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Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or this is your first time, packing for your trip can be stressful. Sure, you’ve probably nailed the basics: shorts, tees, and swimsuits, but what about the items no one think about until they’re 100 miles offshore? Relax, we’ve SO got you covered. When it comes to getting the most out of your getaway, be sure to pack these 10 essential items:

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packing for a cruise

A bungee cord
Leaping off the ship? Maybe not so much…but if you have a balcony, a bungee cord is super helpful for keeping the door open. Plus, if you’ve got a lot of luggage, your handy bungee can attach it all together.

A power strip
Between tech stuff, hair dryers and hair straighteners, you’ve likely got a lot of accessories that require an outlet. If your room only has one or two, those wires are going to be a mess(unless, of course, you’re smart enough to just pack a power strip).

Antibacterial wipes
No matter how clean your ship is, you’ve got to be careful! Getting sick on your trip would be a total bummer and antibacterial wipes are a great precaution.

First aid items
Have a sunburn, cut, or worse, seasickness? Be prepared to pay up. On ships, pharmacy items can get really pricey, so you should probably just bring them with you.

Extra hangers
Looking to stay organized? Check out that closet! It’s the perfect spot for keeping clothes neat, but there’s a downside. Most staterooms only come equipped with, like, 8 hangers, so you’ll want to bring a few extras.

Bathroom door organizer
Along with extra hangers, bring one of those over-the-door shoe organizers. They’re a cozy home for easily-lost items, and they keep everything off the bathroom counter and floor.

Ear plugs
The man in stateroom 1327 snores. The cherubs in 1336 are fabulous… at karaoke. That couple in 1338? Their argument last night hit a new octave. These are things that you would be fine not knowing. So bring some ear plugs, and enjoy your sleep.

Wrinkle eraser
Ironing in a super tight space? Maybe not the greatest idea. Instead, bring a wrinkle eraser. Bonus: Your room will fill with a fresh scent.

Don’t forget to pack the Pinot! Little known fact: you can usually bring wine on board a ship. How much you can get away with varies by cruise line, but usually it’s at least 1 bottle per stateroom.

A corkscrew
Because when it’s wine time, you don’t want to wait for a corkscrew to arrive.

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Katie Straw

Katie Straw

Katie is a writer, lover of words and pizza connoisseur currently living in Manchester, New Hampshire.

18 thoughts on “10 essential items to pack for a cruise vacation”

  1. Carnival only allows power strips without surge protectors. Make sure your cruise line allows whatever type you have. It is also helpful if you print out your cruise line’s policy on them & bring it with you. You’d be surprised at how any security people & room stewards are unaware of the policies & will mistakenly confiscate an allowed item.

  2. Just got off the Nirweigian Escape. Plenty of shelves in bathroom, lots of hangers and storage for clothes. Would recommend small first aid kit.

  3. That list is probably the worst advice I’ve seen yet! Most cruise lines will not permit alcohol being brought on board for your personal use: they will confiscate it and give it to you when you leave. The one item I suggest is to bring one of those little plug-in nightlight for the bathroom pick up some of those rooms get really dark in the middle of the night

    1. Took. My powerstrip with me on my cruise and had no problem….. Also you are ALLOWED one bottle of wine per adult on carnival lines!!! Not per stateroom…

  4. Every cruise ship I’ve ever been on – all 21 of them – allow two bottles of wine per cabin. And we’ve often brought two each and no one said a word.

  5. I take a multiple tier pants hanger. It allows me to hang several pairs of pants in a small space and frees up the hangers that are provided. I layer two tops on each of the other hangers.

  6. No need to bring extra hangers. Been on 15 cruises and everyone I ask for additional ones and they bring them immediately to my cabin. I am not the author of this article has ever been on a cruise. Some of the advice is really lame.

  7. I have been on Holland America, Celebrity and Princess with power strips and stewards will even secure them to the floor for me. If they want to get picky they need to have better electrical lines.

  8. I would add 1) magnets – the walls are metal, and you can secure itineraries, etc. to the walls keeping surfaces free, and 2) battery operated votive candles to use as night-lights, so you don’t stumble around in the dark in unfamiliar surroundings.

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