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Many airlines take added steps to make air travel more enjoyable for passengers. No, really. While some companies offer seats with a little more legroom, others have top-notch customer service, and some even go above and beyond with hidden extras. Some carriers even offer special perks that you may not know about. Check out these airline extras so that you can make your next flight even better.

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Langham Hotel Room

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A free hotel stay with your layover

Some airlines offer a great perk to travelers who have a long layover—a free hotel stay. This can make a long journey much more comfortable and allows travelers to get out of the airport for a few hours and get the rest they need. Air China offers an overnight hotel stay, free shuttle bus transportation between the airport and hotel, and a free breakfast. This incentive is available to passengers who have a layover under 24 hours in the following cities: Beijing, Dalian, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu.

China Southern also offers a similar perk for flights that have a stopover in Guangzhou. Passengers with layover under 24 hours are eligible for a complimentary shuttle ride from the airport to the hotel and back, a free overnight stay and breakfast.

Other airlines that offer hotel stays during layovers include Asiana Airlines, Japan Airlines, and TAP Portugal. Be sure to check with each airline before booking to better understand the terms and conditions for a free hotel stay.

Waiting Room (Baden Airpark Edition)

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Lounge access for all passengers

You may be used to airlines offering free lounge access to First and Business Class passengers, but did you know that there’s an airline that offers this perk to everyone? Canadian airline Porter invites all passengers to relax at their lounges for free. Here guests can enjoy newspapers, snacks and Wi-Fi before taking flight. Bonus: Travelers are treated to complimentary alcoholic beverages during their flight.

Free Wi-Fi on all flights

These days, some carriers don’t offer Wi-Fi, while others charge a fee for this added service. If you’re hoping to get some work done mid-flight, you’ll be happy to know that some airlines offer complimentary Wi-Fi. When you fly domestically with JetBlue, you’ll be able to enjoy Wi-Fi at no extra cost. This can make your flight a lot more fun!

Other airlines offer a free Internet connection in all classes, as well. Emirates now offers up to 10 MB of free data on many of their flights. If you want up to 500 MB, it only costs you $1. Norwegian also offers free Wi-Fi on many, but not all, of its flights.

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Outlets for all passengers

Have you ever been on a flight with no electric outlet and a dead laptop battery?

Fear no more! Some airlines offer outlets at every seat, meaning you can use your electronics without worrying about a drained battery. If you’re flying with Virgin America, all seats have outlet access. Most Alaska Airlines flights also include outlets at each seat. If you’re flying with Emirates, all A380 planes and many Boeing 777 aircraft offer access to outlets in economy seating. Be sure to ask about outlet availability before your flight.

Special extras for kids

Parents already know that keeping kids entertained on a long flight can be a challenge. Many airlines make this easier by providing top-notch TV shows and movies for children. Some companies go above and beyond and offer other extras to make life better for young flyers. When flying with Emirates, infants and toddlers will be given a commentary fluffy toy. Kids 6-12 years old can also take advantage of free activity kits to keep busy during the flight. Children between the ages of 2-12 can enjoy special kids meals.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi-based Etihad offers a Flying Nanny. Don’t expect Mary Poppins to come floating down the aisle, but what you get is just as good. This “extra pair of hands” can help with everything from getting the kids to bed to entertaining them with games, crafts and magic tricks. Free use of in-flight-bassinets and airport strollers is also included.

If you plan to travel with your kids, ask ahead about these special perks to make sure that your whole family has a great flight experience.

Flying doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Consider taking advantage of the above perks so that you can make your entire travel experience more enjoyable.

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