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Do you know how to travel stress free between Thanksgiving and New Year’s? Some of us don’t. Here’s a breakdown of how to stay in the Zen zone while traveling during the holidays…

Plus: Have a laugh at one yogi’s way-overthought out-of-office reply (video).








Surprisingly, or not, a majority of people polled said they weren’t stressed about the “planning” part of traveling. But more than double confessed that planning a trip during the winter holiday season is more stressful than planning a trip during any other time of the year.

Women are more likely to be stressed than men, millennials stress out at higher levels than the 35+ crowd and travelers with children are more stressed about travel planning than those without munchkins at home.

To alleviate some planning stress, develop a trip schedule, book tickets for activities in advance and read customer reviews!



The key to stress-free holiday travel? Stay in a hotel for at least part of your escapade and don’t forget to schedule personal time away from friends and family.


Back toreality

37% of people reported they were very stressed or somewhat stressed about the transition from travel back to normal life mode.

To maintain a stress-free post-holiday life, remember a few simple things:

Don’t stay up-to-date on work during your holiday travels; don’t tell your office how to contact you while you’re away; try to stay in touch (at least somewhat) with what’s going on at home while you’re away.


OK, Have a merry day!


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