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Orbitz booking data shows that across America, pretty much everyone loves a good Canada, Mexico or UK visit. But each state also seems to have its own favorite destination, with its denizens visiting those foreign countries disproportionately compared to everyone else. Where do travelers in your state tend to go more than anywhere else?

Check out the map below to find your specific state info.


Western states visit the Philippines, Costa Rica, Thailand and Mexico. Live in the Midwest? Most of you travel to Mexico, Guatemala, Germany, China and the Bahamas—what a diverse list! The Southwestern states frequent Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico and India. Haven’t been? You should try it; everyone else is doing it. Most Southeasterners venture to Jamaica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, the United Kingdom and other happeningspots. And Northeasterners jet away to Costa Rica, Aruba, Jamaica, Peru and other exotic locales.

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Orbitz Travel Blog Editors

Orbitz Travel Blog Editors

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26 thoughts on “What’s your state’s most popular international travel destination? (infographic)”

        1. So there’s no coke smuggling from Columbia, by airline or Fed employees ? Big bust just last week. All the time. Thousands of kilos. The majority of all travelers to Cartahena and Cali are not smugglers…… but take off your rose colored glasses.

    1. That’s easy! You got Colombians out the wazoo living there! I run a B&B in the Boston area and we get a surprising number of Floridians who are from Colombia. During the Colombian Drug Wars many refugees went where else but Florida.

      Explain to me why Texans go to India? Is it the yoga or the vegetarian food? LOL!

      1. Why do Texans go to India …

        Call up Texas Instruments customer care center and see who answers the phone. (Any of the other Texas based tech companies will do.)

  1. How about; most people who live in Maine and use Orbitz to book international travel use it to book travel to the Bahamas. That would be an accurate statement. The most popular international travel destination from Maine is Canada. But no one needs to use Orbitz to book it.

    1. Great minds think alike! To be accurate they should do an avg including all major airlines information, not just what was booked with Orbitz, Expedia, etc…

  2. I agree with you Jonny. And the most visited country from Texas and California has to be Mexico, but people do not need to use Orbiz to book that travel either !!!!

  3. What is it with easterners and Jamaica? I’m 74, have lots of friends who travel, and don’t know anyone who’s been to Jamaica!

  4. I’m surprised that the top destinations for my home state of Vermont are not Cuba and North Korea, since that’s where the sentiments of the progs who have invaded from NY and MA, over the past 20 years, lie.

        1. For a country building a wall to keep Spanish speaking people out we certainly travel a lot to Spanish speaking countries.

          1. Idiot. Spanish people are from Spain. Also, no-one wants to keep Hispanic people out. We want to keep out any and all people who are attempting to enter illegally.

  5. Does your information exclude immigrants that came from those countries? If not your information is not accurate. For example I live in the State of Washington and we have a large population of Filipino immigrants ( I have worked with some, wonderful people ). Your information should only included people born in the USA I worked with a second generation Filipino born in the U.S he has no desire to visit there, while a gentleman born there has traveled back there. Please post the travels of U.S born citizens for a more accurate story!

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