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In order to make exercise more exciting, most of us are looking for much more than your average workout class. We want something that will hold our attention!  Workout classes with animals are becoming increasingly popular and new class options are popping up all over the world.  Here are some of the coolest workout classes that let you exercise alongside cute animals:

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Porpoise-ful yoga at The Mirage Las Vegas 

Ready to get downward dog with a dolphin? At The Mirage Las Vegas, you can take a guided yoga class right in front of them. Talk about a relaxing and calm environment. The class happens right next to an underwater viewing tank! In addition to the one-hour class, participants get access to the spa facilities and a free smoothie.
Classes are held Friday through Sunday and a spot must be reserved ahead of time; plan accordingly! 

Photo courtesy: Expand Yoga

Upside down aerials that are doggone fun

Ever wanted to work out with your best pal? Now you can! Take an aerial yoga class with your pup at Expand Yoga in San Francisco, where both you and your furry friend can get active together. Spend 45 minutes working up a sweat and enjoy an additional 15 minutes of social time afterward. Snacks, treats, and water is included and you’ll also get to bring home photos and videos from the event.
The next classes happen Sept 9 and Oct 14; space is limited.

Photo Credit: Goat Yoga

Get goofy with goats

Another awesome and furry-friendly workout class is goat yoga. Originally created in Albany, New York, Goat Yoga now has its headquarters in Oregon City, Oregon. Due to its popularity, they also have locations in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, and California—so chances are there is a class near you. This class prides itself on being part yoga, part animal therapy. (Be prepared for adorable goats acting silly.) If you feel like stretching out, getting your exercise on, and letting go of bottled up stress, this is for you!

Do a downward dog with your dog

When you stay at Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos, your best fur pal will get the royal treatment including dog butlers who help care for your pooch (think walks along the beach), special gourmet dinner menus for pets, and “doga” classes! You and Fido can take the class together and practice Chaturanga while bonding together as human and best fur pal!

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Photo Credit: Ethan Covey

Take your practice to a-meow-zing heights!

If you’re a cat person, you’ll love the yoga and kitties class at Meow Parlour in New York City. This adorable cat cafe offers a place to relax and unwind or get some work done alongside cats! They sell tasty treats and drinks for humans. This cafe also partners with a local shelter, so cats are adoptable. Their yoga and kitties class is a special event held several times each month. Each session includes 45 minutes of yoga, 30 minutes to play and enjoy the cats, and a 15-minute cool-down period.

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor Pictures

Practice pilates with adoptable pups

If pilates is more your thing, you might enjoy the Pilates with Puppies class in Asheville, North Carolina. Located at the Asheville Humane Society, instructors from Cisco Pilates teach this beginner-friendly, mid-level class where adoptable pups are the star of the show! The best part is the class fees are donated to the humane society. Plan to bring your own yoga mat and a small hand towel to class. Be warned—you may just fall in love with an adoptable pup!



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