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Hotel Deals for Anchorage
Inlet Tower Hotel And Suites
Feb 18 - Feb 18, 2019
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$ 246.33
$ 88.78

Not sure where you should go next? Try Alaska. This state has got it all—beauty, adventure, passport-free travel—and is easy to explore, thanks to just about every major cruise line. Still not sure about it? Here are six signs a cruise to Alaska should definitely be in your future.

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  1. You’re ready for somewhere you haven’t been before

Bermuda? Seen it. Mexico? Been there. Europe? Done that. If it’s time for somewhere new, look no further than Alaska. The state’s unlike anywhere else, touting a unique history, jaw-dropping terrain, and majestic wildlife—so it’s perfect for shaking up your travel routine.

  1. A tan isn’t the first thing on your agenda

Okay, now it is possible to catch some rays in Alaska. Summer days can be warm (the sun shines for like 20 hours a day in July and August) and there are definitely some okay beaches. But a cruise to Alaska is more about adventure and action than lying on sand all day.

  1. The fam is coming with you

Round up the kids and the grandparents! Alaska’s the perfect backdrop for your next family vacay. That’s because, in this bucket-list destination, there are SO many activities for everyone. Whale watching, dogsledding, fishing—what kid or retiree could think of a better way to pass the time?

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  1. A summer getaway is what you’re looking for

Maybe you’ve already heard, but in case you haven’t, Alaska can be cold. (Like, really, really cold.) Because of this, most people don’t want to visit in winter (the coldest time of the year), so cruise ships only sail there during summer.

  1. You want to experience next-level excursions

Say so-long to boring tours and give a big hello to one-of-a-kind adventures. Go ahead—glide through the snow on a dogsled. Get your adrenaline pumping on one of the longest zip-lines in the world. Not afraid of heights? Soar over spectacular glaciers in a turbine helicopter. In an unexpected destination like Alaska, it’s fair to assume the excursions will be a little unexpected too.

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  1. You think wildlife is cool

Grizzly bears, bald eagles, blue whales—there’s no denying Alaska is home to some pretty incredible creatures. But if you’d like to see them, you’d better do it soon. The fact is that the climate is changing—and in the Last Frontier, you can really tell. Glaciers are rapidly shrinking, seasonal birds aren’t showing up, and walrus rest stops (aka ice flows) are not so slowly becoming a thing of the past.

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