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Packing the perfect suitcase is an art form. It takes equal parts patience, planning and practice. You want to be prepared for every possible scenario from sunburn to tsunamis, but still not have to take three pounds out when standing in front of the airline check-in counter. It’s tough, but here are 5 tips (you probably haven’t heard 100 times before) that could lead to quicker, less painful packing!

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The less you bring, the quicker you can pack, which makes for a more relaxing, enjoyable vacation. This is true for a weekend getaway or a two-week train trip through Europe. How many times have you returned home from a trip only to realize you’ve worn less than half of the clothes you packed? It happens even to the best of packers. Look for clothes that work well together in a variety of combinations. You want to pack light, but not at the cost of having the same outfit on in all of your vacation pictures. The old saying almost always holds true: “Pack half the amount of clothes, and twice the amount of money.”

Everything has a place

Organization is key to speedy packing, and it’s especially important the more destinations you visit on a single trip. If you are moving between cities you’ll be packing and unpacking every few days so your organization game needs to be on point. Before your next trip, try some packing cubes inside your bag. Packing cubes are zippable fabric containers that keep everything where it should be. Easily separate tops and bottoms or his from hers. Be sure to buy a variety of colors to help you quickly identify which clothes are in which cube. On top of helping you pack up easier, staying organized will also help you not lose things under the hotel bed. Packing cubes and other packing aids can speed up your time getting ready, letting you enjoy more of your holiday.

Packing should be the last thing you do

When moving between destinations or heading home, it’s quickest not to pack before you get ready for the day.Before packing, make sure to shower, brush your teeth, and do any other daily task that requires something that goes in the bag. When you pack first you often end up tearing apart your bag looking for something you just packed away. Resist the temptation, leave your bag alone until you are clean, shaven, teeth scrubbed, and you are dressed in what you are going to wear that day. Try it next time; you will be amazed how much double work you make for yourself packing before you’re ready.

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Don’t get your wires crossed

With technology being a large part of our lives and travel, you’re bound to have a bunch of cords and chargers on your packing list. Stop spending time untangling and searching the hotel room for your charger by keepingyour wires in check with a cord organizer. On top of speeding up the packing process it will also help to keep you from losing an important charger like your camera to keep those vacations shots rolling.

Leave some room

If you are reaching for your bag-expanding zipper before leaving home, slap your hand immediately. Two things happen while you travel: one, you’ll wear clothes and never take the time to carefully pack them as nice as you did to squeeze them in your luggage. Secondly, you buy stuff. It’s tough to leave a destination without some sort of trinket to remember it by. Make sure the bag you plan to use has extra room, trust me, you will use it. If you struggle with this one refer to number one!

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