may need to know, kids bed was a sofa and a pull out, our kids just fitted on. Advise for a ground floor room as then kids can run free and extends your room floor space. Thanks for having us, hope to see you soon

Our first time in Fiji. My 61st country, but first time ever staying in a 5 star resort rather than at a backpackers, on a tight budget. Enjoyed first-ever ride in a (Shangri-la arranged) hybrid fuel taxi from the airport, and our driver was happy to oblige when we wanted to stop and buy mangoes from a roadside stall. He also taught us some Fijian: Kerekere = please (sounds much like the NZ town Kerikeri) Kakana = food (kakana rhymes with the Japanese word sakana [fish]) Waitui = sea Sisili ki waitui = swim in the sea We already learned Bula (hello) and Vinaka (thank you) before leaving NZ. Our kids couldn’t wait to swim and were in the sea at about 6am (7am in NZ due to daylight savings) until the Lagoon Pool opened. An artisan at the resort created a high quality hat, made from coconut fronds, for our daughter. Unfortunately we gave up the hat for destruction at NZ customs as fumigation would have cost over $NZ90. Some birds on a string, bought from a handcrafts shop and made of the same material, were fully dried and allowed entry into NZ. Perhaps if the hat had been worn in the sun more, rather than left in our room, it would have been sufficiently dry not to be rejected. Hats are made to customer’s size, so some sort of oven-drying option could be a good addition as a one week stay leaves the hat still looking rather green. Still worth getting one even if it’s only worn for a week. Our kids LOVED the new water park, consisting of an inflatable course on the sea. It opens at 9am when lifeguards are on duty. We used it daily, and it’s free. You have to leave your dignity back on the beach because you will repeatedly fall in an ungainly manner into the waitui. There’s a Little Chiefs’ Club, but our kids (10 & 11) tried it and felt they were too old for it. I think the resort does create extra age groups in this club if numbers of children are high. Occupancy was probably down due to some rooms being under renovation (which was totally unobtrusive for guests). Our room near the Lagoon Pool was very good. Not huge if you have a couple of extra beds for the kids, but of adequate size, and the bathroom was very big. Wet swimwear etc dried out on the balcony. We have connections with Japan, so were happy to be able to access NHK on the TV. Wifi was pretty reliable, only going down briefly once or twice. I took work with me to Fiji, but ended up only doing it on the plane, and the first evening, so as not to waste a good holiday. In the evening, we played ping pong and table soccer in the games room. You can take a bus into Sigatoka, which is a fun experience. A new card system was introduced on Oct 1, which has caused a fair amount of confusion and some complaints from local users. Taxi drivers by the bus stop may tell you these cards are not available for tourists. Either they are protecting their livelihood, or the system is so new that they have not yet figured it out. An on-line search revealed that tourists can get temporary cards from bus drivers, so we went to Sigatoka (say Singatoka) on a local bus, using a $2 card. It costs $1.55, so that won’t get you back. English appears to be the language of commerce and is widely spoken - the official language. Makes communication a breeze. Locals are very friendly and helpful. Kula Eco Park is worth a visit. This award-winning attraction has reptiles, fish, coral in tanks, plants, and birds in walk-in aviaries. The kids enjoyed riding on the 300m zip line, and a long water slide. Pizza, beer and ice cream all reasonably priced at the café. In Sigatoka, our daughter got her hair braided for half the price quoted at the Shangri-la resort, although the beads soon started falling out. We got it done again at the Shangri-la. We lost a waterproof bag and camera at the water park. Snorkelled but didn’t find either, later learning that our second identical camera floated, so we should have grabbed a canoe and searched the surface, not the seabed. The current and wind would have carried it. No big loss as just a few waterpark shots on that camera. We told the hotel staff that we lost the camera, so they would know who to return it to if someone handed it in. They actually went looking for it, which is going above and beyond the call of duty. We only had good experiences with resort staff. They really made an effort to ensure we enjoyed our stay. Loved the buffet breakfasts. Only complaint is that the chocolate fountain for dipping fruit in, or coating your ice cream with choc, is not big enough to swim in. We were initially a bit confused as to whether breakfast was included in the package or not, so make sure you clarify that. We went on a Shangri-la tour to Cuvu kindy & primary school, then a village. This tour was interesting and worthwhile. You can mingle with the kids at interval and enter the classrooms. There’s a donation box. The village visit included a welcome and kava ceremony, a dance, and a pressure-free option to buy handcrafts. Went snorkelling a few times just beyond the roped off swim area. The coral was not spectacular, but we saw schools of colourful fish, blue starfish, and a moray eel. We were relieved not to encounter deadly species that are present here, like lion fish, sea snakes, jellyfish, stonefish, crown-of-thorn starfish, but apparently if you’re just looking you should be OK. Could go on a proper dive tour to the best spots. October 10 was both Fiji Day and our daughter’s birthday. The resort had activities in or near the pool on a daily basis, such as fish-feeding. We took part in a Fiji Day competition that included a coconut dehusking and milk extracting race. We might very well return to Fiji, and perhaps do some other Shangri-la tours. For a backpacker, indulging at the other end of the spectrum is an experience in itself… one I could get accustomed to rather easily.

Good resort for family holidays Lot renovations going on when we visited So should be good for after Xmas holiday makers Resort has plenty activities inside so it’s safe n secure for family’s Sunsets are amazing also Food was just average Rooms clean Snorkling was the best

After having a somewhat disappointing holiday at Christmas, the whole family were really looking forward to coming back to the Shangri La. This would be our 3rd trip in 4 years and we made friends with some of the lovely staff and were looking forward to coming back. We booked almost 12 months in advance directly with the hotel specifically requesting the same room we stayed in on our previous visits and after 2 separate emails following up this request we heard nothing. 2 days prior to check in we received an email advising us that the resort was undergoing some renovations but noise would be kept to a minimal, but unfortunately the main pool (the big draw card) would be closed due to the renovations. Still no mention of the room situation or previous request. Upon arrival we were checked into a significantly smaller room because 3 wings (the larger family rooms) were closed to renovations. Even though we asked to speak to the Manager to double check our booking they were adamant that this was the room we had booked and we were in the right room. Given that we had been there several times before we knew in effect we had been downgraded. But what could you do they won’t budge so we had to accept it for what it was. The food is still overpriced and alcohol is equal to AUD dollar prices. The staff are friendly and helpful. But due to some obvious changes the overall feel of the resort has been somewhat lost. Sitting on the beach listening to the jack hammer and construction site sounds was not pleasant and the view of constructions boards from our veranda was less than ideal. Overall we had a much better experience in Fiji when we visited friends and restaurants outside the resort. Unfortunately, we won’t be going back and I am not sure I honestly recommend for the price.

This is a great alternative to Nadi resorts, as it is about 2/3rds the price of the same accommodation in Nadi. It is also less busy, the hotel is occupied and plenty of people stay, but it is spread out over large grounds and the population density is not like those hotels in Denarau. That being said, if you are over in the beach bures, it is quite a long walk to facilities, you can order a buggy, but with Fiji time that can be anything from 5 minutes to half an hour! To walk to breakfast or the bar from the furthest bures is about 10/15 minutes max. The resort is now nearly 50 years old and there have just been renovations for the lagoon view rooms and all the main pool facilities and bar, so this should now be pretty good, but we didn't see that. If you are not too bothered that the paths are concrete and from the 1970's then it is a great place. The real star in this place is the staff, they are great and will look after you (so long as you respect them!). They really mad are our stay and just for this alone I would go back. The same can not be said for some of the heavily crowded Nadi resorts. You experience the same price for booze and food here that you do in all resorts, but you get that everywhere, if you are not willing to pay hotel prices, then don't come to Fiji, it is the same everywhere.

Our family of 5 stayed at the Shangri-La for 9 nights from the 13th of September 2017. We would like to thank all of the Shangri-La staff who made our stay as enjoyable as it was. We particularly loved the snorkelling and water activities. The water park was tremendous and staffed by very knowledgeable staff. Our kids loved the food at all the restaurants while us adults particularly enjoyed the Beach Bar & Grill and the friendly service of our lovely friend Ulawesse. We had such a tremendous time and will be sure to return next year. A big thank you to Jai who arranged the poolside sporting activities for the kids, all of the staff were simply tremendous. Thanks once again

My husband and I were staying in Shangri-la as our start of the Fiji vacation, we chose this branding hotel and expected the level of the service and experience as same as we have been stayed in other 5star hotels. Sadly, it was a great disappointment. The staff are friendly though, but obviously no proper training and low efficiency. We got checked in at 7ish pm and got trapped in a buffet which cost us FJD65 (remember there is additional 24% VAT)per person because all other restaurants are either closed or under renovation or only take pre-booking and there is literally nothing special on the buffet, of course drinks are not included. The rooms are dated, however some credit on the view out in the balcony, I found a cigaret butt in the mini garden on the balcony, that proved how they clean the room. Because everything is so overpriced, we got to buy some beer in the town, and we found out the bottle opener mounted next to the mini fridge was broken, so we call the room service and they have questioned my husband 3times if the bottle opener was broken!!!!! To our surprise, they said they don't have any bottle openers and would like to send someone to our room and see what he can do!!! WHAT?? Finally, we managed to open it, and the staff knocked our door an hour later and lent us the opener... I'm speechless. This hotel is very very poorly managed, you. An feel the staff are dis-oriented, so if you need to arrange/confirm anything better to make sure you have enough time for them to sort out for you!! Another highlight, the train ride, just don't take that! That's a tourist trap, It's a warning !

Yanuca Island, Coral Coast Yanuca Island

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free valet parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Shangri-La's Fijian Resort & Spa is located within a 15-minute drive of Lawaqa Park and Sigatoka Sand Dunes. This 442-room, 5-star resort welcomes business and leisure travelers with 3 outdoor pools, a private beach, and a golf course. It's on the waterfront and also within a 30-minute drive of Tavuni Hill Fort and Natadola Beach.


There are ample dining options with 4 onsite restaurants, including Lagoon Restaurant, which has ocean views. Savor a meal from the privacy of your room with 24-hour room service, or get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café. For your convenience, a buffet breakfast is available for a fee.


The 442 air-conditioned accommodations feature furnished balconies or patios and afford space to spread out with sitting areas. Guests can expect free WiFi and TVs with satellite channels. Beds are dressed in premium bedding and pillow menus, and bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries. Sofa beds, refrigerators, and coffee makers are other standard amenities.

Property features

Shangri-La's Fijian Resort & Spa features a private beach, a golf course, and a full-service spa. There's free valet parking, and an airport shuttle (available on request) for FJD 135 per vehicle one way. Multilingual staff at the 24-hour front desk can assist with dry cleaning/laundry, tours or tickets, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach resort include 3 outdoor pools, a children's pool, and a health club.

Room options

Deluxe Room, Multiple Beds (Ocean Family)

Full 3 | Sleeps 5

Family Room, Multiple Beds (Superior Lagoon)

Full 3 | Sleeps 4

Superior Room, 1 King Bed (Lagoon Garden)

King 1 | Sleeps 4

Superior Room, 1 King Bed, Ocean View

King 1 | Sleeps 4

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