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Skydiving, zip-lining and bungee jumping—there are plenty of thrilling ways to spend time on a cruise ship… and once you’re in port, there’s so much more. Say farewell to guided tours and bid (a few) beaches adieu. From helicopter rides over volcanoes to cave exploring in Belize, these shore excursions adventures are some of most adrenaline-packed fun you’ll find by sea.

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Helmet dive in Aruba
Have glasses? Don’t want to spoil your makeup? This underwater excursion off De Palm Island may be just right for you! Wearing a specially-designed helmet that keeps both your head and shoulders dry, plunge 25 feet below the ocean surface and get up close to vibrant fish and coral reefs while a marine expert guides you along the ocean floor. Experience it with Royal Caribbean.

Hover over a Hawaiian volcano
Turn up the heat over Kilauea (aka the youngest and most active volcano in Hawaii). Dubbed by the Travel Channel as the “hottest helicopter ride on the planet,” this excursion will take you a mere 500 feet above Kilauea, and you’ll feel the heat rising from it as you hover in a doorless whirlybird. Experience it with Norwegian.

Zip-line and cave swim in Belize
Get ready to explore Belize—above and below. You’ll test out one of the longest zip lines in the country, and glimpse wildlife in a lush tropical rainforest (if you can keep your eyes open, that is). After viewing Belize from the treetops, it’ll be time to check out what’s underneath. Put on a life vest, grab an inner tube, and get ready to swirl around stalagmites in the refreshing waters of the Caves Branch River. Experience it with Carnival.

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Chopper over a glacier and dog sled in Juneau
On this oh-so-seriously-cool excursion, you’ll see the impressive Mendenhall Glacier (a whopping 13.6 miles long) from a helicopter, and then touch down at a dog sled camp. After learning the tricks of the trade from professional mushers, you’ll zip through snow on a sled led by Alaskan Huskies. Afterward, chat with the mushers, take pictures, or cuddle with the husky puppies (obviously the best use of your time). Experience it with Princess.

Ride a hot air balloon in Tuscany
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s YOU in a hot air balloon over Tuscany! On this dramatic adventure, you’ll enjoy a guided one-hour hot air balloon ride over some of the region’s most iconic (and impressive) sites. When your time soaring over rolling vineyards, medieval towns, and charming villages is up, you’ll set down and toast to the day with a glass (or three) of Prosecco. Experience it with Celebrity.

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