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You’ll find plenty of lists on the interweb reminding you of everything you SHOULD pack for your next trip, whether you’ve booked a quick weekend away, a cruise or a big adventure abroad. But our friends at iFly luggage have taken a different perspective and compiled a list of things you’d do best to leave behind on you next journey. Here are those 6 things. 

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Either your brown shoes or black shoes: By choosing only one shoe color, you save a ton of space because you don’t need to bring another entire color scheme of outfits and accessories.

Keep your expensive jewelry at home: No need to risk losing your favorite valuables, if you can’t do without jewelry bring some cheaper items you wouldn’t mind losing. Remember—everything in a checked bag is at risk.

Shampoo, soap and other toiletries: There’s no need to worry about TSA-friendly bottles, or contents exploding in your bag. Almost every hotel has your key toiletries—if you’re not staying at a hotel, pick them up at a local shop near your vacation destination.

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Hit the gadgets, not the books: Books are bulky and you go through them at a higher rate when vacationing. Get an e-reader or tablet, so you can have endless books, music and films in one slim gadget.

No towel needed: Towels take up a ton of room, and hold the most moisture and odors. Either borrow one from your hotel or pick up a cheap one at a local shop.

Empty your wallet: Leave behind gift cards, extra credit cards and ID cards you won’t need. Traveling light is not only about saving space in your luggage – it’s about travelling with a lighter state of mind.

iFLY began because there was a lack of stylish, high-quality luggage that was priced properly. iFLY has always believed, “Great luggage shouldn’t cost more than your airfare”.

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