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The Jewish Festival of Lights lasts for eight days—oy vey!—and that can mean a lot of presents, but there’s no need to break the bank. For the travel enthusiast in your life, here are 5 great Hanukkah gifts under $30.

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Zabars Mug

Zabar’s Stainless Steel Travel Mug

We love that you can shop online at the NY-based gourmet and kosher food emporium and bring just about anything from this treasured Big Apple icon to loved ones around the world. But should you not feel like spending $329 on the Quintessential Zabar’s Basket or even dropping a somewhat more manageable $245 on the Don’t Be Homesick Crate full of yummy edibles, this handy stainless steel travel mug with the orange Zabar’s logo emblazoned on it means the world’s best urban market stays with you wherever you go.
Where to get it: $14.98 at

Ottolenghi Simple cookbook

Ottolenghi Simple cookbook

Ottolenghi Simple: A Cookbook

Israeli-British chef Yotam Ottolenghi is one of the most buzzed-about chefs in the world (And he doesn’t even have a show on The Food Network!). But if you’ve ever felt intimidated or overwhelmed by the recipes in his cookbooks such as Jerusalem or Nopi, his latest tome will have your skills in the kitchen upgraded to dinner party-ready in no time. It features 130 easy-to-master recipes packed with his signature Middle Eastern–inspired flavors, which means every dish will instantly take you back to the Motherland. We’ll raise a glass of Manischewitz vino to that!
Where to get it: $21 at


Meshugeneh the Monkey Chewish Squeak Treat Toy

Meshugeneh the Monkey Chewish Squeak Treat Toy

Chewish Treat Toys

A perennial favorite—we think, at least—these cheeky toys for man’s best friend put a permanent smile on the face of the giver while also delighting your loved ones who travel with their canine companions. Watch Fido go nuts over a plush Meshugeneh the Monkey, attack his bagel squeak toy or beat the stuffing out of Kvetsch the Crab. Most items fit easily into backpacks and carry-on bags. Also available are cat toys stuffed with catnip and other items for the fur ball in your life.
Where to get it: $6.50–$21.50 at

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StudioT7's Star of David iPhone case

StudioT7’s Star of David iPhone case

Star of David iPhone cases

There’s absolutely no need to settle for a boring iPhone case when there are literally thousands of unique designs available in the marketplace. There’s also no shortage of creative cases available with Jewish themes, including an I Love Purim sleeve to Hanukkah-themed cases emblazoned with the slogan “Eight crazy nights.” We happen to love the many simple and elegant designs featuring the simple Star of David as its logo. It offers the protection your mobile device needs with a dash of style, pride and reverence to go with it.
Where to get it:  Starting at $21.10 at

Lonely Planet's Israel & the Palestinian Territories

Lonely Planet’s Israel & the Palestinian Territories

Lonely Planet’s Israel and the Palestinian Territories

It’s hard not to be moved by a trip to Israel, whether you’re planning a multi-week tour, visiting on a budget or sending a child for their first time. We love that Lonely Planet guides are intuitive, informative, easily digestible and created with both the seasoned traveler and first time visitor in mind. Best of all, the books are expertly and beautifully written so even if an Israeli adventure is still in its nascent stages, this book will stir the imagination.
Where to get it: $24.99 at

David's Tea, 8 Nights of Tea

David’s Tea, 8 Nights of Tea

David’s Tea 8 Nights of Tea 

Start a new tradition of lighting the menorah while enjoying a freshly brewed cup of kosher tea. This gift set features a tin of loose-leaf tea for each night of the festival of lights. The variety of flavors (standouts include Blackberry Blizzard, Super Ginger, and Cinnamon Rooibos Chai) mean you’ll never have a boring cup, but since they’re all caffeine-free you don’t have to worry about being up for eight crazy nights.
Where to get it: $20 at

RBG dissent collar pin

RBG dissent collar pin

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dissent collar pin

Thanks to this year’s blockbuster documentary RBG, everyone’s favorite Jewish judge on the Supreme Court notoriously gained rock star status usually only reserved for, well, rock stars. As she explained in the movie, she wears a special collar when she dissents from Supreme Court decisions. The iconic fashion statement has been replicated as a 24k-plated enamel pin that can spruce up your favorite jacket or travel tote. Plus, 50% of the profits from sales of the pin will be split between three RBG-approved charitable organizations. Bonus points if you find a scrunchie to package with this gift.
Where to get it: $18.95 at

Ugly Kosher Sweater, available at Target

Ugly Kosher Sweater, available at Target

Kosher Ugly Hanukkah Sweater

Ugly holiday sweaters aren’t relegated to just that December 25th celebration, you know. This Hanukkah-specific beauty will turn heads because it’s the perfect amount of “ugly” (Menorahs that resemble 1980s computer clip-art? Check!) and the punny “Keep Your Friends Close & Your Family Kosher” takes the (apple) cake. Grab one for every member of your family, and you’ll have the perfect outfit for an unforgettable group photo—or, even better, a night out on your next family vacation.
Where to get it: $27.99 at


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