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If you’re a travel addict, you’ve probably at some point thought about parlaying that love into a really great Halloween costume. This year, we’ve made it easy for you by rounding up some of the best travel-related costumes out there. Luckily most of them are easy enough to pull off before the big day. So whether you’re buying a costume or just extremely crafty, here are seven great ideas that are sure to be big hits at your party, or at least on Instagram. Bon voyage!

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DIY pop up camper

This camper costume deserves an instant “A for effort” because it actually pops up, just like the real deal. There is some effort involved to make this creation, so if you’ve got Martha Stewart’s skills and some time, consider constructing this epic get-up.

Airplane and cloud

Grab your kid or a just a sidekick and soar through your Halloween party with this classic plane and cloud costume. How cute is this duo? Just think, that could be you in just two weeks. You’re welcome.

Transamerica Pyramid

Zac Transamerica SF

You suddenly look taller. About 48 stories taller. Pay homage to  San Francisco’s Transamerica Pyramid (or any skyscraper for that matter) with this creative homemade masterpiece. Grab your jeans and a T-shirt, and then get your craft on with some cardboard, a utility knife and marker—and that’s it!

Nepal Flag

Pick your favorite travel destination—the choices are endless. Actually there are 195 countries, so your choices are not endless, but you definitely have some options. Plus, this seems relatively easy to make, especially if you choose a country like Switzerland or Japan: Take some felt, make an outline, and start cutting!

Travel bug

Pay homage to the bug that bit you and changed your life forever. This travel bug costume is so simple, but totally awesome and pretty cute. Especially if you’re a last-minute costume planner (hey, no judgment). All you need is this adorable DIY-able headband and a map of the world.

Carmen Sandiego and Where’s Waldo

Recruit a friend and dress up as these two timeless travel icons that hearken back to your childhood. If either of you gets lost at a party, it’s sure to turn into one big game of “Where’s Waldo?” or “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” So just keep them in sight on Halloween night. Wink, wink.

Flight attendant

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Happy Halloween!! 🎃 Here’s my Halloween costume from this weekend’s party! This was last minute since I was going to dress up as Georgie Denbrough from the movie IT (little boy with the yellow raincoat) and my husband was going to be Pennywise the clown, but his costume was too small so I literally had to order a costume Thursday for our Halloween party on Saturday. Thanks to #amazonprime I got my flight attendant costume for $40.00 (minus the gloves and shoes) yes even the handbag and I absolutely loved it!! Btw I have a fear of flying ✈️ even though I’ve been flying since I was 4, it really didn’t kick in until my 20s. I still fly but need a few 🍷🍷before I get on a plane. Any advice you have to help with this fear please share. 😘

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So you want to dress up AND look cute? Fine. The flight attendant costume is always a classic for that! Just don’t annoy other party guests by constantly telling them to turn off their devices or stow their tray tables. If you’re ready for take off with this costume, you can usually find it at any Halloween store or just order it online like the reveler pictured above did.

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