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If you’ve binge-watched your favorite TV shows and are still craving more, it might be time take your pop culture obsession to the next level. Instead of waiting for classic casts to reunite (thank you, Gilmore Girls and Will & Grace for those reboots, by the way), hit the road and enjoy a meal at an eatery inspired by some of TV’s biggest hits. These cafes and restaurants lovingly honor, and in some cases recreate, the sets from many must-see TV shows. Whether you’re craving a Golden Girls-inspired slice of cheesecake or wonder how Walter White would brew a cup of Joe, these hip spots perfectly capture five great pop culture phenoms.

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Photo courtesy of Kayla Ferdon

Saved by the Max: Chicago
Journey back to the early ’90s at this colorful ode to Saved By the Bell. The pop-up diner opened in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood in 2016 and became such a hit with ‘90s nostalgia-starved fans that it extended its run through this May. In addition to its spot-on decor (the only thing really missing is Zack and the rest of the gang holed up in a booth) and menu of elevated diner food (there’s the Bayside burger, AC Sliders and a Senior Prom salad), the diner’s also a hit with foodies. Once it wraps up its run in the Windy City, the cafe will go on tour making stops in yet-to-be announced U.S. cities. Bonus points if you show up for your reservation armed with a cell phone the size of shoe.

Photo courtesy of @brooklyngringo

Rue La Rue Cafe: NYC
First of all, yes, this Golden Girls-themed cafe does serve cheesecake. The restaurant, which opened in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood earlier this year, is filled with memorabilia from the hit sitcom provided by late actress Rue McClanahan (who, of course, played Blanche). In addition to McClanahan’s personal photos and headshots, the room is decorated with palm tree wallpaper (inspired by the wall covering in Blanche’s bedroom), a replica of the Girls’ kitchen table, and the actress’s 1987 Emmy award. But back to the cheesecake: There’s a flavor dedicated to each character from the show.

Photo courtesy of @aaggiiee

George’s Bar: Melbourne, Australia
Seinfeld fans looking a place to celebrate Festivus will appreciate this Melbourne bar which serves as tribute to the show’s most lovable loser: George Constanza. Photos of the popular character cover the walls while the menu features toasted sandwiches with monikers like Art Vandelay (a double cheese sammie) and the Quitter (pesto, tomato and mozzarella) named in tribute to George. The bar hosts free Seinfeld trivia every week, and features a vintage Frogger game, so you can attempt to beat George’s high score. You don’t need a secret code to access the bar, but if you did we imagine it’d be Bosco.

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Photo courtesy of @andykozma

Walter’s Coffee Roastery: Istanbul, Tukey
Walter White, the main character on AMC’s buzzy Breaking Bad was a high-school chemistry teacher (turned drug maker), and at this coffee shop named after the main character, you’ll find java served in beakers and baristas wearing yellow jumpsuits. The cafe is filled with other subtle nods to the hit show and Bryan Cranston’s character. The Istanbul outpost was such a success that the owners have since opened locations in Brooklyn and Dubai.

Photo courtesy of @xintong__chen

Central Perk: Beijing, China
You’ll have to head to China to sip coffee in an oversized mug the way Ross, Rachel and the rest of the Friends gang did. A man in Beijing (affectionately known as the “Chinese Gunther”) was such a big fan of this must-see TV show that he recreated the sextet’s beloved coffee shop. Customers hang out on the giant orange sofa while watching reruns of the sitcom and enjoying desserts named after the show’s characters. If the couch is occupied, you can take your coffee to the next room, which is a replica of Chandler and Joey’s apartment—complete with a foosball table.

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